BlackBerry reportedly slowing down device production

BlackBerry Z10
By Simon Sage on 20 Aug 2013 03:58 am EDT

Analyst Peter Misek claims that BlackBerry has recently slowed down device production by 10% following a cut of 50% last month. Misek also said that the BlackBerry Q5 launch in Canada wasn't going particularly well, and cut his target price of BlackBerry down to $15 from $18, though maintained a "buy" rating. On the plus side, he did mention in his investor note that he believes there's a pent-up demand for BB10 devices, since many big companies are holding off purchasing decisions to see what device support is going to be like over the next year or two. 

This doesn't come off as a huge surprise, to be honest. The BlackBerry 10 launch was bound to produce a spike of interest, and now that it has mostly died down, it makes sense that production is going to take a dip. BlackBerry has been consolidating its production facilities too, in order to save on costs. It's also much better to hear that BlackBerry is slowing down production rather than over-producing like they had with the PlayBook, only to write them down later on

In any case, if you have trouble finding inventory for BB10 devices in your local stores, this might be why.

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BlackBerry reportedly slowing down device production


Rocking my 9900 again. Best communicator ever! Missed the qwerty keyboard so much. Will try to sell my z10 and buy the q 5 or 10.

I don't understand why anyone would switch to a q5 much less a 9900 if they have a z10. I mean, just because BlackBerry is slowing products doesn't mean yours that you already have is useless. I was very skeptical of BlackBerry after I stuck with then from 8300 to 9700 to 9810 especially when os 6 brought nothing but minor ui changes to BlackBerry. I almost went with a Nokia wp. But I got the z10 and could not be happier. It has a great screen, all productivity apps I need, plenty of fun modern games, and a killer operating system. I used to covet my wife's iPhone 4s but now it seems antiquated. I am convinced bb10 is the best software out there right now. I know it's selling slow and there are plenty of reasons for that. But if bb10 was combined with one of the more robust app stores, no one would buy anything else.

Sorry for the rant, but I wouldn't sell my brand new Mercedes just because the company had a bad year.

The z10 is a Mercedes.

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Well said on your post !
Nothing wrong with my Z10 from this user from a longtime 9900 user. Actually if the Z30 is the real deal I am in with the Z30.

But I love my cousins Q10 I get the keyboard man the Q10 keyboard is a Witch with all the short keys.

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The Z10 is a great phone. Enjoyed it a lot. Wound up needing a new phone in the family, and I took the opportunity to try out a Q10. For me, the Q is pretty awesome too; like the feel, and I'm finding I really like the Direct Actions. I do miss swiping on the Z10's keyboard, though.

Now, my wife wouldn't be caught dead with a keyboard phone in any circumstances. She's seriously committed to her Z10.

Granted hut the iPhone 5 is identical in terms of os and I would feel the same about the the z10 vs ip5. Same goes for ios7. New icons don't really change the basic metaphor of the iPhone. I feel like bb10, with its gesture heavy os and it's flick it keyboard really has given me something new and refreshing, and I just think iPhone is too entrenched in its own success to do that. Of course, I also was intrigued by wp7so I'm obv biased in the direction of new fangled things

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Sometimes, I take my Q10 and remove the battery without any apparent reason; so it knows the ways of its ancestors...

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Bahahahahah LMFAO! Oh that was a good one.

Please don't do that in public though. Don't want any of the anti BlackBerry people pointing fingers suggesting BB10 has the same problems of old.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

I pulled the battery from my Z in public. At first there were looks of smugness from the table I was sitting at. Then I popped in a fresh battery and they all looked away in jealousy as they searched for somewhere to plug in their dead iPhones at that particular outdoor event.

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this I have done and my iP5 buddies puked as they rushed to their car to charge their phone or run to get their charger. Wireless charging Z30 anyone !!

Jesus, that made coffee come out my nose! In case you have never had the pleasure, it hurts.

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Bahahahaha! I think i'll start doing it to. My phone needs to appreciate where it's roots are.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Non-swappable batteries is a terrible idea. As a production and business device, it was among the biggest pluses for BB. In my very humble opinion it is another unforced error on BB's part. BB's biggest selling points were, it's keyboard, push e-mail, security, and swappable batteries and standard ports. Push e-mail and security as exclusive incentives have been erased by MDM software including BB's own solution. What's next no SD cards; proprietary charging and synching ports?

My sister is rocking the Q10 and she couldn't be happier. Having said that that the Q5 looks good.

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Definitely the way to go! If you think the 9900 is the best communicator ever you'll be blown away by the Q10! It's like you compare Maradona to Messi or a BMW M3 to Porsche 911 Turbo S!;)

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So much, so much. As long as BlackBerry continues to make great products i'll be there with my money in hand.

They also may be gearing up for the Z30 launch. I personally am excited for the next version of the Z10 sized device.

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Being there with money in hand is only half of the equation. If there's not enough buyers to make production viable you may end up at the store with no device to purchase.

I don't think BlackBerry is going to die off but this certainly makes their future look a little darker. I'm still banking on a Microsoft or Sony purchase of BlackBerry. Sony makes more sense, they can make the device and BlackBerry can focus on the OS. But by focus I mean really bringing their A game and making a truly fantastic OS that entices people to make the switch.

However I am able to continue using a BlackBerry, any BlackBerry is a step in the right direction for me.


I'd change Microsoft with Amazon. There could be an interesting integration between BB channel and amazon marketplace.

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I want none of those things to happen.

We had pretty much 1 choice in computers for the last 20 years, look what that did to innovation. Choice is key give BlackBerry some time.

