BlackBerry’s coming Hail Mary pass in the US market

Is launching BBM cross platform on iOS and Android BlackBerry's "Hail Mary" pass to rebuilding brand awareness in the USA? CrackBerry's in house industry analyst Chris Umiastowski thinks so!

Hail Mary BBM
By Chris Umiastowski on 30 Jul 2013 07:12 pm EDT

Yesterday news came out from industry research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech showing that BlackBerry’s US share of the smartphone market slipped to a miniscule 1.1% compared to an already painful 4% in the year ago period. The data accounts for US smartphone sales, not installed base, and covers three month period ending June 2013.

It’s clear that BlackBerry has been suffering in the US market. We hardly need an industry report to validate this feeling. But it’s still important to have our finger on the pulse of exactly how poor the US market situation has been. This slide in market share happened despite the company’s best efforts with the Z10 launch, although obviously the Q10 hasn’t been on the market long enough to make much of a dent in things.

The good news for BlackBerry is that things really can’t get any worse in the US. Even if share dropped to zero it would hardly make a difference to their financial position. The installed base of BlackBerry is obviously much bigger than 1.1% on US soil, but the last three months of sales gives us a very clear idea of where the installed base is going ... and it’s not up, at least not now. So what is BlackBerry to do?  The way I see it their “Hail Mary” pass is to launch BBM for iOS and Android as a means to rebuild their brand power.

The good news for BlackBerry is that things really can’t get any worse in the US.

First, they need to ensure that the iOS and Android versions are incredibly smooth, deliver the promised core features, and are free of any major bugs. That is table stakes if they want this to succeed.

Second, they need to launch a co-ordinated marketing blitz so that people in the US market know what makes BBM different. Thankfully, many of them will fondly remember the app when they actually loved and owned a legacy BlackBerry device, before abandoning the brand. BlackBerry needs to do one hell of a job marketing their cross-platform launch, hopefully using their existing user base as a way to create viral awareness of the app on Android and iOS.

In the meantime, while this brand rebuilding exercise is happening, BlackBerry can focus on gaining traction with BB10 devices in other markets. We need to see an uninterrupted push of new devices (high and and low end) into all markets where BlackBerry still has an enormous appeal.

If they can accomplish this, and if they can make more progress closing the app gap, then I think it’s fair to say they may see a comeback in the US market. A rebuild of brand loyalty and brand recognition will then lead to more device sales. Given how far they’ve fallen, there is plenty of ground to recapture. But this will not be an easy path to navigate, and this is pretty much the last shot they have in the US.

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BlackBerry’s coming Hail Mary pass in the US market




whatever that means^ and ill assume that he meant BlackBerry bring back its name through bbm is a good idea

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And the way he pronounces it makes me realize how much love he got with BBM coming to iOS and android.

ye the only issue I can see, is the reality is that BBM isn't as loved as we`d hope, remember people never said BIS outage or email outage but they did say BBM outage. that's a huge negative connotation right there so I don't think its gonna be the plain sailing many think it will be.

Agreed. Add to that the fact that there are other apps out there like WhatsApp and KiK... People are reluctant to leve what they know and it doesn't help that many are skeptic of BlackBerry period. I said it a long time ago that BlackBerry needed to make BBM available to all platforms but purists kept arguing that I was n idiot because then people would have no need for BlackBerry. There you have it guys... once again doing things at the 11th hour. I really hope this BBM maneuver works. I will certainly be pestering my non BlackBerry friends to download BBM. Wish me luck.

"This slide in market share happened despite the company’s best efforts with the Z10 launch..."

Really? If that was their best efforts, then they better close up shop while there is still a shop to close. They released in the US months after the platform launched, marketing has ranged from nonexistent to abysmal, and the brand still carries a negative stigma. You can't go back and get the carriers to release your phone earlier, but now that it's out there, you can market the hell out of it and use BBM to change the negativity surrounding your brand. Why was the best Z10 ad produced by Verizon that showed a feature that won't even be exclusive once BBM goes multi platform (screen share / video)? No more generic "Keep Moving" stuff. Find the thing that your phone does better than the rest and use TV to convince the world of that. You can't rely on carrier salespeople. You can't rely on your brand name. You have no choice but to get out there and sell it yourself.

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BOO-YAH! Now that's what I'm talkin' bout!

You sir, strike that proverbial nail on the head.

BBM going cross platform is a good way to generate additional revenue streams but it most certainly should not be considered as BlackBerry's "Hail Mary"! The very first thing I'd be doing is having a strong worded conversation with US carriers, in particular AT&T and VZW. My first message to those US carriers would be that it's time to cut the crap! We're pushing our own updates moving forward for the OS, if you would like to have a subsequent minor release afterwards for your bullshit, we'd be more then happy to assist. If you don't like it, then we'll have an exclusivity deal made with T-Mobile :).......oh and GFY!

Then I would focus on marketing. It's time to show the US market that BlackBerry is not only the best at communications but that BB10 has become great for everything else BlackBerry is currently not known for i.e. show off the multimedia, gaming, tech, time shift and anything that other platforms require an app to do. Stop wasting ad money on people running from different scenes only to show me a picture of a Z10 at the end.....WTF?!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

The worst part about it is that the blueprint has already been laid down. Remember when the iPhone was in its infancy? The ad blitz that followed was simple genius. The phone, a white background, a single hand, and that all too familiar voice saying, "This is how you zoom in and out of pictures. This is how you make a dinner reservation. This is how you read a magazine." Apple logo, AT&T logo, cut. And putting the focus on those features made everyone forget that you couldn't even cut and paste on the thing yet.

Attempting to pull from competitors is another marketing trick that's pretty simple, as proven by Samsung's "The 'Next Big Thing' is already here" campaign. The Galaxy S can do this, the competition can't. Simple. (Granted, it's NFC and eye tracking and stuff that no one cares about, but that doesn't mean anything. It makes people talk. That's all that matters.)

There is no reason, at this early yet established point in a tech product's life cycle, that people should look at my Z10 and ask me, "Wow, what kind of phone is that?!". That's an inexcusable failure of marketing, plain and simple.

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Yeah, and make sure those carriers know that 1.1% of their sales last quarter came from Blackberry devices. That's one-point-one. And we're going to launch cross-platform BBM and further eat into your SMS revenue so let's talk about how much marketing you are going to be doing for us. LOL.

At that point Verizon and AT&T would bluntly tell BlackBerry to take a hike. They don't NEED BlackBerry.

BlackBerry most certainly needs them if they want to make headway in the United States. Ask Palm how that Sprint exclusivity went for them with the Pre'.

Absolutely agree with this guy. Over and over. US is about flash and not how a device can handle day to day tasks. IPHONE is for kids and adults that like to play on their phone. Same with Samesung. BlackBerry is a use phone for daily buiss and now it also has the added features. I still don't need that many apps just the ones that get the job (work) done.

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Same old stupid argument about non BB devices being for kids...find another BS reason...your adult manufacturer is going out of business soon for the joy of many kids :)

I really would like to know from a consumer standpoint the benefits of bb devices. What could it do better than my HTC One? It's not media playback, android destroys eryone on's not the browser, it's not gaming, android is amazing on email, it's not the notificat area, we all know that its not specs, its not apps, android and ios have those fronts covered, maybe if i was a business professional maybe then bb security would matter but most consumers aren't, so what should make me switch?

