BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps gets update to Android 4.3, BB10 accounts support

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By Jerry Hildenbrand on 16 May 2014 02:35 pm EDT

The Android 4.3 runtime is now available as part of BlackBerry 10.3 SDK beta. The new runtime will offer compatibility existing Android applications, as well as bring new APIs which will open even more applications for use on BlackBerry.

Besides the update to support applications built against the Android 4.3 SDK, you'll get the following new features:

  • Accounts Support: Android applications that use authentication for user login can now be set up and managed from within the BlackBerry 10 accounts settings.
  • Bluetooth LE: Applications that use Bluetooth Low Energy from Android API level 18 are now supported.
  • NFC: Android applications that integrate with NFC are supported. NFC support includes reading and writing tags, as well as sharing data between NFC enabled devices.
  • Share Framework v2: The previous release of the runtime enabled Android applications that register with the share framework in Android to appear as share targets on the BlackBerry 10 share menu. In this release, Android applications can now share to BlackBerry 10 share menu targets.

Everything you need to know to get setup and started is at the source link below.

Source: BlackBerry Developer Blog

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BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps gets update to Android 4.3, BB10 accounts support


If you are using a FitBit (great idea, btw) then it now works well with this release. Before this time you had to sync the FitBit using your PC and the dongle: now you can sync via Bluetooth to your handset, instead. I've got mine in sync with my Z30 and I used SNAP ( to grab the FitBit app from the PlayStore.( This is far in advance of MANY other devices in the Android kingdom it should be noted. Kudo's to BlackBerry for this.

But are you all serious about having this pile of creapy cashing bloated mediocre piece of pseudo engineered software running on your device?

As stated several times now, In 10.3 I'd rather see the whole Analdroid subsystem become totally removable for people like me that don't give a shower about it.
I'm Wondering how bb could not do it from the beginning! That would have enormously boosted BlackBerry credibility in terms of security!!
If I were BlackBerry, I seriously wouldn't want to mess with any analdroid polluted runtime on my outstanding, secure QNX rtos kernel.
For the masses, i had rather let them freely decide to screw up their devices in order to install their favorite fart apps, but not for b2b scenarios!?!
The risk factors are too high! I don't care about bes, I want my phone to run QNX and bb10 only.
I'm just hoping someone at BlackBerry will get that perspective before they release 10.3... it's strategic at this point.
My fear is that, although this makes so much sense, they cannot really do it anymore because the coupling of bb10 and Analdroid has become too tight already.
If it's like that, I'd like BlackBerry to let me know and I'll switch to win phone immediately.
Screwing a QNX based phone is really a shame on BlackBerry.

QNXbbx (or anyone else out there for that matter) - has there been any reports out there of a BlackBerry that's been hacked with Android runtime on it? Or is it a privacy thing where they can track our usage or data? This might be a stupid question, but what risks does a blackberry with runtime using a few mainstream android apps like instagram, kijiji, netflix have? And have there been reports of it? Thanks.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

You got it! Privacy at first, indeed, but if you are into the social networking to survive, risk is implicit, and You take the risk (although you could use native apps instead) and that is your choice. Not black berry's. The analdroid runtime is superfluous and unneeded (I strongly hope!!) unless you optionally decide that you need it to run the missing native social apps that makes you so happy and you want on your system.
I would just want it to be Optional.
I don't care and don't believe in social networking to survive... it's good to express your opinions sometime though...
Feel free to keep using your runtime, but I'd strongly encourage you in buying a total analdroid device... less troubles, less privacy, no need to care about security, the choice is all yours, and so the risks.
BlackBerry analdroid FREE 4 ever... if still possible at all...