The company I work for is huge, we just started switching to windows 7 from xp. The corporate world moves slowly bes 10 will take.

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Yes the corporate world moves very slowly. Windows XP is the best windows to date in the work place. 7 has its issues and 8 is a disaster. Ask any IT person. Anyhow I an in total agreement that because windows dominates the business community, there has been very poor innovation. There is a huge hole in this industry. I totally wish my Windows workstation was fast and efficient like BB10. At home, a docking station would be perfect and I would through my windows 8 laptop and all its issues out tge window!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I love windows 8. It's just fashionable to dump on it. It is awesome on my Surface Pro, the best mobile computer I have every had and I've had about 20 (PC laptops and macbooks).

I don't think so. In my case, we are switching to Windows 8, and ofrece course it is not a disaster. BYOD has made people to dump their BB far far away.

Don't want to be overly negative but BB must change before Sony would look at them. They need to learn that it is unacceptable to put out an update of an App that just doesn't work (BB Maps update). What kind of customer relations is that?? I can't see Sony being very impressed with work like that.

I wonder if the Canadian Q5 launch is being hurt by people like me who are waiting out Virgin's exclusivity on the red one before getting one.

I think they underestimate how hot an item the red Q5 really is, and may have shot themselves in the foot by making it so unavailable.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

That may certainly be the case -- the red Q5 is hard to come by at Virgin Mobile retailers and third parties right now, most stores only have the black version in stock. I know a lot of folks who would love to pick up the red version but with no stock it's hard to sell something that isn't physically available.

Honestly, the black one is nice, but I actually missed it my first time through the phone kiosk in The Source, and I was actually *looking for it*. The red one on display at the Virgin store elsewhere in the mall is immediately recognizable from outside the store, across the hallway. It just jumps out.

Yep! The red one is such a beauty. I love it (bought an unlocked one a month ago). And BlackBerry shows it off dominantly in comparison to the other variants and the Number 5 on the box is also red. But in a poll here on CrackBerry I remember only around twenty-something percent wanted to buy it, behind the white and black one if I recall it correctly.

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True, but you don't have to sell a lot of red ones, just use them to bring people over to the display. The device catches someone's eye from far away, they come over to see "what is this bright red phone?". Maybe it makes them think of Batman.

In the end they go with the slick, more professional looking black one, but it was the red one that brought them over. It seems to do a good job of that in the couple of locations I've seen them available.

Mmh, but Apple always reduces before they launch a new product. And as far as I know the z30 is coming...
at least the prices for z10 are falling like hell.. from about 600€ to 300€ now. They should have started with these prices..

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I think Apple reduces prices of their current device when bringing their next-generation device to market is because they already made billions off it and it's time to rinse and repeat.

This is certainly not the case for BlackBerry. I wish it were, but it's quite the opposite.


This isn't the first time that BlackBerry have done this and it is the exact opposite of the desired situation. I hope the white and gold Q10 sells a million - it will need to. So is the Aristo Z30 still going into production.

"It's also much better to hear that BlackBerry is slowing down production...
In any case, if you have trouble finding inventory for BB10 devices in your local stores, this might be why."

So... if potential customer is not able to buy BB10 product because of troubles to find it... it's "much better to hear"? I applaude this logic. And optimism.

I think a lot of problems with the speculation and bad press with BlackBerry all the time is that BlackBerry has really stopped being vocal. So noone really knows what's going on. A few months ago, Thorsten & co were always giving interviews, etc. Now they are really no where to be seen.

Also, they haven't given the world any indication of what their "mobile computing future" is. So analysts/investors/fans are not that confident about their ability to deliver/execute in future. Just IMHO.

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Haha. They don't have to lie :D. Just give the market an indication of what they have in store for the future. Being secretive, etc only seems to work for Apple since they have a pent up demand because of their proven track record. Unfortunately, being secretive at BlackBerry seems to tell the market that they really have nothing in the pipeline.

A few "strategically timed" press releases from BlackBerry giving a *clear* indication of some of the features thay are working on (obviously not give away so many secrets too far in advance), might go a way to bootsing investor confidence. Also, some interviews by some of the Key guys on CNBC, Bloomberg, etc might be useful too.

Also, the miracast thing... I'm not really convinced of this. Perhaps I've been out of the TV tech loop for a while, but do a lot of TVs on the market currently have Miracast? I don't mean new TVs on amazon, I mean older TVs a few years old. Also perhaps new ones do, but people don't buy TVs every year.

So, perhaps the Google ChromeCast route might have been a better strategy for BlackBerry than pure Miracast. Well at least have a dongle that supports miracast that could be plugged into TVs that could communicate with BB10.

But then again, like I said, I'm not too up to date with my TV tech so Miracast could already be supported in a lot of TVs on the market. (I know mine doesn't support it though) :D

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Why not try a real marketing campaign first? I've never seen a company with such great products and so clueless about marketing as BBRY

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I agree with this. Z10 is awesome, works better them androids I compared to, but marketing is almost non existent in Europe.

I think BlackBerry cash Flows are going into development of the BB10 software, 6 new devices this year, BES10 development, dealing with carriers all over the world, world wide launches etc. The consumer will not buy BlackBerry. BlackBerry needs to make sales calls to their corporate base and from there rebuild the user base. Advertising I believe is money out the window. Apple will put out 20 adds around every BlackBerry add.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I disagree , I love my Nexus 4. But hey difference of opinions. Id get a Z10 before an Iphone or WP8 device but not over the Nexus.