Since you got all the areas as a victory for your HTC ONE and android, and you have not used the z10 to any degree, then stick with your HTC ONE. What you don't know, you won't miss....or find someone who has one and knows how to use it. Ie had it for a month. Then do regular tasks. The Hub alone will destroy any of the others. My 2 boys did not want a BlackBerry. They wanted iphones. I have them the z10 to try. They will never give it up on the HUB alone and they love the rest of it.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

What makes you think that I've never used one? I played around with them in stores and considered getting one at one time. I decided that the screen was too small and wanted the best device for music playback and the One fit the bill. It played the best through the headphones. The z10 had the updated OS that my playbook ran and I actually did like it. I just don't understand what the draw to the z10 is over current Android smartphones. You assumed that I've never used the z10 which isn't true. I used them both in store a couple times before buying the HTC One. I swear loyalty to no platform, I simply go to the best one. So again I ask, what is the draw to the z10?

U played with a Z10 in store and u claimed you have used it #lol..this is the dumbest shit have read on #crackberry.

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You ignorant fool. How do most customers buy their phones in America other than going into the store and trying them out and also buy watching reviews and researching them on the internet?

Lol. "You ignorant fool". Hilarious.

You are right tho, that's exactly how the majority of ppl purchase not just phones, but anything.

I can't speak much about the z10 vs Android, but I can vs the 4s. My z10 pretty much blew the 4s out of the water and that was ore 10.1os. Ppl constantly tell me the iPhone is so easy to use, they say, "even my toddler can use it" etc. I always think to myself, why shouldn't they be able to. You only need to know how to press a button, n have an understanding of what icons do. A toddler can 'play' on any phone that has games. All phones have icons.

I'd say that my z10 actually makes sense, so much darn sense that it overflows into my everyday life. Not having a home button is huge, and it actually does make things easier. I'm truly able to multitask quickly and authentically. I'm able to play my games, tweet, and actually work right there on the phone, even with 1 hand n type quickly with 1 finger.

Sadly for the z10 it's one of those things you have to actually use in real world application to truly get an understanding of. Gimmicks sell phones in the store, in a short period of time. But gimmicks aren't the reason ppl love phones, it's because of how they enhance your life. To have a phone that works and is compatible with real things, Bluetooth, documents, HDTV, etc (some major apps are missing, but the browser allows u to do the same things) is liberating. To not be trapped, tied down to an ecosystem that sucks $ out of u every chance it gets is liberating.

If you used this phone for a week, really used it... You'd like it, maybe love it.

R u kidding android is the biggest piece of crap with emails.. i have an s2 sitting in my drawer since the day I got my z10. I don't miss it one bit, I actually look back on those android days as a nightmare that is finally over..thank god. I lost so much business trying to conduct business using Android and Skype. Absolute piece of junk.. now with BBM voice and sometimes Ephone people can't even believe I'm on a cell phone let alone wifi.

Posted via CB10

You didn't have to use the garbage known as Skype. I even think that they are sabotaging android anyway (it is Microsoft those guys do anything to win). And did you just say s2? Do you know how long ago that was? I'm replying to you on my android phone right now. So email works very well. All my posts and replies here were done on my phone as a matter of fact. Sorry, but I have to strongly disagree here. I had a playbook and sold it because the browser kept crashing and lacked some basic features. Does that however reflect on BB10? I would assume that it doesn't

It is this thinking and image that BlackBerry is solely for business or adults that is continuing to provide fuel to the stigma that BlackBerry is old and outdated.

BlackBerry needs to find a way to make their phones and any outside service modal appeal to the masses. We all know BB10 and BB10 devices have what is needed (aside from a few apps) to provide the best platform experience. From excellent communication needed for the CEO of large enterprise to a teenager wanting to FB, tweet or play games, it can be done!

But the additude about BlackBerry being for people that need to get things done all the time has to go! BlackBerry and it's fans like us can start being a bit more arrogant again when we're competitive in markets like the US, until then we need to shut and put up!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

How is that tools not toys mantra working out for BlackBerry? We need BlackBerry to have a significant presence in the consumer market....and yes in the youth market to maintain viability as a stand alone company. Otherwise.....curtains.

Thorsten can't decide if BlackBerry is a smartphone company, a mobile computing company, an infotainment company, or a software company. How do you expect BlackBerry is gain traction in the "youth market" when the company is sending out SOS signals? I am mad as hell at Thorsten and have seriously begun to question my choice to "upgrade" to the BlackBerry Z10.

Exactly. Today, I was at a Radio Shack here in the NYC area with a friend who was asking a retail sales associate about smart phones. He showed her everything but the Z10. When I asked him why, he said because android and especially iOS would be easier to use for her. When I showed him that he was not making an accurate statement, it was clear that he had no incentive to sell BlackBerry.

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Give who and what incentives?! Do guys think money grows on trees and financially BlackBerry can just start throwing cash at everyone to sell their products?!

It's not BlackBerry's place to tell other corps how to conduct their day to day operations. Quite frankly, it would be offensive and in bad taste if they did.

My assumption is that BlackBerry has entered into a agreement with these carriers/sub kiosks in good faith, believing at the very least their employees would be trained enough to fact find consumers needs and recommend the correct products to their clients. That's an appropriate sales model. However as we've now seen for ourselves, that isn't the case at all in the US market and the only carrier that seems to be doing well for BlackBerry is T-Mobile aside from a few individual experiences had with other providers here and there.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

Agree 100%. Wrote the same to investor relations at BBRY a month ago. Did not receive a response initially.

After 3 weeks I sent another note with the subject line including something along the lines of "What are SEC requirements for investor relations department to shareholders?" I got a response and request to resend communication. It won't be the last communication they receive.

Leadership from BOD and CEO, with all due respect to what they have accomplished over the past year + with new devices and QNX, does not make up for the oversights, miscommunications, and just general horrible decisions regarding issues such as BB Link, advertising, etc, that bring us to where we are now. And wherever one considers "now" to be, it's far from where we and BBRY could/should be.

A Z10 or Q10 user should have been able to take their old device, plug it into decent software (not BB Link garbage), plug in new device and have it work PERFECTLY. BBRY could not, can not, afford such boneheaded errors. Anyone still going around with an old RIM device (and I see LOTS of them while I've seen 1 Z10 in the last 3 months (besides mine)) is likely terrified to deal with BB Link and go through the upgrade process. Does not take rocket scientist to figure this out, esp with AT&T and Verizon in the US are more than happy to tell anyone who is thinking of this of the problems they would encounter even with simple migration of contacts/calendar and "better off" migrating to iOS or Android. The transparency, guidance, communications, and execution errors have led to a near complete lack of confidence among investors and non-BBRY enthusiasts along with a lack of accountability at the CEO level.

As a concurrent Z10 and iPhone 5 users, the Z10 is far better for communication. On a personal level this device has too much potential do just "die", so if it takes giving the BBRY team a swift kick to change its ways have no remorse doing so.

