BlackBerry revamps Partner Support Services program

By Adam Zeis on 18 Apr 2013 11:45 am EDT

BlackBerry has announced today they are making some changes to the BlackBerry Partner Support Services program (BPSS). BlackBerry partners include anyone from developers to resellers that are involved in the BlackBerry ecosystem. The changes to the program include more options for accessing BlackBerry support representatives and new program levels with new options to enable partners to price their programs more efficiently and have more consistent margins.

The new options come from user feedback and will be very welcome for BlackBerry partners. You can find out more on the new changes and the BPSS program by heading to the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog.

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BlackBerry revamps Partner Support Services program


Hopefully this will help the customer experience at retailers. Whether you go to carrier stores or retail stores, the staffs know nothing about BB10.

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Which is why I was preaching to BlackBerry an immersive training experience for all salespeople prior to launch.

I'm not going to dime out any carrier, or store, but I was in a store a month or so ago and the guy working there more or less told me that this place in particular was pushing Galaxy and iPhone and trying like hell to stay away from BlackBerry .... because they had a back room full of apple and android. Stores purchase devices from the carrier they represent and it leaves them on the hook for any hardware at the end of the month. Seeing as how most stores have a quota to fill, they are trying to get rid of their surplus stock before it shows up in the red on the books. Guess I found a guy in the store getting ready to quit or be fired or something, because he sang like a canary.
I'm not saying this is with all stores or dealers, but it's been my experience that if there's one, there's more.

Just wanted to say perfect use of the phrase 'sang like a canary.' You don't hear that one too often. Same with 'she took him to the cleaners.' Another one of my favourites.

This is great, saw a forum comment about people having bad experiences with customer services in the past at Bb. Hopefully this will fix that issue! :)

Adam, can you make more clear what this means?

I assuming it does not apply to the end users, but to carriers and other companies that deal directly with BlackBerry.

I would definitely have to agree with @birdman_38 the sales person at #AT&T didn't know much about the Z10! Been trying to watch videos and read these blogs which have been helpful - but doesn't replace that person to person "This is how it's Done!" please send out quick updates and increase apps! Need a #chase banking app ; don't have one for BlackBerry!!

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