BlackBerry Dev OS now available for most devices

By Bla1ze on 23 Jun 2014 07:37 pm EDT

If you're a developer, testing your apps against the latest OS is a pretty crucial step in the process. Thankfully, BlackBerry has now released BlackBerry OS and made it available for most devices although it does appear as though some versions may still be uploading to the developer download site.

If you're reading this and you're not a developer, then please consider this is NOT a full OS and while it might be cool to download and take for a spin it's missing some crucial portions so don't plan on using this as a 'daily driver' so to speak. You've been warned, that's all I can do.

That warning aside and knowing some will entirely ignore it, you can hit the links below to grab the OS for your specific device. I should note though, the servers are being hit pretty hard at the moment so maybe give it an hour or so and try then. Be sure to stop by the CrackBerry Forums to discuss more.

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BlackBerry Dev OS now available for most devices


Cool. I will attend the dev webcast tomorrow - and want to develop 10.3 business apps in the next weeks.

That's just what I need to test my apps!

Great bbry!

Want a new passport!

10.3 is coming along nicely, can't wait till release. Keep up the good fight developers and keep moving BlackBerry!

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

totally agree, especially the web browser. A couple of other ones are the hub, file manager, BBM, compass. Yea, but some of them are just in my opinion are not looking better. Also I don't mind having those boxes its not that bad it may actually make it look better.

If you make a black wallpaper you don't see the grey boxes and it looks really slick! Keep the icons the way they are and lose the grey boxes.

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Yes you're the only one. How about we get rid of the icons altogether and not have anything on the screen? I really don't see any "downgrade" you're talking about. They look fantastic here.

I'm using in z10 and works so great, the android apps runs so well, I'm really excited for the final versions, because this beta runs very well, I can't imagine the final one.

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I have successfully installed OS 10.3 in my STL100-1, but lots of applications are missing. It doesn’t have video player, Music player, File manager, gallery etc.

Please suggest, if i have installed the wrong SDK.

hi, plz inform whether there is any option for direct 3g video calling from phone dialer or not?? i am expecting it in a new os 10.3........

hi... i also updated my STL 100-1 with, but i m not able to see Music player, Photos, and many default apps. Not even able to change my wallpaper. and there is permanent watermark on each corner of screen. How did you removed that. Please suggest.

I'll wait just like I did for 10.2 only when BlackBerry is ready and my wireless provider then I'll download it till then I'm happy and I could wait

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Can't do it. Being away from home 10 days on 10 off, I really will depend on that alarm clock and that nothing goes wrong with my Z

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Same as the Beta SDK released about a month ago, it's not a daily driver, although some have loaded bars from I don't know how good a solution it is. If you have a spare device, take it for a spin. That's what I am going to do with my Q10

It's pretty bare bones from what I remember. Most of your preinstalled apps will be missing. It's meant for developers to test their apps

I installed the 422 beta and found it was not suitable as a daily driver (and it does not intend or pretend to be). I added the 296 bars and it is totally livable...though Android didnt run well for me with this hybrid OS. I have a Z30 running the current 10.2.1 OS so this was just for fun. If you need your BB to work properly without surprises, this is not the way to go.

Software development takes a lot of time. They need to tweak the os and get out as many kinks (bugs) as possible. AND developers need time to tweak their apps for the new OS. Which is what this version is for.

These things take time. BlackBerry been pretty quick for os upgrades since bb10 came out, imo. it just seems longer because you're reading updates about it all the time.
I'd suggest you trying this version out but I'm hesitant since your not exactly content with how long it's raking them to release the software so you probably wouldn't understand this isn't meant as a daily driver.

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can this autoloader split to radio and os with sachesi ??
and then load bar like ota update for my bb with ???
or it must wipe ???

Will this update work on the z30 on vzw?! I'm new to this and want the update so bad for the android run times to work better. Thanks community!

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Anybody who launch this os please tell us what app is missing in this dev os, or can we sideload bar from 442?

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I have a BlackBerry z10 as an extra phone that I load leaks onto. This leak is so good I might load it on my daily z30.

First thing I noticed on startup was the circular loading bar is much thinner than normal.
Next thing I noticed was the whole initial setup. Looks a lot different...almost like ios 7.
There's the date in the active frame screen when there are no apps open
There are only 13 applications on the device.
All messages in hub have a light blue background to them.
The camera finally has a switch camera button that's easily accessible. It's one touch.
Things overall flow much more smoothly and android apps work as if they're on an Android phone. I was able to upload a video on instagram which could not be done before.

These are just a few things I've noticed in the last half hour of loading it on my z10.

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I think everyone loved when people actually tell us the differences or what they see new... I wonder what else is in store.....

Fat Mexican with a Z10 in CB10

I have a Z10 Stl 100-1 and this is my primary device. Since it says its for devs, does it lack some features or has bugs, can anyone confirm? I want to be sure before i fire it onto my Z10. if anyone has loaded this one, pls share your ecp, that ll be of great help.
Although, meanshile its downloading right now.