Next level 88 I couldn't have put it better. You are right on the money. Marketing has been awful, no I correct myself, non-existent. I've been saying it but no one ljstens.

This article speaks to the sad state of affairs with modern day BlackBerry. Talking about a product that isn't on the market yet and how it needs to be promoted.

I totally agree. There was almost no effort put into the US Z10 launch. No in store marketing, devices hidden in the back corners of stores, untrained sales staff who were pushing other devices instead of the Z10, and a commercial that barely showed off the device. It was a very soft release with lackluster effort put into it.

Even now with the Q10 release, it is still a very passive approach. At least in the US, there isn't anything that shows BlackBerry is trying to fight for market share. I really expected a much more aggressive approach - something to let consumers know that BlackBerry is back.

It's really difficult to build market share when a very small percentage of consumers even knows about the product.

Posted via CB10

Right on!

Sadly, I expect BBRY to hopelessly botch the cross platform BBM launch just like they've hopelessly botched every other launch.

BBRY simply doesn't get it. Their wimpy, uninspiring marketing is a waste of money.

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Dude.... #lol I actually don't know what to call you, but I just called u a dude. You are wrong!

Posted via CB10

I guess it's a 2-3 year plan now for the US.

I'm with Chris on this one that BBM will be part of BlackBerry's overall brand rebuilding phase in the US.

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I think this article is baseless and states the obvious. Too much pie in the sky " if the stars line up" bs.

IMHO marketing won't do squat to help. They've dropped from 4% to 1% and they advertised during the super bowl...put vans on the road, hired Alicia Keys and nothing changed.

How about going back to their roots and innovate once again? They've done it once and can do it again. Forget marketing. Innovate and word of mouth will spread like wildfire if they produce anything that people end up wanting.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

A friend of mine just traded in a Torch for a iPhone today. She thought about a Z10 but at the end the draw of Apple was too strong.

BlackBerry needs to market the BB10 platform. People just aren't seeing what it offers vs Apple and Android.

Posted via CB10

Even with marketing, I don't know how much of a difference it would make to total sales. Just look to Nokia who only sold half a million of the devices in the US even with the marketing dollars of microsoft, an established ecosystem, brand awareness(not negative) and a pretty good app store now.

MS has as much negative image as BlackBerry to a lot of people.

Anyone that had had virus problems on their PC may not want that for their phone even though WP is pretty good

Posted via CB10

I'm in the same boat as your friend - no 4GTorch upgrade to Q10 until Outlook USB sync works on BB Link. Until we get our features back, no upgrades! Wake up, BBRY!

yeah, on paper..... I can get my contacts to sync, true. But I have found no way in He_ _ to get my calendar to sync. TMo no help. BB no help. Just deicided it wasn't meant to be, or work.

Believe me, I tried everything, from device wipes, complete cleansing of Link on my machine with a prior registry wipe, to reinstallation of link from scratch. I finally gave up on calendar sync via link.

Sorry, but SAYING you have it and DELIVERING THE GOODS are two different things. Still wish the old DM worked on these things. That was a good piece of software for the older phones. It was always bullet proof for me.

This link has more holes than swiss cheese, and I am alwyas holding my breath when I try ANYTHING with it. Just my experience.

Sorry but Herr Heins told us to FO with regards to BlackBerry Bridge in his announcement that BlackBerry PlayBook was EOL effective January 1, 2012.

Really...the sales man didn't tell the I phone has no HDMI output #lol u friend must be shallow to believe the sales person draws

Posted via CB10

I think a good portion will stick with crapple. After all.....ignorance is bliss for some. As for myself, I'm enjoying the Z10 experience daily. BlackBerry awl the way!

Sent from the future on my Z10.

It is no where near ignorance. Apple products still offer a very great experience with fumbles where as BB10 has potential but at the same price is very hard to justify to everyone. BB need to focus on getting super cheap(200-300) maybe even cheaper harder out into emerging markets to build market share and show customers in those markets what the advantages of BB10 are and why it is actually relevant which in turn will create marketing for the company by people talking and spreading the word which if I can recall correctly is what CMO Frank Boulben was relying on to sell phones in the first place.

Yes he was... referring to the plan as "grassroots movement". I believe we are still at the very beginning of this faze.

Posted via CB10

The time for a grassroots movement is over. BlackBerry squandered six months since the much touted BlackBerry 10 launch. The pricing of the newest BlackBerry 10 smartphone, the BlackBerry Q5, is not going to attract the hordes of consumer-minded smartphone users which BlackBerry needs to survive. Enterprise users are not adopting the BlackBerry 10 smartphones nor its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 infrastructure at a rate indicative of massive appeal to the institutional user-base. What exactly has CMO Frank "the bullshitter" Boulben done to earn his paycheque?

They must address what the typical user thinks is a problem with the touch screen behavior. That is HOME BUTTON.

And fix this business of swiping this way and that way and not being able to close the focused application.

That would also require promotion telling people we heard you, try us again. You may like what you find.

Posted via CB10

I disagree with you on that part. I think not having a home button is a good differentiator for Blackberry, a lot of people are amazed with just swiping up to switch between apps.

I think what we need at this point is more aggressive marketing of the products, competitive pricing of the devices and of course building the app ecosystem.

Posted via CB10

I agree with you on not having a home button. I love the swiping! If people would take the time to use this phone rather than saying "it's just a BlackBerry" they too would love it; at least 75% anyways.

Posted via CB10

It's starting to happen, once people See a friends one, try it, like it, buy it.
Lucky there are lots of sheeple out there

QNX is the future

No button = Innovation
Innovation = Success!
Enough said!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

New Z10 owner. Never liked blackberry.. ever. It was the red headed "LOL" phone that I used to "whatever" over. BB was a non-player for me. My wife owned one and I hated the damn thing with a passion.

I've owned Win Mobile and Android phones (wouldn't touch apple if you paid me, but that's neither here nor there).

The first day I had my Z10 was a struggle over-coming previous habits from my previous phone. I'm on day 10 and this phone is the mutz-nutz. Hands down the best phone I've ever owned. I only have 2 problems with it.
1. the speaker is kind of weak
2. not sure I'm digging the keyboard yet. Seems kind of buggy trying to swipe up to select a word (doesn't always work right).

Other than that... I love it.. love it.. love it. Fast as hell!! app switching is smooth as silk. No more thread locks because of the damn browser loading some ad's in the bg. If BB sticks to this route, and unless someone comes up with something better.. you best stay away from Z10 or I'll gnaw your digits off!! :)

Hey there, as far as irked me too . I started adding words and sentences to the custom dictionary n now I love it!

It has gotten better as far as prediction. Heck, it's gone so far as to read text from my other apps (google talk) because it brought up a word that I ONLY use at work because it was a name of a stored Kind of creepy actually.

My beef was with swiping up to select the word. Sometimes it just won't work right. The swipe up is detected as a press, but I think I've figured out why. I have a very light swipe and it want's a more pronounced swipe. If I could adjust the sensitivity on that, I'm sure all would be well.

"I think what we need at this point is more aggressive marketing of the products, competitive pricing of the devices and of course building the app ecosystem."

