BlackBerry rolls out update to Password Keeper on BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 16 Aug 2013 07:07 pm EDT

Just an FYI, if you fancy using Password Keeper on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. You'll want to go ahead and fire up BlackBerry World to ensure you have the latest version available. A new update is being rolled out right now and although the version number has changed, we're a little bit perplexed as to what exactly has changed.

Reason being, there isn't really a change log showing but just the massive features list. In any case, there is an update available so if you all happen to spot what has changed, let us know in the comments, won't you? Not sure what Password Keeper is or how to use? Hit play on the video above for all you need to know.

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BlackBerry rolls out update to Password Keeper on BlackBerry 10


Why? Do you use a computer and your BB? KeePass supports multiple devices allowing you to leep you DB on multiple devices and current. RIM/BB cant even make a desktop app to use and I am not sure about you, but I do the majority of my banking etc on my puter and the occasional banking on my Berry.

Because there's no way to use the pw's outside of the BB. I want cross platform secure compatibility. I now can access the same info on my BB, Playbook, iPhone, iPad, and home and work computers. KeePass (KeePassB specifically on BB10 & PB), also allows me to record much more info, and generate various strength passwords. And no subscription like some of the other apps. No looking back.

I always thought BlackBerry Protect will back up my passwords stored in Password Keeper as well, no?
If I'm wrong please let me know because that's what I was depending on if I lose my BB. Thanks.

Does anyone know for sure? I almost lost my phone the other day in the mall, and I was feeling pretty smart about all my back-up diligence, however I had a frigtening thought about password keeper. I store all my passwords in here, so if it was lost, I couldn't recover them! How do I find out if password keeper is backed up using Blackberry protect? Or how about sync to my desktop? I also do that about once a week just over wifi to backup pictures etc.

NSA and GCHQ are thanking you. Even US-Citizenship will not really help.

For me as non US-Citizen, data security on Google, FB, and all other US-companies is non existing.

Hopefully other non US-Citizen will use services of such companies less. Only Money will help solving this issue...

I was listening news the other day & heard that US based cloud companies are loosing foreign clients due to this NSA scandals. I don't blame people worrying about privacies. I've also heard that once you put stuff in cloud, you cannot expect privacy. Government or cloud company can peek & shut it down without explanation & don't have to give contents back to you. All you get is " violation of term of use" without telling you what kind of violation.

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Everything gets hacked. Everthing BUT a BlackBerry. I think password keeper is safer

Sent from the Amazing Z10

I been using it since blackberry 8320 all my passwords have been saved for the past decade. If you use lots of accounts and need to save passwords blackberry password keeper is the only one that works safe

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Animation changes when you enter the password. The vault moves lol. Also the text box is now centered. Looks better

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I have updates for the Z10.

• Black Background
• New Unlock Screen (icon is animated)
• Ability to copy everything you write down now, before I could only copy the password. Now I can do the username too
• Change labels on Username and Password, for example, Email and Password, or ID number, etc.
• also found out adding favourites. I guess the websites or passwords you use more can be prioritized.

Hope that helped :)

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Probably fixes that if you leave it open on your password you can briefly see it when you unlock the phone (or at least I can hope)

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This scares the you-know-what out of me... might be time for a backup, just in case.

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Just back up settings if you fear the worst. I'm on and mine worked fine. I did back up first, but didn't need to restore. All my passwords were there.

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I donwloaded this app 2 weeks ago and is very useful.

Super simple and handy.

A great aid for someone like me who have dozen of username and passwords in websites.

Still im not sure to add my saving account pass and my card pin... but at least is very useful for my other gazzilion not so important passwords

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Love this app. Use it every day. I have over 2 dozens pw. One of the most used apps i have, second to CB. Hope this app can back up to my sd card in the future as an option.

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They NEED to link it with your BBID or something or atleast allow you to back it up (NOT THROUGH BB LINK) then I would actually use it.

I don't understand the rationale for not providing back-up and restore via BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. It is as though the software engineering team did not take users into account.

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Yeah, agreed.. or they just put too much faith in BlackBerry Link.. and honestly they don't realize how much of a pain it is sometimes.. especially when your device has to backup 5+ GB of data.

Deleted all my passwords when I updated. If I hadn't had copies all my info to a Word document a few days ago, I'd be HIGHLY pi**ed off right now. Also, still no option to copy password data to SD card?!? C'mon!!!!

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Just click the link in the article if it is not showing up for you in BBW. That's why they always provide the link.

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I'm using Evernote to keep my passwords, but instead of put the passwords at plain sight, I just put the hints that reminds me the passwords. So that is a kind of encryption, and the key is in my mind.