I have Kijiji and Netflix that I use. I don't have anything else. Not social apps. So again 1) am I at risk using those two apps? 2) if someone like yourself doesn't use any apps, are you at risk just by having the mandatory runtime? And 3) pls do not tell me what platform I should be on. I bought my first BlackBerry in 2005 and have never even tried another brand. They will bury me with my last BlackBerry. Just inquiring about the security issues you brought up.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

Well, thanks for your attention and sorry for being rude. I didn't want to blame people that use the android runtime to run apps that are important to them.
1) I don't know what the apps you mention are for, but if you installed them from official BlackBerry channels you should be safe.
I do hope someone analyzes the code or networking activities of the apps at BlackBerry but I doubt they have spare time for that...
2) this is my biggest concern and I'd prefer to cut the roots right there. Making the android runtime removable would definitely increase my personal confidence on my device security. But looks like it's just me...
As soon as bbm will be available on WP then everyone of us can finally communicate with all of his friends via bbm
3) sorry once again, I got your comments wrong.
Take care and good luck

Thanks for the reply. I may have got my back up a little when I read the part going to android!!! I love my BlackBerry as most on here do. I'll never switch :) as for Android runtime, I never wanted it, but now that it is here I have enjoyed the couple apps I downloaded. I post a lot on kijiji and it is much easier than doing it from my phone than the computer. I would always choose a native app over android such as igrann, but it's nice to get an app that BlackBerry doesn't have every once in a while. But I don't want to give up security either, so that is also a concern. I would like to hear if anyone has been hacked because of android apps.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

Have you not heard that WP is trying to do what BlackBerry has already done?? Implement Android...

BlackBerry is once again ahead of the pack but you cannot see it!

Posted via CB10

Yes man, i agree.
BlackBerry is ahead, but because 80% of the market are happy and proud Analdroiders, doesn't mean it's mandatory for BlackBerry to host this bloated mediocre runtime on their systems.
We can save lot of storage and power for sure! Bb10 could run smoothly on cheaper Hw!
It's ok from the marketing point of view , not from the pure high tech point of view.
Afaik, Nokia(sadly now MS) is working on that android derived X platform ... but then again, it's a matter of CHOICE!
I'd have rather pertnered with BlackBerry to fight the analdroid collective hypnosis...
Maybe MS will end up buying BlackBerry in the end...
Don't worry.

If BlackBerry wants to stay ahead it should make the marketing layer totally removable and try to get the best out of their bb10 and QNX RTOS.
WP is the real competitor to bb. Analdroids are overestimated, although ubiquitous. Cheers

Dude stop calling it analdroid it's as annoying as those clowns that refer to Microsoft as. M$FT, it isn't strengthening your argument whatsoever.

Also. You aren't forced to use any Android apps so having the runtime doesn't have any bearing on your privacy or any issues you think it may cause. Especially since in order to install .apk files you need to enable it within the security settings.

Posted via CB10

By simply having the runtime on my phone which intrinsically has networking capabilities, not in total control by the QNX master kernel makes me sick.
Any superfluous layer on top of a super secure kernel can potentially become a target for cyber attacks.
Not to mention that sometime ago I discovered all my documents were symlinked into the android workspace...
Remember the recent heartbleed openSSL's been there for a while, and on the most used piece of software used globally...
Android (I even use the capital A) is the absolute worst scenario you can imagine.
80% are using that platform... i believe it's largely enough! should we really conform and accept the risks in the name of fashion?!
What I'm saying is NO Thanks...if we can avoid it...

By simply having the Analdroid runtime which intrinsically has...

Just for you to understand bkbkjbb

I love my Z10...

I don't really care about the data on my phone (some private texts, caller info and a few documents... and 2000 mp3s... a good hacker could find them all online - and an average person too, i thing, looking at how people are prown to let their infor 'run free' - but this is not the point).

I want to point out to you, those who do not agree with the android part of BB10 that each time you run an android app after you reboot the phone, it gives you a loooong wait before the actual app runs.

I have a few dozen android apps downloaded from BBW and Snap (google play) and I can assure you this is my conclusion: with each restart the android runtime is not loaded automatically. YOU (the user) loads it with the first android app that YOU OPEN. So... where is the security risk?