Google Iphone 4 , 4s or any phone with Glass anything on it. You are correct though, if you drop it onto pavement then yes there is a chance that it ( the glass) will break. This has nothing to do with the Phone though, if BB made a Glass back phone it would be no different. I have a slim back case protector on mine and yes Ive dropped it and my phone is still intact, even the back. Unlike my OTTERBOX case that was thick and massive this new slim case is awesome and barley adds any thickness to the phone.
I doubt the New NEXUS 5 this Oct or Nov will have a glass back.

Such a great product which differenciates itself from the boring concurrence should definitly be a huge success. It will take some time but it will work. No other OS can be as secure and as productive as BB10. Seems that an efficient campaign forces user to think that there is no alternative to the Apple and the Google Network.

Demand and supply.Plus a new product roll out is happening.But this is where selling online from the website and the hardware division would be of good use.Can continue to sell products without useless carriers.

Yes I agree with this as well! As much as we BlackBerry fans might knock apple, those guys seem to have it down.

Why on earth doesn't BlackBerry sell directly to users that want to buy one?

Also, what's the deal with fragmentation?! Apple manages not to have a lot of fragmentation and users upgrade independently of what carriers they are on! Why can't BlackBerry do the same thing?

I'm completely at a loss. I hope BlackBerry does well though, but its just little things that annoy me. And no I'm not being an armchair CEO. But the premise is simple, if your competitor is doing something flawlessly/better than you, just simply copy them and try to improve on it.

Some users are still on BBOS10.0

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Yeah, all they do is then blame "the carriers" for delays, etc. We no longer have BIS so I'm not really clear what carriers have to do with software updates?

Even google is able to push out updates to Nexus devices without having to resort to blaming the carriers!

#rantover :D

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Everything that happens happens for a reason.
I've been an avid BlackBerry fan for over two years now. BlackBerry OS 10 and the new BlackBerry smartphones like my Z10 are the best things they've ever done lately. I do believe BlackBerry is on the right track to bringing out its best for its consumers.
GO BlackBerry!

Posted using my BlackBerry Z10.

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Too many BlackBerry phone being launched at a short time. Not a good marketing strategy. Unless they need to clear all stocks before selling the Company.

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This news simply has a cannibalizing effect on the company. I'm still using a 9700 and haven’t upgraded to the Q10 for one reason alone: No UMA with my T-Mobile account. RIM just doesn't seem to get the device just right. The best device they had - IMO - was the 9000 and all they had to do was improve that design and for me, they simply blew it. They eliminated one of the speakers from the 9900 and worse yet, it wasn't offered on TMO or I might've upgraded at that time but without UMA, it's the older BBs for me while I'm still with TMO. I've been with them for 8+ years and their rates simply can't be beat and I make up for poor reception with Wi-Fi/UMA. I'll keep my 9700 as long as RIM/BB is still servicing the devices. Good Luck BB and do your best not to become the next Palm.

I have a Z10 on T-Mobile and can make wi-fi calls. It wouldn't at first but once they added my address to the 911 file it started to work.

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Anti-Blackberry posters are on a rampage once again on Seeking Alpha. I don't get how people can turn a positive into a negative. Things like this hurt the BBRY brand.

The Z10 is amazing, best full touch screen out hands down.

The Q5 model should never have been existed, if its price could not be made dirt cheap due to BB10 hardware requirements. (read: free Q5 for multi-year mobile contracts).

To reach that very low price point, just have a refurbished Bold 9900 or updated Bold 9900 model that is dirt cheap, runs BB7.

If you want an up to date BlackBerry device, upgrade to the Top Of The Line Q10.

The Q5 is in No Man's Land, stuck between the new BlackBerry 9720 and the Q10.
No wonder Q5 does not sell !

The Q5 model should never have been existed, if its price could not be made dirt cheap due to BB10 hardware requirements.

Actually, I still don't know why BB10 phones are so expensive. They are dual core not quad, they run on relatively inexpensive hardware, 8MP cameras, 720p screens (and even smaller, in the case of the Q10), etc. Why on earth do they cost the same as other better spec'd phones at launch?

If someone can explain that, I'd be eternally greatful.

I understand that BB10 doesn't need better hardware to run effectively and runs just fine on the hardware we have today, so why can't BlackBerry use that to their advantage and sell devices at a lower price?

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Let’s see, the Q5 has a better battery, twice as much internal memory (2 GB vs. 1 GB), similar dual-core CPU (1.2 vs. 1.3 GHz) and the display has a similar though slightly better resolution than the iPhone 5. The primary camera is not quite as good as the iPhone (5 megapixel vs. 8 MP) but the front camera is better (2 MP vs. 1.2 MP). Video capture is the same on both phones at 1080p @30fps. The Q5 has NFC which the iPhone does not and as of right now the Q5 has BBM which the iPhone is still waiting for. The Q5 is BlackBerry's low-end phone but it has comparable/better specs yet is priced much lower than an iPhone 5. BB10 phones don't seem too expensive to me.

You claimed that BlackBerry prices its phones the same as better spec'd phones at launch. I gave an example of a phone (Q5) that is priced below a competitors flagship device. "Ludicrously expensive" is obviously a subjective term but neither the Z10 nor Q10 were more expensive at launch then the competition's highest priced phones. The Z10 was, arguably - by fans of this site, I'm sure - the best device on the market at launch while there is - also arguably - no competition for the Q10 so I'm not sure what you are comparing them to or why they wouldn't be priced even higher.