Agree wholeheartedly Solar77.

I home button? I can quite honestly say I hadn't noticed. Out of all the people I personally know with a BB10 device, about 20 excluding work colleagues, not one has ever complained about the lack of "home" button. I also can't recall anyone complaining about the lack of track pad, even those with Q10s.

Posted via CB10

If they get rid of gestures they might as well scrap BB10 and pick up WP or Android which will not do them any good either.

Home Button? BB10 doesn't have a home button so how could that be a problem? Swiping this way and that is being incorporated by Apple into iOS7 to a certain extent. Closing a "focused" application is no problem at all: swipe up and close ("X" marks the spot). So BB should change their OS to be just like Apple or Android?

How many iOS owners have you engaged and/or talked to? Many of them will tell you that their HOME BUTTON is broken and some will tell you that their power on-off button is broken too.

Yup, I know at least 5 people with broken home or power buttons, my wife being one of them. At least Apple knows how big of a problem their build quality is and programmed the OS to have a software work around for these problems.

Posted via CB10

My experience is that BlackBerry needs to get the retail stores on board. I have seen first hand an extreme negativity toward the Brand to up to the extreme where one person were publicly ridiculed for choosing BlackBerry. That has to stop!

(And, BTW, the person I mentioned loves his Z10 and is proud to stand out from the sheeple.)

I have a sarcastic but whole at work that tried to ridicule me for being a BB Fan. I almost smacked him... I was like really... anyway the retail stores is one of the ways they need to go!

Posted via my Z10 on busted AT&T

It was funny. Today in grocery story, my 9930 signaled a message and then immediately thereafter, a company rep's 9930 made the same sound. We looked at each other and laughed!

We shared our BlackBerry stories and lamented that in years past, you'd hear a BlackBerry and wonder "was that mine?"

You used the word 'lamented'. Based on my understanding of the word, I took your statement to mean that you missed the "Good 'Ole Days".

My response meant simply that for anything to survive it must progress. Progress is life.

No offense meant.

I often 'lament' over LOST reruns and Jack's inability to see Kate for what she really was.

Well, I do miss the days when BlackBerry wasn't beaten down all the time.

And I am all for progress. I fondly remember the day when I upgraded to 8" disks and ~245k of storage on CP/M and haven't stopped since !

Love my Z10 and the BB10 platform. There have been a ton of changes to hardware, OS, apps and games from the early days when BlackBerry was enterprise driven. There is a fun factor to it now.

I hope my US neighbors will give it a try. They should be pleasantly surprised. Come on America.

My friend just bought a Q10 after much debate. Unfortunately, I have now talked my way into side loading android apps for her...

Posted via CB10

One thing to consider is that corporations and the US federal government were waiting for the OS 10 devices to mature a little bit (10.1 was the equivalent of SP1 and the last major carrier just rolled it out a week ago) and the BES 10.

Now that OS 10.1 is out and BES 10.1.1 is out (although the HA aspect still needs some work) I think you will see the momentum pick up. My work place for example is going announce production support of BlackBerry 10 devices by the end of August.

I really think people are missing this important aspect of device adoption obstacles.

Posted via CB10

Yes BB10 devices support Exchange's native ActiveSync, but that's true for any email service that supports ActiveSync. Technically you could have used older BBs with Exchange w/o a BES server (through IMAP or POP), but people didn't do that for multiple reasons.

The primary reason was because of the additional security and device control that the BES offered. That's why some entities I have spoken to have been holding off on BB10 devices because the BES software wasn't mature enough and they weren't considering rolling out BB10 devices without the BES because it would have been less secure and less controlled.

Yes it does. It uses EAS, Exchange Active Sync, just as it does with a BES. By the way, Android and IOS also use EAS to connect to Exchange.

"Corporations aren't and weren't really waiting"...
Really? Because mine sure was waiting and so have the other work places I have spoken to. Of course I am basing my opinion on discussions I have had both internally and with other entities, not a news story someone wrote in a news paper.

That isn't to say entites weren't moving forward with BYOD of other products, but a lot of them still feel more comfortable with the security and control BlackBerry offers natively over iOS/Android devices and some 3rd party management software.

As to whether this is enough to save BB, I have no idea. All I know is that the corporate/federal momentum in the US hasn't picked up yet and it is gearing up to do so now.

I was thinking yesterday that BB has 2 more devices to launch this year, and how fast time flies,if they can market, the next unknown products, along with BBM ,that would be awesome,2 birds with one stone.

Seriously, accidentally dropping your Z10 in front of three onlookers would get more people to pay attention to a BlackBerry phone than the current marketing team has thus far.

Posted via CB10

If US carriers weren't over committing themselves to selling iPhones, BBRY would have a better chance

Posted via CB10

BB lagged too far behind the competition. I was looking forward to getting a BB10 phone, but why would I when my iPhone 5 has a better screen, camera, and a smooth OS already. Apple is implementing some touch gestures now, which is the edge that Blackberry had. They should've focused on 2 flagship phones this year, the Q10 and Z10. The A10 could've waited till next year. And made the screen and cameras better. I'm disappointed that BB didn't listen to its fan base because we've been saying what we wanted for years.

Data checked. The iPhone's retina screen is better than that AMOLED crap BB is using. Colors are more natural, text is easier to read, and the screen has a wider range of brightness. The numbers are misleading you. My brother has a Z10, think I know what I'm talking about.

The iPhone 5 most definitely does not have a better screen. Camera is debatable. BB 10 is smooth... Have you even used one before??

Compared to the May Kantar data they are up from 0.7% in May.

Not huge but in the right direction. Q was staggered launch by carrier throughout June. The latest one being AT&T on the 21st.

Posted via CB10

Good points.

Looking at quarter-on-quarter, Blackberry's market share is Ok. They are starting to get more customers now so the numbers are just starting to improve. But comparing to a year ago looks terrible because they were still in a downtrend at this time last year and we need to give time for that to work itself out of the numbers.

Dusdal, you explained this well in a forum.

Dusdal, you are completely correct. Chris is looking at three months ending June and comparing that to the previous year when he should really be comparing it to just before BlackBerry 10 launched.

YoY comparisons are the common measure in business, even still today in very fast paced markets where it doesn't make the most sense.

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You are correct, the YOY comparison is a loaded number. On the call, BB mentioned their share was 30% in the Qtr. That was quickly lost as Thor began to mumble.

Damn, now I have to reply to myself. Should have said UP 30%. Someone mentioned above that "yesterday they were thinking", I tried that yesterday, didn't work out so well.


I have been saying this exact thing for a long time. BBM cross platform is the only way to turn around the perception issue BlackBerry faces in many markets.

Now does this mean more sales for BlackBerry... well not right away. If anything it may mean some people leave sooner but overall the perception of BlackBerry will change. Next upgrade they may take a look and this is when the platform is more mature with apps and the bugs are worked out.

This is an over simplistic view of what can happen but I do think this will help. BlackBerry will never be number 1 but they will find there spot.

