Use your BlackBerry Smartphone with BlackBerry Remote to control your PS3, Android tablet and more! [video]

By Bla1ze on 20 Feb 2012 11:30 pm EST

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With the release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we knew RIM would also be updating BlackBerry Bridge to support the BlackBerry Remote feature. What we didn't know though is how exactly it worked but now that it has been released, we're getting a better sense of that. In doing some testing, we found out BlackBerry Remote doesn't only work on BlackBerry devices.

In fact, it works on pretty much any device that supports the Bluetooth HID profile. We've tested it on a few devices now -- a Motorola Xoom as shown above a PS3 and an HTC Flyer as well, though Apple devices seem locked out but maybe you just have to mess with the settings a little bit more then we did. You'll also find Windows control keys are enabled if you're using a Windows PC or making use of Splashtop HD. Plus, Mac users can get in on the love by using their device as a keyboard as well.

The best part, there is no app needed to be installed on those other devices either, you can just install and pair and you're pretty much all set to go. I'm sure a lot folks can find a use for this, have an old BlackBerry you're not using and an Android tablet? Give it a shot and see how it works out for you.

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Use your BlackBerry Smartphone with BlackBerry Remote to control your PS3, Android tablet and more! [video]

I got it to work on my PS3. It's a little more complicated to setup, but it works.

I don't get it, do you need to have a PlayBook in order to use the remote? Cause it says in the description on App World that it requires Tablet OS v2.0 to be installed to use it but I don't have a PlayBook...

EDIT: Just tried it, you can't do anything without first connecting to a PlayBook... how disappointing...

The normal browser works when you don't have wi-fi, so unless you needed the bridge browser for a specific reason it shouldn't make a difference.

You just got the BlackBerry keyboard on EVERY SINGLE Bluetooth Device with HID keyboard profile. Now these are the kind of surprises RIM has to bring into the game.

They listened!!!! This was the number one feature I wanted for the BB. An HID keyboard/mouse combo is brilliant and makes the BB handheld a must have. Doing all the web on my PS3 or X-Box without a keyboard is a real PITA. Apple iFans will drool over this one.

fruit thief will call it its own. and market it as 'revolutionary' then try to sue rim for infringement in courts. those ba*****

It is a great marketing opportunity since apple/android devices don't have keyboards. BB's have a real keyboard and now they are making it even more useful. Run with it.

OMG!!!! I just squealed like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert! More the reason to have my BB out while I am *er* Showing a presentation! :D

I just used the remote to open the crackberry app on my pb, and type this post. I am not in love... I AM IN LUST!! J/k, this is the coolest thing since sliced bread, cheese, and bologna.

Hi @Revord,

Ty from RIM here. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for BlackBerry Remote—we’re pretty excited, too! I’ve been lucky enough to test drive this application, and I love the simplicity of using my Bold 9900 like a wireless mouse to control my presentations.

As you continue to explore the new features of PlayBook 2.0, let us know what you think either here, or on Facebook ( or Twitter (@BlackBerry). Have fun!


Ty, RIM Social Media Team

Just sync'd it with my laptop that is plugged into my tv. Makes things soooo much easier to navigate the internet and definitely less bulky! Another awesome feature for the BB!

My guess - RIM didn't plan for the BB Keyboard to be paired with devices like the PS3. I think the feature was just an unintended consequence of making the phone's keyboard a HID.

press windows key is for pairing with your windows device ! now pairing with laptop working mouse scrolling windows key + D :D the only thing that will make it perfect is pinch to zoon.

hell that is awesone I no longer need my presenter ! can use blackberry to show slides

its working on my PC with win 7 as is... No setting needed. Very very nice

Written using my Bold 9700 on remote control !!!

I got it work on my mac for a few second after reconfiguring bluetooth, but now it doesn't work. Which settings do you changed?

This is the "wow" thing for me. Incredible stuff. I'm posting this using my 9900 through the Android G Slate. This thing auto corrects also. Really cool.

do you need to pair with a playbook beforehand? I paired with my tf but the bridge on bb wont start without playbook...can u guide me through please? Thanx lot

Is true, I tried to use the 9800 to use the Android G slate but Bridge wanted to connect with a Playbook first. It would not even try to connect with G Slate

this is one hell of a kickass feature i hope RIM expands even further on this possibly making more specfic features for devices such as a PS3 or maybe a company such as Logitech using their Harmony remotes creates an application that we can pay to download.

Works better than advertised. I'm happy with this. Let's see what else the production release of OS 2.0 can also perform better than advertised.

Next thing they need to do is ADVERTISE...o_O

now I wonder how using the virtual keyboard (I mean touchscreen keyboard *edited*)like in 9860 using this remote to see the demo :)

Works great on Windows 7. If you already have your BB paired, refresh your services so that Windows updates the available drivers for the BB.

