BlackBerry Repair Services Now Available from!

BlackBerry Repair Services Now Available!
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Feb 2011 04:00 pm EST

Get your broken BlackBerry fixed with our selection of Repair Services!

Don't worry... I'm not actually the one doing the repairs. The experts at PDA Repair World are!

Finally! It gives me great pleasure to announce that BlackBerry Repair Services are now available via! Since literally the day CrackBerry went live four years ago our e-commerce support team has been regularly fielding phone calls and emails asking if we can fix a broken BlackBerry and if not, who can. We discovered the best surgeons in the business are PDA Repair World, so we've partnered with them to make their services available directly via our store. 

So what kind of BlackBerry ailments can be operated on? Pretty much everything! Battery Terminal Problems, Camera Issues, Housing Replacement, Keyboard Issues, Microphone & Speaker Issues, Screen Replacement, Sidekey Issues, SIM Card Issues, Trackpad & Trackball Issues, USB Port Problems and much more. And as you might hope, expedited return courier services are offered for your fixed BlackBerry. Click the link below to view all the repair services available for your BlackBerry.

Browse all BlackBerry Repair Services available at

Reader comments

BlackBerry Repair Services Now Available from!


Did I see that right? $30 for a wipe and reload? I wonder if they use BBSAK too...

Seriously though, some of these services seem like they would be amazing options. Thanks again, Team CrackBerry.

Great Idea and I know it'll bring in some serious cash. My only concern is some of the pricing is a little extreme

@ jzajac They probably do... for most owners I think the knowledge and methodology is beyond their capability as well the time required to figure how to do it, actually doing it and the risk of bricking it. The cost seems pretty low.... if I was to assume the risk of bricking a BB, for example, I'd want at least that much for anything under the hood ;) let alone the time required to perform it.

Very well done Kevin! And very smart I might add ;) I think this partnership and addon will serve well for the CB community. Good on ya guys.

I think some of those costs are way too high but my big question is will using this service maintain a users warranty. That is, is this outfit an Authorized Repair Center?

At least it is consistent with the over-priced products they already sell. I am sure that several repairs would quickly equal the price of the device.

Yea lol....trackball replacement from $50-$60 when it just cost $3 at most for a trackball and just pop out, change and pop back in.

Why spend on repairs....just buy a new one.
At least a broken BB gives an excuse to buy a new one, otherwise there seems to be no great advantage in buying a newer model as all BB's do the essential things the same way.


great service, can we Canuks access the service or are there plans to have a service provider in the Great White North...........

thanx - Ken (a Winterpeg fan)

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