BlackBerry Remote working with PlayBook OS v1.0.8

BlackBerry Remote
By Bla1ze on 20 Feb 2012 07:38 pm EST

If you simply cannot wait for PlayBook OS 2.0 to drop in order to check out some of the previously mentioned BlackBerry Remote features, the good news is -- you don't have to. With the release of BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 many folks in the CrackBerry Forums who are still on PlayBook OS 1.0.8 have found that some of the noted remote features are already working on that OS. It seems however, that if you are still on a beta build of 2.0 there isn't the same sort of love and support seems rather iffy but no matter, soon PlayBook OS 2.0 will be here but if you're looking to pass away some time checking out BlackBerry Remote will help.

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BlackBerry Remote working with PlayBook OS v1.0.8


Very cool!!! Typing this thru bridge on my 9900 and my PB hooked up to my TV!!! Going through the learning curve as we speak, phone takes a min or two getting the app to settle, but then it very responsive and quite quick imo!! Go Rim!!! Can't wait for OS2!!
Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

I'm hyped right now...the remote feature works with my torch 9800 running OS 6.0 didn't know that lol bring on 2.0

Zodiac BBX (BB10)

Omg hate being ouit when stuff like this happens
Heading home now to try the new bridge version I alrwady downloaded.

I'm typing this via remote. Very freakin cool.

open on playbook isn't working for me though. says file type not supported.

Little Help Please!!

Running the new bridge from my Storm to my PB 2.0 beta

it says its connected to the PB, but when i go to the use remote control feature it says

Error: Could not establish connection with PB


If your not on a wifi network and your bb is already hooked up to bride your regular browser uses the phones data plan, basically your bridge browser

Try doing a re-bridge on the pb and bb. It lost connection on mine after the reinstall and I had to connect manually. Now its perfect.

Connected with my bold 9900 works amazingly well . Just one problem, is the only way that you can scroll down by holding the cursor over the scroll bar on the side , clicking then dragging cause it is far to fiddly , what u guys think ????

To scroll down, place two fingers on the phone's screen and pull down or push up...the cursor can be anywhere on the screen.

I had to "practice" the gestures too but this seems to work for me. The only gesture I can't seem to replicate is closing an app by simply swiping the app up and away. But "x"'ing out the app works just fine.

I found that if you hold the ALT button and scroll down with the screen or the track pad it works much better

It does work. On the remote tap once and then tap + drag up (ie. almost like a double click). It will close the window as usual on the Playbook.

just figured it out . U gotta use 2 fingers on the screen to scroll up and down the page . Next on the hit list how to figure out pinch to zoom on remote control

anyone having issues scrolling down on the main homescreen? i cant seem to scroll through to see my list of apps...

Scrolling over to the far right and then holding down the screen on ur BB seems to do the trick. It goes in to drag mode. And u can drag the menu icons up or down.

Working on OS and 9650 OS

First thing I checked and is working like a dream. Only navigating without a touch screen on the ol' 9650 is a bit tricky. Especially when scrolling down. Any tips?

+ just typed this message with remote control like a BOSS.

The typing is really smoothing on the virtual keyboard of my torch 9800...posting this comment with it

Zodiac BBX (BB10)

if you have problem downloading the update, just hit refresh on your application list and you are good to go.

to everyone who's ever said that they want a trackpad on the playbook, here you goo!!!!!!!! This is so sweet now I have the physical keyboard for the playbook. Looks like the bluetooth one I got for xmas is worthless now. 9900 PB 1.0.8. Anyone know how to do pinch to zoom? Everything working great.

this is great. I am leaving this comment from my remote. It works great and goooooo rim ... I will be up at 401 waiting for 2.0 : )

also does anyone figure out how to scroll down the "all" pane on the home screen. Actually I don't think your supposed to because 2.0 will only be swipe left and right..ugh. Gonna miss this old ui.

all you have to do all hold the track pad for a few seconds then the drag lock feature will show up on your BB as being activated. Then scroll like you would normally do. Oh and make sure that feature is checked in the BB bridge menu too!

bridge browser icon gone ... browser icon is now both. turn off wi-fi and you will be browsing through bridge . its really fast

At first it wouldn't work for me... But after a restart (I restarded my 9900 and my PB) it all worked just fine. Amazing remote control. Let's rock and roll!!!

The remote is a great addition - works fine on a 9780. The only tricky part is getting used to holding the trackpad and then flicking right, left, up, down to navigate through the screens. I'd prefer pressing the "alt" plus flicking the trackpad to do so. But I suppose it's just a learning phase to go to.

The open link in Playbook option - that is just too cool!

Now the question is: if the Playbook is off and blutooth is off; can I send a command from the phone to turn on the Playbook? I presume this doesnt work as the Playbook's blutooth is off normally for me. I guess I should just leave it on now.

to scroll app tray you have to move curser to far right to access the scroll bar ... you then have to drag it.. i double clicked idk if that helped or not.. but some variation of getting the the side scroll bar and dragging

Love it. 9300 Curve and working fantastic. Not going to be able to sleep tonight, waiting for the full roll out!

I can't wait to go for lunch and show this off at the food court tomorrow. I can't wait for Android and iOS peeps to show off their ability. Oh wait.....THEY CAN'T!!! mwuahaha

I can't wait to show this off in my managers' meeting tomorrow and the iPhone fanboy present will show off his iPhone/iPad link. Oh wait....HE CAN'T!!! mwuahahaha

I know they will ONE DAY, but as the Klingons say "Not Todaaay"

Yet again, RIMPIRE does it first!!

My only question now is......