Strangely enough the last time I rebooted my phone a Z10 it took ages to restart... and it was never like that before.
I'm still staying very clear from any droidal crap, but still experiencing your sloooow reboot.
So, be happy with your stuff, buy an android and you're gonna love that device better. Bye

There's nothing about having an Android runtime that is a safety concern really, especially if you are using Snap. Side loading stuff can be a security issue but you've been able to do that on Blackberrys for years. And I love my Z10 too but it always takes a ridiculous amount of time to boot and I don't have any Android apps except those that are in BB World

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I've got a couple of Android apps and when my Z10 has rebooted after a battery swap it started up very quickly. No lagging here.

 Lovin' my Z10! 

Thank you very much @LuayS! Someone's got a little case of anal fixation...

Well, I have no problem with people who want an Android app or two, especially if they have been waiting (like myself) since the BB10 release for specific apps that never made it to BlackBerry. The first one I loaded up was Shazam, since it never came to BBW, and Soundhound never ID'ed one song for me. I think it's a good thing to have the Android app option available to us. For users who don't want their apps that's OK too.

 Lovin' my Z10! 

You must be the grandfather of all Analdroiders... but you may be surprised by the fact that we do have something in common:
We both are coherent!
The difference is that Analdroiders prefer to have somebody else's head in their asses... and this is a very good technical point.
Good luck with your technical career!

QNXbbx, I believe you miss an important part of the story.
The usage we currently have (install Android apps "for fun") is only a slight part of it.
When it come to M2M or "Internet of things", then, maybe, you'll realize how important it is.
There are probably several reasons why BlackBerry isn't advertising (much) this feature. Part of it is the concerns you have, part of it is the unclear user experience, right. But I *suppose* there's much, much more behind the scene...
2cents, not a dime more.

Your Things (the rocking ones) on a network only need to use sockets... no android proxies , and if they do use these proxies, I'd stay clear and wouldn't buy them.
If QNX will be pushed hard by BlackBerry to the internet infrastructure as it deserve for its outstanding architecture, superior security and real-time performance in mission critical systems, your will finally get a real time bus with no compromises to communicate on... otherwise, using the android proxy will be the total surrender to the mediocrity of Things... Maybe it's the easiest choice for the lazy developer, not the safest, nor the best... The economic culture of big numbers has nothing to deal with technological evolution. Its just marketing...
Thanks for your comment,

(I try to stand on a basic level here).
IMHO, M2M is not - should not be - related to apps. It won' t be widely popular if you have on install on your device whatever "suite" or extra software layer to make devices interop.
Please don't read me wrong : In a trusted environment, where safety, reliability is mandatory (I think Enterprise but also cars, for instance) nothing beats "QNX" and it's mandatory for BlackBerry to promote it full throttle.
Yet, in the consumer space, gaining interop in a snap is something I believe mandatory aswell; offering the exact same compatibility than average androids to gain "buy and use" (apps, "machines") w/o workaround is something I believe neat.
Yes, there's a threat on the security front; still it is paradoxally lower on a BlackBerry device (containers) than on a regular (hundreds times more if rooted) Android device.

Is it marketing-like ? Yes, of course it is.
Is it lazy ? I don't believe it is; you have to consider several Android developers are "serious" developers, with knowledge and methods.

Anyhow, I believe we'll see with BES12 how it will orchestrate "machines".
BES12 is not *only* about MDM, it's an extended EMM solution, from smartphones to M2M. Again, the BlackBerry bet is here : don't rush for gold (devices), sell the shovels (infrastructure, services) and offer a richer, deeper, safer bottom up solution for those who need/want it. In the meantime, every CAL is welcome aboard.


P.S: bootom line; for Android I mean "Android", not "Google Android". We don't need google services besides current apps compatibility problem. Going the Amazon way (or partner with them) is something I'd applause both hands.

