BlackBerry remains the strongest brand in Indonesia, BBM leads messaging apps

By Bla1ze on 12 Jun 2014 11:23 am EDT

Although the BlackBerry brand has arguably been beat up in North America, according to Nielsen On Device Meter the BlackBerry brand is holding its own in Indonesia. The latest data reveals 48 percent of smartphone users in Indonesia chose BlackBerry as their top brand while 34 percent of them chose BlackBerry as their favorite brand.

On top of that, BBM as a brand of its own is doing fine as well. 79 percent of Indonesian consumers use BBM an average of 23.3 minutes each day compared to the 6.2 minutes in WhatsApp and 5.1 minutes in LINE. No doubt that loyalty and usage has been helped by the recent release of the BlackBerry Z3, which has reportedly sold well throughout Indonesia with the next strategic moves for the region already being planned.

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BlackBerry remains the strongest brand in Indonesia, BBM leads messaging apps


This is "important news" because it is positive foreshadowing for Z3 launches in other emerging markets... where the "growth" in smartphone is....

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That's correct, I think that BlackBerry needs to now start rolling out the Z3 to other "emerging markets" on an urgent basis. Possibly also introduce the device with the 4G specs to the "developed " markets as well, at that price point it will do well.

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So awesome, how kick ass is this. Indo people aren't fooled by glitzy apps they know what's betta :)

Can't wait for my Windermere or Classic :)

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That's what's interesting to say the least. A "first world" country is probably the country with the most idiots, blinds naive, foolish sheep, but a "third world" country is not easily fooled.

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Couldn't agree more, most likely because us living in third world countries still have to pay for devices off-contract at the same amount of money (even more expensive, compared to first worlds), using our 'harder to earn cash'.

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I think it has more to do with knowing that a phone Is an investment for them. I grew up in Nigeria and didn't even get a phone until I was 14? And it was a silly phone. Now I live in the US and I still have that mindset where spending money on a phone is an investment I weigh carefully. Check out all my options

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Exactly. My first phone was Nokia which worked like a warrior. After a lot (almost a year) of research, I chose Bold 9780 back then and still using.
IMO, Nokia and BBRY had the same mind set to cater such requirements. But came along Apple who had put phones on a consumer spree AND also want their consumers to change phones every year.

Nokia 7110? First WAP phone? Remember that one?

Huge outlay outright for a uni student, saved over a few months or so...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Please shut up.

Apps are the whole purpose of a smartphone always has always will.

Palm (original OS)
Window Mobile
Etc I've personally used them ALL in their prime!

Smartphones are not without apps users can install. You want a neutered smartphone go buy a touch screen Nokia S40 device.

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Let's hope the Indonesian population is enough to lead to good news later this month.

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Fourth largest country in the world by population. In the good old days, of three years back, BlackBerry would sell approx 2.5 million devices a year. Prior to Z3 release the number was closer to a half million a year.

Now only if we could at least make it a major contender elsewhere that would be great


With smartphones sells expected to be between 15 - 20 million this year in Indonesia and BlackBerry total sales expected to be under 10 million worldwide. Expect that will be doing good to maintain their userbase, while the market expands far beyond that userbase.

No kidding. I used to like his analyst articles but frankly the last few have been sloppy and superficial. Now, he seems to spend most of his time braying over consumer apps and making grand predictions based on personal preference. Cue the fawning praise for Whatsapp and all those super duper features that have yet to materialize. Don't expect them to show up soon. Are you listening Chris?

I've never been hugely impressed with Chris' reporting personally, including I just financial stuff. He's got a typical sell-side financial perspective with lots of information but not much critical depth. Reiterating financial statements in prose doesn't mean you've got insight, it just means you're literate, which unfortunately most people aren't (financially speaking). BUT he's a legitimate journalist so we're f*ugging lucky to have him here (for free I assume), quite frankly. I'd love to have a deeper discussion with him about BlackBerry sometime...just too busy to keep track of it all.

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He got sucked in by GOOgle apps.

Did he really say he values these over BB10 usability?

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I wish that could be the case across the straits, most people here in Malaysia shy away from BlackBerry. When asked why? They just say that the company is bankrupt.

When I ask my friends to use BBM, they say that they don't use BlackBerry. Then I'll tell them that they can use it on their iPhones & they will just change the topic.

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Same thing in singapore. I get such responses everytime. People just wanna use something that everyone else uses

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I think Indonesia is a Muslim country right? Not sure Apple and Google have figured out the formula for brainwashing that culture. Yet. So for now Indonesians can stick with the best.