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My contract on a Blackberry 9800 is soon up so I visited a Rogers store today to check out the Q10 and Z10. There were no functional phones-just a couple of tethered dummy phones. Then I asked to see a 9900 and was told they didn't have any and weren't really selling them anymore. While I enquired as to whether or not they would have operating OS10 phones for customers to try basic features like the keyboards, I saw a businessman trade in his blackberry for an iPhone!! Oh, and the rep didn't know if or when they might have functional blackberry's for customers to experience before making a purchase decision. If that is Blackberry marketing, the company is doomed as I don't see how BBM cross platform will help.

When I went into my Bell store they didn't have any live units either. I asked the salesperson to get me one out of the box to try. She had no problem with that. I played with it for a while, handed it back to her and told her I'd be back in a couple of weeks.

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BlackBerry didn't lose the USA market overnight and they will not get it back any easier and more likely it will be harder. Right now they have a product that if tried by people for a few days many would switch or at least consider it a strong option in the future. The process of doing that is slow and tedious and has no room for mistakes. BBM is an excellent way to start getting people to take another look at blackberry and with those of us already using BB10 devices a good way to sell like hell.

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The hardware is great, the OS is great, the lack of apps will send anyone coming back scurrying away...

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I agree with this as I've seen it a few times already with my friends... sucks

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You are correct. Without the most popular apps on the other platforms searchable in Blackberry World , it wont work. i don't play candy crush, but if its a popular app, get it on BlackBerry World. Make commercials about these apps!

Marketing is not going to solve anything. Marketing will get people to go into best buy and/or carrier stores where their inquiry about BlackBerry will immediately deflected and they will be sold a Samsung or iOS device.

1. First BlackBerry needs to solve the app gap. If they can't find a way to let people install Android apps OTA (side loading won't cut it - sorry) then they should just give up. No two ways about it.

2. Once they have solved this issue then they need to somehow address the retail store issue I mentioned at the top of this post. Maybe paying higher commissions to reps... not sure about how to solve this one.

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Agree about the app gap. I would never have said this before, but in the last couple of months, it has been happening all around me. A journalist who has been a huge BB fan and is fed up with not finding the productivity/simplifier apps available on the other platforms. A close friend who after hemming and hawing, left my BBM list when she opted for her company's Samsung Galaxy offer over its Z10 for her next phone, based entirely on the app gap. (In her case, it was fitness apps and compatibility with Fitbit.) Why the heck isn't BBerry starting up their own app studios, doing systematic studies to develop native apps for all leading categories, etc.? At this point, it just seems crazy, as in suicidal, that they're not doing this.

I completely agree with you. It is insane for them to have ignored this opportunity to catch up. It wouldn't take that much money.

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The general theme is they need to market hell out of it in the US, but I doubt that would work. I have 20 years experience in a related channel situation as a channel manager, and I promise you they are not ready to market heavily (very expensive waste of money). The "Oh by the ways" will just come into the transaction later, stopping the BB sale and assisting in closing the IOS/Android sale. I speak from lots of experience in breaking a new product into an established market, and this is a new product situation. I have many examples, but this bit is long enough as is.
A little rhetorical Q& A, if I may:
Why aren't the stores doing a better job, and BB should fix that. The Reps have been selling the competition for years, you sell what you know. Why take a chance on blowing a commission for BB? What is the upside for the Rep? In order to change that mindset, BB would have to buy pizza for months while convincing each rep one on one. BTW, they turn over about every 30 months, it is not a great job. They sell Apple and DROID because they are all carrying one or the other personally, and they know how they work. If, if, I were to attempt anything, I might pick specific markets and GIVE the reps phones, if they use and like them, they might start selling them. Most of them are phone junkies, which is how they got in the business.
Why not pay the Reps more, a Spiff? Most companies will not allow that, pisses other vendors off, and Reps start pissing customers off by pushing them into gear they really don't want. The company doesn't want returns, and is basically only interested in the air time contract, they don't give a damn what you talk on, as long as you send the monthly check. My wife (she worked in management at both ATT and VZ for a combined 20+ years) would suggest that if the carriers could get out of the hardware business completely, they would do it, tomorrow.

Why does competition display the product so poorly? The company sells what is in inventory. First rule of the channel; load them up with your gear, they have to sell it and they don't have band width for everything. Verizon has a massive commitment with Apple. They have to sell a ton of them. Verizon tells the reps to move the inventory. They, VZ does the spiffing, this is how it works. It is also how we worked.

I have been in this BB thing for several years now and I have come to the conclusion that the way they break into the US market is basically what you describe. Spend the friggin money to get the apps up to par (much cheaper than mkting in US, where millions get lost in the seat cushions), get some serious customer service going, and go to market with loaded guns. In the mean time continue to flesh out the product and explore widening the business, which is what they are doing. The game now is to stay alive, sell where you can, what you can, and continue to overhaul the organization. Turning a company of this size is a HUGE undertaking and is really just getting started. My guess is 5 years.

The most effective tool in the USA is right here, this site, zealot user base, gorilla marketing, word of mouth, users making users. BB's job is to provide them with a tool set so they don't get frustrated and abandon the cause. You can't send them to battle without guns and bullets, well the Russians did in WW2, but this is different.

I may have a little more patience with them than most, I think they have done a lot of things correctly. I really believe they need to play hard where they can win. The US market will be there tomorrow ( folks are going to say: they are late, it is over, too little to late. In tech it is never over, changes too fast). It is a little like poker, you have to stay in the game, taking cards until they begin to turn.

One final thought, if you take $3+ billion a qtr (I think that is right) and 30%+ gross margin, you can size the business to make a living.

Wow, got that off my chest,


BTW: I am a fan, like the way you think.

araskin I am waiting until fall for maybe the A10 but will have to change carriers to do so - no thanks to US Cell. Doesn't the 10.2 software make it easy to side load? Yes I agree with BB world but most of the time it is an app here and an app there people need. I think BB WILL put the Android apps on BBW and with their software upgrades and run-time stuff, a person can download and automatically work on the phone basically seamless - maybe not perfect every time. The combination of BB10 and running Android will help tremendously for the business users where security is very important but also for consumers. A little of both worlds hopefully. Then again - those carriers!

"and this is pretty much the last shot they have in the US"

Find this hard to believe, I don't think any one thing will increase their market share in the US, rather a series of things (the A10, BBM, BES10, etc...)

Yeah my thoughts exactly. I don't think this will exactly boost market share but like Chris said it may raise brand awareness and get the word out that Blackberry is alive and kicking.

Just curious? What will make the A10 experience different than the Z10 experience here in the states? I'm in NYC btw.

It seems like a bigger screen for now (if the specs stay as is). However, I read an article recently that says they are pushing into gaming and multimedia big time. Also, the CPU and GPU are separate. I think overall it will be a better experience in terms of battery and speed than the Galaxy S4 for example - because the resolution is lower, less battery will be chewed up to render images + images render faster at a slightly lower resolution (720 vs 1080). This is my understanding.

Ok. Multimedia should hopefully mean a Netflix/HBO GO/ABC Player type of app. Because, IMHO, the sole purpose of a bigger screen in games and media consumption.

Because if not, it's just a larger Z10 and that wouldn't be so warmly welcomed. At least not here. Cheers!