•Import Password Keeper data from a previous BlackBerry device
•Import BlackBerry wallet login credentials from your previous device
•Single Password Keeper Password
•Records are encrypted using AES 256
•Auto lock
•Create, edit & delete records
•Edit labels
•Copy username and password
•Random password generation
•Set records as favourites
•Landscape view support
•Duplicate existing records for faster entry
•Ability to lock Password Keeper within the application
•Support for adding security questions and answers
•Quickly add a new record if a search item is not found
•Ability to clear the clipboard
•Password strength meter helps to make sure your passwords are strong
•Navigation improvements, including quick actions and an index scroll bar for longer lists
•Start a Password Keeper search from a universal search

There the new features.

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There seems to be 2 versions of Keepass from 2 different developers. Which one is being recommended.

Posted by my awesome Z10

"KeePass for Blackberry 10" is a native app that is free, but not only can it not read KeePass 2.x databases, it cannot write ANYthing. In other words, you cannot save any passwords from the BB10 device at all.

KeepassB is a $2 app, converted from Android and customized for BB10, that supports reading and writing 1.x and 2.x KeePass databases. I would think you would want that one.

Well everyone likes the other password but I still think that this keeper is just fine for what I use it for and as far as I can see it changed the background from white to black and also let's you know how strong your password is as you put your information in.

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Most smart people use different passwords for everything. All my passwords are over 12 characters including my BlackBerry password to unlock phone. You'd be a fool to NOT use this app

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I use it all the time too, I was actually scared when I got my Z10 and didn't saw the app pre-installed, I can't remember if my 7250 had it but if it did i've been using it ever since.

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Don't know of it makes a difference but the update is 10.2. I love this app. It is by far my favorite app. It has saved me countless times. Love the new features, especially the black background

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No update yet here in far-off, exotic Idaho. Conspiracy theory: Verizon must somehow be behind holding it back...

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It is fine. But why became black on Z10?
I hope this black inerface will be optional in the future update.

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Omg I keep typing the wrong password because I'm fascinated by the spinning vault animation hahaha. This update is amazing. It's the small things that amaze us blackberrians. I'm loving it

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With all the passwords we all need to have floating around in our heads, I for one can't function without Password Keeper. I don't even TRY to remember anything.
Going for the update.

I had a laugh at my hubby. He thought he had a lot of passwords in his password app - he's got about 20
I've got 86 entries - and lots of them actually contain 3 entries in 1. Password Keeper has been my sanity keeper for a couple of years now. The update looks good.

Thanks for the last update, but I would like to get the white background back please!!!
The new all black style looks just bad and aye soaring to me.
At least give us the choice to change it in the settings. 
Running OS STL200-2

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Love the animation when you enter your password. It's the little details that matter and most people do not see.

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It's interesting that people want cloud support for this app. From a security standpoint, wouldn't that just give potential intruders more potential entry points? I know it makes things more convenient for some users, but convenience is usually sacrificed for security in almost every instance. They generally don't go hand in hand.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Since when do we get shutout on new updates in CAN? We're supposed to get them first! ;)

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5 out of 10 tries I get enter BlackBerry to continue. I'm so f ing pissed since the stupid update. I put the correct password but the berry said it was not. 1st time this has ever happened to me

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Nothing here. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Got the same version.

Typical BlackBerry rollout.

Verizon Z10. Running Posted via CB10

What version are folks getting on 10.1 Z10s? Have had it for a while now.

Verizon Z10. Running Posted via CB10

Dang, why didn't they have import from BlackBerry wallet 5 months ago? Took me forever to manually input everything from wallet on my 9900 into Keeper on my Z10! Oh well!

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Anyone not seeing the update - check it right in BB world. I did not see it as an update either, but when I went directly to the app in BB WORLD, there was a "upgrade" option.

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Monday. Nope nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Vaperware!

Verizon Z10. Running Posted via CB10

Can we get an official why we are not all getting this please? or BlackBerry?

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Yeah I would like to know why I'm not seeing the update. I've emailed the developer but no answer yet.

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Your password keeper files get backed up when you back your phone and can move with you as you change devices, have used the same data base from phone to phone as I upgraded, works fine.

What is the update number BlackBerry World said I have no update available I am up to date...there is no black back ground for me.... pls let me know

From my Z10

This is a hoax.

There is no update.

Someone post a screen shot


I'm on Rogers and this is not happening for me.

Black is best Z10!

I have downloaded the update because it promised capability of saving to CVS files. Not only you cannot save the files, but it wiped out all the passwords on my previous version...