BlackBerry SEC filings confirm two BlackBerry 10 devices canceled

By Bla1ze on 23 Dec 2013 03:56 pm EST

Although this might seem rather obvious to folks who have been following along with BlackBerry device rumors for a while, it's the first time it's actually been confirmed in a formal way. After BlackBerry's Q3 2014 earnings call they had to file documents with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which according to a report from WSJ, noted the company had to cancel plans to launch two devices to mitigate the identified inventory risk. 

The two devices in question were better know as the Café and Kopi​ series. The devices were designed to be low-cost offerings coming in two form factors, QWERTY and Full Touch with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 variations powering them. Although the report states they were destined for emerging markets, there's enough information available to say at least one variation was, at some point, destined for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.

So those devices have been taken out of the mix but we already know that BlackBerry and Foxconn are working on the low-cost 'Jakarta' device and preparing it release in March or April. Additionally, the WSJ report goes on to mention two other series of devices we've been hearing about for quite a while now. Those devices being on the higher-end of the spectrum under the codenames Ontario and Windermere with the Ontario being a Full Touch and the Windermere being a full QWERTY.

If rumors and roadmaps we've seen are correct, we expect those devices to be running Qualcomm Snapdragon 800's but little else is known about them due to their current development status. Aside from the devices already on the market, at one point there was as many as 10 BlackBerry devices in development, planning and exploration including a 'B-Series', so there's no telling how many of those are no longer in the works.

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BlackBerry SEC filings confirm two BlackBerry 10 devices canceled


Cmon BlackBerry release a new high end phone. My z30 needs to be replaced with a 5.7 inch phone lol.

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No... we shouldn't we should increase screen size without increasing the size of the phone. why make something bigger just to be bigger... 10.3 could feature full landscape support and we could project BB10 on any screen easy.


If that low-cost qwerty device was released, how would that have changed the naming scheme? Hm. Looking forward to the more affordable off-contract options on Verizon.

It could be the best BlackBerry ever but Foxconn is an absolute deal breaker.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 v10.2.1.1055

Foxconn a deal breaker? Clearly you're totally clueless what they bring to the table. More affordable phones with less associated risk to blackberry over producing phones that won't sell.

Blackberry can't continue to write off non selling hardware. After a few product cycles they would be broke. If you thing they can take 2 more hits like they did with the Z10. You're leaving in Lala land.

Oh please. I guarantee you have something Foxconn made in your house. Are you gonna boycott every large electronics manufacturer out there? Move to a cabin in the woods with nothing electric? I'm guessing not. 

Blaze is not always right, and it's the kind of sarcastic attitude in his response that makes work place reform crawl to a halt. I applaud people who challenge capitalism's sometimes ambiguous notion of what is humane and what is not, even if it is only through the use of their wallet.

I actually found a Foxconn cat5 cable in a box over the weekend. Probably wouldn't have even noticed had it not been for the news from BlackBerry!

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Perpetuating the status quo of inhumane employee abuses, for the sole sake of capitalism's progress, through sarcastic remarks that benefit no one except your obvious ego. There are people out there who try to be better consumers than that. Thanks.

The Foxconn office that will be producing the Jakarta is in Indonesia and not China.

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Actually from what I've been reading Jakarta will be produced at Foxconn Mexico.

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Suicide rate at Foxconn is lower than the Chinese average suicide rate...which, in turn, is lower than the US suicide don't be a 'tard.

Chinese national suicide rate is much higher than that of the USA, according to data available from sources such as the WHO. Over half of all the suicides are by females.

It's a large and depressing topic. But then, China isn't a pleasant place or topic. And all those jobs and industries offshored to SE Asia a generation or two ago are never coming back. Neither the political machines nor the large multinationals have anything to gain from that. It's the new, permanent global economy we live in.