My argument is simple: "Why would anyone (except BlackBerry fans) but a new unproven OS that is the same price as better spec'd (in their minds) more established players in the market." I'm referring specifically to the Q10 and Z10. They were simply more expensive than the competitors and as we all know from the BlackBerry numbers reported, they haven't sold as well as anticipated. So higher prices are not so subjective afterall.

If you are releasing and uproven product to market (no matter how good it is), it's a very risky strategy to price it at the same price, or even higher than competitors on the market.

I'll give you 2 examples. 1. the Surface RT tablets. They are pretty good products, exceptional build quality, etc, but they simply flopped because they were just "too expensive" compared to the iPad and other Android tablets. 2. The kindle fire (and siblings) these things flew off the shelves because they were darn cheap. I believe Amazon sells these at a loss just so they can sell their wares from I'm not suggesting that BlackBerry sells their phones for a loss. However, if I'm a "normal" consumer and I see an iPhone vs a new Z10, and they are both the same price, the question I'd ask myself is, "why on earth would I buy a BB10 device?". If the Z10 was like £50 cheaper, then at least you will get their attention.

Also, the other point I'd make is this, since BB10 phones are indeed lower spec'd than say, other Samsung android phones on the market (Dual core vs. Quad core, lower resolution screen, etc) why isn't the hardware cheaper to produce?! (That's an actual question and not a rhetorical one). Hence that reduced cost should be passed on to the consumer.

That's the point I'm trying to make. "Too expensive" is not subjective at all. Just look at BB10's last quarters sales.

Also, why doesn't BlackBerry sell phones directly to customers off their website?! If they did this, they will simply bypass all the "it's the carriers fault" for delays of availability of phones. The users will simply go onto the website and buy a phone and stick in whatever sim they want (if like I mentioned before, the price was pretty competitive).

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"Why would anyone (except BlackBerry fans) but a new unproven OS...?" They would only do so if they believed it is a better OS (get more) and/or it is a more affordable option (pay less), no? Supply and demand. BlackBerry decided not to make the Z10/Q10 more affordable at launch and relied on people understanding it was a better OS with better specs than one of the top-selling alternatives (iPhone 5). It was a strategy which if it worked would bring great rewards. I think it is safe to say the company's success at getting that message out there has been underwhelming so far. They have a portfolio that allows them to take a second approach with the Q5 (iPhone 5-like specs, same great BB10 OS, much lower price).

As to your question about why BlackBerry (or iPhones, or any other manufacturer for that matter) would not sell for less than a Samsung with better specs I would point out that most other manufacturers do not have the scale and resources to be profitable at Samsung (and Nokia) price points. That is why we have seen consolidation in the industry - competitors price too low to be sustainable and eventually have to fold. If you want to compete in an industry where price is the only differentiator (i.e. using the same Android OS as everyone else) then you have to have the scale and resources to make the hardware profitable at the lowest possible price. The alternative is to differentiate and compete on something other than price. That is what BlackBerry, Apple and to some extent Nokia are doing. The strategy seems to have worked well for Apple, be gaining traction for Nokia after a few years of trying, and at just a few months in is still in the early stages for BlackBerry. Time will tell.

I can only guess at why BlackBerry doesn't make a push to sell direct to consumer, but my guess is it is because their biggest customers are the carriers and they value and want to nurture those relationships.

I think we are making some of the same points. Yes consumers would indeed buy stuff if they perceived the product to be better and/or it was simply cheaper. However, as a new OS in this space, I'm not sure that BlackBerry made the right decision of trying to peddle their wares as better to users (even though you and I know that they are indeed better :D). I reffer back to the Surface RT point that I made earlier.

Also, there is the (not so) small question of the ecosystem too. If Z10 and iPhone are the same price, the next question a user would ask is "can I get all my apps on BB10" and unfortunately, then and now, the answer is still a "no". Although things are improving everyday.

If the BlackBerry phones were simply cheaper, the conversation might be "oh well I can't get all my apps, but I'm saving £50 bucks (say), I can live with that). Then it's a slightly different conversation.

Perhaps their first set of products could have been loss leaders to at least get BB10 into the hands and minds of consumers, before then releasing other higher priced phones. Although a counter argument to the point I just made is TESLA. They started from the top end.

What I do find interesting about Nokia (since you mentioned them) is how they are trying to differentiate themselves from the competition in a unique and tangible way (from a user's perspective). I'm reffereing to their cameras here. Old Nokias were synonymous with ease of use, New WP7 Nokias are synonymous with great cameras. This is also a somewhat simple message to get across to consumers (have a look about their Nokia camera adverts on TV). Perhaps this is one of the things that is helping driving their sales.

I'm not too sure what "tangible" thing that BlackBerry is trying to sell to consumers as "better than"the competitors. You and I know there are loads though, a simple example is the Hub. (I don't think that I can function properly if I switch back to a phone with a non-universal Hub inbox!). However, for a new prospective user, I'm not too sure if they "get that". I don't have a marketing background so I'm not sure what can be done in this area.

As for direct sales to consumers, you're right, I still can't quite get my head around why they don't do this, surely it can't be that difficult or expensive for BlackBerry to setup. And perhaps that would boost sales as well. This might even lead to less fragmentation a la iOS.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Native Q10 and Z10) -

How to instantly get millions of new BB10 users for marketshare, kickstart BB10 Apps momentum yet again:

Why don't BlackBerry just do a world-wide Trade-In Plan for all its existing 70+ million BlackBerry users? I'm sure millions would convert.

This should be the "loss leader" strategy BlackBerry should use.

The main problem right now is that the vast majority of BlackBerry's "old" BB7 users are refusing to upgrade to BB10 devices. This is the number#1 problem right now.

