BBM for Android beta testing starts up again, new version available to beta testers

By Adam Zeis on 2 Oct 2013 10:31 pm EDT

We're now getting reports that a new BBM for Android beta has been released to those selected as part of the beta test groups. Although the majority of folks will still have to wait to use it, this is a nice sign that things are still moving ahead on the matter.

According to some of the emails we've received, the latest beta has some changes in place from previous versions aside from the normal bug fixes. A new welcome screen explaining the app notifications is now present, the persistent notification running in the status bar can now optionally be disabled and finally, the UI as a whole has received some more polish.

As expected, no mention was made of a potential release date to beta testers but at the very least, we now know things are moving ahead and that's a nice sign of BlackBerry staying true to their previous comments about the cross-platform launch of BBM. We'll keep you all in the loop with the latest but be sure to also follow the BBM account on Twitter.

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BBM for Android beta testing starts up again, new version available to beta testers


Yup. A few more months and we should be good to go.
Unless it gets tabled again with this new interest in potential BlackBerry purchase.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo we go again...I say if BBM is really what you want, buy a great BB10 phone, else go without!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Think BB wanted to delay the app on purpose to polish the user experience further especially for the android application.

Or Android beta testers never gave BlackBerry any valuable feedback and just used the app. They need to open up the beta to more people but I guess the demand is so high that it won't do any good.

I have BBM on my BB10 phone but I need this to finally be released for Android and iOS so that I can actually make use of it.

Posted via CB10

That's the serious truth for me too. I've not once used BBM in the past two years until the botched release of BBM. I was able to use the location workaround to get it on 1 friend's iPhone... he is the only one I've message in the last two years.

I remember the days when my family and friends pretty much all had BlackBerry phones around the Curve and Pearl days. Since then, they all have iPhones and Android phones. Even those in corporate positions haven't seen a BlackBerry in the past six months in their environments (Chicago - beer and medical industry).

Sad but true... Touche for those telling that if you want BBM buy a BB10.... I do have a BBM icon on my S4 of the leaked APK... i can't message anyone but i have the icon... just like a lot of ppl out there with their BB10 devices... :D

I'm glad there's some reasonable people here.
The "BBM is so great" thing means nothing if you have not a single person on BBM. I've had this phone for a while and I've yet to try it out. RIM needs to get on it. Seriously, BBM is utterly useless for casual customers since none of their friends will have BBM.

How the heck do you get spam? Have you been writing your PIN on the walls in the bathroom? .... Again?

Anyway, no spam comes to my BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

LOL.. Of there is spams, definitely own fault.
He definitely sounds eager to get more spams. ;p

I get spam, i have never given anyone my pin and I know no one else with bbm, work that out....

Posted via CB10

It seems like you got a recycled PIN, it happens to me once and i have to change my device

It may hey worse now. They could make a random pin generator and just send messages randomly until some stick, like those automatic dialing machines telemarketing companies use.

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What he will do with bbm if all his friends are on other platforms?So this launch will make a lot more sense to BB users to interact with their increasing non bb using friends

Money is in consumer electronics. apple understood it long ago. Blackberry can't survive in corporate world. They have to get those popular apps quickly in the App Store and release more compelling hardware.

They obviously haven't learned from their mistakes. The testing should be done by internal employees that risk losing their jobs if something leaks. Whats going to stop anyone from leaking the APK again?? I'm convinced they are determined to become a meme...

Ahh. New screens? and new stuff? That proved the point that the app wasn't ready. Nothing to do with leak.

Posted via CB10

How do you know they didn't update or that it's not coming? Maybe no one sent in any emails saying so.

Answer: You don't. You're assuming and making daft comments. But hey, whatever flogs your log.

If it's a mere bug-fix update for a release candidate, why go through beta-testing again? Wasn't the whole point of their 'leaked version was released' story that the leaked version was an older build and the official release was more optimized?

I find your comments much more daft than his own, to be honest.

Probably a combination of both. Since they were taking the hit already why not take the opportunity of fixing some nagging issues as well.

One thing that gets me about this is until they release for Windows it can't really be called #BBM4ALL

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Yes! Totally. It always should have been an optional thing. (Though it is part of the Android UI guidelines now I believe.)

What did it say, and why was it being a persistent notification a problem? I'm assuming by 'persistent,' everyone means it was a permanent fixture in the notification drop down (like weather apps, Llama, etc.) and not something worse.

Another round of beta testing? Ughhhh let's hope this doesn't take long. Seems more and more their story was bs, or at least only a part of a much larger story that bbm was not ready for public release, but they didn't want to fudge the deadline.

Posted via CB10

Yes the fact that they waited till the last day of summer gives credence to your argument but I think the leak issue was real.

Anyone who thinks a leak of bbm was the reason why it couldn't be released in full form for iphone and android is naive. This is blackberry we are talking about. They messed something up but had to blame someone or something for it.

