BlackBerry’s new 'Jakarta' handset needs to compete with Nokia’s next low-end Lumia

By Chris Umiastowski on 3 Jan 2014 01:47 pm EST

Last month BlackBerry announced a huge change in its hardware strategy by implementing a joint venture with FoxConn, the Taiwanese giant of the electronics manufacturing industry. John Chen disclosed that the two companies plan to build their first phone together for the Indonesian market, and it will be built in a new Indonesian factory.  Obviously there is no reason such a phone news to be sold only in Indonesia, so I’d expect it to hit multiple markets going forward.

One year ago, cheap smartphones (off contract) were hard to come by in the developed world.  And in emerging markets there were plenty of cheap Android phones, but they were mostly coming from brands most of us are unfamiliar with.  We tend to know names like BlackBerry, Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Nokia.  We’re usually a bit more hesitant to buy a phone from an unknown brand.

In February 2013 Nokia announced the Lumia 520.  And even today, early in 2014,  it is selling very well for under a hundred bucks with no contract or carrier subsidy. It’s sold out in many places, and demand is absolutely solid. It is by far the best selling Windows Phone on the market. This, to me, is really fascinating. It’s the first example that I can remember where we’re seeing a respected brand name put out a decent smartphone at an incredible price.

A few years ago I was at BlackBerry’s Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) conference and I was lucky enough to be put in touch with the Chief Marketing Officer of Indosat, one of the major Indonesian carriers (Thanks for that, Rob!). At the time BlackBerry handsets were dominant and expensive. This Indosat executive told me that if only we could see a $100 smartphone volume would grow ten-fold.

Up until very recently the only low cost option was Android. Period.

The Android market, especially in China, has seen sub-$100 hardware for a while.  But now here we are in 2014 almost one year after the Lumia 520 hit the scene.  Nokia (soon to be Microsoft) is scooping up market share with its low cost smartphone.  Sure, the specs are nothing overly impressive.  A 480 x 800 screen is hardly competition for the Z30, Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5s. But the price points are radically different and the market for this phone, in many cases, is first time smartphone buyers on a budget. Up until very recently the only low cost option was Android. Period.  

So this brings us to the BlackBerry “Jakarta”. We’ve been told BlackBerry can have this device manufactured by Foxconn for significantly less than what it costs them to make current devices.  I assume they’re comparing it to the Q5.  Plus, BlackBerry doesn’t have to take any inventory risk or do hardware design work.  Foxconn is doing all of this.  The question is, how much less will it cost?  Can BlackBerry put this phone on the market at $99? Depending on the specs it goes out with, I think it has to be under $150.  For entry-level smartphone buyers there are too many other decent options below $150 in emerging markets.

The question is, how much less will it cost? Can BlackBerry put this phone on the market at $99?

One Wall Street analyst said BlackBerry should entirely stop making high end phones. I didn’t hesitate to say that I thought it was a stupid idea. Of course they need high end devices to sell to the enterprise market.  Executives aren’t going to use a Q5-class device. But as long as they have a competitive OS (BlackBerry 10) and a big audience of users in emerging markets, they absolutely have to kick ass at  the low end of the market, even if it is a break-even venture.  

If BlackBerry fails to compete effectively at the low end of the market, those customers will be 100% served by Google and Microsoft. BlackBerry will be left with nothing worth hanging onto in the hardware market. They wouldn’t have enough market share to support a decent application ecosystem.  Without big enough numbers, hey may as well shut down the hardware business entirely, get rid of App World, SDK development, software engineering on BB10, and everything else related to BlackBerry hardware. They’d become purely focused on enterprise mobility management and mobile messaging (BBM).

I don’t say this to be bearish or negative.  It’s just reality.  If you want to stay in the operating system game (and continue making devices), you have to own enough market share to be a player.  Right now this is a big question mark.  If they’re going to stay in the device business I think the BlackBerry and Foxconn relationship will need to prove itself rather quickly.

Can they do it?  I can’t see what would stop them aside from the all-important and ever-frustrating issue of execution. The biggest difference between a low cost Lumia or Android versus a low cost BlackBerry 10 device would be the operating  system you install on it. Sure, there are some spec requirement differences, there really isn’t anything different enough about BB10 hardware to significantly change the bill of materials cost. 