That's what Im talking about : .
"As our second initiative, we’re building out an IoT ecosystem that consists of partners, carriers and application developers. The third component of Project Ion includes important new partnerships, including memberships in the Industrial Internet Consortium and the Application Developer Alliance, which help drive IoT industry dialogue and innovation forward. "
=> Can't be anything else than *alliance* powered.

Thank you superfly.
Having been totally blown away by the kernel architecture, elegance and responsiveness of the QNX RTP on a i486 pc some time before the year 2000, not to talk about the mind-blowing quality of its Photon UI at that time... that's what I've been envisioning for since BlackBerry bought QNX!
I'm glad to see that it finally may happen with the Ion Bus.
I just hope that will be purely powered by QNX, no droids inside!

I was really fed up with BlackBerry, suffocating the immense potential of the QNX platform (which btw is in house and which makes all other industrial partners successful) and wasting time on yet another technically insignificant android update.
Btw, iot is yet another joke, looks the new name for the former "IP enabled device" we've seen for decades... c'mon!

80% of people acting like android-sheeps, brings nothing new on this planet, but QNX makes the huge difference
Get back to tech evolution please...

Next step to me would be to
Make the mass marketing layer optional to turn our phone into a Ion Bus master with no men in the middle!
Make it removable , please...

Btw the power of my z10 cpu, by removing all this garbage will be enough forever.
No octacores required, lot of storage saved.
Thanks for your understanding, patience, and thanks for the link

"BlackBerry enables businesses to derive value from the Internet of Things; new series of initiatives, code-named Project Ion, created to provide secure, QNX-powered public applications platform and resources for real-time decisions"
[quote from QNX FaceBook]

I guess this is what you're waiting for too ;)
You're welcome. I guess we could continue in the forums :D

I understand the importance of the compatibility layer to give the end user more options.
What I say is make it optional.
Governments and armies will be ensured and BlackBerry will look even smarter.

Serious android developers, would just be blown away if they look at QNX.
Maybe they'll start developing real native stuff that for the coming Ion Bus...
Maybe they'll understand what QML allows to achieve... Maybe

No apks in work perimeter is, I believe, a fair answer to that concern. Only granted apps (incl. BBWorlds ported Android ones) can be installed, so it's not a real concern for regulated companies/organizations/Enterprises ...
[I do think we should continue in the forums, it's getting tighter and tighter here !] :D

OK, thanks :). The first version of your comment was a little bit shorter, therfore my first comment looks a little bit silly :).
However, this is really great !!

Posted via CB10

I added to it a couple of times :) I was surprised and happy to see that under "Devices" on my Z30 I could see my tracker and sync even though my PC was off.

Now I have scientific constant proof that I am fat & ugly.

Also u could be getting sick from your FitBit....there is an option to return them to the maker if you are concerned...

Flicked out via Zed10

What OS Version are you running?

I'll need to check which runtime my 10.3 has then see about installing this over. is the base OS but I also added the .BARs and Radio from .441 to make it work. Otherwise it just crashes the FitBit app.

Thanks for the info!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL! #longestsignatureever

How did you get this to work? I have the developer SDK installed and got the app from Snap, but when I go to sync it I just get a message saying the there's a known issue with my device compatibility with the app?

Z30 unleashed

OK - it takes a little bit of patience, a sense of humour, and maybe a drinking problem. I am not sure which helps more.

First - flash using the hybrid 296 w/441 radio. Then go and sideload the entire collection of 442 bars found here:


WAIT for about 5 minutes (no, really. It takes a long time. That Android runtime is 85mb compressed).

Use SNAP to get the FitBit app. Start FitBit. Wait. Be patient. The FIRST time is always the hardest. ;-)

While you're waiting turn on Bluetooth - do NOT pair the FitBit - the application will find it and sync.

That's all I did.

I'm loving the incremental upgrades! Start with a solid foundation and tweet/update what needs to be updated!

Posted via CB10

Does this mean the native Pebble app will work with BB10?

