BlackBerry sales look to grow in Thailand thanks to a new partnership

BlackBerry Thailand
By James Richardson on 28 May 2013 04:36 am EDT

Over in Thailand BlackBerry have teamed up with Ingram Micro and intend to expand their global relationship to distribute BlackBerry products and services across the country. Ingram Micro already has a network or operators and retailers in Thailand but they intend to utilize their market presence to increase sales of the BlackBerry Z10, Bold 9900, Bold 9790, Curve 9320 and Curve 9220 - interesting to see that legacy devices are still in high demand on some parts of the world.

BlackBerry and Ingram Micro have been working together to provide comprehensive product training, in-store marketing support and point-of-sale materials to Ingram Micro’s distribution partners in Thailand in order to deliver an optimum shopping experience for customers throughout the country.

“Ingram Micro Mobility has been a strong value added partner for us around the world. We are excited to partner with them to expand our retail presence in Thailand,” said Benoit Nalin, Country Director of Thailand at BlackBerry. “Our goal is to make BlackBerry's unique offering easily accessible to customers in Thailand.”
“We are excited to expand our relationship with BlackBerry in the growing smartphone market in Thailand,” said Clement Mak, Managing Director of Ingram Micro Thailand. “Working closely with our local partners, Ingram Micro Thailand, through our Mobility Business Unit, will help accelerate the growth of BlackBerry products nationally.”  

Yet another good sign that BlackBerry is doing all they can to boost sales.

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BlackBerry sales look to grow in Thailand thanks to a new partnership


Where did you get this from James? Is that the full press-release? I'm curious as to how profitable those sales are.. Shouldn't the Q5 be the one that gets top-dog press?

Obviously the less expensive legacy devices are still popular there. As such, BlackBerry will need to move some lower end BB10 devices ( like Q5 ) in this market. Wonder why Q5 was not listed too.

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Thailand Smartphone market is dramatically increasing (50% of the available mobile devices are smart phone): Android and IOS lead followed my WP and BB. BB has a lot to do to be competitive again but probably the Q5 can be a cash cow here even if it hasn't been advertised yet. Z10 is already available, Q10 will be from next month, but no news about Q5!

I'm a big fan of blackberry and is still waiting the Z10 I live on guam and would like to know if guam is on the list of place that will be getting the Z10 and the Q10

True. In some part of the world that still don't have fast Internet connection, BIS is still a live saver. Compressed data with BIS is still cheaper than regular Internet connection mobile rate (at least here where I live) . Which was why I still keeping my Odin lol.

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"Yet another good sign that BlackBerry is doing all they can to boost sales."

Haha thanks for the optimism

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Can't wait for BlackBerry come back in Thailand, it was really big before the 9900 failed to perform in the market (9900 is my favorite device ever, now a proud z10 user)

Z10 is rarely being seen in the everyday life users yet, but the marketing team is working really hard which I definitely see the potential of BlackBerry becoming one of the top players in the market again.

But that would need consistency, I think another half to full year of brand rebuilding to become top of mind of the users again.

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Having to do some research on Ingram Micro this year for a study project it's really nice to see BlackBerry making quality partnerships !!

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I was in Thailand last fall and saw lots of Blackberry legacy devices, but with the younger crowds they seem to be mostly using iphones. Most of the people I know in Bangkok have 3G with unlimited data, and branding is the more important than anything else. They need to do a solid push for z10 and q10 in Bangkok before they wait for the q5...the q5 may sell better outside Bangkok and Chang Mai.

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