Could you imagine the massive whining from the android users if iphone got bbm before them? Ugh

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 (SQN100-3)

I don't think they care. I personally think they want to achieve a mass release and make sure they get the traffic Right from the start.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

Why didn't they think to increase the number of beta testers? Or is it that things were all a bunch of lies, twists and turns... This needs to stop BlackBerry... Smh

Who cares why or what caused the first issue. If the ew version works no one will care. At this point no one should really care what the cause was.

Posted via CB10

Prem getting a cheap cost was the issue. Who actually believes it was anything else???

Posted from My all in one beauty Z10

How did they go from a final release back to beta again...that's very strange...was it not final before???

I swear the reason BB is falling to bits is top table is on crack, junkies promise everything and rarely deliver...and when they do you lost interest & belief months ago, roll on new management/owners

So a few months to go for those who want this app
What a joke BlackBerry has become

Posted via CB10

I hope the beta test is short and there is no more issues so they can get this out to the public. I hope they updated the BBM for iPhone to the ios7 keyboard. Get it done BlackBerry so I don't have to hear more complaining about broken promises and delays.

CB10 - Z10 -

Next delays will be 10.2 and the Z30 lol

Oh, and a sale of the company well after their November 4 deadline.

So, whose going to leak it this time? I wonder if it'll be Watsa in an attempt to acquire Blackberry for even cheaper by running down shares.LOL

Well the latest OS leak? Will that cause issues as well. Chuckle.

Some leaks cause havoc. Some are celebrated. Oh RIM... so idiotic.

Posted via CB10

How else would you suggest that things be tested before trying to send the update into the public? We know the majority of devices are BlackBerry s at their offices so not much chance to do the beta there.

Posted via CB10


Jeez. The lack of sanity and simple common sense in these forums never fails to amaze me

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 (SQN100-3)

I'll be happy when this chapter is behind us, what should have been an exciting event, turned into cannon fodder.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

Nice to see the persistent notification can be disabled. That drove me crazy in the brief time I spent with the leak.

By reading the post here, I'd swear I was on an Android or iOS fan site.

(smh) damned if you do, damned if you don't!!

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Hopefully, all beta testers who leak the beta will be shot, as identified by a token in the app (eg, doesn't even have to be installed in order to know which beta tester leaked the copy).

I mean, seriously. Doesn't anyone read the NDA?

ios bbm started functioning again today on a more fashionable way at least.
groups work. invites work. HQ photo transfer doesnt work. then again my iOS app is the one that was officially released in the Australian App store which if i am not mistaken survived about 20 minutes

GO team Blackberry !! The millennium is still young ! we will make it before the new one !

It needs voice and screen share for folks to leave their familiar, well established and more complete products. The average person doesn't care about added security. They priced their phones as though people still cared and they were a premium brand. I think they just keep repeating the same mistakes. This is no different. I hope I'm wrong.

Posted from BlackBerry Z10

Yaelah... still beta then?
so stop your nonsense promised lately (and dont dare to speak up to public): "BBM for All will be on Google Play at 21th Sept 2013 evening"

please fix and test all side before the release...
and then wrap it.

thank you.

Why release a demo/sample app when you can just release the app itself? BlackBerry stop showing already!

Posted via CB10

Personally I never got this whole BlackBerry is always late thing or bla bla about delays.. Frankly I still don't see a platform vendor that has developed useful and advanced applications as quickly as BlackBerry. People have gotten brainwashed by the media about what real app development timeline really is, especially if you're going cross-platform. Whether agile or waterfall approach, to ensure Quality in your product and services it takes time and it's better to delay deployment than release anything will kill adoption and usage.

Android or Apple users aren't dieing without BBM so they can wait until it's good and ready...

Posted via Z10 | BB10.2~1743

Can't wait
.....oh wait that's all we do! wait for bbm, updates for PlayBook, private or not private. I'm getting to the point to say screw it and get anything but a BlackBerry. Waiting waiting.

Z10 Crackberry

I hope they push it out quickly, my friends are dying to get bbm and I'm dying to have a conversation through bbm for the first time since I bought my q10

Posted via CB10

Hope the same coward idiot that kept leaking all the previous Android BBM beta will shut the hell up this time around. You know who you are Mr. Harold.

Posted via CB10

Delay are a normal thing. It comes with most great projects.
Construction project is delayed for 2 years and no one bats an eye.
A smart phone company delays for a few months and everyone loses their minds.

Posted via CB10

Exactly. Well only cuz it's BlackBerry. Media sucks!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

A construction company who states their project will be completed on the last day of summer and fumbles that deadline would be under a great deal of criticism by the 10 million people who were looking forward to using it that day.

I wonder if they delayed the launch so that there share prices didn't spike (or drop any lower).

