BlackBerry Screen Reader updated to include support for the BlackBerry Curve 9320 & 9220

By Bla1ze on 23 Jul 2012 03:13 pm EDT

Back in May, RIM released their BlackBerry Screen Reader app for folks with visual impairments. At launch, the app was limited to the Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 but a new update now available expands support to the BlackBerry Curve 9320 & 9220 as well. In addition to the newly supported devices, RIM has added some new features to the app:

  • Basic Browser Support - BlackBerry Screen Reader is now revised adding the ability to have a loaded webpage read to you.
  • Help Menu - Through BlackBerry Screen Reader settings, you can now access an English help menu to provide you with additional assistance.
  • Additional Shortcut Features - Previously, the application shortcut (Right Convenience Key + Send) only supported email messaging. The updated shortcut is now designed to allow you to re-read a loaded webpage without refreshing your browser; it also allows you to easily read SMS and BBM messages, from the most recent to least recent message.
  • Additional Caller ID Screen Support - The first version of the BlackBerry Screen Reader would only read the number that was calling. The functionality has now been extended to the caller ID screen to also identify the contact’s name (if available).
  • Unified Inbox improvements - The unified inbox feature has been updated and now identifies Facebook® and Twitter® messages. You can now differentiate between your e-mail and social media messages.

That's a fairly big update for the app and with new devices now being supported, it opens up to many more potential users. The update is available via the link below, should you need to download it or are just interested in learning more.

Download BlackBerry Screen Reader

Reader comments

BlackBerry Screen Reader updated to include support for the BlackBerry Curve 9320 & 9220


a slower, more elegant reading pace combined with automatic info reading would be ideal while driving, combined with bluetooth streaming in a car. With Siri-like initial voice command to 'Ok, read new txt message' and then the app would read last txt or new emails, this would be really cool.

Just Imagine cool commercials showing BB10 phones doing just this!

I agree completely. When I saw the title I thought I could use it as you described, but it's only available on a few phones. I do not understand why they only support such a small range of handsets :(

That has to be the first time you don't hear "oh there is an app for that on the Apple product, you just need to pay for it". I've owned an iphone and the new ipad. They were not for me but thanks for the suggestion. :)

Ouch... I did not read the list of supported devices and installed this on my 9810 :( Now it made my phone completely non responsive, cannot even get past the home screen. How do I remove this app in my current state? Please help Crackberry Nation, I promise to read disclaimers next time!

For starters did you try a battery pull, or connect to DM on your computer.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

Ditto ... did the same thing on my 9900. I should know better. Froze it up solid. I removed it using Desktop Software v as the newer version was giving me issues. Go to the Applications tab and DS will populate with the apps that you have installed. Look for BB Screen Reader and click the X beside "Installed" to get rid of it. Then click "Apply" at the bottom. That did it for me. It runs fine again. Saved a reinstall of the OS.

Thank you, I was able to solve this without DM but through loader.exe, otherwise it is the same solution. I would HATE to reinstall the OS because of this. Lesson learned :)

unfortunately, it does not meet my device requirement.i am using 9780.this is called discrimination.i hope RIM still consider the device that can meet the software requirement.i believe os 6.0 could launch bb screen reader, but with RIM does not......this is politic