BlackBerry Ranks 16th on Top 100 Brands Report

By Bla1ze on 30 Apr 2009 05:36 am EDT
2009 BrandZ Report!

This years Top 100 list is now out and BlackBerry has seen some nice growth within the rankings. This year, BlackBerry achieved the second highest percentage increase in brand value (100%) behind China Merchants Bank (168%) in 2009, after achieving the largest percentage increase on the list in 2008 (390%).

The BlackBerry brand moved up 35 points this year in the global ranking. BlackBerry and Amazon tied for the largest ranking increase in 2009. And at this point is now ranked 16th globally, 10th in North America and 6th in the technology category.

The BlackBerry brand is a main point to RIM's success so maintaining the brand image is of key importance. These rankings prove that RIM does that quite well. 

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BlackBerry Ranks 16th on Top 100 Brands Report


Telling figure is on page 13. 100% growth in past year it appears...number 2 out of the 100 brands.

This is like Payback to all the RIM fans who excused the fact that RIM was the number one consumer device but had 7 different phones all lumped under the name curve which put them above the iPhone 3G. ahhh the irony. Now they sit behind Apple where they should be.

I mean REALLY? I don't know what your smoking, but I'm sure I have some friends who would like some.

Seriously though, this is to be expected. Apple's brand is/was built around its computers/MAC OS which just so happens to be a much larger market than smartphones, hence the fact that Apple's brand worthiness is higher. Plus RIM has only been around since the 90's, and Apple has been around since the 70's. Thats a roughly 20 year head start. I, for one, would hope to hell that Apple's brand was bigger than Blackberry, otherwise it (the survey) wouldn't make any sense.

As for the whole 3G vs Curve thing, yes there are a bunch of Curves lumped into the same number. But, likewise, there are two versions of the 3G (8gb and 16gb), and they are lumped under the same name as well. Long story short, the candle burns both sides of the blade.

By the way, and this is off topic, but did you know they still sell the 3G? I had absolutely no idea about that until a couple weeks ago.

Seriously, "payback"? I think someone is a little obsessive, or taking the Apple VS RIM debates a little too personally. Anyways, it's no surprise that Apple is ahead, with their marketing tactics, the fact that they sell more than just smartphones, and the runaway success of the iPod.

I wouldn't put too much stock in that report lol if you ranking google above ibm and apple, cisco and others that are clearly far more important than google will ever be there is something wrong with the report