If they did spike, it may have turned off potential buyers

Anyways, what do I know. Let's just hope this gets pushed out soon so we can put this Damn thing to bed and talk about something else

Posted via CB10

Woo hoo. Soon I'll be able to BBM my looser friends with their outdated phones. Long live bb!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

This is good too see! I hope BlackBerry exceeds my expectations and releases in the next two weeks. Good to see I can remove the persistent notification although now that I can remove it, I probably will just leave it there :-D

I can only the imagine the mood of the staff at BlackBerry. If this delay was either deliberate by head office or their just short staffed to handle all the possible issues, I feel for them.

Posted via CB10

Could you imagine...

Cdn Thanksgiving Friday: "The official version will be available for download on the app stores tomorrow."

The following Tuesday: "Yeah, there was another leak. Back to the drawing board."

So this one will not take down BB NOC as it did before. Besides UI enhancements this one probably optimizes the network load caused by millions of new users.

they should leak this beta again,
to show , they have many downloader, so BBRY stock will go up

and we could just sit n wait for another delay

This is so crap we gota wait another 6months before this better testing is over then another failure in launching BlackBerry lets us down all the time just another hype for the sale of the company

BlackBerry Z10 CB10 UK

I'm a developer but I don't write mobile apps.

Have any of the serial moaners considered that perhaps this leaked beta they were talking about had all kinds of additional debug code enabled which produced a relatively huge amount of traffic per user compared to normal? It was a beta. I know that means nothing to most people these days.

In small testing groups this wouldn't be an issue but with 1.1 million impatient people can't you see that maybe they're not bullshitting anyone and maybe their servers did actually fall over? Instead of all hands on deck getting it done, they have to pull everyone off the project to fight the fires and figure out how to prevent this leak from continuing to screw things up.

I'm not saying they couldn't have done things differently but I'm sure what happened was pretty close if not exactly what I've described above.

Posted via CB10

Thank you for having some sense, which is more than I can say for some here. Serial moaners indeed, that's putting it lightly.

Let's keep realistic and positive. BlackBerry is small. Its not Apple or Google or Samsung. But we like BlackBerry right. That means they do some things right. I continue to like my z10 more each day.

Posted via CB10

Don't worry "soon". Could be 4 months from now. Blackberry fails at any launch so till it's official I am with the who cares club.

I think that shows the whole leaked app news was rubbish, IOS is buggy as hell also.
And the twitter updates, "We know you’re waiting. Pausing #BBM4All rollout to fix issues caused by unreleased BBM for Android app"

I think pausing is an understatement. Yes we all want BB to do well but for christ sake be honest with customers !

I think people complain just due to the lack of credible information, hope it's sorted soon anyhow:)

So we are where we were a month ago. Seriously, if BlackBerry was blindsided by this Android thing than what does that say about the way things are running over there.

Posted via CB10

Where can one sign up to be a beta tester? I'd love to help to speed up the process of releasing BBM to Android. I'm running 4.3 at the moment.

Yes.. BETA.. so launch will be NEXT SUMMER? Blackberry .. its still not learning form the past. ACT FAST in the telecommunication Industry. otherwise don't blame the consumers you will abandon you.

Whatever. They f'd it up again. #BBM and #bbm4all WAS trending on twitter the "launch weekend" WAS means no longer. Way to screw that up #teamblackberry This company has been a train wreak for years. Whatever. Spare me the promises. Don't even know why i follow this anymore.

Posted via CB10

If the problems have been fixed, why not let the Apple users download their version?
Presumably, the flooding of the servers by the unreleased version has been curtailed.

I have my brother using it on IOS seems going good. Not sure why they are not learning that making a big fuss about launching something and they are not ready for it.
Seriously ! !!!!

Posted via CB10

blackberry "stay true"? what a joke
and they're beta testing a new app..which means their lies before of an app leak causing the problem wasn't true...suckers

If Blackberry can give App notification and instant reply from the top like we have in 10.2 and in the Z30 for the IOS and Android users I am telling you there will be 500 million plus users for Blackberry. All of those paying only $1 for BBM and thats 500 Million USD per year with 100% margins! Then BBM Money, Channels and Ads sky is the limit. With this explosion BB can be bigger than facebook!

Considering that we've had to wait a little longer for cross platform it's nice that they're doing some updates before release.

What would be an AMAZING boost for BBRY is if they were able to (properly) integrate XBBM Voice and Video before officially launching it again. I don't know how possible it is to do (Again, properly) but it would definitely be very well received.

Still "beta"?!? Have I missed the connection? I believed that the release of the BBM for android was the 21st of September?! And now just in Beta?! Oh BlackBerry- your acting and excuses reminds me to the behavior of my daughter- when she was 7....

