First Look: BlackBerry Remember is the new task manager for BlackBerry 10

[Image removed by request]

By Adam Zeis on 26 Dec 2012 02:57 pm EST

I've never been a big fan of the Tasks app on BlackBerry. I've used it from time to time but never really commited. From the look of things, I won't have to worry anymore as BlackBerry 10 will be bringing a new tasks app dubbed BlackBerry Remember. A leaked image in the CrackBerry forums shows off BlackBerry Remember coming to BB10. If this leaked slide holds true, BlackBerry Remember will be taking over for the native Tasks app in BlackBerry 10. 

Not only does BlackBerry Remember act as your to-do list, but it also allows you to "capture and organize content and ideas in a way that makes it easy to decide what to do next". You'll be able to add tasks from anywhere on the device and later move them into groups and projects in order to keep track of things. You can even sync tasks with Outlook calendar if that's your thing. Plus, there is always that Evernote integration



Highly looking forward to this app! Looks great! Thanks for the preview Adam..


Now THAT is what I was hoping for, a much improved task manager. If there was one aspect of Blackberry that I was never satisfied with, it was how it managed tasks - poorly. I used a Palm device for years and loved the task management it had. Now with this news, I am looking forward to BB10 even more!



Agreed on all accounts.

In fact, the other day, I was looking at my old Palm and reminiscing over how good that platform really was/is, and the task manager was one of those key points.


I could not agree more. The old palm os was great, and the native bb tasks is lacking. I have been using todomatrix, but this sounds so much better inegrated


Perfect app for my job!!!


Wow, amazing looking app. It will be worth the wait. BB 10 looks so intuitive. Keep it up

Proud BlackBerry user!!!


BB10 looks to be amazing. Keep up the good work RIM. We believe in you and are so glad to have you come back into the market.

Looking forward to getting my new BB in the next few weeks. Goodbye iPhone 4S.


This is soooo up my alley, this is definitely one of my most anticipated feature of BlackBerry 10.


I use the current Tasks app a lot, but it also leaves a lot to be desired. This will be great, I am really looking forward to this big improvement!


Thank is way overdue... I see ppl with Apple notes and I'm so jealous. Looking forward to this almost more than anything else and for playbook as well.

Jan 30th can't come fast enough


So, what does it mean when the title bar of a graph displays “RIM Confidential – Shared under NDA” and displays NDA protected information?


Who cares? Does it directly affect you? If not then just enjoy the leak as I'm sure that they are all controlled ;)


An NDA only covers the companies that have signed it. If they had signed one then they would be in breach and accountable. Since one can assume they did not, there is no issue with them posting it.


Please leave something for January 30th.


Agreed !!! Almost too many "leaks". :(


The mother of all mobile OSs, the real phone, the real OS for the real business people and consumer..loving it.
can not wait for feb 15


Looks I arrived here a tad too late. The image has been removed upon request. Does Anyone have a screenshot?


I'm gonna see if I can find it somewhere.


and another image bites the dust


Yeah, please share via private message to me, please please. Maybe I'll check other sites :)


Dammit, that sucks and I didn't get to see it. :(


Sync with Google Calendar's Tasks maybe?


So now my BB Z10 can be my very own Rememberall!


This sounds EXACTLY what I've been looking for!

"Not only does BlackBerry Remember act as your to-do list, but it also allows you to "capture and organize content and ideas in a way that makes it easy to decide what to do next...and later move them into groups and projects."

Synchronizing with Outlook & Evernote! (Icing on the cake)

Very excited! My 10 year long quest may be over. :-)


I was in the local AT&T and couldn't find where you can you select a time and an alarm for tasks? Was that an oversight on my part?