Thanks Chris
As always I enjoy your articles
If I'm right prior to this report blackberry had 0.7 % market share on us.
Now it's 1.1% so I would see that as a positive sign.
Also the q10 will add to the to
I think you are absolutely right about the Bbm, and I'm sure that Heins will make sure it is done 100 % and will have great experience for the average consumer.
I'm long on blackberry, I really fill like something big us happening here, just need time
Patients are a virtue

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I've come to the point where I don't care if every Tom Dick and Harry own a BlackBerry or if their market share in the US is dwindling or long as they continue to sell devices and I can get one then forget everyone else. I know what works best for me and what I like...I don't feel the need to impress anyone with my phone nor the need to follow the herd...if enterprise and emerging markets keep BlackBerry in business then I have to say a big thank you to everyone else out there outside of the US for believing in a company that I think makes great products for my needs and keeping them with enough business to continue to make phones that I like. PERIOD.

My bad...I left your tongue in there right? Let me know if I need to start looking around for it or something ;) lol

Yay! I am literally 1 out of 100...or 11 out of 1000....whatever
Step 1 to more market the feeble Frank (Boulben). The product placement and the ads SUUUUUCK

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Nice article Chris. but lets look at the US market in "depth", This was the first quarter that the Z10 was available, but it is only available on 3 or the 4 big carriers. Sprint chose not to carry it. The Q10 was only out for about 9 days on 2 of the big 3 carriers(ATT,Verizon), and it has not even been released on Sprint yet. I do not think BBM is the "Hail Mary" play for BBRY. It is just another avenue to gain revenue and increase and improve brand awareness.

These numbers are not good on the surface, but we are starting to see more advertizing both in print and TV media. I think part of the problem is that cell phone providers have customers locked into 2 and 3 year plans, and people do not want to pay

BBRY's recovery in the US is going to be a MULTI Quarter "project".

Contracts expire daily so the theory of people being locked in doesn't apply. I agree with everything else you said :)

So true. I always wonder when people make this argument: "it won't sell because the entire mankind has signed a contract with a Galaxy S4 a month ago".

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Yes but for those who bought a Torch 9850, their contracts don't expire until August or September. Also some people don't have the financial means to pay ETF's

How about they spend nothing on marketing and seed a 100k BlackBerry z10s on the US.. when people see how awesome it is in their friends hands everything turns around...

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How about they take their entire marketing budget and spend it on building great apps in every must-have app category. Please.

Sheeple? Come on now - the apps are incredible and plentiful. Really fun and cool apps exist in the ios ecosystem. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about BlackBerry's.

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I don't think it is as much a 'hail mary' as it is one part of a multi-prong strategy to disassociate the BlackBerry Services from the BlackBerry Handset business, much like Motorola did previously. And of course, that is simply to make an easier split of the company into two pieces: One piece comprising the NOC, Enterprise SW (BES), BBM, and SWS (which may include the 1st party Apps development for BB10 for Docs2Go; Browser; Hub / Gist integration; BB World; etc). Once they can demonstrate that SWS + BBM on iOS / Android delivers "the same" benefits for Enterprise that traditional BB10 device do, then it is game over for their HW business. Which is sad given the majority of the business revenue comes from their device sales. That leaves "part two" of the company being HW development, QNX, and other 1st party application development that doesn't dovetail into SWS, such as Maps (Dash), Certicom?, TAT, BB Travel, etc. Maybe some of the infrastructure pieces they have from other acquisitions over the last decade. Big question is where do the patents end up, and property / cash / etc? Expectation would be that "Part One" of the company has very low OPEX/CAPEX and high profit margin, but it is likely only a $1B / FY Revenue business as of today. "Part Two" of the company would be in the $3-4B/FY Revenue range based on their last couple fiscal years but the bulk of the OPEX as well as CAPEX is in this part of the company as well, so the net profit marging of that part may be significantly less.

And this is the crux of the counter-argument of breaking up the company: As-is, the 'services' part of the business pays for the R&D of the 'product' part of the company - if you split them up, you may end up with one part that is very profitable on low revenue and one part that is virtually unprofitable on higher revenue. As a shareholder, which of those two would you rather end up holding the bag of? Would the company give you one share of "part one" and two shares of "part two" for every one share you currently own (assuming that the asset mix is roughly 33/66% between the two)?
Someone like Vic Alboni doesn't really care, because they are only focused on "part one" of the company, and want BB to just divest themselves of everything that would be "part two". And sure this allows them to be much more highly valuated as a company (based on the ridiculous SW valuations that Chris went through in his last post), but they would have to start finding "other ways" to make this part valuable, particularly if they are making the BBM apps free for iOS / Android. I guess they charge for SWS then? Or they try to instate a service charge for the whole package ( a la Whatsapp)? Or they charge massive seat licenses for BES, which then they have to justify versus Good / Mobileiron / other MDM players who would charge less, because of the NOC (which isn't even really used under BB10 or presumably SWS)?

/rant. I think this whole push to deploy BBM and SWS on other platforms is a necessary evil for the company, but also is just setting the stage for an eventual split of the company. We'll see what materializes during the rest of their fiscal year.

These numbers thru June make me laugh. Doesn't include q10 and the z10 was barely out. Give it time!!!!! And stop the media from spreading negative biased opinions that look to kill blackberry before they even get off the ground. By the way loving my Z!

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They need to start producing cheap hardware to reach the masses. The A10 will sell much worse than a Z5 would have. Just like Nokia is selling much more Lumia 520's than 920's. Android and Windows Phone is being given way while BlackBerry is demanding top dollar and that is a recipe for disaster. The Lumia 520 is now being pushed on AT&T as prepaid and BlackBerry needs to come up with a prepaid option similar to Windows Phone and Android or else it's over! Cheap hardware in plenty of hands will get apps in the store which will drive the platform. The Q5 was a good idea but where is the Z5? Or better yet a Q3 or Z3? This is what will get BlackBerry 10 in the palm of users hands.

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^ what that guy said! The app gap is the big problem, they need to move as many units as possible, any way they can, even if it means low margins on cheap phones for a while. Marketshare gets apps and apps get unit sales.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Not just move as many units as possible, actually build apps. Marketshare gets apps, eventually. But apps also gets marketshare...

Exactly, and since QNX seems to be more efficient than Android, they can kill on the low end. What if you released a really low end phone HW wise, but "cripple" the OS a bit (maybe fewer panes open at once) and get tons out. I think having a few fewer options (BB10 Lite if you will) wouldn't hurt those looking for the cheap, but still not cannibalize the other BB10 phones too much.

Sorry to say but that is plain wrong!

BlackBerry can not compete in this bloody consumer market. BlackBerry has to focus on the market they come from which is the enterprise market.

Here you earn good money for good products.

We need a product if great reliability, productivity and most of all security.

BlackBerry betters sells less products with good revenues than many with little.

A product not anybody can achieve will then make the consumers want it.

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Completely wrong! Consumers will never "want" a platform with a weak app store and your theory will never put apps in BlackBerry World. The only way to reach consumers is low priced handsets and a robust app marketplace.

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Armchair quarterback. If they had come out of the gate with some kind of "Portal" into Google Play from day one, then apps would never have been an issue. BlackBerry could have billed the limited gplay access as just an additional app store (like Samsung has its own Samsung-phone-only app store along side gplay).