By moving to Foxconn, BlackBerry at least has a fighting chance in the emerging markets.  Let’s hope they fight a good fight.

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BlackBerry’s new 'Jakarta' handset needs to compete with Nokia’s next low-end Lumia


IMO we need a cheap and cheerful device to appeal to emerging markets and China. Once consumers discover cheap phones, they will be more willing to purchase BlackBerry phones, cheap or not!

From my shiny Z30! :D

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This is also needed in the US. BlackBerry is loosing ground to cheap Android phones. Provide a lower cost handset to battle this in the US.

Remove balance and other enterprise features from BB10 and slap it on to a cheaper handset.

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BlackBerry Balance is not activated unless the smartphone is registered with a BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 environment. There is nothing to remove particularly if the version of BlackBerry OS 10 released for the Jakarta does not include enterprise features.

I think we all agreed since the launch of BB 10 that they needed to lower the cost of their phones in emerging markets to appeal to the masses. BB 10 is such a better OS than Windows but just cost of their phones is hurting them.

Hopefully this new low end phone being built by Foxconn will be cheap enough to compete with the Nokia lumina 520 and attract buyers.

Low end bb10 smartphone with 2gb of rams, 1- 1.5 gh duel core snapdragon s4 pro....720p, at least 4" touch screen...latest version of bb10 and make it compatible with low end smartphones to run smoothly like wp8 on lumia 520......
And the price must be between $150---$200....and it can be $100 but with half of those functions I mentioned...

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I think the display can't be less than 720p because bb10 support only 720p until now on both qwerty devices and all touch devices..i don't know what will happen this year in bb10.

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BlackBerry also should make its upcoming high end smartphones lower in price then q10, z10 and z30 at the first time of there release....I mean not to be very expensive at the release and then become should be affordable or with good price at its launch.

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At this point in the game Blackberry should make the Z10 and Q10 the low end device and come out with two new high end models loaded with all the best technology and move forward instead of wasting time with this. That would make a statement. Just my opinion.

I like this idea.
1. The Z10 and Q10 are already on mobile networks across the globe.
2. Lowering the price almost like a fire sale will quickly get bb10 in the hands of more consumers.
3. More users motivates more developers to develop bb10 apps, catapulting BlackBerry to being in the game.

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I've thought this for a while, the Lumia 520 is a really enticing phone if your not sure if you'll like Windows phone.

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Foxconn. Funny how EveryThing is now written in the form FoxConn. Thank BlackBerry, YouTube, and eBay, among others. :)

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...but will app developers develop apps for customers who don't have money to buy them? Will Netflix finally do a BB10 native app if 5 million sub$100 devices are purchased in emerging markets? The high end strategy needs to change and be refined more urgently than the emerging market strategy, IMO and BlackBerry has been very (too!) quiet on that. The device portfolio and OS / UX direction needs revision. The Z and Q series hasn't resonated, and that may be solely an OS / UX issue, but what's the plan, Mr. Chen?, I'm most interested to hear the strategy in growing the high-end, enterprise-focused business, where device cost is less of an issue, and market share in that segment really drives developer interest.

A lot of services like Netflix and Spotify are not offered in emerging countries. In fact the apps that would matter there are regional in nature.

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You need high end devices for people who want them and for management. Companies would love lower end phones for their general staff. I can totally see these emerging market phones being popular with businesses who want a cheaper, secure, communication tool.

I live in Sri Lanka, and most people here don't have a smart phone. They're still using feature phones they top up with credits every few weeks for a few bucks. Grabbing them as future customers would be great for BB.

The BlackBerry Q5 price will drop to a point where businesses will issue these to general staff in need of enterprise-issued smartphone.

Surely the coming Foxconn BB product is only a trial.
When they have the model and production figured out then BB will expand it to other markets.

BB needs to reduce the RAM on BB10 to lower the price of the phone. WP run smoothly on JUST 512mb of RAM. judging by the fact that BB Hub takes the most RAM they will probably need to remove the Hub

What's the point of using BB10 OS without the Hub? RAM chips are cheap from 1GB to 2GB.

