BlackBerry Ranks 14th on BrandZ Top 100 Report - Moves Up Two Spots from 2009

By Adam Zeis on 5 May 2010 12:07 pm EDT

BrandZ Top 100 2010

The BlackBerry brand has moved up a few notches on this year's BrandZ Top 100 report. The BrandZ list ranks the value of the top brands in the world. In 2009, BlackBerry came in at number 16 on the list, but this year took a bit of a jump to the 14th spot. Unfortunately the increase isn't nearly as big as last year (100% in 2009 vs. 12% in 2010) but its good to see BlackBerry still moving up. Apple jumped from number 6 to number 3 (a 32% change) while Nokia nearly dropped dead from the 13th spot in 2009 to 43rd in 2010. When broken down, BlackBerry ranks 6th among all technology brands, trailing Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft and HP. While its good to see the BlackBerry brand moving up, its not a surprise that the increase isn't nearly as big as in past years - it gets tougher to climb as you near the top. Sure would be awesome to see BlackBerry crack the top ten one year soon though. As they continue to grow around the world, it might just happen. Check the link below for the full BrandZ Top 100 report. 

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BlackBerry Ranks 14th on BrandZ Top 100 Report - Moves Up Two Spots from 2009


Hey Adam Zeis,
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See the maine thing with blackberry when compared too; Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft and HP that those company's don't only make cell phones and cell phone programs. They make everything so the fact that it is competing with these other company's is huge.

Initially, I had looked at the list and had seen that Google was 1 and Apple was 3, but you are right, BlackBerry is only a line of smartphones.

Everybody knows Google/Gmail. I think everyone with a computer has at some time or currently does use at least one Google product. Same goes for Microsoft.

Apple isn't far off. I think the iPod and iMac's reintroduced Apple to the consumer market 10 years ago, and since then the iPhone, Macbooks, Apple TV, etc just made it even better for them.

Blackberry....well, it's just phones. That's it. And to compete with all those other multisurface companies, is a pretty big accomplishment.