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Does this bother you, Jerry? After all, it will only allow the BB10 app pirates--all nine of them--to run more Android apps better, right?

The Android runtime and pirating of apps are two separate issues. There are a dozen perfectly legal ways, including the Amazon Appstore, to get Android apps on BlackBerry 10 that take advantage of the runtime.

We know this but the admins over at Android Central seem to think that BlackBerry users are pirating apps when they download APKs from other sources.

Not according to Jerry. You see, piracy became a problem when BB10 users started downloading Android apps from (shady) app stores...some of which, yes, most likely pirate, but were set up for Android users (i.e. way before BB10 users got in on it.)

I laugh how it is "piracy" when a BBRY user downloads an APK from an app store, but it doesn't seem to be an issue when an Android user does it. SMDH

Piracy is piracy regardless of what platform.

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

The Android runtime doesn't make us pirates, rather it gives us more or less the ability to run apks just like any other Android users, sources being irrelevant.

Posted via CB10

Many Android users are finding it more and more unreasonable to own an Android device when they can have the best of both worlds.

The final blow will be the upcoming BlackBerry flagships, and full Android services ability in bb10.

It's coming folks....

I hope so! I want faster load times for the Runtime, ability to restart runtime (or fix the bug where randomly android apps freeze, meaning unable to navigate through menus), ability to backup/restore android data, and Google Account support

Posted via CB10

You obviously haven't read the posts on Android Central and the assumptions by the editors there that all BlackBerry users do is pirate Android apps.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

Free or paid is irrelevant. If you're hosting an app somewhere without the dev's implied or explicit permission, it is piracy. However, singling out BB10 users for this behavior while having promoted similarly downloading apps as AC has in the past and catching a holier-than-thou attitude is...hypocrisy. Oh, and these pirated app stores didn't just pop up for BB10 users, so guess who's guilty just as equally (if not more) of downloading pirated apps?

All the mac book users who use visual box so that they can use windows are pirate according to what your definition of pirating is

Posted via CB10

Lolz what? Virtualization is completely legal as long as you have a legitimate license and ir for resting purposes. If I own a mac book pro I can use boot camp and install windows 8.1 then activate it with a legitimate windows license. Also I am paying for the premium services of spotify and downloaded their app via Amazon app store. Which is a completely legal site and direct competition to google Play store. So how in the hell am I a fucking pirate? Remember android is open source and developers know that as long as their code isn't stolen we can install their free apps anywhere and they'll get revenue once we see their stupid advertisements. This applies whether you are on any android flavor free or proprietary (kindle, nook), on android x86, on blustacks, and yes my friend even blackberry. If anything android users are complete hypocrites, because they are the ones who pirate their own software the most. Thus showing how insecure their OS is take into consideration rooting or the hacking of games and paid apps is rampant among android users. It seems the me the only reason android users are mad is because even their own pirated apps work wonderfully on blackberry.

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

Great post. "It seems the me the only reason android users are mad is because even their own pirated apps work wonderfully on blackberry." That's right on the money when describing insecure fanboys.

If devs don't like you downloading the app from Amazon, they can take it up with Amazon, because Amazon certainly has no problem with it (there was a thread about it.)

You are confusing intended usage with piracy. If a dev signs away the rights to determine who all can download their app in exchange for having their app published in a certain marketplace, then that's on them. So if you purchase an Android app from Amazon and use it on your PC, even though the dev may not have intended this usage and downright hates it and prohibits it, it's between you and Amazon at the point of sale because the dev likely has no say who Amazon chooses to sell the app to.

I'm BB10 user... and I'm not downloading or side loading any Android apps or games to my BB10 device... I have an Android tablet and all of my apps and games there are legally acquired...

So "NO"... not all BB10 are pirates...

Posted via CB10

Awesome news!

I hope Android application load time and (especially) *performance* has been improved too.