U r leavin in LA LA lands when u gonna understand nobody cares about North America and west europe anymore. These days everything is about Asian and Latin America, Africa those places BlackBerry still command..if they make 100 USD devices they will dictate the ten richest country in 2025 5 will be Asian by 2050 6 will be Asians (Google em)

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Hahahaha! Keep dreaming! People have been screaming about Asia and Latin America for at least 20 years. Remember Telefonica De Mexico? Of course you don't. No one does. Remember who controls the money supply and place your bet. You're focusing on the target when you should be concentrating on the shooter.

are you kidding they cannot have even one more write down like they did with the Z10, otherwise Wall street will run them out of town. JC has only one more chance to get it right otherwise they are dead even if they still have cash left!

Anyone else feel that BlackBerry is taking the wrong tack by trying to conquer the low end while going for the corporate market, the 2 don't necessarily jive in my head at all. And I don't want a low end device, I want to buy a 4.5 inch flagship device, bb10 deserves one.

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BlackBerry should expand its online store and sell more unlocked devices directly to BB enthusiasts.

Yes! Absolutely the way they need to go. Buy direct from BlackBerry. BlackBerry get to know your customer. Personally I think in the effort to run slim, they have lost all direct contact with any of their end users. Needs to change.

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I'm more worried that BlackBerry had 10 smartphones in development despite horrendous uptake of the first four BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Stop playing the same old game that destroyed the company.

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Install a leak or get it off sachesi no need to be at the mercy of your carrier.

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Just use a canadian carrier's sim. Even a deactivated one. You might find some on ebay too. Lol

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They need to cancel the BB7 devices! Those demonstrate a serious lack of confidence in BB10 by BlackBerry. If they can produce low cost BB10 devices and market them, folks will buy them over an Apple device. The iPhone 5S is priced significantly above everything else and it sells. Even the iPhone 5C is significantly pricey for a "low cost" device.
They've had a full year to transition from BB7 to BB10, but the marketing is lacking!

only a few percentage know about blackberry 10 and even they know nothing about the OS and still thinking it's a new OS 7 qwerty and people don't know about blackberry 10 . They knowing the brand and thinks OS 6,7. The problem here is also that selling blackberry 10 is hard for sales persons if people know blackberry but only from old stuff and not new. Blackberrry 10 is new and a great experience but nobody tell them that only a commercial with a elephant or something but still have no clue what the commercial is doing for blackberry 10.

tell people qwerty was fine and OS 7 was great but a new toucscreen experience is blabla but they forget to go with the mainstream when the pulled up a second qwerty and still there was no advertising or support for sales because it's take to much time to tell people about the new blackberry 10 touchscreen OS blabla.

So to get two new cheap phone's will not help because they need adverting and tell people about it. people who really wanted a qwerte the will pay 400 euro just like that but the mainstream wanted touchscreen and still reviewers talking about qwerty and new update and blabla. I say 2 ltouchscreen phone's one low and middle priced with price tag 175-225 and 275-325

Blackberry must tell people about the new touchscreen experience and later they can tell people they have also qwerty for the lovers with touchscreen included.

I told this allready at the start and the second qwerty but NO still nothing to help sales and qwerty. arrggh

Totally. Let's see how the new marketing is done. 2014 is really make or break. Even though I think they'll do just fine, if they have not rid people's minds of the BlackBerry is old or dead mantra then they have not even started climbing the hill and may not have enough steam to start again.

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Agree that it makes sense, i believe that the strategy is to put BB10 devices in as many hands as possible, and the way to do that is by selling really chip devices, then when more and more people know and gets use to the BB10OS, boom, launch a freeking awesome high end amazing phone.

I've heard John Chen wants to focus on emerging markets and low cost BB10 devices, but I sure hope there will be a high end BB10 device for me to buy in another 12 months. My Z10 will start to show its age. The Z30 isn't as big of a jump to make it a worthy buy. I suspect most on Crackberry will be looking for a premium device too. Perhaps they should at least provide two premium devices (one full touch and one keyboard) and two low end devices per year. And I don't count the Porsche devices as premium devices - only a handful of folks will risk their marriages for a $2,000+ phone.

