BlackBerry reportedly met with Facebook over potential bid

By Adam Zeis on 29 Oct 2013 02:01 pm EDT

The WSJ is reporting that BlackBerry executives met with Facebook last week over a potential bid. We're waiting on more details, but if the rumor holds true then we can add Facebook to the ever-growing list of companies that may be interested in scooping up BlackBerry. 

The deal with Fairfax Financial should pan out one way or the other in just about a week, and BlackBerry has reportedly heard interest from other big name companies like Google, Cisco and even Mike Lazaridis. 

The rumor comes with no other details, so whether anything will come of this is unknown. BlackBerry still has until next Monday to actively seek any other offers.

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BlackBerry reportedly met with Facebook over potential bid



Facebook will back their resources for their own needs. They surely not interested in selling BlackBerry phones

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Network and BBM would be all they would be interested in.

I think a LOT of companies are interested in pieces of BlackBerry, few want the hassle of having to deal with all of the other portions that they don't want. So they take a look now, see what is going on and it put them in a better position to make a deal with the new owners.

I agree Facebook is interested in BBM and probably BlackBerry's secure network.

Pretty all the companies are interested in a few of BlackBerry's assets like either their patents, NOC, BBM and BB 10 OS. No one wants their handset business.

"No one wants their handset business."

You don't get secure service without the handsets - or at least BB10.

So whatever may be in the media about the death of BlackBerry handsets - it isn't true.

The only reason BB10 hasn't done reasonably well is because of the doubt over the corporations existence. Once that is sorted - hopefully we'll know by the end of next week - you'll see movement on handsets.

Agreed 100%. Their marketing is pretty much non existent. They should have come out of the dark fighting with ads and commercials ever where. Instead I saw a crappy Superbowl Commercial. I've seen better marketing from a mature on YouTube. Smh....

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But no one has shown interest in a Facebook phone either... They would buy BB and gut it.

I know this is hard to accept, but the phones are NOT selling well.

It is what it is.

Yup that's bec they re not in. Not cool. BlackBerry took too long to come out with BB 10 and therefore ruined the reputation as having slow dinosaur phones. Most ppl are either talking about iPhone's or Samsung Galaxy s3/s4 phones running Android.

And of course the marketing at the launch and after definitely did not help promote the BB 10 OS properly. Waste of hundreds of millions dollars

Marketing 101.. let people know that you even have a touch screen phone. I met a whole family today in Toronto who didn't know it existed. I told them blackberry has had touch screen phones for 4 years and this current one has been out 9 months. They were surprised!! That is 90% of North America's perception

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Corporate survival 101... don't get killed. Facebook has far, far, far less interest in securing a position in hardware than it does in preventing BlackBerry from secruing a position in social networking. With BBM dominating the top download charts who do you think is most at risk of getting killed? If there is anything on the horizon that spells the death of FB it is BBM. At this point, one way or another, facebook has to be right on top of this development.

Security doesn't necessarily come from there handsets It comes from the secure servers and software.

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Not sure I agree. They were working on their own phone a few years back..

Remember "Buffy"?

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Exactly, facebook has been trying to break into the mobile phone market for a while now with no success. Purchasing BlackBerry will allow them to accomplish this as well as improve their security and messaging capabilities. This is actually the first potential buyer that I think could keep BlackBerry how it is while giving them the resources to finally break through to the consumer market.

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Yes, given facebooks privacy past, I dont even know if I would carry a BlackBerry if they owned it!

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"Purchasing BlackBerry will allow them to accomplish this"

How? In general, the market has reacted to the concept of a FB phone and has not been successful. Why would FB continue to throw good monies after bad?

Because facebook's current business model is not going to last forever and they know this. They need to get in control of mobile. Right now they are at the mercy of Apple and Google/Samsung. Having a well developed OS that they control allows them to be in complete control and prevent any other company from forcing them to do anything because of the different app stores and their policies.

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Tomorrow is their earning report,thier market cap is 122.32B,if they know they will have a good one and their stock shoots up 10%,thats 12B and change,what the hell, spend that increase and buy one of the best Co's in the world,just like that!!!And as far as the CEO is concerned ,who would you rather have?