I'm in mountain time.....sooooooo is OS2 coming at 02:01hrs. Gawd!! it's like being 10 years old again on xmas eve.

I just did this as well. Just connect by bluetooth to the computer and the remote drivers install automatically. Open the remote app and it just works scrolling and all.

I was wondering what the Windows Commands and Function keys where doing there. That is Freaking Awesome! RIM really outdid themselves on this one. WOW!! Really Wow!!!

omg, this is so awesome. I'm typing on my blackberry and posting this message through my playbook over the blackberry bridge. Navigating is so easy, and there is barely any lag at all. This is Berry Awesome!

Bold 9700 working flawlessly with bridge remote!

To quote Mickey Dees, "I'm Lovin' It!!!!!!"

You can use the remote to play games too. Tricky but works.


(ok, I'm not acting my age but who cares. I don't get a chance to get this happy too much lately!!! LOL)

are there any shortcuts to fire up the application menu or minimize the application and go to home screen?

seems a bit hard to have to resort to the menu everytime on BB

Bridge doesn't work for me on my 9900 using I've tried rebooting both the phone and the Tablet and EVEN battery pull but the problem is the phone. I tried even deleting and reinstalling the app. It'll freeze after I open bridge and I chose to turn it ON. It'll stay there and won't do anything, I've even had it where it'll freeze the phone and I've had to either do a battery pull or reboot ala Ctrl+Alt+Del. Nothing's worked so far. I might try installing the latest leak

Most of you are soo excited and jumping the gun! STFU, learn how to use it and understand it(example:READ THE INSTUCTIONS:) before downloading and tinkering for 10 seconds and reposting that you don't know what's going on, and that its not working! SLOW DOWN!! Your like the annoying UPS man on the skit!! TAKE YOUR TIME!! Working fine for me cause "I READ THE F**ING INSTRUCTIONS!!" Nuff said!

RIM needs to patent this ASAP before Apple tries to take it for themselves! My Bridge is still not working. Anybody got any advice?

I finally got it to work, woohoo! I had to install a newer version. I installed version 205 of 7.1. I think CrackBerry should do a piece on how to use bridge remote though as it is a little confusing trying to scroll up and down.

I love it love it love it. The more I play it the better it gets, I can already see so many great uses of it. Going to show off in office once OS2.0 is also here :)

Btw Kevin you were right about this functionality when shared your excitement about this update way back last year . This is f$%&^ng Awesome.

Very, very cool...
Being able to use my Bold keyboard with the PB is fantastic. Not quite handling my autotext, but hopefully that will be better with PB OS update. Can't wait to see the new features!

I really don't have anything to say. The creation of this comment is simply because I can't stop typing from my 9900 on to the PB. Its so fun!!! :)

Loving it all but on beta 2...7771 or something like that I'm running, the android apps are not understanding the clicks on remote... Hope that will be fixed on the final 2.0

Yeah, buddy! This is the RIM that I know and love!!! I'm typing this from my Bold 9900 keyboard into my PlayBook OS 1.0.8. Sooooo excited!

Can't wait for OS 2.0!

Works with my Pearl 9100 and 1.0.8 om my PB! This is epic! :D

This is going to save me some major headaches when it comes to browsing and clicking on links with my thick, pudgy fingers (relatively speaking). No more having to zoom in to get at uber tiny links. The remote mousing is a huge plus!

Working flawlessly!!!!! Loving this already and can't wait for 2.0 in the morning. I've updated bridge on 4 devices already and have 6 playbooks waiting for the update in the morning plus more units to update when I wet back to work on Wednesday!!! Long overdue update but thankful its almost here now.

just downloaded the bridge update on 9930.... pretty nice.. if the rest of the 2.0 upgrades are anything close then the playbook will be a force to reckon with

pretty cool, really only good for when your playbook is hooked up to the tv. i was hoping for view of the playbook screen on my phone so when my playbook is mountedon my boat dash i can be lounging in the back with my phone and controlling music wirelessly from my phone-playbook-stereo. down with wires

Loving this right now. Just saw the update from you guys on BlackBerry News. Installed and its working flawlessly. Using it as I type.

Looking forward to PB OS 2.0 in the morning. Hmmm...I might have to take a RIM sick day!

Bold 9900 w/ OS 7.1

just downloaded Bridge 2.0 and typing this from my Bold. This is AWESOME! What a great feature this remote is. It is a bit glitchy at times, but maybe playbook2.0 will cure that. WOOT!

I have just wasted an hour playing with the new remote function. Its awesome! Head turner at work tomorrow!

This is freaking cool!!!! I'm typing everything from phone to my playbook. Spell check for the win!!!! Lolol I love u rim. I'm sorry for all the bad names I was frustrated : ) forgive me

Remote is PHENOMENAL... Three things I have noticed....

1. Not sure if OS 2.0 will fix this issue, but it is difficult to scroll on the home screen.
2. Picts scroll right in presenter mode.. but not left.
3. "Open on" functionality isn't working (might be fixed in OS 2.0)

You don't need to worry about the BlackBerry Bridge because the BBM, Messages, Calendar, etc. are already on the Home page. It's not in the BB Bridge category. It's all good!! I love this! Typing from my phone! Ha ha ha! Unfortunately, it is not working on the Home screen. Soon, I hope.

Ok, here is my first shot at typing on CB via my 9800.

I was actually giggling when I first fired this up and was navigating. Misspelled a few words on purpose to try the spell checker.

Auto text working great!

Not on CB but on a .ppt slide double click with track pad or double tap on remote screen toggled a zoom in/out.

RIM, you ROCK!!!!!!

What does the show on home screen check box do? I've used bridge with and without it and I cannot see the difference...