Why in Hades do we need four new devices released every damn year? The ecological damage caused by e-waste will make the mythological global warming/cooling claims.

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I doubt the US will get any new device from BlackBerry in 2014. The Z30 may be the last flagship device we will ever see from BlackBerry. I wouldn't blame Chen at all for pulling BlackBerry from the US market. Especially with zero carrier support.

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he may just go the direct unlocked route in the U.S,,, trouble is too many different bands,,, they'd have to make a world phone type device, (i.e. 9850)...

I hope so but I really don't see Chen making that decision to even release an unlocked device in the US during his reign as CEO (look where that got Thor!). I actually think Chen never intends to even try to release anything in the US. The US market belongs to Apple and Samsung thanks to the carriers and the app developers for not building apps for anybody other than iOS and Android.

Sidenote: I can't imagine how bad/ugly the Foxconn devices are going to look. oh well.

what unlocked device did thor release in the U.S??? if you're talking about the current online sales, they're not truly unlocked as they don't work on all carriers...

I wasn't clear with that. I meant that Thor, with the little help of carriers, couldn't get BB10 off the ground. Sales were horrible. I don't see how BB releasing an unlocked device in the US will perform any better than the Z10/Q10. I just don't see BB making anything to compete with devices like the Nexus 5. I'm speaking specifically about the US market. Theres no point in BB catering to North America if it can't get the apps and have a proper marketing campaign. I'm sure Chen thinks the same way.

ahhh,,, ok,,, i see your point,,, hopefully they're not thinking that way,,, to ditch the U.S. market is suicide, imo....

I'm the only sales person in my company who offering the blackberry Z10 as alternative phone but after 1000 business calls almost nobody wanted a Blackberry because they all still think about the old blackberry and qwerty. I have no time to talk about the new OS and about that blackberry has touchscreen because at the moment they allready thinking or saying that blackberry is not for them because qwerty and the OS is old then you move to what they want and then they choose another brand with touchscreen.

I'm so confused when I moved from android to Blackberry 10 about there marketing and after the second qwerty i was thinking they don't understanding the market these days and they will loose ground, To win you need every 4 month a new phone (could be the same specs but at least looking new) and every year you need a flagship and that is at the moment the Z30 .

The blackberry z10 after 6 month stops selling there was no new touchscreen and only qwerty but the Q5 is like the 5C from apple selling not that hard. Still don't know why the came up with a qwerty instead of a cheap 250 euro touchscreen.

my idea is still high end Z30, low end phone Z5 and middle end Z15 and every 4 months a new phone and only one qwerty every high end for 9 months and then a new one and they old one send it to a middle price .

Also advertise smart to get to people and give away phone's with competion with not only a phone but also with some great stuff like a case flip showing how great that is when opening your flip you can start :) It's blackberry and go for it. advertise with touchscreen experience and tell that qwerty and OS 7 was great but working with blackberry 10 is a new .

Advertise and ask the old CEO (thorsten) to test a android phone and saying it looks good but we can build it better and the whole office get crazy and ready to take action like vikings and ask Mike Lazaridis to test an iphone and saying why is there a homebutton =anyway we can build it better than that and every one go nuts. Show fun or maybe ask they guy from home improvement "euhh"

I love my playbook and was waiting a year ago for blackberry then and still it's much better and more forwarding then android or ios7 and also more stable but like to see blackberry do something and foxconn is a great move to build quicker new touchscreen phone's and also I believe the new CEO can do something and it's not to late but please tell people you have a new OS and take distance from the old os 5,6 and qwerty. (people who wanted qwerty will buy qwerty, but focus on touchscreen and new OS touchscreen experience)

One can only hope that all devices will be running BlackBerry OS 10.

I can understand the thinking.

BlackBerry needs to have devices at every level running BlackBerry 10 because that's what the immediate competition (namely Microsoft and Google ) are doing .

There is still the issue of migrating OS7 users to BB10.