Some apps, like Netflix, Pocket, Feedly, BeyondPod, etc... run at native speeds, but some (like tumblr when doing a search, Kobo, etc...) still have incredible lag.

Posted via CB10

I think it is. Don't you remember there was this small Android Runtime update that came through BlackBerry World after 10.2 or 10.2.1 (I can't remember which) that some users needed for Android apps to work properly.

Posted via CB10


"Now on to "Accounts: Android applications that require access to an Android account will now be supported with BlackBerry 10 account integration." I'm afraid to read too much into this statement. On one hand, like many others, I read this as Google Play Services is coming to BlackBerry 10 and all the masses rejoice. BUT… I also read this as perhaps BlackBerry is just saying that they are providing Android developers an easy way to remove that portion of their code and replace with "BlackBerry10 account integration." Since I don't like to assume/jump to conclusions, I am honestly going to take the wait and see approach here and encourage everyone else to do the same. Perhaps we'll hear some clarification around that description soon, but I'm sure BlackBerry was very careful with that wording for a reason."

Posted via CB10

I don't think that word means what you think it means.
And besides, he is a well known name for Android-centered people, maybe this will get some more attention coming from him. As this is supposed to be a move by BlackBerry to make porting apps even more easy, not for us "do-it-ourselves" CB folk.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

No, ironic is proper in this situation. Who would have thought Jerry would have been writing on CB, for the 9 BB10 users who are also all into app piracy? Because piracy is baaad...only when BB10 users engage it.

He considers it piracy if you use something like Snap which gets APKs from Google Play.

From Amazon or directly from the devs he doesn't have an issue with.

However, I wonder why he would care about the 9 BB10 users downloading from Snap?

Posted via CB10

I didn't think I was sufficiently sophisticated to be one in ten of any BlackBerry community LOL. I used snap to download personal and business banking apps and Spotify. Aaaargh Cap'n Silver.

Posted via CB10

He had an issue with 1Mobile Market or whatever it was as well. IIRC, they were pirating apps, but how come their existence wasn't a tragedy before BB10 users started downloading APKs?

adjective: ironic
"happening in the opposite way to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this.
"it was ironic that now that everybody had plenty of money for food, they couldn't obtain it because everything was rationed"

Nope kinda how I meant it. We BlackBerry users, all 12 of us, are pirates in Jerry's eyes, and now he's writing an article about how the runtime will be improved to make more apps available, either through BBW or by other means.

I would have expected Jerry to maintain his mantra that the 12 BlackBerry Pirates were wrong and stood against everything he believes in, and I'm presented with this article, which caused wry amusement to me.

You both suppose that his stance has changed, when there is no indication it is. He just wrote an informative piece on Android runtime changes. At least that is how I saw the article, a piece of Android related content written/posted by an Android content creator.
Irony would have been if he had now praised the AR, or if he had mentioned the possible benefits it gives to "sideloaders".

BlackBerry 10 signed.

"as well as bring new APIs which will open even more applications for use on BlackBerry."

Pretty much mentions the benefits it will give "sideloaders" or as I like to call them, "Application Installers"

If he had changed his stance, there would be no irony. Clearly they suppose that he has not changed his stance, therefore the irony. The irony is that he thinks it's such a crime for bb10 users to install android apks, yet here he is bringing us the good news that it's getting better.

Because we do not do obeisance to GOOGLE.

We use the apps, but we're not part of their "borg collective", we're our own "geekosystem".

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

For me, the irony was in that he chose to write anything non-negative about BB10's Android runtime integration, that too on CB. Whether he's changed his stance or not, I do not know.

There is no other way but to test it.

It might depend on your OS version, your BB10 device type and the app version.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Hi there, I'm considering a BB Z10, I would just like to know if you can put Custom Contacts on home screen as a fast link or something?

Posted via CrackBerry App

As far as I know you can only favourite them in the contacts app or assign a speed dial number in the phone app.

So it'll take you maximum four steps from wherever you are in BB10 to get from an open app - home screen -swipe- contacts app* -favourite.