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12Danny123 you and those suggesting BlackBerry reduce RAM to 1GB seem to forget BlackBerry OS 10 couldn't be made to run effectively on BlackBerry PlayBook because of the claimed 1GB RAM limitation.

Just got a 521 to replace my wife's dying dumbphone that she uses while traveling in the US, for texts and calls only. I'm pretty impressed by the functionality of this $100 phone. No real performance issues that would be expected from something that cheap. Offline maps has proven to be extremely handy in places like Big Sur where BlackBerry maps is useless because I have no signal.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

It failed me when it required my device ID and other excessive access to my phone in order to run it; and also when the devs had my totally relevant review removed. Of course, the review removal is on BlackBerry... that kind of stuff needs to change. It greatly lowered my confidence in how much of the truth I'm getting from reading reviews.

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There was no coverage from either T-Mo or AT&T in Big Sur (along highway 1 in California), which is so remote that gas costs over $5 a gallon.

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BlackBerry maps does an amazing job for me.
1. Traffic
2. Tolls
3. Accuracy
4. Options to fav and edit
I don't like Google following me around lol but some of you all do

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Once BlackBerry Maps has found your destination, it doesn't require any more data connection to provide you turn by turn voice navigation. I've experimented with this & can confirm it.

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Taiwan is part of China. It's like saying Bombardier is a Canadian company, even though it's HQ is in Quebec. Splitting hairs here

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You could make that argument but by majority of opinion (population is much higher in China) or by socialist rule, China would still win!

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Haha let's not start that argument here. But internationally Taiwan is its own independent country, as much as the Chinese would like to disagree.

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Think North and South Korea. Both call themselves Korea and want/claim the other side should belong to them, but obviously can't happen until something like the reunification of East and West Germany magically comes about.

LOL Unfortunately for who? I love Quebec being part of Canada, gives Canada much more character. Character I like. The people of Quebec are a prime part of Canada. As far as I'm concerned: "Vive la difference in Quebec "in" and "for" the rest of Canada. :)

+1. Just hope the majority of the people in Quebec feel the same way and want to stay as part of Canada.

Quebec forgets the British defeated France in Quebec in 1763 or thereabouts but decided to allow the people of the colony to retain language and religion rather than forcing them to speak English and convert to the Church of England. Je me souviens...hardly.

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Quebec forgets? LOL Get with the times, and or get over it. We are in 2014 and Canada is a bilingual country.

Despite the Government of Quebec's claims of souvereignty the Province of Quebec is still part of Canada. Though if they want to separate let them and watch them sink into a banana republic which Canada can invade, expel the traitors to France and wash our hands of the threats once and for all.

Its easy to think of Foxconn as a Chinese company because much of its manufacturing is done there and the Chinese factories get the most press (with their anti-suicide nets), but you are right, they are headquartered in Taiwan.

To stop making high end handsets is suicide. I won't buy crap and if all I can get is low end I'm switching to Android.

BlackBerry needs at least 1-2 high end handsets. Anyone who says otherwise is out of their mind.

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Undoubtedly. But BlackBerry has been strongest as a cheaper choice.
They can't afford to drop either end

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Again BlackBerry have fumbled the advantages it once had as the dominant cheap smartphone choice.
They lost a lot in 2013 and I really hope that BlackBerry has what it takes to get the job done in 2014.
If they can possibly undercut the 520 they will get back on top

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@Chris - FoxConn is NOT Chinese. FoxConn is large enough and has built enough phones to know what will sell. Sit back and chill, this is going to be a great year, guaranteed.

Well you need 2GB of RAM to even get started and assuming that 16GB storage and 1GHz processor is minimum , that's the cost floor right there.

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What is the bottom of the barrel for BlackBerry 10 specs? Z10 with a nerfed processor, 8 gb storage, 5 mp camera, non-removeable battery, and a lower resolution screen?

App performance will always be limited in lower spec'd phones, but as long as the core BlackBerry 10 experience is smooth, Jakarta should be a great entry level offering.