The trade in programme in Indonesia is still important. Mr Chen needs to look into this as a way to speed up the migration to BB10.

Posted via CB10

They are going to take it one device at a time. So "jakarta" comes first and then the others. I think John Chen knows this. The important thing here is to gain market share. Purely coming up with new devices is not going to get them that. Thay have already fallen flat on this.also they need all the important apps -Instagram, Viber, etc. Get the works. Need a new way to market them, highlight what is BB10 after all

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

This new CEO means business when it comes to what he expects for BlackBerry to be a successful company.

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Nothing is lost. The only danger is that the "cancelled" devices will grow old waiting for release. OTOH, whatever lessons were learned will be retained.

I see this as a good thing. There are other things on which to focus. The integration of the "Foxconn Strategy" will take substantial effort.

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Strategy of going for a low cost device right now while focusing on enterprise seems to be odd on the surface but it's actually a good one. Right now, BlackBerry is in a transition to contract and reorganize. Producing a low cost device is a good way to test out the production process with Foxconn and to get BlackBerry 10 to as many as people as possible. So one stone kills two birds. Developing markets like south east Asia, Indonesia, and India are perfect grounds for BlackBerry 10 to grow. Now if my need is mainly BBM then I would rather BBM on a BlackBerry 10 if I can afford it because that experience will still be better than BBM on iOS or Android. Jarkata will solve the affordable problem.

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Good choice to discontinue low price phones.
The Chinese makers would eat them alive with cheeeeper Androids.

IMO: The direction for BB should be to support business users, and, lowest price is not the key.
What they need is to develop BES OS10 for lower cost, not new devices.

BlackBerry has name brands in those market when I asked my office boy why he bought BlackBerry Gemini at 200 USD why don't u buy Imo 50 USD instead it is made in Indonesia it's much cheaper and more features than ur Gemini. He said it is have to understand the culture... chen is Asian he understand

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I laugh how stupid sites like BGR are. The phones were cancelled in part because of the low sales of BB10 handsets to date..but it seems like the main reason is because of the contract with Foxconn. BGR keeps reporting that BBRY isn't making any high end handsets at all... dumb arse fools.

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I guess we'll see..because, unless you are Chen or have magical powers to predict the future, it is all just speculation.

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I feel the same way about my BlackBerry Q5 and Z10. The smartphone arms race is foolhardy as the nuclear arms race during the Cold War.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

when people talk trash about my q10, and how it can't do anything,
i just ask them what my phone cant do, and stick it in their face on how it does it better.
with os anyways, pretty much any android app will work, and it will work good.

and my battery is always charged. because this phone is a beast, and even with a ton of apps running, it doesn't skip a beat.

I do hope a Q30 of some sort does come out though, perhaps with a bit of a larger screen, or a torchish style, because that was one thing i can't defend it from: having a somewhat small screen.

No wonder they've been writing off Billions in hardware. I'm no fan of Apple but haven't they figured out that they should just make one or two new devices a year and market them! 10+ devices in development? A big sign of a bloated company that never really did understand the consumer market. Guess that doesn't matter now that they're an enterprise biz.

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I agree with a few others and the strategy that Mr. Chen is taking the company. He has obviously seen that enterprise is feeding the company at the moment. But also realizes that, that 'food' won't return the company to dominance. The future of BlackBerry rest with the youth and adolescents of the world. BlackBerry needs to become the 'cool' phone. And unfortunately, until BlackBerry has the 'cool' apps that the younger generation wants, it's an uphill battle. But with the coming as such third party apps for IG, Vine, SnapChat, and Whine, that 'gap' is slowly being eliminated. So now is the time to prepare for those apps with low cost devices that can be easily and cheaply put in the hands of the younger. It's a fact that a LARGE majority of iOS and Android users are using BBM now. And a good percentage of them reactivated BBM accounts. So I don't think it's a far stretch to get them back to BlackBerry devices once the apps that THEY want, and use, are available on a BB10 device.