*if the contacts app is in the first pane of apps.

That being said you probably would jump straight into the HUB and create a new message to any service as quickly.

Posted via CB10

"Shortcut it" will do it but it will only add one number. I have my wife's mobile number saved on my home screen, looks just like an app with her contact picture as the icon. ;)

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10!!!

Since 10.2.1 there is no need to side load apks you can directly download them from android app store of your choice.

Z30 and loving it!

I've loaded the 10.3 hybrid on my BlackBerry Q10 device and it's working great. I do have the water marks but they're not noticeable. I was wondering what's the difference with this build. Is the android runtime different. My snap apps load lagged a bit of course but besides that my Q10 is running well.

Posted via CB10

Can someone PLEASE explain why Google Services are not available, and apparently will not be in the future either? Wouldn't Google be interested in widening their usage even within the smaller BlackBerry community of users?

Posted via CB10

Nothing to do with Google. BlackBerry needs to be part of ASOP in order to get Google Services.

Posted via CrackBerry App

It has nothing to do with AOSP, and everything to do with Google. You can't install Google apps/services without their permission. Is Apple a part of AOSP that they have Google apps available?

OK, so why don't the Kindle products have Google Play Services? Their Android's built off of AOSP, right?

Probably because Amazon didn't build Kindle as an Android tablet. They used the Android operating system to build an Amazon delivery system. They don't want google play services.

Get your facts straight, Kindle doesn't have Google Play Services. They have their Android app store. They do not have access to the Google Play store.

No they re the same thing I know I'm a developer. Google play services is basically an ide meaning an integrated development environment. Meaning it's a prebuilt app template you use to develop,and debug an app. The reason why both android and blackberry request the play services is because they're a library of proprietary code required by the app and made by google. This library is designed to either ease the use of several functions or enable every function of the app in general. The latter is however not even recommended by Google as they acknowledge that some devices cannot utilize Google play services and this is where the open source libraries kick in. Many android developers rather use these as they don't have to pay Google for.their libraries. This is also exactly why Google is secretly waging a war against open source. They are now claiming Google play services and updated more regularly than other libraries and thus lazy developers or ignorant at best trust them more and use their library aka Google play services to develop their apps. Apple has done this from the very beginning they closed their libraries so there is no app you will find on their store that does not use the closed source code. Such is why rogue developers are always seeking for vulnerabilities on iOS because they want to enable apple devices to run non-closed library sources aka jail breaking and non-signed apps. WP and BB do exactly the same thing snap, and the beta version of snap2chat are just a few examples. What you have to understand is there is nothing the proprietary owners of the OS can do to stop the end user from installing stuff on their hardware. Such is why we can install ipa, apks, and bar files on our devices at our own discretion . Such is why there is demand for a rooted android, a jail broken iPhone and soon a rooted android runtime for BlackBerry as BB doesn't quite place limits on bar development and testing. Capish?

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

You probably will not receive an exact answer to this, as Google Play Services are dependent upon Google’s licensing agreements. We don’t know under which conditions, if at all, Google would be willing to license Google Play Services to BlackBerry. It does appear that Google is currently trying to retain and get more control over Android by imposing stricter terms, which would suggest that BlackBerry has to jump through many hoops to get access.

I doubt that Google is particularly interested in a special deal with BlackBerry. My guess is that Google has more to lose by allowing the Android platform to disperse, including the BlackBerry 10 Android runtime. These strict licensing agreements are in place to protect Google’s influence with Android, despite the fact that the latter is open source. What Amazon did is not even remotely in Google’s interest, because Amazon forked its operating system off Android, thereby foreclosing Google’s influence. That’s the deal; play by the rules and use Google’s Android, you get Google Play Services. Moreover, Android and BlackBerry are in direct competition. Why would Google support BlackBerry like that? BlackBerry may drown sooner or later, which gives Android the opportunity to fill the void. This is perhaps even more likely now, given that Google is said to announce security features aimed at businesses with the next major update.