If BlackBerry BB7 users won't upgrade to BB10 devices, how can one expect to poach users from Andr*id and iPh*ne user base?

BB10 is said to be more efficient (similar to Apple iOS), therefore, does not require the same processing power to do the same tasks as say, Windows or Android.

With regards to the camera, this is more a factor of lens, aperture, quality of glass, etc, than mere 'mega-pixels'. Look it up.

Hope that helps.

Could be just that the sales channels have been filled. These guys are always just guessing a bit. It's not panic time.

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I really do think the blackberry will succeed in the long run, I mean when ya think about it, blackberry has taken their reinvention very seriously. They reinvented themselves and created an entire line of devices and OS from scratch, I think what is kind of creating it's large amount of doubt is people have so many high hopes (myself included) that we expect blackberry to basically take off running and come back straight to the number one spot. Things like this take time and patience. It takes months and possibly years to see a turnaround of any company, and I think that's what's happening

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Hard to believe that production would be cut right now unless sales of the Q10 and Q5 are virtually non-existent. The Q5 is still rolling out to new countries as I type this and has been on the market only a month. The Q10 has only been in the USA a very short time and has yet to launch on Sprint.

Plus, if they plan to launch the Z30 this year (personally I hope they scrap it), then they better have that thing in production by now.

So I don't see how at this time there should be any production cuts on anything other then maybe the Z10, but the ramp up of the Q5 and the Z30 going into production should more then make up for it.

If BlackBerry 10 demand is fading with consumers this fast and not accelerating, BlackBerry won't be around long enough to fulfill any pent up demand in enterprise. It's not enterprise that drives the market anymore. It's the consumer market that is driving enterprise sales.

Very few companies are going to wait "a year or two" for their mobility strategy. We've already been waiting two years. On top of all this, the Bold 9900 is officially end of life, according to Bell Mobility, and will only be available for another 2-3 months. After that, the options for a BB7 device are slim to none. We can't just all of a sudden migrate to BB10. BlackBerry has made it difficult to migrate to BB10. You need another server and they double charge you for licensing even though they say you can migrate your licenses for free - you still have to pay increased maintenance costs. On top of all this, Bell, Rogers, and Telus have all started charging a new "NOC Access" fee of $10 per device to gain access to a BES. We just learned this late last week.

We've been testing BES10 (BDS and UDS) since it was in Beta. It's not a reliable MDM solution. In fact, we are shutting it down and removing all BB10 devices as we've been waiting long enough for a decent update.

We've decided on Windows Phone 8 for our comany issued devices and are now looking at AirWatch, MobileIron, and Sophos as our MDM solution. We're deploying Microsoft's Forefront UAG to gain access to our network's applications via mobile devices and starting to plan a BYOD strategy as well.

I just read yesterday that BB has lowered the CAL cost per device for BES10 making it a cheaper solution than MobileIron this not the case?

No, it's not the case at all. The licenses need to be converted for those of us who already own BES5. Then you pay a higher maintenance. Then you have to pay a "NOC Access fee" through your mobility provider (as per Bell Mobility rep last week - it's a new fee).

It's cheaper to go with a SaaS model and pay a subscription. No hardware or software is required on premise. No need for a DR plan, clusters, or backups. Although the cost per user could be slightly higher (which in most cases it's not), the overall expense is much lower since you're not paying for operating systems, maintenance, servers, power, networking, labour, backups, etc.

Ok.....window 8 is the biggest pc of crap MS has produced to date. If you had to update your server for BES10 then it needed up update anyhow. Microsoft and their useless window updates, are always causing huge issues in our office, along with out dating other software and hardware for no valuable reason. MS is responsible for more good hardware being trashed around the world and for what. A letter is still a letter, an excel spreadsheet is still a spreadsheet etc. They have so many ribbons in their software now, there is no screen left to actually work. Good luck to anyone who begs for a Windows solution!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

You sir, have absolutely no clue. There's no "update" for BES5 to BES10. It's an entirely new server. They do not function as one. Therefore it is a requirement to have both running unless you want to do a mass rollout of BB10 devices and perform a clean sweep to convert your licenses from BES5 CALs to BES10 CALs. And even then you're paying a higher maintenance cost. And that's just the BDS side of things. Small organizations can't go out and spend thousands on a server, operating system, maintenance, and labour. If it was a simple upgrade, then yes, it would be much easier. But then again, the additional $10 a month per device is a showstopper for most companies.

As for your Windows Updates comments, that's just ignorant. Every operating system and application require maintenance. BES is updated numerous times a year, more frequently than MIcrosoft's Exchange, SharePoint, and many other applications. I have no idea what you're referring to with Excel, your statements make little to no sense.

And just to top this all off, BES runs on Windows. The infrastructure at BlackBerry runs on Windows.

You should really avoid commenting on things you have absolutely no knowledge on. You look like a fool.

As for your iPhone comment, I beleive you. I ditched my iPhone last year for a Nokia Lumia 920 and a z10. But the z10 didn't last long, since my BES10 server will be shutting down at the end of the month.

Correct, You can not upgrade " BES5 to BES10." It is a New install.

Our Company abandoned BES5 last year do to cost of keeping it running when 99% of Office people were no longer using there old 9 series devices. We now have BYOD policy. Saved $ money going that route. This is the future like it or not.

I don't understand this byod bs. Byod cost u money so why would u go for byod. It just doesn't make sense.