To start of, is it a must to have a playbook in order to set up blackberry bridge? I installed bridge on my 9900, did the usual bluetooth pairing, and no idea how to get started. Help please :-) thank you

Very cool update by RIM on this one, been playing with this for a few minutes on my Playbook. Noticed two issues so far, I found that the scroll doesn't work on drop down boxes in forms on the Playbook. It also does not replace passwords with asterisks or characters on the BB screen as you type them into a field on the Playbook.

All in all, very cool.

What !!!!!!!!!! where can i find this information. this is a real joke.
Why would they say nothing about the delays until the day of the release.
this is happening so often that we can expect no more dates about their products in future.
Wonder whats going on with BB10 devvices..............

Just paired my 9700 to my laptop computer (Windows 7) and it worked without any tweaking. First thing I did was open up a Powerpoint presentation and I found the "presenter" mode on the phone. Very cool and will be useful for enterprise-types.

The next-generation of phones need a laser pointer added to the hardware and BANG - your blackberry is an indispensable presentation aid!

This is awesome!! I'm slowly falling back in love with blackberry(RIM)... Keep it up! Once os 2.0 comes out we will be the envy

Works great on Playbook, wonder if it will work with Bluetooth Car GPS units. This would be very convenient.

how are people getting this to work??? I don't see the option for remote control with BB Bridge version1.0.7.4

***Disregard, finally got the version 2 to load in App world***

i managed to pair the basic bluetooth settings between my 9900 and PC/android tablet. but when i try to set up the blackberry bridge remote control. it's asking me for playbook. all i wanna do is use the HID features on my android tablet and pc. must i have a playbook to proceed? thanx...

this is very cool! i wish they would bring the full blackberry bridge experience to android. it would be one more thing that would make having a blackberry cool again. bbm on your tablet? yessir!

This is all great news -- but: Unfortunately I do not have a PlayBook (yet), so I simply installed "BlackBerry Bridge". Obviously I am not able to discover, how to now get this software talking to my Win7 laptop -- all I can do there is "add new tablet", but there is no tablet being found; the Win7 laptop does not qualify at that point.

-> Any suggestions on how to get this configured and up and running with a Win7 laptop not having a PlayBook?

It would be so fantastic... Thanks!

Interesting that this came in handy immediately as my PB was upgrading....I was able to control 1.0.8 with my Bold.

What do we have to do to get this guy a 720p shooting camera? Bla1ze cmon man please get a Hd camera its 2012

Is there a way to trick BB Bridge into thinking it has been paired with a PB? Or should I try pairing at the local Best Buy and then come home and try again on my laptop and Android TF101?

BlackBerry Bridge works with both my Sony VAIO and Dell XPS laptop. This is awesome!

Not sure if to scroll when connected to your computer has been mentioned. All you need is two fingers on the touchscreen to scroll. To have a better control of the scrolling, have one finger stationary while another finger does the scrolling.

I guess this is useless without a playbook? That sucks...why would they make an app with a feature like this and require it to be paired with a playbook? I would love to be able to use my 9850 as a remote for my PS3. If there really isn't a way to use bridge without a Playbook, this should go in the fail column.

ok i have read almost every forum and blog comment about the bb bridge and my only question is can it be used with the Xbox 360? Ive been muddling around with it and i cant make it work so if theres a way to connect the BB and a xbox that anybody knows about that would be awesome!

My only question is, how do I get blackberry remote?! Upgraded to 2.0 and now I can't find this application.

Doesn't work with release build of OS2 and latest bridge software on BB 9900 on O2.
There are no menu options on the bridge software to enable remote control of the PB.

it's really not as easy as in teh video. Unpairing the tablet and then using it as a remove for any other device is pretty hard

Has anybody found step by step instructions on how to pair a BB 9900 with a Win7 pc and get remote control working? I dont have a Playbook. I can do a standard bt pairing, but can't get the keyboard to work

At this time, it only works if you have a PlayBook bridge profile on your BB. Essentially you're tricking your BB into thinking it's pairing with another PlayBook. Without it, your BB won't let Windows (or OS X) know that it's a HID input device. I have a few theories on how to get it to work without a PB, but I have to test it out.

Ok, yes this is great I use my 9900 to control my PlayBook, glitchy but it's ok. BUT WHAT I REALLY WANT IS TO DO IT WITH WINDOWS PC & maybe Mac !!!
I tried MobiMouse app and can't get it to work. Is MobiMouse only one out there?? A search on my part shows other apps from 2008-2009 like BluCTRL which can't be found now, but that's it! I Google search "Use BlackBerry as mouse and keyboard Windows PC" and nothing in years, just for PlayBook. That's screwed, especially with people hooking a PC up to they're 60 inch tv's in dark rec-rooms as media centres. BB 9900 is better than Playbook anyway which is a glitch-fest.