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I think Foxconn could make a phone with at least Q5 specs for close to $100.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

I think one of the things that killed BB10 were the massive delays. The low end is vital for the company to survive, but the high end is vital to maintain BB10 - for app developers and enterprise markets. BB absolutely has to push out a high end QWERTY, true successor to the Q10 THIS YEAR (and in the first half) or they are probably finished in North America, and possibly all of the West.

Always enjoy reading your post, Chris.

I totally agree BlackBerry should tackle low and high end market. The price for low end devices must stay around $100-$120. Make them so difficult to resist. I think if BlackBerry can make this happen, BlackBerry market share should grow fairly well. Not only Indonesia but also India market will endorse it.

 CB10 

Problem is that BlackBerry used to compromise on power and speed in the past. The hardware was usually waaay backdated. Why not assemble a BBOS line with single core (but 1.2ghz) processors that can handle some things!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

BlackBerry have stated that QNX requires at least two independent cores to run properly.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

QNX runs just fine one my older single core desktop computer. I don't remember Intel 80486 having more than a single core.

I wonder why this hasn't happened before!!!
We need a 175-200€s phone, and of course the high end devices too.

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But, the minimum specs to run BB10 *are* significantly different from Windows Phone and Android. BB10 needs two gigabytes of RAM... at least. BlackBerry's position is that the old PlayBook hardware cannot provide a good BB10 experience... and that hardware is better than the sub-$150 phones you are describing.

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Great exchanges, Yes, BB needs to OWN the entry level market. What does an entry level device need to do? Hmm, phone*, camera*, Text (BBM+voice/video)*, run APP's = Minimum system needs? So, how indestructible, low cost can we make them? Nokia can do the price point = We can too! Better Android than Android = No different from Apple playing Windows better than an IBM machine... Yes, I believe PP needs and will be below the magic $99 mark, hopefully by a significant amount. We are discussing EMERGING MARKETS where a daily/weekly wage is still below $20... Some places way below! Yes, the USA + west will benefit greatly with a device in this price point as well! The power of BBM will show itself through these markets... Happy New Blackberry Year!

Chris, part of the ever important execution will be their marketing strategy. Let's not forget that we've gone over this before. A competitive product with great specs and pricing but no one was aware they existed.
None of everything you said that needs to happen will happen without marketing.

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They're (BlackBerry) positioned well in terms of having the know-how and network to expand in emerging markets but up until now little incentive. BlackBerry may yet find that elusive low end base and begin to challenge Android on their own turf.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

I bought a Lumia 520. It was cheap enough to get a sampling of Windows Phone OS. Now, it collects dust and I'm thankful I didn't pay for a high end windows phone because I think the OS is absolute trash. I'm just one of hundreds of thousands though that may have permanantly switched. If BB can release a cheapo phone for people to try BB10, I'm sure they would capture a percentage that would permanently switch too.

Yup. ESPECIALLY if it comes out loaded with 10.2.1! I think many people would be extremely impressed and surprised to see what BlackBerry has been up to with their OS!

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

To me this 'hook them with an entry level device' objective worked with developing markets such as LatAm etc between 2008-10 with the introduction of the low end 8520 curves. Eventually most persons who eventually replaced these devices went to a bold or torch model...... sadly the upgrade most took from the bold/torch was to Android.

Just speaking for my LatAm region. So I see no reason why they can't use the same bait again to achieve a similar end.

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I have a 520 and have used the moto G extensively. The reason why these phones are so popular in my opinion is that even though the phones are cheap the user experience is not compromised. Even on the 520 the OS is smooth and responsive. You don't really notice how cheap the phone is. The G is just on a different playing field than other phones at that price Point. Not sure how moto did it but if you told me that phone was 450 off contract I wouldn't even blink at that statement.

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If building BlackBerry phones is
a success in Indonesia with Indonesians (patriotism?) then BlackBerry should have Foxconn open another factory in South Africa and UAE next.... Just a thought.

In my opinion, with BB10 os, paratek antenna and QNX in BB10 OS, it is sufficient to compete with any Nokia low end device! Plus some high end features such as having a octa core processor and quad core graphics and a better camera, blackberry is sufficient to compete with any high end devices! I love the bkackberry Z30 and I hope that this is not the last premium phones that blackberry will only produce! I wish to see more and better smartphones with paratek antenna produced by blackberry! I believe in the future, blackberry could be leading the future of mobile platform!