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Yes.Very true.Super BlackBerry high end phones like 9700,9780,9900 and curves is widely used there.

Come ON BlackBerry get the BlackBerry 10 phones in their hands and it will be a big turn around. Advertise z3,q30 in south east aggressively

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BlackBerry (Chen) is making good choices. One market at a time. Go after developing markets outside U.S., (we BlackBerry faithful will still be here) take back enterprise, and then focus back on consumers in the U.S.

It's good to know that BlackBerry is doing well in Indonesia.

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Pasti. Saya sudah pakai BlackBerry sejak jaman BlackBerry 9000, kepler, gemini, dakota, z10, an now im using z3 BlackBerry jakarta. Keyboard are awsome. Bbm is daily using for Indonesian people. Even though they have android or iPhone but bbm always download first for chatting.

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Good looking report. BlackBerry needs to roll the Z3 out faster to other countries and ramp up production if it's sold out in Indonesia.

I'm not surprise. John Chen make the right move by partnership with Chinese Foxconn to build low price high quality phone. As long as more consumer recognize how powerful BlackBerry BB10.2.1 is, the more they sold. My father always tell me that when I start my own business, don't try to make the killing profits on the first day you open your shop; sale the merchandise to them for less so that, they can come to the store, and when they recognize your brand and become your regular customer, then you can raise the price a little bit at the time that they never going to notice.

Indonesians are smart, they are not fooled by Apple and Google's marketing. Sorry, but as an American I am embarrassed by the stupidity of many people in the US.

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Texas - 268,820 sq miles; population: 26 million
Indonesia - 741,100 sq miles; population: 246.9 million

I guess Frank was just joking. ☺

And much more fertile land...

If they used Permaculture, they could support a billion, probably...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I started doing business in indonesia, and have my suppliers as a BBM contact, email wasn't doing it for me, I need a direct connection and response. Makes a huge difference, as little as it may seem.

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Now to replicate this worldwide.

No more Mr Nice Guy , Mr Chen .

Time to get Dark and Wicked with ALL the BlackBerry haters .

Make them ALL pay.....

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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Honestly, I doubt John Chen cares about the BlackBerry "haters" out there. He's more concerned with getting the company cash flow positive.

Bla1ze, What's with the [b]5X4 rows[b/] of icons in the picture??? Is that os version Or can we get 5 rows now? Oh and thanks for the uplifting information....

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As Chen said in his Jakarta interview I believe ( and I am almost sure he has read Sun Tzu) pick the battles you CAN win to fight (first). He is doing an excellent job of that.

Do you think it is a coincidence that Indonesia favors BlackBerry and BlackBerry and Foxconn decided to introduce the Z3 first???

Foxconn knows the smartphone industry better than anyone. BlackBerry is back!!!

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I think BlackBerry has been very smart pushing the boulders already rolling, looking forward to new devices, get that momentum going BlackBerry !

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Those are interesting numbers considering marketshare has fallen to approximately 4% in Indonesia... or did I read that wrong somewhere?

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In Indonesia blackberry Z3 very hit on selling, but the price is more expensive than normal price is about USD213-215. Normal price is about USD190 (USD1=11700rupiah). Stock on official retailer always empty/sold out. The demand very high. Thank you Blackberry for Z3 device. Indonesia very excited. Everybody always using bbm here, no 1 messaging app. C'mon World... let's strike back!!!

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So Indonesia is going to keep BB afloat? C'mon why is this even news? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Execute well BlackBerry!!... get the Z3 rolling out asap there... and then to India and other target markets.....


And continue to aggressively improve BBM....

I have confidence in ceo Chen...

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Wasn't there just an article stating that BlackBerry went from 14% market share last year, to single digits after BBM went cross-platform!?

Am I missing something here?

Give us more leak for all device!! Good user interface various themes like android launcher. Widget and blank page for show the wallpaper.
Basically we love that.

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I know a phone is an investment. I have a backup to this one, my bold 9900. I sure wish my 9700 supported AWS 1700/2100. It's probably too late to sell it, so I keep it for streaming radio, video capture.

I am all blackberry and I love it!