The day FB buys BlackBerry is the day I cry...the day FB is approve and begins to take if BlackBerry operations is the day I smash my Z10 into itty-bitty pieces.

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People choose to post personal information on Facebook. Facebook does not force you to do such a thing. So it's the individual responsibility to ensure THEY stay secure and private. Either way BBM and BBRY's BB10 stays secure regardless who buys BBRY.

Remember, they can insert backdoors to track everything that's happening on the phone. Jewbook is a collector, Mails, numbers, names, business contacts etc. I won't use a phone OS which can and will be altered by jewbook to squeeze as much as they can out of their "surprisingly unknowing" users.

Log into FB OS 10.3 with Facebook only - could be true haha

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Did you really just say "Jewbook"?


This site is really going into the sh*tter...

EXACTLY!!! It's so disgusting, pathetic and sad that some people here have said "it could be good," or things like that. WTF?!

I could see Facebook buying into the consumer side of BlackBerry and leaving the enterprise side for somebody else.

Then I guess we'll only be left with ofutur for our frequency/spectrum breakdowns...

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He's more than capable lol. I rely on paper sources, that dude pulls his information from the OS. How does one even do that??

I have no idea what so ever but I'm thankful for the work!

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+ 1 and infinity
Do not let untrustworthy Facebook get their grubby hands on BlackBerry!

Posted via Me on my Z

+infinity, So much for BB privacy and security. Was going to purchase my Z30 in December but now just going to wait. Revived my 9930 anyways last night!

I have to agree with you on this from a business perspective. It even makes a lot of sense. Facebook is trying to create a unified Facebook experience on Android with Facebook Home. Nobody really knows what it's all about and no manufacturer is going to recommend installing Home instead of their own launcher (Touchwiz etc.). Buying BlackBerry could be a move to own an OS from the ground up and build in perfect Facebook integration without having to deal with Google TOS. BB10 already has excellent Facebook/Linkedin contact and messaging integration. The hub is currently the only messaging center that effectively integrates Email/Facebook messages in such a way as to allow Facebook messages to be handled with the immediacy normally reserved for dedicated messaging services. Not only that but as I said, the contacts/calendar applications are already well optimized with Facebook. It is really only the Facebook app itself that is inferior on BB10 and if BB10 is purchased by Facebook you can bet there will be some seriously quick R&D put into this.

Just my thoughts.

Just a thought; LinkedIn would be better... there all about the business clients & Business networking. LinkedIn plus BBM & BBM Channels and deep integration with BB10. Business meeting via BBM Video through LinkedIn contacts etc. Companies could do on the spot interviews with potential employees.

BBM could be very valuable to Facebook. Could be worth alot more than the 1 billion they paid for Instagram.

They're probably just interested in BBM. Integrating that into Facebook would present some interesting opportunities.

Do you not know about facebook's long history of trying to create/develop a facebook phone. I believe facebook is looking at BlackBerry partly because of the hardware business.

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Facebook is likely not interested in hardware but knows it's a necessary evil to fulfil their mobile vision.

Facebook isn't even releasing a simple app such as Instagram what would you expect them to do better owning BlackBerry that's a big joke

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Make them double doors, I'm sure there will be many users running for them. I'd consider not even using a phone anymore depending on how things play out.

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Yeah, me too.

Might be a Lumia for me.

No Apple on principle. I don't believe in their style they wish to portray. Google? They are level 50 dataminers, battling it out with FaceBook.

At least Lumia has the XBOX in their ecosystem.

BlackBerry Bold 9900; Q10; Z10 [BBM#6]

Well I for one will be going for a DynaTAC. From the days when Motorola was free of its evil overlord. Plus it'll double up as a self defense weapon.

If FB buys BBRY, I bet they will let BBRY operate like a separate entity, just like IG, but with the muscle behind it. Of course FB will tap into the BlackBerry know-hows for its own "in-house" use.

That would be Ideal, I'd prefer if BlackBerry wouldn't sell to anyone.