I for one like the approach Mr. Chen is taking. But most importantly, I'm willing to give him a chance. He at least deserves that.

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But, mister BlackBerry, don't waste them all, add 2 to my collection, it's Christmas ;) !
Oh, btw, Merry Christmas Bla1ze and all !

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You already practically have a "HD" screen on your Z10 or Z30, I guess you mean "Full HD" 1920x1080 or short handle "1080p"

Posted via CB10

still waiting for a z30 tmobile; at this point even my friends given up on me upgrading to an "actual" smartphone , it would be greatly appreciated if there is an upgraded z30 (z50?) which upgrades the actual specs on the phone, (quad core) while maintaining its good battery life and function..

I personally have never owned a blackberry for any other reason than it was simply the correct phone for me. They have always served me very well. I'm now on to a Q10 and think it's an outstanding phone. If Blackberry had 10 devices in development, this is clearly to many and to much time and resources to waste at such a criticle time. This number should be halved and only two should be high end.... one should be mid and the other two should be low cost/end phones. In the UK the £99 phones is a very important market indeed that Nokia have cracked. I would love to see a Q30 but what we really need for now is bb10 on that magical £99 mark. A global phone in both touch and qwerty for the masses. This is where foxconn comes in as they would already have a large inventory for all the parts needed to build these devices and would be able to provide cost effective development also for blackberry. I really think this is the way forward. Will they ever be as great again...... maybe not. a niche player who can hold its own maybe is all we can hope for. I hope they stay one of the big 4. We should have the right to have choice..... and that's what bb10 and wp8 gives us!

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Hopefully a new qwerty Q... comes out with a z10 screen on top and that would be perfect with like a 52452453245MAH battery :D

C002C4374 HD wallpapers

I'm lost. But he, I'm not an expert.
What really is the problem of BlackBerry?
The os? The hardware?
Why would Foxconn make better phones then BlackBerry themselves? Would it make a difference if the OS is the problem??
Apple has only a few iPhone in there portfolio and a new phone comes only after a long periode. But the sell great.

Where did it go wrong with BlackBerry

I like bb10 a lot, much better then os 7
The z10 is beautiful and the z30 even more. All the Samsung phones look alike. The s4 is much alike the s3 but sells like crazy.

I really don't know

Posted via CB10

2 budget models are enough,,, good move,,, now get that Z50 or a bigger spec full touch powerhouse into the wild...

Smart Move to focus on the Enterprise while still catering to the consumer. Mr. Chen has a good plan of balance from what I’ve gotten from him via the conference call.

Mark my words, Chen is not a fool to not have BB10 devices available for us consumers.

Regard ingruben1975 comment,
BBRY's old management dropped the ball and messed up marketing, not to mention the huge mistake for putting the company up for sale. These were contributing factors in the lack of BB10 sales. Chen is about to change this with an aggressive enterprise focus for now. In the end consumers and enterprise win. BBRY will continue to develop high end BB10 devices while Foxconn helps with the low end.

Wonder when Ontario is coming out? Z50 with rumoured specs of a QUAD CPU, Quad GPU, 1080p OLED, 5.2", 4GB ram, 550ppi screen powered by BB10.3. Looking forward to it.

Killer specs to release a phone in the near future but by the time blackberry gets there the market will already have several octo-core cpu phones with 2K screens and 6 gb of ram and they will be priced the same. Blackberry reminds me of Vegeta from DBZ, always strong enough to beat last season's main villian but never strong enough to beat the current one.

Posted via CB10

Octa-Core CPU's are a wait of space. Having that kind of hardware running Android will only kill the battery. The only OS that can benefit from high end specs is BB10. But you are correct, people look at specs, and don't realize they are not what makes the phone.
The OS is the up most important component to make up the smart phone, then comes specs. This is why the Z30 is one of the best smart phones out today, despite other phones having better specs.

I agree, if the phone runs great on a dual-core then there is no need for more, All I'm asking is for blackberry to pass on the savings to the consumer. Dual core, 720p phones are around 300 dollars right now at best, regardless of how well built they are. Blackberry is not in a position to be charging for premiums.

