BlackBerry service blocked in Egypt?

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jan 2011 11:42 am EST

Egpyt BlackBerry

On the heels of both Twitter and Facebook being blocked in Egypt, it looks like BlackBerry internet service may be the next casualty. The buzz on Twitter and some emails to the CrackBerry tip line let us know that BlackBerry users in Egypt are being denied access to their BlackBerry data. Reports are mixed at the moment and we're unsure as to what exactly is working and what's not, but we'll be sure to update this post as we find out more. Are you a BlackBerry user in Egypt? Leave a comment and let us know if you're still up and running or not!

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BlackBerry service blocked in Egypt?


Working fine for me so far but i think they are going to block it eventually till the protest stop.

I believe people in Egypt have different problems/concerns right now.
I hope everything will work out - they're fighting for their right!

the egyptian people have been protesting and revolting against the 30+ years of ruling from the current president and are demanding a complete regime change. the most powerful ally we have has been twitter followed by facebook... twitter is not that common here but authorities caught up soon enough and blocked it for 2 whole days... its back on again but not for long...

facebook hasnt been blocked... people are saying that all internet services by Vodafone egypt 1 of the 3 carriers in egypt have been suspended. not confirmed yet...

they are trying to cut us off and cut off communication lines between us to weaken us, but we always manage to find a way around it.

if you want to follow what is going on in egypt, go to twitter and use the hashtag: #jan25 to read up on the latest tweets... though quite a few will be in arabic... there will still be enough in english for you to get a clear understanding...

please spread around! thank you.

Egyptian citizens are emboldened and are following a similar model that Tunisian citizens used to overthrow their government. This fact is not lost on the current Egyptian regime and they are trying to prevent recent history from repeating itself.

Am a Blackberry user in Egypt. The BB service is working and is not blocked. Facebook and Twitter are working fine too. Such news are being spread due to the unstable political conditions in the past 48 hours. Am a big fan of CB keep up the good work:)

Im Egyptian and i have a BB .. It hass stopped working from an hour :S my carrier is Etisalat Egypt .. anyone his/her carrier is Etisalat and the BB Service was stopped alsoo ???

yeah etislat service is closed .. but vodafone still working though and don't know about mobinil yet .. facebook is working through mobile web and using proxies

I keep in constant contact with more than one friend in Alexandria, Cairo and Luxor, Egypt and so far their BB, FB and Twitter are all working fine, but the threats and rumors continue.

I'm in Cairo and I use Vodafone .. working for me so far -just tested it now ..
some of my friends on the same carrier started to call me saying it's not working for them!!
very strange ...

Guys i asked my friends but their carrier is Vodafone .. and it's working fine ! but i phoned Etisalat Customer care & they said they are repairing this issue ! so All Etisalat Customers hope this isssue to be repaired soon :)

vodafone and etisalat bbm services are down , mobinil not yet but i guess it will follow, ppl are using the wifi to access the service

BlackBerry service just came back. If it goes down again, just connect to a wifi and you'll get BIS through the WiFi instead of the network provider.

the 3 networks are working now, however the bb service is slow, facebook and twitter have been blocked but ppl are using sites as to be able to access