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Facebook would be horrible. Please not them. I want BB for security and privacy. FB is the antithesis of those.

Perhaps but I would prefer to retain my privacy from the social world.

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If they sell to one of these companies then the word security shouldn't be associated with them anymore, facebook behind google is probably the worst at using and selling peoples info.

A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

I think it's dumb. Always have. A camel may look ungainly, but it's designed to survive in a harsh environment that would kill a horse relatively quickly.

Yeah, I think BBry could do with some of those survival traits.

If that's true and FB Bid for BlackBerry than BlackBerry is definitely dead for me and I buy Windows Phone.

Posted via BlackBerry Z810

Why? Facebook might save Blackberry. The former has a lot of resources to deploy for marketing BlackBerry phones.

I heard a few people say the windows phone was good, tried my friends Nokia 920 WP...seriously was not impressed at all. Bb10 is way better.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.


But a company like Cisco it's much less likely. Nothing is guaranteed and maybe every company that makes a hid just wants pieces and patents.

But I think we can all agree that what most hold sacred with BlackBerry, its security, would be nonexistent if Facebook held all the cards.


If security is such a big deal, and I agree it is, why is it then that so many people are leaving or not "attracted" to BBRY? It can't be all about apps and games right?

Sadly,I think a lot of people simply don't care.

A lot of the people I work with (and this is in the fraud department of a major financial institution) don't even care. I see on a daily basis what identity theft does to people as do my colleagues and they still don't care. Why would those so ignorant to something like that actually care?

When I talk about how I didn't install X app because it (needlessly) requested Y permission(s) I get the cookie cutter "tinfoil hat" response. Maybe I am overly cautious, but I do find security to be my number one priority. I like my mobile device to make things more convenient, but not at such a great cost.

Will they keep BB10? Why would they? Someone has an idea? Or will they only want BBM to add it to their network?

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Probably both. The biggest benefit to Facebook to buy BlackBerry would be to further developer relations. By adding a mobile platform that they own, they can take existing relations with those who develop apps for Facebook's desktop site and intertwine them. It has the potential to be huge. It would benefit BlackBerry 10 owners in the form of potentially more apps along with (presumably) a FB app second to none.

I hope NOT. That could only mean making blackberry a trivial fade! Hope BB is bought by a SERIOUS company like CISCO, IBM, General Electric etc.

Neither GE nor IBM will buy Bbry. There's no value in it. GE because BBRY is in no way in the same street in business terms as what they do. IBM because anything to do with hardware is of no interest to them because of limited to no margins. On top of it all, there is no clear strategy to monetize BBM which is going to be central to any valuation that BBRY hopes to sell itself for. A number of these companies are just looking at particular pieces and evaluating the part without considering the whole.

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Noooooo..... I dump bb same instant. my z10 will go through industrial hard disk shredder as soon as I hear any deals were made with fb. To be honest to learn that BlackBerry even considered this as an option makes me want to feed my shredder with all bb products I have in house (which is quite a few) .

I don't think the FB move would be all that great. Not sure what that company's plan would be but I don't get a good feeling about this.

Posted with my Q10

Being that Facebook phone wasn't that good, it may prove beneficial to BB to be purchased by them.

No way. This would be beyond shocking. How would facebook monetize and stay on top of the corporate dealings aspects of BB's business? I feel like they would do this for BBM and sell everything else. This move would be the end of BlackBerry for all intents and purposes.

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I don't want have to recant and/or delete all my tweets about Facebook privacy issues. Not a fan of Facebook 's business model.

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Cue the photoshop of a Blackberry surrounded by a hoodie...OH COME ON! DO I HAVE TO THINK OF EVERYTHING, HERE??

Hopefully this isn't true.

Can't really see it being true considering Facebook won't even bring a native app or Instagram to BlackBerry.

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The world's leading anti-privacy company buying the company whose phone is the best at keeping your privacy safe? Looks like I'm getting an android

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Possibly not all that bad. Use BB10 to provide a superior Facebook experience.

I understand the security concerns, but the only thing that is secure on BlackBerry that isn't on other platforms is blackberry to blackberry communication and BBM.