Posted via CB10

Fully Agree.
Had they sold the Z10 for $400 and Q10 for $500 for example, it would have negated some of the terrible marketing. BBRY needs to build back its reputation before charging a premium.
Just look at all the iSheep, they've been getting ripped off for years now with outdated specs and OS, yet they're the most expensive phones on the market.

I blame the cunning marketing and USA carrier stranglehold ApPLe has.

What is Chen's marketing strategy? This is what I haven't heard. This is the big change that BBRY needs.

Will BBRY be able to convert any of its remaining OS7 user base? Chen should be sending nubile sales reps to every business with over 10 people using OS7 and perform favors in a back room to get them to upgrade to OS10.

What is the game plan for marketing?

1st thing Steve Jobs did in the Apple turn around is clean house on too many products. Focus on a few that were to be really great and move from there.

Since I expect a turn around equal to that of apples, I agree with this focus and would implement this if I were bbry ceo.

Too much is just too much. Focus is very important in a company turn around. Get focused and START MARKETING NOW!!!!! I want my stock to double in 2 years or less!!!

Posted via CB10

Oh ya, and if they have a billion dollars in devise inventory, give them away to the store clerks so they can see how good the devices are and that they even exist. Most don't know they are available and those that do, don't have a clue about the great OS and hardware.

Posted via CB10

Hmmm... Let's hope the new CEO can get some new devices out soon!

Posted Via CB10 From My BBQ10 On The Verizon 4G LTE Network

They are called Q30 and Z50 high end devices to replace the Q10 and Z30. Though I do believe they will continue to develop and sell the Q10 and Z30. They are awesome phones.

Haha! Great point... Just knowing a little about all those companies, we have to know they have canceled tons of devices!

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They just release a new products is not logical for it to release another one. C mon
...BlackBerry will concentrate in low cost handsets for developing markets not high end in short distance future. That 2 devices r not foxcon made of course they will cancelled it. But the design will get redesigned again by BlackBerry and Foxconn. Kopi will get redesign into jakarta. ... the want to make low end with the success of bbm bundling in low cost android costin around 100 or less...
Imagined if they get a foot in China with Foxconn's and chen it will happen....

Posted via CB10

I think once we have done some work in the developing markets and get handsets into as many hands in those areas I believe we will then worry about getting the higher end devices out again. The new Foxxcon partnership is for 5 years so BlackBerry has time to work their magic!

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Well I just decided to upgrade from Z10 to 30 and today I hear about more high end devices in the, upgrade to Z30 now, or wait to see what is in the pipeline?

Posted via CB10

D future belong to Asia and next burst will be Africa don't be discouraged with north American or Europe figures. Get low cost BlackBerry for 100 USD it will sell like cakes q5 in here cost 500 USD initially I bought my z10 initially for 700 USD. U know why apple iPhone 5s sellin big because of China. Even the pope r not European anymore bcos they know the future belongs to new markets....

Posted via CB10

The hardware requirements of BB10 (720p screen, 2GB RAM) make a $100 price point impossible.

Personally I would wait to see what comes down the pipeline. I know I am doing just that. Was going to get a Z30 but opted for the Z10 and in no means sorry for my decision. With 10.2 coming this will more then tide me over to see what kind of tricks John has up his sleeves

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my fellow Crack Berry addicts

blackberry needs to make 3 phones and only 3 phones. z10 z30 and the q10 nothing more. concentrate on just those 3 and maybe a playbook. But the real problem with blackberry and it will be the death of them if they don't get there heads out of there ass's. is advertizing. everyone is still jumping off the BB bandwagon because know-one knows about the phones. Its stupid to see apple and Samsung adds over and over and not one BB add. The marketing department is killing BB. I forced my 13 year old into a z10 she was very resistant but now loves the phone and a few of her friends have now switched and wants one. no gift cards anywhere is dumb. I would love to buy a few gift cards but can't. BB continues to behind the times. they have made improvements but I still see them slipping behind. They need to fire all the executives over 40 and hire a whole new crop who understand the market. camera improvements video camera improvements they better figure it out fast

Having both an iPhone and a Q10, I've got to say that I love the Q10 and it's the one I use 90% of the time. What I think Blackberry should do is have two types of Q10 models and one type of full-screen model.