I really feel that, next to their tarnished brand, the lack of (or perception of) a filled out app ecosystem was their biggest problem.

People may have been willing to take a chance on the cool BB10 OS if they could know they weren't going to miss out on the big apps. But jumping into a brand new ecosystem at this stage in the game (after the market had already settled into two "Safe" camps) may have been too worrisome for many. Then staff in in retail stores could have just listed off "Oh yeah, it'll run all your Android apps too" as just another feature of the phone. Honestly it seems that "No Instagram" killed BlackBerry (using Instagram as example for app gap in general).

They may not have any choice now anyways (since this news is bound to send devs running).

What they need now are new users by any means necessary at this point.

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More advertising is needed for the US market but the carriers play a big roll in the US. Bringing different products like a qwerty phablet and high end slider could get the US buyers attention.

It may well be close to BlackBerry's last shot in the US if they can't turn the tides soon. What carrier will continue to buy them when they aren't going to sell? Btw I know sales would be awesome if people actually tried them.

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Btw anyone else notice the BlackBerry football player is throwing an iphone?! lol

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That was the point. ;)

"The way I see it their “Hail Mary” pass is to launch BBM for iOS and Android as a means to rebuild their brand power."

Cross platform BBM. :P

Let's just hope it's almost totally bug free and buttery smooth on those platforms to really show off what BlackBerry can do!

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BlackBerry is done. It's over. They are still fighting history. The phones, Z10, Q10 are okay. We know that. We keep saying- "oh boy- the phone is really going to break out with the10.xx software release!" There app strategy is get what the others already have. Not bring something new to the table. There hardware strategy is - BlackBerry will decide what people want and need- . There mobile computing strategy is... um... release more legacy phones! People are confusing marketing with advertising! Marketing is understanding what the consumers want- not expensive tv ads or bus ads! The A10 will be blackberry's last phone released under its own name. Unless they burn through some of their much vaunted cash- to deliver something that wows the market and pulls people away from every mature ecosystems. The A10 is there last and only hope! To bad.

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It's "marketing research" that your talking about. BlackBerry needs more marketing to let people know about these phones!

QNX is the future

Disagree. They need an app strategy and an adoption strategy -- they need to "be" the leading-edge phone for some particular use case. Any particular use case, at this point.

Their supply quality chain people are leaving for Apple what else do we need to see where they are heading.

Z10 heating and rebooting issues are enough to erode the rest hope they bring good people who don't compromise on PCB quality.

I guess I'm part of the 1.1%. And will be part of it til the bitter end (if that day were to ever come). No device meets my needs like a BlackBerry. Just let me know when it's time to move to Canada.

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The Q10 and Q5 are not gonna make a snowballs chance in hell of a difference. If anyone in the USA wanted a qwerty device they would of bought them in the years prior when the 'app gap' didn't matter that much. As unfortunate as it is BBRY is on its deathbed in the USA and nothing short of a miracle will resusitate it.

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Lifelong BlackBerry user. Recently, a Z10 user. Lack of apps for the US market prevents BlackBerry from gaining any market penetration. If folks aren't willing to develop for the platform, we will all migrate. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to do so because Verizon can't provide a reliable signal. Heading to AT&T and an iPhone 5.

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It's obviously an uphill battle for BlackBerry in the U.S. There is so much negativity about the brand there by the media and that has spilled over to the consumer. It would likely take an incredibly superior device to turn this around, not just a spec comparable phone. I don't think that is likely to happen; so if BlackBerry is dependant on the U .S. for survival they have some big decisions to make. Do they stay in the hardware business or become a software firm? I love this Z10, but so many brainwashed people won't even give it a chance, which is sad.

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Alot of people will move away from android sooner or later, far too unreliable.
And when they do...

QNX is the future

I just sit back and day a HUGE virus is gonna knock out like half of all android phones and when it does you will see all those people who screamed that they don't need security or android is secure enough come running back to BB ;)

I think it comes down to apps, music and what you grew up with as a kid. Ipod got my oldest kid hooked on Apple which later evolved to the IPhone.

Why did I chose Ipod? There's no competition for a similar device for kids so guess what Apple has the future sale for IPhone because of all the money that was put into ITunes as well as the easy transition and she could still Face time her friends with Ipods.

BlackBerry should come out with competition in the kids market otherwise you have already lost the youth.

They also need more advertising. I don't see very many advertisments on TV for BlackBerry devices either.

As for me, I love my Z10. Wish my kids wanted a BlackBerry 10 device or had an option to purchase a Ipod like BB10 Device

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I agree. It should be cheap and easy to spit out a couple simple devices based on an established OS. Although maybe they want to wait a few more months.

The iPod and iPad are just different sizes of the same thing. BB can do the same thing with a BB10 device.

Forget the kids. That battle is lost already. The Los Angeles school district is distributing 640,000 iPads to every single student in the LA public schools next year.

I guess you could have told her straight out, NO, BBM is more than a thing now! (A lot more). You and your friends should try it, you might like it. :)

If they don't market BBM then it will be a flop in the U.S.

They didn't market the Z10 and that was a flop in the U.S.

I hope they've learned their lesson...

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One article that is realistic and everybody comments that "I am a long time BB user, but BB is gone and now I am going to an Iphone or S4" lulz

I personally don't believe BBM going cross platform is a hail mary and I just believe that the availability of BB10 devices in the market be it US, UK or UAE and continuously improvements to the OS and to the devices as well as the increase in apps will make BlackBerry come around and BBM going cross platform is for viability of BBM and if it does become viable, it is a win for BlackBerry, and should it help in whatever way to get users to switch to BB10 from other platforms will be a plus. Thus, I believe as long as BB10 is available and BlackBerry makes the OS and devices better (ie hardware), people will buy it however slow the rate is as BB10 is very new and fresh and has to prove that it is subtle, solid and will secure that it will continue to exist. You can see the same with Windows phone/Nokia as they are bleeding but the bleeding in slowing down by time and more are trusting the brand. BlackBerry has to go through the same. It's just market

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Groan. Will hold on to my BlackBerry devices until the fat lady sings.

Curve 8320, Bold 9780, Bold 9900, PB 64gb, Z10

Don't really's more than apps. it's brand perception. I doubt that most consumers even know what apps are available on a BlackBerry 10 phone.

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I agree. The brand is damaged in the US. People frown towards BlackBerry. I often hear, "Oh, didn't they go under", "Their still around?", "I use to own one... didn't like it". BlackBerry must fix the brand, and I do not think "APPS" is the necessary answer, it will help to a degree.

I think what needs to happen is some how get the message to consumers that BlackBerry is still around, and it's the best experience.... how to do this, I do not know... will take a bunch of people a whole lot smarter than me :p

Proud to be part of the 1%. As another person already mentioned it went from . 7% up to 1% which is progress. Not take over the iPhone and Samsung space progress but progress non the less.

Working as a consultant in Madison WI I am asked on a daily basis if I have the new BlackBerry to which I say yes and I love it. All of the people have been impressed with it so far. Always happy to be a marketing advocate for BlackBerry just like iPhone users are for Apple.