This would probably be one of the only things that would turn me off of BlackBerry. This or if the NSA were to buy BlackBerry...

Furrrgetaaboutit!!! Don't need my BlackBerry phone violated by fakebook! I'll be having siezures!

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Maybe not "the end" but it might take a hit. That would be the tradeoff to an expanded app catalog and the continuance of BlackBerry 10.

Beggars can't be choosers.

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Facebook be actin' a fool all day erryday, can't put out a good, user friendly update too save the company. There is a reason it has been replaced by Twitter in popular culture. Facebook is a pop flop, and I believe that this would be a terrible thing for blackberry. It will be sold out for advertising and useless apps. We need Research in Motion not a company that will sell our personal information to the highest bidder!

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BlackBerry is going to get busted for prostitution if they keep whoring themselves around like this.

This will surely piss off the remaining corporate customers.

Facebook and work don't mix.

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I don't think Facebook will buy them...just wait till Monday the 4th of November. We will know then what the future will hold.

Good for the consumer side of blackberry. Very bad for the business and corporate side. They need a buyer who believes in what blackberry already has to offer but is realistic about not trying to match Google or apple... just being passionate about offering a quality experience on quality and unique hardware and taking it to the next level.

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Can't stand Facebook, sooner they go tits up the better. Who needs the NSA when Facebook steals all your personal information. It's safe right...

That's a BIG mistake... and would really suck!!!!! if that day ever comes this long term user will NO longer be a BlackBerry user. No way will I want anything to do with that.

If they touch BB's Terms of service or Privacy policy, count me in.

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How many of these people complaining about a Facebook purchase of BlackBerry use the Facebook app or even Facebook at all. Probably 95% or more. I agree that this is not good for BlackBerry but let's be realistic. Ya'll are using facebook anyway. If not.. then you're using Twitter. Which FYI, isn't any better (security wise). If you want a global social network. The security risks are obvious! Or any global network for that matter. BBM is hackable too. Don't kid yourself.
A Cisco purchase would be much more suiting IMO.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Maybe that sounded a little harsh but I'm just being honest and realistic. I'm a HUGE BlackBerry supporter and would love to still be using a new BlackBerry device 5 years from now but the security issues we face right now are much bigger than the names like Facebook, Google, etc etc. It's the people offering money (big money) to those companies for our information that are the threat. It sucks but BBM back doors are for sale too. At the right price. It's just the world we live in. You either OPT in or out of the whole mobile computing idea. The REAL problem is. The more and more these devices are integrated into our lives the less and less secure/private we become. Doesn't matter if you own an iPhone, BlackBerry or an Android.

And that's the TRUTH

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Well on my BB device there are options. I don't allow FB, Twitter etc.. anything. My location, files, contact list etc.. So you can manage the security on apps on BB if you know what your doing. Some apps will not run if you don't let them rape your smart phone... That's what the delete option is for.

All the ones blaming privacy in case FB steps in - I hope none of you have a FB profile and therefore using their services.

For myself, I do not use FB (and yeah, my life is fine and I am still in contact with my friends) and I am using and sticking to BlackBerry since +9 years. Should BlackBerry be sold / taken over by FB (or any other shady company), I will be forced to switch... which then will result I will get a phone which only provides basic calling functionalities.

In my opinion, it seems that such news are more marketing than serious, hopefully.

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I have a facebook profile and use it, but in a limited way. I have one photo on it and limit how much other information I post. I wouldn't want facebook monetizing the contents of my phone's calendar, contacts, location, etc...

As to my knowledge, even this photo «belongs» to FB to what I read in the news concerning their GTC, so by opening an FB account you accept this. This does not align to what I expect when using BB.

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A partnership between police departments and social media sites discussed at a convention in Philadelphia this week could allow law enforcement to keep anything deemed criminal off the Internet—and even stop people from organizing protests.

My new phone will be the Ubuntu Touch if FB becomes involved with BB!!!

Totally with ya. No fb here and I will revert to only a home phone again. And to hell with this industry. They do not own me nor will they ever. I own my BlackBerry because it allows me to decide who what and where I share info.