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Costing who Money ? Most everyone today has a smartphone. For a Company to buy smartphones for there employees is going to increase there cost not save them any. Also another thing to consider is that it does not matter if you BYOD or are issued a Device from the company. When you are using there Network there is no such thing as " BB is more secure" Your Data and everything else passing through you device is readily available to the IT staff. In the case where they provide you with a Device ( BB, Iphone, Android ) then even your Calls can be screened.

BYOD does not mean the devices are unmanaged. There is a cost to supporting mobile infrastructure. In many cases, allowing for BYOD can make is more expensive because you need to build a secure infrastructure that supports multiple platforms. That may be possible with one software stack but you have multiple policies, configurations, exceptions to the normal rule, etc etc that all need tested and managed on an ongoing basis. This is all more expensive than delivering a single standard. Further, even BYOD has limits to what devices one can "bring". Not all phones implement certificate based authentication the same, for example. Finding these limits, testing, possibly buying devices, adjusting published policies, supported device lists. All of these things have cost. All that considered, it may still be less expensive than corporate issues phones but BYOD is FAR from free.

Flexible, secure and cheap - pick two.

Well if you think that is the case then so be it. I can not teach you about Network security and infrastructure but I would recommend that you read up on it so that at least you can educate your self a bit on the matter.
You seem to imply that with BYOD devices there can be no Data Security.
Cisco ,among others have been at the top of this field for long time and certainly know a few things about Network Data Security.
I'm just amazed at how die hard BB fans seem to think there is No Security unless your using a BB device. Just crazy.
Maybe start with this, and keep researching.

Like it or not, BYOD is the future. Why should I give an employee a work device, pay a monthly bill, and also pay to manage it? And then on top of all that the employee forwards the damn thing to their personal device and sets up ActiveSync to retreive their email? This is the problem most of us are facing. Myself included.

I don't want to use a BlackBerry or an iPhone. I want to use what I want to use. Supporting multiple mobile operating systems is not a mangement headache at all. In fact, I spend less time supporting our BYOD testing than I do sending BlackBerry Bold 9900's away for repair.. I'm not joking...

Leave it to crackberry to spin bad news about BlackBerry into good news . A true sign of a fanboy.

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Slow down all they want......then they have to make new phones

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Hmmmm, wasn’t Misek the biggest cheerleader telling people that BlackBerry was going to sell a whole pile of phones in the last quarter based on his "channel checks", only to be proven most wrong of anyone? Now his latest channel checks and projections are being given credence again? Any article repeating an analysts predictions should have a section summarizing the last 10 predictions made by said analyst and comparing same to actual results.

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Did you know that BlackBerry has recently cut the cost of their enterprise CALS down to $19 from $99! That is an extremely good deal and their current 10.1 MDM suite is the best in the market ! Don't kid yourself with Windows Phone, it's not even enterprise ready (enterprise pack is due sometime in 2014) and has no VPN, bit of a joke really. You say you'll use Airwatch or something else to manage them? If so, be prepared to pay a lot but if money is no object then fair enough. However, I suspect that you don't work for a fortune 500 where cost is a strong factor. I find managing/upgrading a 19,000 strong fleet of BlackBerry devices is very easily managed using BES 10 - and UDS will serve us well for those that prefer the BYOD approach. The prices of the current BlackBerry 10 device lineup will surely come down in the months ahead when BlackBerry ramp up their enterprise offerings. I would not jump into the Microsoft offering just yet!

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You can see my replies above. We've already completeled our cost analysis. BlackBerry was not a cost effective solution, even at a discount price. Remember, yearly maintenance, operating system, infrastrucuture, disaster recovery, clusters, and backups! Everyone seems to be forgetting about support. And you need that for BlackBerry!

Windows Phones do not require VPN. Although VPN is coming, DirectAccess and UAG is far more superior than VPN.

Windows Phone 8 is a great solution for the Enterprise. It still lacks a few things for some Enterprises, such as those who run Cisco or Juniper VPN solutions. But for most of us, it's great. Plus the People Hub, SharePoint and Office integration is perfect for us. Any company looking to make the switch should highly consider Mirosoft's scalable solutions. They are really the only other option to BES. BES is by far easier to implement, and I won't argue that. But Microsoft's solution has so much more potential. I just wish it was easier to implement. BlackBerry could have had this, but they chose to ignore the market and continue doing what they've always done. Now they're years and years behind and lacking solutions such as AirWatch and MobileIron are gaining more and more marketshare. I believe we will be focusing mostly on Sophos. We've already trialed MobileIron and AirWatch. Both are nice solutions but are not layed out well from a management side. They are, should I say, BES-like consoles where options are hard to find.

Some argue that they should also develop a device for Android whilst BB10 can be targeted to the enterprise market. Perhaps things would change then. Given the on-going divestment efforts, I doubt management will be motivated to improve sales and marketing. I foresee cash burn as the adoption of BES10 appears weak.

Having said that, both Z10 and Q10 is still out of stock at certain areas in Kuala Lumpur. I hope this isn't due to slowing device production. Q5 fail miserably. Completely overpriced for a cheap piece of device.

Any investment into Android will be the final nail in the coffin of BlackBerry. Remember this. Android is Samsung. There is no market for anyone else there.

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BB's investment is non existent as is. Android has nothing to do with it. I can't see other platform turn it around for BB anymore. It has gone way past that. There is no turning back now and they know it.
I disagree with your mentality of no money in Android. Reminds me of the VHS / BETA days.

" Any investment into VHSd will be the final nail in the coffin of BlackBerry. Remember this. VHS is JVC. There is no market for anyone else there. "

That is just silly. Ive people with Sony ,HTC, LG , even an Huawei smartpone. BB Z10 ? Ive seen 1 person.