One of the Q10's should be a smaller social version aimed at the kids and the other being the Q10 we know now for business/social. The design of the Q10 is amazing, btw.

I think the full-screen model as we know now being the Z10/30 needs a redesign because I find it hard to look at. The Q5 is horrendous. A smaller screen size model may also work as well. BlackBerry needs to leave BBOS behind and focus on BB10 and getting consumers back on it.

Part of a smart strategy would be a lower price for hardware and then making money back on new models down the road. They can't do that until they get their demand back first.

The BB10 OS is excellent and they need to market that point better.

Posted via CB10

You have to be kidding me... How could they use BB10 on a smaller screen than 3.1 inches. The Q10's screen is too small for North American consumers.

Good. They should to focus on a maximum of two devices a year. MAXIMUM. High-end QWERTY, high-end touchscreen. That's it. The previous year's devices would be re-priced to become the new low-end.

hey, by the time the new BB products come out they'll be just in time to be outdated. Nice timing, BB!

Seriously, just go after the enterprise market.. they don't care so much about the high end, as long as it works. No point throwing money into the pit that is the commercial market. They just want the shiny even though they can't make use of it.

If you read the rumours regarding the upcoming Z50 and Q30, when released, they will have the baddest specs in the industry. MR. Chen is not mucking this one up, hes clever enough to understand BB10 requires Marketing. I look forward to the future of BBRY.

BlackBerry should wait a while before releasing high end phones. BlackBerry 10 is still not known amongst the wider public and they should just spend the next 6-9 months marketing it and people will like it. Reduce the massive inventory rather than introducing new phones that won't sell

Posted via CB10

I believe Mr. Chen is going to work hard to sell off that massive inventory, and not over develop like the old management did.
BBRY would never have had a problem with over stock, but that 4 Sale sign really hurt them. Not to mention crappy waist of money marketing.

Maybe these devices were set to be manufacture by BB not Foxcon... Since BB are now handing the hardware to Foxcon, I see why they would cancel it ... My guess is that the next low end or high end devices would be coming out of Foxcon .... Besides, they really need to unload the massive inventory so they really shouldn't be releasing devices anytime soon ... Although, I will welcome the new device ... :)

BBRY was originally going to launch low end devices, by BlackBerry. Now with the Foxconn deal, that is not happening, instead BBRY will continue with its high end device plans, while Foxconn works on the low end.

Will the upcoming high end phone codenamed ontario will have the awesome speakers and paratek antenna of the Z30?

Posted via CB10

I agree with the direction that Mr.Chen has set blackberry on and look forward to hearing/seeing/reading about it.
I'm excited for BlackBerry and if Chen can do it we will all get to learn something great.

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I havent been to this site since September when I gave up on my Playbook and put it in a drawer 3 months ago and got an iPad mini. Am loving the Apple life and happy I gave up Blackberry as its clear things are just dying here. Sad too as I had so much hope back in January with the launch of BB10, but we all saw what that moron heinz did. I heard BB is breaking up into seperate divisions which is logical, Hope Mr Chen can fix this mess up. Anyway Merry Christmas to all from the extremely cool world of iPad mini.

I'm quite happy with my Q10 :). Though the give-away december month could have been better. Was pretty much games-only!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

In my uneducated opinion, would it not be cheaper to lower the price on the Q5 and Z10 than invest in new low end hardware, even if they end up selling these at a loss ? Couldn't the Q5 and Z10 become the emerging market phones while other regions get the Z30 on up?

Surely selling these at $200 or less would get some traction. I know I could get friends to jump on a Q5 if it wasn't $400 here.