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I don't like Facebook period
Not as a social network but they way they operate. Forcing everyone to their changes without our consent
When people get used to a Facebook theme appearance, they switch it all of a sudden and you can't go back! Whether you like it or not
So imagine a cell phone company that does that?
It doesn't mean they will fail, i just mean that the users become sheeps who can't do anything but do whatever FB says

Posted via CB10

Well if these Sheeps are dumb enough and not leaving FB...

FB is a Marketing Platform with a "Social Network" UI. Like all the other Platforms out there it wants to Make Money - nothing more and nothing less. They need all Data they can get and then sell it: Where You live, what you like, what you do.

Yeah FB is Bad like Google, Microsoft, WhatsApp, Apple and many many more. But the real Problem is: People keep using it and keep give away their Data without getting any positive thing in Return.

As long enough dumb Idiots (or misleaded Teenager) doing it, then there is no need to change for these companies - never.

BTT: For now its all speculative. But yes should FB buy BlackBerry, I will use my Z10 till it dies but will no more update the OS as no one will ever know, what kind of program code they will put in. The first thing I always do after Loading a Leak: Erase the FB and LinkedIn C*ap. I hope something good comes around next week *fingerscrossedtiltheybroke*

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Every phone that Facebook touched turned into a turd. This will be bad for BlackBerry. Plus the FB app that comes set on BB10 devices sucks compared to their iOS and Android versions.

If Facebook gets blackberry, I'm throwing my f**king phone against the wall. I'm not one of the sheeple who freely gives up their privacy. Specially to that cancer of society.

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My BB shares are not for sale!!!!!! We should look at the timing of the meeting and what reason BB would meet with FB. I myself look at this as a partnership and not a bid for BB. Many reasons why FB and BB could partner and help each other.

Facebook acquires BlackBerry and makes Facebook and instagram exclusive to BlackBerry. People would lose their minds hahaha

Posted from my Z10

This is the worst news I've heard, in terms of potential buyers. I don't want the most secure OS and messaging network run by a kid with a track record of invading people's privacy. If they buy BB, I won't have confidence in the security anymore.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

If Facebook back BlackBerry, I am going for a different phone. Not sure what's left. Nokia is not Nokia anymore, not going for iPhone either. Maybe Samsung or Sony.

But if Facebook comes to Blackberry, it means bye bye security for me, so bye bye BlackBerry too.

The only real possible value to Facebook is bbm, maybe they're looking to sell bbm separate... bbm with Facebook and instagram integration could be something serious!

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The Mike Lazaridis option sounds better and better every past second. Keep it at home, Parents learn from their own mistakes too.

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I think this will be a good move, they have the money to put BB on the top.
Also we need cool young intelligent people, with cool ideas running this company.
Too many old school people right now driving BB to the bottom of the sea.

"Talk is cheap" applies here.

Yes, yes it is important that the Special Committee or their representatives meet with ALL potential partners/purchasers.

But, tell me do you buy every new car you look at?

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I'd move to apple before I'd own a Facebook phone. Talk about security gone to shit and data dump to us government. Oh boy

Posted via CB10 with Z10

I don't have Facebook nor do I have the app on my phone. Hope it's just talk about instagram.

Posted via CB10

Wow! This executive team is something else. IF this was a meeting for a potential sale, shame on them! There's only 1 company worse than Google to buy blackberry & that's FB!

IF it was a meeting about getting instagram on BlackBerry then, good job. My money is on the sale though!
Not much could get me to give up my BlackBerry but FB or Google is where I draw the line.

There has to be a way to get these executives removed! This is turning into a nightmare situation! Gimme a break!

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Bye bye privacy and government backing if this happens. Entreprises, maybe, but not all of them. Facebook is a young and trending company which most likely will not keep BlackBerry intact (which is what we want, but I don't trust Facebook going the right way).

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

A partnership between police departments and social media sites discussed at a convention in Philadelphia this week could allow law enforcement to keep anything deemed criminal off the Internet—and even stop people from organizing protests.

My new phone will be the Ubuntu Touch if FB becomes involved with BB!!!