Slowing down production on the BB10 devices, dropping the prices on the BES CALs, now they need to drop the price on the BB10 devices. Q5 $300 (and that is high), Z10/Q10 $400. Sorry BlackBerry but in the long time it took you to react to the Android and iOS threat, you lost your status as a premium brand that can demand high prices. You must put in the hard work and competitive pricing to get you back to that point again. The arrogance and/or greed you are currently working under will be your downfall.

Agreed, except I think it is too late now. We are talking 2 yrs before they can ever hope to mount another push. All the signs point to a sell off and most likely Software future for BB , i dont see them staying in it making Hardware.

BBRY will not be the next Palm - but probably the next Nintendo. The past dominance, industry-leading innovation and quality, devoted customer base and big home market, being counteracted by lacklustre marketing, and blinkered management.

The Z10 is an N64, don't worry, the DS and Wii are just around the corner.

Just pray they don't become Sega.

BB is not Nintendo. Not even close. They love to be 1/4 of Nintendo if that would be possible. How did you ever compare a Mobile phonemaker with a Game Console maker ?

Carrier sales support is atrocious. Was in 3 Canadian carrier stores yesterday. None had a live working demo phone. The screens all looked scratched and scuffed, the sales staff were basically trying to talk me out of a blackberry product. I've contacted Jeff Gadway, head of product marketing and John at insider sales head office to inform them of this. Neither have replied back. It's like they don't care. This is a MASSIVE problem. So yeah, no wonder they're cutting production.

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With incredible new products, 150m shares short, a ceo with incentives to sell, and a billionaire board member wanting to buy...... just seems like a few people are going to make a killing and many will loose...... this launch has not made sense to me from day one..... timing, marketing, pricing etc....... why is it that cnbc idiots can only bash this brand when it's bb10 os is superior to anything on the market..... i was an apple iPhone user up to the 5..... z10 is far superior....... apps are an issue but a careful analysis says it's about negative media and a failure to invest in in store representation ...... the guys at Att and best buy etc know nothing about the non working display units....... come on BlackBerry, give us a better fight....

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You view is dead on, but the question is why can't they fight back? What if TH announced tomorrow: We are keeping all of the UI of BB10, keyboard, menus, swipe etc. but in 6 month we will deliver an OS update that allows for direct download and play of Android Apps from the Google Play store.

In my view this is the only thing that would end the nightmare of negative press.

Then people would say OK it runs Android Apps let's compare it to Android. Having used both, in my view BB10 is better.

well that would be suicide

remeber bbry doesn't make money on the google play store

app world is the only place where bbry can get 30% of the cut of sales per app

If it wasn't for Crackberry, I wouldn't have known that the Q5 was released in Canada, and I live here!! No back to school commercial? No back in black!? If BlackBerry would spend some time to show their devices then maybe sales would follow!

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Can we just sum it up as, "unfettered capitalism has ruined the world, we're pleased to see reasonable growth and responsible manufacturing by a company who, like craft beer makers, make small batches of the best beers, in this case it's smartphones and the master craftsmen work for BlackBerry."

The world is no longer a place where "unlimited greed" is what works good to drive it, can't you see that it has been a disaster (it being capitalism)? Can't people stop being blind idiots? No, they clearly can't until that population of ****head morons slowly dies off and unfortunately my life has to be lived during the absolute worst period of human absurdity in the history of human beings as I sit and wait, thinking "why can't this be faster, why can't the dead weight be gone, I can't live like them, so I don't. What a wasted life lived among complete idiots who call somebody who's blunt and truthful, a troll."

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While I admire the loyalty and enthusiasm of the BB folks here, slowing down production is " NEVER" a sign that things are ok. BB is deep in it and they know it. The only value they may have left or future is to exist as a software only platform .

If Peter Misek is correct ( I only say if because I don't know if this has been confirmed ) does he mean ALL devices ? or just a particular model ?
Slowing down device production sounds like as in 1 ? or is he referring to over all production ?

I don't believe analysts. They are just guessing.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

Have to even the app playing field and market this information. No sideloading stuff. Just have the most popular apps available in appworld and demonstrate this in commercials and social media. Tired of hearing about this 3. something billion in the bank. Spend some of it to even the app playing field. That should increase demand for these devices.

That "spike" was incredibly blunt if you ask me. No kidding the Q5 didn't/isn't sell(ing) good, if someone wanted a cheap piece of plastic with crappy camera, a physical keyboard, small screen, low specs and no apps they would have bought an OS7 device! You would think the majority of this company just got out of high school. Actually it probably would be better if they did, then they would have a decent idea of how to market to that particular demographic.

You do realize that the Q5 is BlackBerry's low-end phone but it has comparable/better specs and is priced much lower than an iPhone 5, right?

The Q5 has a better battery, twice as much internal memory (2 GB vs. 1 GB), similar dual-core CPU (1.2 vs. 1.3 GHz) and the display has a similar though slightly better resolution than the iPhone 5. The primary camera is not quite as good as the iPhone (5 megapixel vs. 8 MP) but the front camera is better (2 MP vs. 1.2 MP). Video capture is the same on both phones at 1080p @30fps. The Q5 has NFC which the iPhone does not and as of right now the Q5 has BBM which the iPhone is still waiting for.

Call it a cheap phone if you want but just because it is not sandwiched between two pieces of glass doesn't mean it has "low specs". It has iPhone 5-like specs at a low-end price.