Oh and apps like Google Voice and Citi bank and chrome Web browser work but are lagged and no native notifications like Facebook or whatsapp. Would the new runtime fix that??

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Even though I think I know the answer to this question already, will this update have any bearing on whether or not we can fully run Android's iteration of OpenVPN?

Let's attack a writer for making a legitimate point while we forget about the real situation, which is still the lack of proper apps in BB10 and reliance on Android apps to be sideloaded from outside sources.

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Accounts Support: Android applications that use authentication for user login can now be set up and managed from within the BlackBerry 10 accounts settings.


That means we can now use Sony QX lenses with Blackberry 10 devices? Through NFC???? Hurray!!!

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AFAIK, App Ops is a menu within 4.3 OS, and not an app per se. All the apps for it are basically shortcuts to that (buried) menu.

This is something I would love to see implemented immediately as well.

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I'm curious if there is any performance improvement. Currently Android apps are running pretty sluggish.

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Wow, especially the new possibilities for accounts support and share framework are very exciting!

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Right to clear things up for me

Someone explain black and white
This 'accounts' lark
I gather no Google play
But will I be able to save my clash of clans
That's all I ask from life
Not much
Just a yes or no answer will do fine :)

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I tried the runtime from 442 and it seems to crash some of my apks that the runtime from 296 didn't, going to have to find/extract those ones, unless ones in this are different. DL the SDK now to find out.

10.3 has not been released officially anywhere yet. If it's of any comfort, you will get it before the US does.

QUESTION: Does that mean Google Services are now available as we'll be able to sign in? And does that mean Google Maps et al. will work properly?

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Good news -now the Panasonic lumix link works -now the z10 can remotely control my camera -works perfectly- loving 10.3 so far.

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I may have misinterpreted what this means but will it get rid of messages like this

Failed to contact Google license verification server,

For the purchases apps that I have from Google play that check for verification of purchase when first opening?


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FYI, fitbit app does not work, certainly not on the Z10 with the the SDK, or any of the leaked versions of 10.3 or any hybrid bits of one OS version layered on top of the SDK.

Yes indeed the fitbit app will load, and it will show your stats, but it won't connect and sync via BT LE. You can switch your BT on in settings and then load the app but you'll see a little i next to your device, on click it tells you there is a problem with your BT 4.0.

Rest assured I've tried every combo listed on crackberry and I can not get the fitbit app to work and sync.

Save yourself heat ache and don't bother trying, I've spent about 7 hours trying to get to work, even managed to brick my Z10 at one point. Its just not worth it, don't believe all that you read about it working.

OS 10.3 looks to be a nice improvement over 10.2.1, but I sure hope they finally get BT LE working with android apps before a full release. :(

Pardon my lack of tech knowledge but does this mean that Android apps will be fully functional meaning that apps that use push notifications will function as they are supposed to? Ie we will get push notifications from Android apps like Scoremobile FC use g just one example?

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Update Facebook pleasse its so bad on BlackBerry 10....the worst App on BlackBerry World...pleasse do something BlackBerry....

 BlackBerry 10

I'm currently running the beta. It's pretty good. Not fantastic but better.

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Can't wait for all my BLE android apps to work... smartwatches and fitness trackers, here we come!!!

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With this new runtime, I am curious to know if the ISIS program will now work properly since this runtime adds additional NFC capabilities.
Specifically the Verizon version of the application. If someone has the APK file and this new runtime, can you please check and see if it will work properly?

I'm currently testing a *great* android app that may become a BB10 one (port or native).
The APK wasn't even installing on 10.2.1 and poped on my Z30 (w/ hybrid 10.3) in seconds.
Trying now to figure why, but there's indeed a major compatibility enhancement. finally works now. Only time I had it working was an old old bar way back in 10.0 or 10.1. Latest working very well now (on my runtime from .296).