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BlackBerry need to licensed BB10 OS to be able to sell low price BB10 hand set. Period.

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It needs to appeal to the masses of people in 'emerging markets' who currently use BlackBerry 7 devices. I don't necessarily believe they have to specifically target users of other platforms when there are TONS of current BlackBerry 7 users who must want to be upgraded to a better BlackBerry 10 experience, for cheap. Obviously it's good to attract new clientele, but a better way for BlackBerry to approach growth would be to first make it really appealing for the tens of millions of BB7 users to make the switch to BlackBerry 10, then people from other platforms will see cool new BlackBerry's in millions of hands, promoting the hardware.

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Agreed. Wall Street needs to see upward trending in BB10 OS market share and this we hope would have a ripple effect on the share price, respect for the brand by analysts, carriers, app devs and overall consumer perception.

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I've been saying this all 2013. BlackBerry have needed a cheap and cheerful BB10 phone for all markets, not just emerging, that it can at least break even on, if not make a profit from, to grow the BB10 use base.

The bottom end of the market is about the only place they can make headway in handsets, whether that's for consumers or Enterprise. It's been that way for legacy BBOS phones for a couple of years already but at least they had the cheap handsets to sell to that market.

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I already tend to agree with most of your thoughts, Chris, but this is the first article I fully agree in every single detail you wrote in one article! The Q5 "emerging markets aimed pricing" debacle cannot be repeated anymore, heck you get in some markets a Z10 for less than a Q5...!

And they are forced to suffer in these regions subs losses also because of BBM 4 all... if they don't move forward fast and quick... as you said, if the price tag is 150+ they don't even have to bother and can shut BB10 down! no masses, no ecosystem, no new devices needed... who cares what the masses are made of, high end or low end devices, as long as the total number is high enough... That's the figure the simple - minded media and analysts want to see, because simple - mindedness works either way, to bury a company as also to glorify it to heaven...

Ferrari ZetaDieci

Looks like blackberry are gonna have to do a fair bit of tinkering with bb10 to get it to run on lowers specs. Wp 7.5 did it with tango. It will be worth the time. You could loose a fair bit from bb10 and still deliver a great fluid experience without so many of the extras but all the core things in place. Surley foxconn can deliver a device in dodgy plastic with 1.2 duel core, 720p screen and 1GB ram with micro sd..... a slightly dumber Q5 maybe!

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When BlackBerry was on top their top selling handset by far was always the Curve...not the Bold. this is a good move by the new CEO.

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3 things I think BlackBerry should consider:

* A must, entry level smartphone ($150 or less) for everybody everywhere

*Marketing BlackBerry 10 (devices, O.S)

*Move along with everybody in the competition, should not stay far away in the competition.

BlackBerry Lover by heart

The Curve may have been the popular phone because of price, but the Bold kicked it's butt all over the place from what I understand. In my opinion, BBRY should be concentrating on a great priced phone that works smoothly (and, of course, marketing it properly), not a mediocre at best phone that no one talks about because it ends up collecting dust.

That being said, I LOVE my "high-end" Q10 and couldn't imagine going with a "low-end"BB now. Long live BBRY!!

Posted with my Q10 via CB10

I switched from a Lumia 820 to a Q5, and it is the best smartphone move I've made in years. The Windows OS is fine but BB10 is a whole lot better! BlackBerry really needs to come out with something amazing for consumers in Indonesia and other such markets but at a cheaper price.

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Whatever the price point is for the BBOS devices that have been outselling BB10 devices is the target for any entry-level BB10 handset. Simple.

I have no idea what compromises need to be made to achieve that but that is the target in my opinion.

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G

It's also the cheap BIS plan that made the BBOS phones popular in the emerging markets. Low BB10 device prices alone may still not cut it.

I'm pretty sure BB and Foxconn can put out a fairly cheap phone, and I am eager to see it. The specs could surprise, because I figure foxconn gets pretty good volume prices on components they're using in the bulk of their other phones. I'm pretty sure this is why the phone won't be qwerty, since foxconn would have to source those components instead of just dipping into their current stock of screens, etc.