Any time a program is changed, it gets put through the development process. Even if its only a handful of lines of code. Beta is a part of this process. It also means that they likely made other improvements as well. That being said, they really need all of management to be gutted, and have deadline focused individuals installed.

The real question is, how long does it spend in beta?

A failed relaunch could be possible, some days I think what the hell are the executives of BB doing with the company?

So we have to do the process all over again... I'm guessing end of fall.... this is BS they are just playing games until the sale is final That's it... trying to make us think that they are working on it. they are just stalling

Good for the 300 million but the people I care about all use Blackberry so I would not ask then to download what's app knowing that they have BBM. And our of the 300 million almost have of the users are on the east coast.

Blackberry that is great but why not spend some time and fix the crap update you pushed to the Playbook which you abandoned?

Does this mean BB never had a working App for previous release date? i suggest no more annoucements, just add it to google play and app world

Its time for another episode of Blackberrys B.S. BBM promises game. Starring everyones most hated 55 Million $ tormentor Thorsten Heins....

Sorry Blackberry, not interested in playing this game anymore.

First of all: RIM / Blackberry has gone DUST. This is a fact. I mean come on - since the iphone appeared, and then Droids started to rule the mobile world, now Nokia and Windows Phone again get their nearly 10% stake - there is a small dino trying to wake up. How?

If the management would have been smart enough - here is what I would have done: in 2010 I would have immediately made BIS / BES available for both iOS and Android. Would have charged a monthly fee of 5,00 USD, now count the NON Blackberry owners - at that time RIM had 100 million subscribers. If you add the nearly another 100 mio subscribers for non Blackberry users - and only count THAT - you'll end up at a monthy 500 MILLION USD CASH! That is 6,00 BILLION per year.

Now with that, I believe that any normal corporation would survive.

And BBM would have GIVEN FOR FREE, making it the biggest hit ever - cross platformed in 2010! Today we are in 2013, no BBM, RIM is nearly DEAD ( and if it continues this way - so it will be, and there is no point to argue about how good the encryption is, when NSA knows even when you take a dump, not to mention where... ) and still no crossplatformed BIS / BES, and BBM...oh, sorry, WHAT THE F..K IS THAT? Oh, it's that nice logo on my iPhone that worked for 3 days, and now is sh.t 'cause no support? Oh, and can't find it anymore in the appstore either. So, it's worth...yeah, good for nothing.

And this is how you lose customers ( like me, had 8820, 8910, 9700, 9780, 9800 within 4 years, loved them, until hit my head into an iPhone ) Would love to have an iPhone with BIS / BES and BBM.

Only, you need to have the right company that makes it available. If there is any.

The whole explanation about the leak causing problems was a coverup. In plain words, Blackberry wasn't ready and they were quite surprised at the response they got which probably crashed their servers. Hope this time they don't screwup.

Posted via CB10

Worst Company of the year award!!!! Congratulations BlackBerry you earned it!!

Posted via CB10

Really? And all these issues could not be resolved before? BlackBerry really seems to have a major problem when it comes to meeting deadlines that they, themselves, set.

I am happy and totally agreed about seeing new BBM users but in a way I don't really see how it will help or boost Blackberry sales. From my point of view, people who are still on the previous BB OS like OS7 bought their phones mainly for BBM because it was specific to Blackberry, Blackberry only. BBM is (or "was" according to the next weeks) what Facetime IS for Apple users ==> a privilege. Now we are loosing it and unfortunately BBM will be associated to app like Whatsapp and won't be a strength anymore that would attract people.

I think the company did not expect the huge amount of downloads . If a problem existed with the leak that I did not take too long to resolve . What I believe is that BB is trying to gain some time to think about what direction to take with the company thanks to the response from the public. We are talking about more than 1 million people downloaded one unofficial version of the program and I cannot imagine the amount of people that could have downloaded the version available on Play and App Store worldwide . If it had been a success that weekend it would have minimum of 20 million downloads the first day.

Now, they know they have the attention of the public and they have to do well and also provide a good reason to migrate from whatsapp to bbm (voice or video) . They have to create the new "mini Facebook" . Definitely the role model is Facebook . An ecosystem that besides you chat, another side like the bbm channels for advertising.

If you work at BB and are reading this takes this into account and if you want me to suggest things for the company, hire me . As for phones I think you can not do anything. I had the z10 and is rubbish . The OS is very good but the phone is very bad (screen size in comparison with phone size (solved with z30) but what about the terrible battery, quality, camera is terrible, resets,etc.) and it seems that you dont want to improve your products. No excuses. Even Huawei can build better phones. Its sad.

I have used iOS, BB, Android, Windows. I understand the pros and cons of each product. And believe me, you have more cons than pros and that is why the company is sinking. I really like BB but you guys are ruining the company

I am 27 and i am sure i can run the company much better than you. Hire me for free. You need balls here!! Direction, Vision.