Well that's nice. No one was or is comparing a Q5 to an iPhone. FYI an iPhone 5 has pretty low specs. This is like comparing a Chevet to a K-car. Why do specs never matter to BBRY users unless they're being compared to something worse...?

No, you were implying that a phone will struggle because it has low specs. I am pointing out that a very obvious example of a phone with similar or worse specs to the Q5 that manages to sell well exists. Your thesis has been disproved. Stay in school.

I "inferred" that the Q5 won't sell because it's a BlackBerry. The specs were but a small example. Keep studying for that GED, you'll pass some day.

Oh, I see. So your criticism had nothing to do with the actual device but rather boils down to: "The people that work at BlackBerry are stupid because they keep trying to sell phones that are made by BlackBerry." Does one need an MBA to come up with constructive insights like that?

Assuming Misek is close to the mark, an inference is that enterprise uptake from free BES 10 trials is not going well. I believe BES 10 is not backwards compatible, so if BES 10 was well received, I would think that adoption would drive OS 10 device production up as there should be pent up enterprise demand from a long upgrade cycle from OS 07 devices.....perhaps the new OS 07 device is primarily for enterprise that wish to stay with the old platform?

BES10 is not backwards compatible. I have users that just bought a Bold 9800 - or whatever the it is - so that means I have to have TWO BES platforms for at least two more years in addition to the Mobile Iron MDM we installed two or three years ago? Three MDM solutions? That's just stupid.

Sure BES10 is adding support for other platforms but more importantly Mobile Iron - which manages 90% of the devices we have deployed recently (IOS and Android) - has added support for BES devices. I wonder which way we'll end up going?

Sad, really. I was excited about BES10 when it was announced. Too bad the execution has been so painful.

The hardware isn’t the issue. They can stop making phones for another 5 years for all I care. The real issue they aren’t looking at is the fact that they need to market the products that are already out, fix the bugs on the OS for the 10, and have well known programmer’s on board to add apps that will actually rival that of the other devices, along with the apps that have been created by these big name companies that no longer see BlackBerry as a “competing device” in the mobile department. I.E: Optimum, Netflix, Skype, Oovoo, Ventrilo, and other apps the masses cry about. I blame all of these losses on the “innovators” that don’t actually use their potential because it’s just a paycheck to them, CEO included.

Lol, yes the masses have cried for Skype or do you not read the blogs about an actual Skype app and not an android ported app

i think that is good decision,keeping into mind that over inventory is overburden for bb at this point of time.
Secondly yes talking of sales,as a BB fan its little bit anxiety creator for future

I think people who might have bought the Z10 will now wait for the successor.
Find it hard to believe companies will wait one or two years to see what kind of support BBRY will get. That seems fatal.

I don't think BB users will wait 2 yrs to see about support. They/We all will know with in the next few months (sooner then later) what or where BB is headed. Things will become more clear then.
Sad and unbelievable where these supposed CEO's + board have taking this once amazing Company.
And these are people that are supposed to be brilliant ?

BB makes too many different phones. They should come out with two models a year, and build some excitement around their release.

This is the most ridiculous part of this article:

"This doesn't come off as a huge surprise, to be honest. The BlackBerry 10 launch was bound to produce a spike of interest, and now that it has mostly died down, it makes sense that production is going to take a dip. "
Um...when forecasts are made, they take into account the "spike of interest at launch" and the the "dying down afterwards". In addition, good launches don't spike in the beginning and then go back down. Yes, the curves flatten over time, but if BB10 had been a successful launch, they certainly would not be doing so yet.

Either way, forecasts are built to take into account anticipated changes in demand. The fact that they are making announcements reducing production means that sales have not hit forecasts, plain and simple.

A little objectivity might help when reporting on business matters and obvious ramifications of announcements.

Accurate forecast or not, any product with a finite life cycle will have a period when production ramps up and a time when production slows down. As sure as night follows day a slowdown in production is inevitable. Try not to get caught up in a story that is not really newsworthy and lacks sufficient context. Newsflash: virtually every major manufacturer in the world is slowing down or stopping production of something or other right now and those that aren't have a time line for when they will.

Its seams next quarter will be catastrophic for BB!

In other hand Apple will have the best launch ever with the new iPhone line-up 5S+5C.

In Europe BB is already dead!

BlackBerry should re-engineer her business model into luxury smartphone manufacturing. The brand is distinctive like Burberry, Rolls Royce, Rolex,...

They are cutting costs to preserve the bottom line as production costs are a major drain on cash going forward. Much of this drain is contractual so cutting production may not immediately hit their bottom line unless they can renegotiate some existing production contracts. Time is working against them as far as cash drain is concerned in this regard. Heins job now is to sell the company, his contract provisions gave him a safety net if sales did not turn the tide. Sales did not and now there is no alternative but sale. The much vaunted cash on hand figures often do not take into account committed production contracts and that is what it all comes down to, at least for sale of the hardware division. There are no saviors out there, just scavengers. Probably worth more selling off pieces, rather then an intact sale.

I'm frustrated, I paid about 600€ for my Z10 and now is 200€. After 4 months they cut off more than 60%.
How people should trust a company who's always dropping the prices like hell.
Even with this cuts no one is buying them, because know they are to cheap.

Well u will have more sells if u added the apps that people have been asking for smart guys I have the BlackBerry z10 it's amazing how it works but it's missing the apps that we all use to conversate whit other devices then u will c more people but more blackberrys

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The iPhone sucks they can't come up whit nothing impressive it's all the same it's plane all they did is made the screen bigger and raise up the price not like blackberry a new platform the way u browse threw the phone it's something new the only thing it lags it's the apps that's it

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