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"This slide in market share happened despite the company’s best efforts with the Z10 launch,,,"

best efforts, my ass,,, if that's their best, the days ahead are a hole filled w/ dirt,,, how can you say that w/ a straight face??? most, except the most delusional, would say BBs' U.S. launch was/is a completely inept, incompetetent, incomplete marketing failure...

Just a note, my wife's lovely iPhone doesn't work to well at home while I have no problems with my Z10!!!

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Not going to happen before the 2nd half of 2014 not with their current device line-up.
They need to release all the low end stuff they have and which will run on 10.2 and figure out how they can get access to high end hardware at the same time as all the other manufacturers. Once there are enough apps and they have a nice set of devices covering the entire spectrum, they can try the US market again, if Android 5.0 hasn't eaten their lunch by then.

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)

It's true, they need brand mojo. The company needs to shift the focus, and slip back in third. They also need a partner, a hardware partner. Marketing is another area to restore positive brand awareness. Not Alicia, someone cool like Macklemore, get him onboard. Also if they are going to stick with hardware, offer some more colours, that's how teens express themselves by either being different or following others (apple).

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Agree on the importance of a hardware partner (or two). Sony would be excellent, even if they do both Android and BB10 at the same time. It would be like Samsung's strategy of trying everything.

I'm afraid Apple's next Gen phones will leave BlackBerry in the dust. Even if they are only marginally better than BlackBerry or Android devices. The cachet of Apple is as good as gold. BBM on Apple and Android devices may keep BlackBerry live a little longer. But I think the writing is on the wall for BlackBerry prospects as a phone vendor in the US market.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world is not a sure thing either. Apple is starting to look outside the US market for growth. Along with lots of Asian firms including indomitable Samsung. Not to mention the yet to be defined threat of Tien and Ubuntu phones. It's going to be messy. BlackBerry10 has as good a chance as those OSes (maybe) but BlackBerry is yet to demonstrate it can hold its subs with these new devices let alone grow it.

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/

I know it's been said a thousand times, but they really need to push some marketing in the U.S., not just release BBM cross platform. If they are doing anything it must not be in my "region". The last BB advertisement I saw anywhere (other than tech blogs that 99% of the public is never exposed to) was the horrible super bowl ad. No TV spots, no poster, no billboards, no radio, no anything. Word of mouth certainly isn't going to work since I don't know a *single* other person with a BB, nor have I seen anybody else with one in over a year. (I do my best, but even my friends won't give it a chance when I have to say "no, we don't have that" to 9/10 of their "required apps". Yet I am constantly blitzed by Apple and Samsung on all of those media types. Even when you go into Verizon/ATT etc.., The Z/Q10 are on a back corner wall with the only thing that says "BlackBerry" anywhere are the cards next to the phone telling you the price. I'm not saying BB is dead in the U.S. I certainly hope not. But I don't think BBM is going to save it. Even it it's a huge success on iOS and Android, I don't think people would give up their apps just to gain a couple of BBM features they leave off the other platforms. For that matter, they probably won't know what features they're missing since BB won't advertise the differences, and most of (if not all) of their BBM friends will also be on the iphone/android app. It's a negative post, but believe me when I say I want BB to succeed in the U.S. I don't like the thought of not being able to upgrade to a new BB from my Z10 in a couple of years.

Most of my friends said they would download the BBM app when its released. I will make sure of that, shut down that imessage.

Part of the challenge their will be, how can BB make money off of BBM down the road. Make the service free, while finding a way to maintain a revenue stream out of it. Just getting more users on BBM will not fix it, if people are vested into iOS, or Android it will be hard to get them off the platform.

Precisely. I just want people to experience BMM to get recognition, that BBM is probably the best Messaging service available. I just want to share that experience with my friends/family without them having to switch the device completely. People, may or not be willing to leave their current platform based on their experience with an OS/Device theyre comfortable with. If they do this right, and BBM works good cross-platforms it could be a very good sign, just to be known in the app world/google play as the top messaging apps. I still dont know how this will make users actually go out and get a BlackBerry device, but just the fact that the BBM experience will be available for everyone to have a taste, BlackBerry can hopefully build its reputation of being the best in communication services

I think it would be great if blackberry gets as many downloads as possible and right when they hit an all time high (say around February of next year, around valentine's day) they send out a system message saying that they are sorry for never delivering quality products and blah blah blah and make it sound all sincere (but not profession...level with your customers) and then take the time to explain that they are an all new company and stuff like that.

They need to focus on 2 themes:

1. They threw EVERYTHING they have ever worked on away and started entirely from scratch.

2. They are sorry and want you to give them a second chance and have them show you that they changed. (hence the valentine's day date)

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Thanks Chris, good post. I hope that the launch of the Z10 was not their best efforts, I think they stumbled. It is all about execution and if they pull this off BBM could be worth more than the current market capitalization. I sure hope so.

First off, I love BlackBerry and I always have I even bought shares to support the cause. Unfortunately the writing has been on the wall for some time now BlackBerry is done. There devices sales are dismal at best, the device it self is great and the os is awesome but not over the top better than anyone else out there but the lack of apps is the nail in the coffin for them. There is no reason to go BlackBerry anymore, my z10 is the same as any other phone out there just a lot less apps to choose from. Creating and releasing more device that not enough people will buy to make relevant is throwing good money over bad. I would assume that is all being done to help them make there transition to a stronger business model of selling there services opposed to devices. Being Canadian I want BlackBerry to be strong and survive but it is painful to read the constant stock and sales numbers,here is hoping for a better future.

In that being said when is the A10 available I want to buy one.

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Your suggestion is insanity one on Driod or Iphone needs or is waiting for BBM! You must be joking! Blackberry simply needs to give us a bigger and better Bold 9900 ( bigger screen, faster processor and more apps) and for its OS10 system, get rid of the flicking tech ( it sucks and doesnt always work), more apps and a great virtual keyboard! Otherwise, Blackberry is history!

Humm.. if 100000 people downloaded the fake bbm app on android.. that gives an idea of what's is going to happen after launch.. no devices needed.. but at least get people to say BlackBerry like they used to carry it around 07

I will agree that they need more apps, but, really don't want the already exceptional virtual keyboard messed with.

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They need to offer a dual boot option bb10 and Android. BB10 is done for. Conventional wisdom has decided that bb10 is a flop so it is. The technology doesn't matter. What matters is what you can do with the phone and how you look doing it. Right now you can do more things with Android and ios and you look like your "out" when you have a blackberry in your hand. Having the ability to incorporate hub and flow into android or to at least flip between OS's would make the z10 the best Android phone ever. Otherwise the brand is dead. It really is.

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I think they are just taking too long to release those apps. They need that BBM jump now not next year and that's a problem, android ports really sucks as well look at that Skype Microsoft pathetic effort messed up the whole thing for BlackBerry 10 is so much better than Windows Phone yet they decided to do a nasty port that barely works no one is playing fair to BlackBerry now.

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I think part of the marketing needs to be focused on the gesture based OS. Almost tutorial'esque with a flair of amusement to make the marketing memorable

This way when folks go to look at the phone they already have an idea how it works

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