Is Foxconn going to do the marketing for these new devices. I sure hope so because we know blackberry won't... or can't. For anyone who can see this, LACK OF PRODUCT EDUCATION AND MARKETING HAS BEEN A MAJOR, MAJOR PROBLEM. BlackBerry let's retailers talk shit about their products and then just rolls over. Contantly shaking my head on their lack or marketing. It's so frustrating because they just let their products die and let retailers shit on them. Come on BlackBerry. Grow a pair. Do some damn MARKETING.

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BB needs to be more innovative about how they are going to set up their Product Strategy. My opinion, they should set 3 models max. And within these models, they should keep the same 3 housings, but change the key parts internally, in order to create different models for different markets and countries.

As example: reviased Q model, Z10 form factor, and Z30 form factor. Keeping these same dimensions, etc -they can vary the inclusion of HDMI (yes/no), Memory (2-4 MB), processor speed, housing construct (plastic/steel), caseback (rubberized/carbon fiber), screen (LCD, AMOLED), battery (removable/not), Camera (high/low), etc. Then they can get scale in manufacturing setups, etc - but vary the quality for different markets. In the end, all of the 3 BB's will look similar, to reinforce the brand, but have different cost structures for different markets. FoxConn can manage this easily.


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Most big brand name phone manufacturers don't understand the developing market and, for that matter, most tech blogs, and sites who review their products don't either. The reason Nokia's 520 is such a hit in these markets (besides being a great phone) is because they do.

The vast majority of mobile phone purchasers in the developing world don't give a *hit about IPS vs AMOLED or 480x800 vs qHD, or even dual core vs quad. They just want an affordable, modern phone that has a camera, possibly dual sim, and has access to chat and FB. So when the tech blogs and site pan the latest mobile phone because it's last year's specs or doesn't have gorilla glass they miss the point. Comparing the experience, not the numbers is what people in general care about , and not just the developing world. So if BB can understand this and produce a "520" BB it will sell. They will get hit by the press just the 520 did when it first came out. But I don't think Nokia really cares as long as it continues to take 30+% share of the WP market.

If BB can withstand the pressure of not using "the latest edition and best specs" the and can make a phone that serves Indonesia and the developing world well, it will be a hit.

Well written chris,

Can someone forward this article to blackberry?

2014 will be a better year for BlackBerry, grantee, good karma

Now forward this article to blackberry so they know what we are talking about here makes sense.

Dark Theme 10.2 white Z10

High or low cost will not matter if the there is no MARKETING. Now Mr. Chen let's see some MARKETING. You can't sell a product if nobody knows about it. Especially in the USA.

Posted Via Z10 Smarterphone

I had hoped that the Q5 would have filled the role of a low cost BB10 device.

All attempts at recruiting colleagues and family were futile due to the price shock. In Canada the Q5 price was higher than that for the Z10, which was being discounted at the time of the Q5 launch.

Today, I spoke with a young woman who would have gladly traded her BBOS7 phone for a BB10 device had a low cost one been available.

A low cost BB10 device is necessary in North America too. BlackBerry cannot cannibalise high end sales that simply do not exist.

Since the initial BB10 launch many have said on CrackBerry, as you note in the article, success depends on the installed base. The more people using BB10 devices the better.

My question is: How does a low cost device fit into the announced "enterprise first" strategy?

Posted via CB10

To sell devices in enterprises, it's mandatory to open to top MDM like Air watch and Mobileiron. Otherwise enterprise marker will shrink and shrink...

Posted via CB10

Definitely bbm preinstalled, and all bbm features available. Colour choices and try focusing on better keyboard.

I wish physical keyboards were also there.

Or they should take ryan's project and run it by themselves for touch devices.

People dont use facebook for messaging anymore.

BBM seems to be having huge potential to kick ass with the security tag.

Heard news yesterday that,NSA is preparing new quantum computer to decrypt all security files in the world. This will definitely help BlackBerry to some extent.

Posted via CB10

Dual SIM smartphones are selling well in emerging markets so I hope the "Jakarta" will be dual SIM or at least have a dual SIM option.