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Hi Crackberry members,

I am from Indonesia and have been using Blackberry the first Bold 9000 was released and I have never even looked at another phone since then. I tried BB 9900, Q10 and recently just upgraded to Z30. The reason that people uses Blackberry is because they still think Blackberry is a premium BRAND. Some of the middle low customers now switched to the BBOS7 version since it is more affordable and they can feel that their status is upgraded by getting the Blackberry devices. Regarding BBM, most of the indonesians that have used Blackberry before and moved to another non blackberry device still want to communicate with their friends in BBM. I think all of my friends and most of the people I know that have moved to a non blackberry device still use BBM as their main mobile messenger and thus the surveys in this post is correct. Even my wife that insisted I communicate with her on whatsapp cos she got a Samsung S4, still chats with her friends in BBM groups and used the BBM most of the time compared to whatsapp and other mobile messenger. With the Introduction of Z3, I think more people will starting to use Blackberry devices again, especially the blackberry 10 devices. I mean what's not to love ? The touchscreen keyboard is the best in any of the touchscreen keypad that I have compared ( and I have compared Iphone, android, windows phone and still the blackberry 10 keyboard is the top of the line), not to mention the blackberry hub...

Let's keep up the good work team blackberry and keep the momentum going and hopefully we can get our market share back.

Peace from Indonesia.

Haryady T.
Proud Blackberry Z30 Owner.

There must be something in Indonesia that makes BlackBerry remains the strongest brand and leads BBM as messaging apps... or, there must be something in BlackBerry that makes it remains the strongest brand in Indonesia and its BBM as the leading messaging apps... whatever they are, BlackBerry must know them...

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Awesome news! Now, Mr Chen, if you could PLEASE release a 4G LTE version of the Z3 to the pre-paid carriers for 200$!!! I have at least 4 friends and family members I would personally buy one at that price-point!!! And I think that would probably double the market share here in the US ;-)

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Yes, we need that gooooogle-free goooooodness down unda, LTE or not. Please bring out on Telstra, Boost and Amaysim prepaid.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

This is great but when will blackberry realize that there are many other emerging markets such as south Africa where everyone owns a smartphone! I was amazed to learn while there that blackberry is #1to such an extent that it's a status symbol there in a country of 70 million and everyone owns a blackberry legacy phone 9800 and 9900s but there are no newer blackberry phones. The worst part is the big android companies have already realized the potential these markets hold and have rolled out their phones here and people are buying them up and ditching the BlackBerry because you can't compare the legacy devices to the big touch screen androids. Why hasn't blackberry rolled out the bb10 OS in places like this at irresistible prices, ahem ( insert z3) with force, everyone already owns one soo just sell it as an upgrade! Also you don't need to spend advertising dollars like you do in North America just sponsor a couple soccer and rugby matches down there since anyone whose anyone either plays or watches some type of soccer or rugby! V lack berry should have been on the Africa and emerging markets long ago! When will you learn BlackBerry?

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Indonesians can start their own Indoberry or indocrackberry English blog or website and I'll follow it up immediately and constantly for their loyalty and love of BlackBerry which is better than reading dumb article on mostly Canadian crackberry site, home of BlackBerry, telling me that his life would end if he chooses BlackBerry as phone because it doesn't have his sorry a$$ apps!

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My main phone is a BlackBerry. My second device, I have been switching different droids, by my main communication tool is always my Q.

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what the. survey said was true.. here in indonesia people still think BLACKBERRY as a premium phone, they came to indonesia not like in the north America, where every company using BES, in Indonesia only foreign company using BES, and they see it as a device for high end people, so the other try to use it as personal device, a long with BBM as the first cheap messenger apps during those time, so until now that way of thinking still hasn't change much.. apple is too expensive phone, andro just like a replica and cheap phone in indonesia.. blackberry used to be an expensive phone with an alternative of the mid-low price like 8500 series, so that is why people of indonesia who has blackberry (eventhough) it's just a8520 consider as prestige -- with the Z3 coming, the penetration of BB10 os become massive.. BB10 OS in Z3 just made the people who want to change to andro to re-think..

even though BBM has gone cross platform, people in indonesia still think, the people who use BBM in Blackberry device as a high prestige people...

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Indonesia is called as a BlackBerry nation not for nothing. Thousands of Indonesian people use BlackBerry cell phones because of BBM's great features for promoting business, building rapport & network, communicating effectively & fast, & basic social interactions. Many companies even suggest their employees to own BlackBerry cell phones. Talking more about BBM, many Indonesian people still find the app doesn't work well on Android phones. The country consists of the poorest until the richest people & the dumbest until the smartest people, thus BlackBerry Z3 is of course is a very great deal for many people in Indonesia.

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