Posted via CB10 i've heard nothing about a new Playbook. Soon as I upgraded to BB10, I stopped using it since I can bridge it to txt on it and do everything else I use to do. Trying to stay loyal to BlackBerry, but slowly leaning towards Samsung.

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Breaking up. They just took the for sale sign down. looking at how to monetize BBM, BBM Channels and Get the BBM experience that currently exists on BB10 Devices on other devices.

As for the PlayBook, yes I was gutted. However looking at what BlackBerry is launching and the incredible flexibility and OS to make the changes that it is doing. I think that's incredible.

While I was very hesitant to move off BIS as it still is in South Africa and larger parts of the emerging economies the best value for money and BBOS 7.1 is a reasonable OS for the majority of users looking for a cheap low end device the BB10 experience on the Z10 has been awesome. . However Android experience on low end devices are providing much competition but data use makes most features unusable or a grudge use.

A good play to strength would be for some services such as email and BBM and the rest of IM services like BlackBerry protect and Maps to function of the NOC and BIS again as a sweet service fee.

All Browsing and other services to use Data plans and high speed LTE that way both are offered. BlackBerry could advertise it as a free service and bake it into the cost of a yearly fee for the handset.

Moving from BBOS to BB10 is the best experience but for most people in the emerging economies the cost of data makes the BIS network still the best.

I think BlackBerry should keep both and work on BB10 for those willing to give up cost for a beer experience but still be able to have the equivalent of an update 9900/9930 for those wanting to stay on BIS. Pwrhaps make a cheaper model.with less premium parts but maintain the design elements.

As for the Ipad best people here at CrackBerry have admitted that the Ipad takes it when it comes to the tablet. However a PlayBook 2 or a mobile computing scenario where I can display my Phone on any WIFI connected screen will be awesome and keep me on #TeamBlackberry

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If BBRY came with another device built as solid and durable as the Z10 but with a larger screen, I'd cop it. The Z10 is a tank with an OS that has built in flash! Who else is doing that???

BB will focus on Jakarta and Enterprise customer retention and growth. The resources are not available for any thing else.

BlackBerry seriously haven't got a clue. People aren't buying BlackBerry phones because they're too expensive. Cancelling two "budget" models in favour of high-end Jakarta... what a dumb, dumb decision.

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Samsung has proven that a two tier system makes money, good cheap phones and quality top tier phones out at same time with a quality platform ( we know bb10 is best out there) equals lots of revenue...even apple caught on hence the 5c and 5s release... BlackBerry should do likewise

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I understand the need for low cost devices, but at least make your high end device (Z30) available for everyone. AT&T?

Ummmmm,it's the carriers who aren't carrying the Z30 blackberry isn't denying the phones to anyone.

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Blackberry is denying the phones to much of the US consumer because only Verizon has it. I am sure many AT&T customers locked in on 2 yr contracts from buying the Z10 would buy an off contract Z30 if it was made available on direct orders and at a competitive price. Instead of letting the Z30's sit in mothballs, why not make them available on direct purchasing by consumers who are locked in to a carrier that has never really supported the BB10 phone concept.

Blackberry might still have a chance with the 800s but that remains to be seen. I think if they do something amazing with their camera that could propel them to the top since the user interface and power warfare has been done and dusted...

Ah hell with Blackberry, my mind was made up in november to go in the right direction with WP as soon as February gets here. Tired of Blackberry's situation and should of jumped long time ago when WP8 came out. I'm more impressed with the direction Microsoft is going on the overall with their product lines.

I have been waiting since long before any of the 10 Operating system phones were released. I am wanting an updated Torch, or a full touch screen with a slide out keyboard. Why get a phone I only half want? I could go to another phone altogether but Im loyal to my Blackberrys, I love them. Cmon, lets get those rumors to be more than just rumors. I want and need a new phone from you. Oh, and by the way make sure it can go with Verizon because Im NOT going to Sprint or AT&T.