Posted via CB10

It must be lower than $99 since 99 is more than 1 million rupiah, most of cheap handphone costs 300k - 700k rupiah. So you must beat the price and goes lower. Main feature bbm, fb is enough. BIS package is around IDR 50k per month so the main issues is handset price to beat.

Posted via CB10

Another good article Chris, though I question your logic that pitching the Jakarta at $150 would lead to it being a success.

As you say, the market there that is being currently owned by the 520 and Android is at the $100 pricepoint. I'm unsure why anyone currently considering a cheap (by price, but not by feature count) smartphone would consider shelling out another $50 for a Jakarta.

"But, it's a BlackBerry" isn't an argument that would convince many price-concious consumers to pay an additional 50% IMO.

Another great article Chris. More than anything BlackBerry needs intelligent market analysis for all its markets. It needs this to deliver products that anticipate market needs and optimise market share. Yes BlackBerry needs the spectrum of devices that meets each segment. Certainly this included the high end because it also sets a high standard for the world to see.

Posted via CB10

Hard to write a low price handset piece these days without using the words 'Moto G'

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

It is important to remember that low end buyers aren't looking for all the frills anyway. We shouldn't be expecting q5 performance from a sub $200 phone. There are those that are happy to text and call thier way through life without requiring a blazing fast online experience as well. Look at the blow end android phones filled with the lowest end old apps...they sell like hotcakes and inspire some to want an upgrade.
Give them enough power and apps to get started and some will be willing to buy some more.

Posted via CB10

Reading through a lot of these posts it's becoming quiet clear that the whole software feature range would not be able to be carried over to a low price point bb10. I wonder what would be lost. 4G and and flash for one. I have no problems with any of that, as long as all the core functions are in place. Good call quality, push email and im/social integration and bbm. No F/F camera or mini hdmi but I think with foxconn it's entirely possible to build the device with the softerware requirements lowered. I think this magic figure is entirely possible. Maybe more of a updated curve then a dumber Q5.

Posted via CB10

"One Wall Street analyst said BlackBerry should entirely stop making high end phones"
This analyst needs a serious head exam. The only reason why he recommends BBRY to go all out low end is because he wants to kill the company as soon as possible IMO.

BlackBerry needs to continue to design and produce high end North America and Europe BB10 devices, and have Foxconn join design and produce low/mid BB10 devices. And this is what they are finally doing. While BBRY's low end fights for space in the emerging markets, they can concentrate on enterprise and consumers in North America/Europe for its high end devices.

The key is to continue to convert BBRY's existing 80,000+ enterprise customers onto the BB10 platform, while continuing to cater to US consumers that are willing to fork over $600 for a awesome Z30, Q10, Z50, Q30 ;)

I think the wall street analyst is right. BB10 only need low spec to run smoothly. No need 64bit or octacore proc. People who don't understand tech like me, will think lower proc mean lower end. So why not make a low cost handset then. A low price that will have the same experience as others high end handset is great. With a lower spec proc actualy  has a benefit like longer battery life.

Posted via CB10

Because people have been fooled into thinking super high specs are how you judge a device. So lets make a super phone with super specs and make it 64-bit and this and that, then lets install a crap OS and call it high tech.
This is what is happening, especially when running the Android OS. Regardless of specs, they tend to drain the battery due to its inefficiency. Its gotten a lot better, I admit, but still it kills your battery. And worst part is apps are not being properly developed as true multi-threading because only one OS is a real Multi-Threading OS, and that is BB10. This is why native BB10 apps feel better than Android ports.

People were bitching about the Z30 being a 720p screen and a Dual Core CPU versus others that are Quad-Core and 1080p. But just look at the reviews, the Z30 blows them all out of the water. And as it stands to date, the Z30 is the best smart phone in the market bar none. A properly refined OS is the key, and BBRY has QNX/BB10. This type of OS has the ability to go beyond mobility in a very secure and un-crashing way.

Would a major automotive company, and/or Military establishment, defense networks, Government, mission critical etc., run Android? run iOS? run WP8? If they were nuts perhaps. This is where QNX/BB10 rock anything in the industry to date.

After seeing the capabilities of all BlackBerry devices, I can say I would not switch to any other device, nor would I recommend doing so. Security is top notch, and fit and finish, along with functionality is excellent.