It's for developers only. A lot of stuff is missing. In case you have a second Z10 just for testing go for it, if you don't you shouldn't try it! It is not made to use it at your main device.

Im not developer n im using stl100-1... i just wanna try to experience os10.3 bcos it was the first leak for my phone.. .. i install this os and what i regret about it was it has no music app and video app n file manager.. everything else ok(maybe?).. i just reinstall the os 10.2 back.. anyway, can't really wait to get the official 10.3 bcos the os looks excellent..!!

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I just got off of work and saw this while I was sitting outside with my coworkers and as as soon as we left I rode home as fast as I could so I download this onto my computer. Thanks @Bla1ze ... you're doing a awesome job man!!!

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Can a normal user load this dev version, although i have always enjoyed leaks since BB OS6 but yes since Z10 is currently my primary device, so anyone who has loaded it up and running , pls confirm.

Yes ofcos, you can also install windows phone 7/8/8.1, and if u are really good u can get TIZEN,Firefox OS,Obuntu,Redhat and .exe to work flawlessly.

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Great job B1aze getting this out for developers and the 2nd BlackBerry 10 phone s people have. I will wait for an official release but will not wait until 2016 for the AT&T release....

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Well I'm not a developer, but I use it as a normal os. I found the other apps who weren't integrated in the os and installed them with the pc. The only things, who doesn't work is the alarm, the device monitor "Gerätemonitor", the Radio (got a Z30), time shift and the video editor. So I think it isn't only for developer ;)

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Via BBPB and the developer mode active.
I installed apps like weather and videos and so on and I must say that it really works great!

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Yes, successully installed.

1) while booting squre around blackberry icon got thinner ( but very difficult to guess the progress)
2) screen is much brighter now.
3) new wall paper has been given
4) lot many colors now on interfaces.
5) new Icons. ( some of them really looks good)
6) music short cut added in main volume
7)Data managment has been added ( through that you can see data usage like download & upload.)
8) prompt for Email resizing added
9) Downloaded image automatically option added.
10) ICON labels option added
11) I guess many more languages added.
12) keyboard looks little change ( colour change of bars)
13)allow apps to extend password time option added
14)lock on card removal option added
15) blackberry software loggin tool has been added.
16) Home page is blank.
17) Data info added on home screen.
18) in bowser, loading bar has got small flash light of thing. for easy to see data upload
19) address bar got little slicker
20) on start up show ( new tab page option added)
21 ) back option added in browser)
22) smart dialing option added
23) office extension access number option added.
24) pause after dialing option added.
25) keypress speed dial ( not sure , whether this option available earlier)
26) Fixed dialing option added
27) Hearing aid mode added
28) TTY added
29) New dialing pad ( looks much better than earlier one)
30) over all font size got reduced and font is also changed. new font looks better
31)options for sms, return call & info icon added in call log screen.
32) file manger look drastically changed
33)in file manger magnifier glass has got big circle around it, i guess this for user convince

I also want to point at, I hope that the speed time after finishing a call to the home scree is faster, because it takes a couple of seconds but its really long. So hopefully this won't be an issue

I find the new home screen extremely confusing. It is hard to see which app I used before the last one and when 8 apps are opened I have no idea which one gets closed in case I open a additional one.

Do you have a idea how and where I could deactivate this behavior?

Regarding points 32 an 33: File Manager...I installed this dev OS ( then loaded the bars from .296...but the File Manager is not even showing up on the device at all. Thoughts?

Hey when are you guys releasing the corresponding cascades api library?

Would be very useful now that this firmware release is here.

Want a new passport!

When is 10.3 will be officially release? When? After people already bought iphone 6... "blackberry loves to be late" whew!

Z10 STL100-2 | Official OS ver.

What would CrackBerry be without a constant set of people who complain about every single solitary thing. Whine whine whine whine whine

Hey Bla1ze, I'm getting an "access denied" for the stl100-4 version. If I click on the other versions, I get a download to option, no problem. Not sure what's happening.

It's a beauty. Totally love it.
Very impressed with all the incremental features/changes OS 10 has been getting.

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I cant find the media,pictures and the videos...
A lot of programs missing I made the update very well but nt working

BlackBerry Q10

This is a good thing by BlackBerry, for those that are asking weather they can upgrade to 10.3,kindly go back and read the OP....for those that enjoy complaining, go ahead.

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Using it now. I don't know why everyone is complaining so much about the icons. The icons on 10.2 were driving me crazy. Those ugly black boxes. Anyway I'm here to give my two cents and say that 10.3 is going go be pure awesomeness. My STL100-3 z10 just got a jolt of life. The OS is snappy and everything just works so great. can't wait for the official release or better yet I can't wait to get a z30 and 10.3. That my friends is going to be heaven.

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I agree. I've been using it for about 10 minutes and it is awesome. I don't mind the icons on either 10.2 or 10.3. They're both good, but they are better without the black boxes. I really do like the new layout and options of each app. If only this would have been the first BB10 when it launched last year...