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In 2012/2013 Blackberry management KNEW that the majority of consumers is not willing to pay over $200 for device.

In 2012/2013 Blackberry management KNEW that Blackberry HAS TO get its brand new OS BB10 into as many hands as possible. Because not hardware but OS’s RULE the world!

They came up ONLY with OVERPRICED devices and NO LICENSING BB10.


Low end devices are necessary to emerge successful but focus too much, release too many, or release in the wrong way, and it could be fatal to the perceived value of the blackberry brand in the eyes of the consumer

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We also need to bring it to the U.S. so that we can get BB10 into the hands of Americans for a lower cost than they have to fork out for the flagship devices. It killed them not to bring the Q5 to the U.S. because not everyone there can afford a $600 smartphone believe it or not! I'm so glad they brought it here to Canada, my brother has one and loves it!

I have a Q5, no Jakarta. I'm 30 m Nigeria.

PIN 2B0EE717, but remember to add a category like Crackberry in your contacts to sync new adds. Managing Contacts on BBM is crucial especially as BBM goes global.

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All I can say is if they place the BB 10 OS on a low end phone with worse specs than the Playbook, It would confirm my suspicion that Thorsten Heins is and always will be a lying sack of sh.... about not being able to update the Playbook OS.

Totally agree with you.
Please BlackBerry, make sure it retails for around $100!!! It's so badly needed.
People are buying cheap androids in places like South Africa and happily install BBM

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

I was "pleading" with BlackBerry to do this for a year, I think they'd be in a very different place now if they had at least had someone else do the touch screen phones.

I guess I don't follow Chen's vision at this point. He said he wanted to focus on business services and software.What's the point then of making an "entry level": phone for indonesia. Who is going to buy this that fits into BB's long term turn around strategy. Why would someone in this target market choose a BB over say a comparably priced Moto G or Lumia.If they want apps and games then the other two will be much better choices than a BB, Do you think some guy in Indonesia who just bought a 150 BB is worried about security? I don't care one way or the other but I keep my eye on BBRY as a potential investment and this strategy makes no sense to me.

I think its more BIS and cheap data plans that sell legacy devices then initial costs in emerging markets. So not sure that this phone will due well bc you need a normal data plan and no more BIS data plan with BB10.
Hope it does though.

As a BlackBerry fan and tiny shareholder I believe that among its many failures, marketing is near the top of the list. I loved my Bold and my Z10 monopolizes my Internet time. When the Z10 was rolled out I monitored it's failure and described it as a disaster at the shareholders meeting last July. Now that I'm doing my snowbird thing again I am visiting phone companies and electronics stores and BlackBerry is just about invisible. There are none in stock and sales staff are unaware of the excellent BlackBerry devices. Unless this changes I have no idea how BlackBerry will retain it's presence in the consumer market. I'm sure that BlackBerry monitors Crackberry forums and that BlackBerry fans can suggest a range of marketing strategies. What do you think? Any suggestions?

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I like high end BlackBerry phones, but I think low budget blackberries is a good way to keep the company in business.

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The Nokia 520 has the best value of any phone on the market. And it's not just for emerging markets, bring it to the big countries! Because it's phones like these that are accessible to everybody, gain market share, and ultimately spread and popularize your platform. As a young person, I wish I had an affordable full touch BB. But hell I'm lucky I have the Q5 option at all because I live in Canada! IMO, value should be the biggest priority, not eight cores or 1080p screens (screen resolution has gone way to far, you don't even need a 1080p screen on a phone). Value is what sells product, not the amount of RAM. And if only half the people who are looking at a smartphone purchase can afford to buy into your platform, then that's half your potential buyers who are alienated. Make a budget device with exceptional value and sell it everywhere.

the system has the potential, you can not delay in development, and also to stir the market for developers. Observe the events of the apple and do better than draw attention. also invested heavily in the corporate market.

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This is SO a mock-up of the "Palm Pixi phone" Blackberry always copied Palm. It is a shame Palm is no longer in business...beautiful OS and amazing phones they always had. I still have my HP Pre3 and keep using it hehe!!
Can't wait to get my hands on the Passport though...i fell in love at first sight!