It seems like this 10.3 OS upgrade looks very promising, but "I'll be waiting" just like Lenny Kravitz did. No pain no gain. 
Go BlackBerry, Go!! You're the smartest phone ever.


Anyone know where clock apps in I can't find clock but in quick setting have function to enable n disable the alarm.

And is it the search function disable?

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Ok guys and girls...if you want to use this leak as a daily drive phone,you need to get these files!

1*(ES file explorer) to manage all your files,including setting background photo

2*(Equalizer+ )to listen to your music

3*( Bsplayer) to watch all your videos

4*(alarm clock extreme)

Hope that helps you all out.!

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Running 10.3.7 on STL 100-1.
Looks like there are some issues with BBM status updates. It doesn't show what music I am listening to, even though the feature is turned on...
Maybe this exist since its not the final release...

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I wanted to download OS 10.3 on my Z10 | STL 100-1 | but it doesn't work...all of the sudden stop
Please let me know....thanks

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I have downloaded yesterday. Alarm clock is very good. This software has incredible features. The software took almost a day to settle itself in my Z 30. Today no heating of phone, battery life normal, incoming calls coming yesterday calls were not coming. Overall 6/10. The software when officially launched will be a path breaking for BlackBerry devices. Beware Samsung and IPhone. Mr. John Chen is about to make a master stroke!!! BlackBerry under Mr Chen is in safe hands.

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Sorry friends. The software I downloaded is and not . The software has now settled properly on my z30 after initial problems. Following new features :
Email have a new look. Delete feature available. New look clock, Camera with new features such as Panaromic, hdr, new click button. Story Maker icon and BlackBerry Fuse icon appear on the screen. All new Intelligent Assistant added on the home screen.
Overall 6/10. The software has infants issues and once sorted out will be super success.

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Blackberry come a long way n it's going to take over IPhone n android.....just wait n see ppl......blackberry is back n better than ever.....LETS GO BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!

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Now my phone ringtone not working when someone call me another all functionality running perfect. I check all setting for Notification and all are perfect but this issue not resolved yet. I have Q10 Blackberry.

I ve been using the 10.30.700 for more than 5days now,what i can say is that it"s an excellent upgrade,the battery is excellently improved, OS is snappier, android apps don't lag at all(feels like i am using a GS4)

I don't think BlackBerry will ever support direct Google play services, rather you can install android apps from different sources

For those that think Direct Google Services will be implemented on BlackBerry, Think again; why even bother to develop the whole BB10 OS if they will allow this, the only thing we can do is to install android apps....PERIOD

I'm using is there any differences between and is it stable enough to download. I've been using for about 4 months now. I found no problem.

The q10 autoloader bricked my phone for a while , although I got it working again with as it was before... anyone else have this problem on their q10 and have advice to get it running? My phone wouldn't turn on, the LED blinked combinations of 1-3 red lights. It seemed like it was stuck in a permanent reboot loop.

Z30 10.3.700 installed, side loaded missing apps, but it does not ring( no sound) when getting a call...fixes please

I m using a Z10...just wanted to know that will my dev 10.3 OS automatically upgrade to a full OS once the updates are made availabe?? or I will I hav to revert back the process to my original OS before getting the official update?

I wish someone would just create a zip file containin 3.0.700 and the apps missing to sideload or something for us newbies... We just want a taste of leaks like 2.1 that were full OS RCs.... :( We need to get more people to see BBOS rocks... 10.3 is that. I wish they hurry.

Please help I upgrade to whatsapp isn't working it's says unsupported OS version.

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I was excited and I have upgraded my Z10 to
It looks excellent overall..

1) New OS Loading Icon - Thinner and sharp
2) High resolution - fells more space
3) New User Interface - new wall paper, color changes , icons
4) Data management through Settings
5) Modified BB Hub App, Calender App.
6) Languages changes.
7) Keyboard looks little change ( color change of bars)
8) Camera Interface
9) Facebook, BBM, Map are the default apps

Whether is hiding in somewhere or not, I am not able to find some major apps
1) File Explorers
2) Picture
3) Music
4) Videos
5) Smart Tag, Compass, Tutorial , Help
6) Linked In, Twitter, Box is not installed by Default

Unfortunately I am not able to find "watsapp".. through BB world or android

So reset back to 10.2.
Save time...

HEY! if we r nt satisfied wth this auto developer, can we get 10.2 official back to z10 ....
HELP ME !!!! any problems regarding etc....apps

I have update my BlackBerry z10 then it can show the many problem like camera cant started. I have running os10.2.1.3247. Anyone help me out the problem. & how can update 10.3

Of course I couldn't listen to the warnings!!! I have a blend of 10.3.700 and. 1052 now running on my daily driver Z30. Seems to be running great. I still am ready for the official release because I'm sure I'm missing some stuff.

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hi. i also updated my STL 100-2 with, but i m not able to see Music player, Photos,File manager and many default apps. Not even able to change my wallpaper. How did i fix it. Please suggest me .