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BlackBerry ranked as Canada's top tech company for fifth year straight

BlackBerry devices
By Simon Sage on 22 Apr 2014 09:12 am EDT

Despite financial struggles, BlackBerry remains Canada’s top-earning information communication technology (ICT) companies, beating out all three major wireless carriers, and other big players like OpenText. Canada’s ICT sector as a whole has seen 2.4% growth year over year to $8.5 billion in revenues according to the tally made by Branham Group. Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia are the most active provinces in this sector, accounting for 86% of total revenue. The rest of the study dives into individual subsections of the ICT industry in Canada, and features quite a few tech companies locals will recognize.

Once upon a time, BlackBerry was the most valuable company in Canada in all industries, even beating out major banks. Though we’re a far way from there now, it’s good to see that relative to peers in Canada, BlackBerry still manages to keep kicking.

How many of you guys work in the information communication technology sector? Find your company’s name in this report?

Source: Branham Group; Via: MobileSyrup




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Very nice!!!

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Looks good, now to tackle the rest of the world.

Get those devices to the people. Enterprise and Consumer.

There is no time....

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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Did anyone expect anyone else?

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Lol surprised Canada even has another tech company. Of course it's BlackBerry.

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Good grief. Hope you're not Cdn with that kind of ignorance.

Come on 10.3!


Seriously? How about you do a bit of research before making such an ignorant comment. Unreal.

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A lot of people only recognize the big hardware manufacturers out there, simply because they associate tech with hardware. If you ask anyone in the world to name a Canadian tech company, I would bet that only Blackberry will come up, since it is one of the few that has recognizable hardware.


Well that's great news. Now let's make some money!

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People of Canada, especially the younger generation fail to see how important BlackBerry is to them. Not only does it generate it's own revenues, it requires a lot of spin off support. But hey.....then again it's not the maker of the much superior iphone.

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if everyone of us was a bit patriotic we'd all have a BB (and why not include newborns, elderly and handicapped). That would put 40 million phones out.

Sadly I can't even move my own family off Apple and Samsung. Talk about national pride *put head jn a brown paper bag*



I couldn't agree more. I have the same battle with people I know on this and everything else made in Canada. We do have some great products made here!

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Keep trying because at the end of the day, we are the ones left with no jobs.

BB Super Junior

I don't get this either...so much cool aid has been drunk.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/


Buy someone you know a blackberry day.

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It's the Northern Uprising! BlackBerry will always be top notch to me. Now all we need is for the Toronto Raptors to make it to the finals lol.

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Haha Raptors won't see the light of day even if they overcome Nets

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We'll see... some of us got faith


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Well deserved.

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John Kastanes

Things will only improve soon.

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Go BlackBerry Go keep moving!

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The fight to the top will be harder than ever because more and more people are willingly handing more and more of their privacy over to big corporations falsely believing that they will do no harm. No harm no foul right.

Blackberry really need to get their butt's in gear. Change those ugly app icons a lot of people I know think blackberry 10 is just like blackberry 7 because the icons are pretty much the same....... even though I tell them there is zero code from bb7 in bb10.

Please do something to make this glorious next gen operating system at lease feel a little more next gen!

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RP Singh

Would be kinda cool if bb10 could run bbos apps.

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Just taking your point and exaggerating a bit:

Would be cool if BB10 could run ANY app, of any platform

Bar, apk, ipa, exe,

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Isa Gumus

Exe. Would be superb :)


...and you think the iOS icons are "new"?


Very nice

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Accolades mean nothing. What matters is how they do on the balance sheet.


Where's your Canadian pride? Oh yeah you got none.

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"BlackBerry remains Canada’s top-earning information communication technology". How ironic considering they are bleeding cash.

Hoping Chen can turn things around

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It's nice to know that the unseen efforts are very much alive!
Way to go BlackBerry

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Two negative nancies crying in here already, some people need to get a life!

Congrats BlackBerry, keep the turn around going.

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And yet the Globe and Mail put a negative spin on the news - 'Struggling BlackBerry manages to hang on to top spot'. I just can't believe their editorial policy - make any news about BlackBerry sound bad. They must all have shorted the stock.

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No pride or respect for the place they live in (I don't like the word "national pride"), now Asia is manufacturing all the product, and here in the West we are bleeding jobs.

Multinationals don't care, they make their dollar off us anyway.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

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I buy "Aussie made", so the dollar stays here. I buy German because of quality and family ties. I buy fair trade and organic to make a difference and for some healthy fun.

By buying BlackBerry I at least support Her Majesty's subjects across the Big Pond. And a phone that wants to protect my privacy and security.

There is power in our wallet, and we have to make (concious) choices.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Samsung has spent 11 billion on marketing. Where does it go and what does it pay for. How do you win the people's hearts and minds?

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Good news, but seemed like creating a news post just for the sake of creating it. We all love bb, and it should just look beyond the visions of young stars, who just look for a big ass screen and android. Bb was made for serious people with a purpose not to support 37378438487 apps. Give back our qwerty's. We hate these touch stupid devices.

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Not everyone hates the touch devices. A little diversity in the choice of devices is good and welcome.

I am personally using the Q10 because I prefer the physical keyboard. However, after having used the Note 3 for about six months, I realized that the touch screen keyboard could be at minimum bearable if done correctly. I used Swype nearly the entire time and it was pretty much the only thing that prevented me from turning the phone in after just a couple of weeks.

If I had to live with a full-touch Blackberry, I would be disappointed, but wouldn't mind as long as everything else that makes up a Blackberry stayed intact.

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You don't like the BB10 keyboard? Have you tried it?

That's rare.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Actually I love BB10'S software keyboard I find I actually type faster than when I owned a curve and Torch can't beat the swipe to type lol.

Z30 and loving it!


Idiot. Buy both and see how good the software keyboard is actually. Z30 virtual keyboard owns the Q10 for speed. I know. I have both.

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You are right, I have a Z10 and a Q10.

But the Q10 allows me to do other stuff and take my eyes of the keyboard for a moment while typing. Btw, for the repetitive things in text messages etc., tapping words on the Q10 is even quicker than flicking on the Zs.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "



Now to get Canadians on BB10.

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Obviously ;-) well done!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


win by default?

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this article has to be a joke....

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I'm sure Nortel at one time held the same title. Why is this news?

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Lol ! Canada need to invest in High tech company. To bring High speed train, high speed Internet, etc etc BlackBerry failed already because the CEO can't look forward.

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Nice positive news. And maybe we should boycott the Globe and mail for being assholes. I swear to god they are losers.

Apple, The New Evil Empire


The story here is how a company went from an all time high of $230 to $6 per share and can still be named Canada's leading tech company.

If you were in the media unattached to BlackBerry you'd report it the same way.

John Gee

Seriously? This does not bode well for Canadian technology companies. Or BlackBerry is one of the *only* Canadian tech companies. Sad.

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Do we really have another tech company though?

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NVC- you said that "we" hate the full touch screen. That's not true. My wife has the Q10 and I have the Z10. After playing around with my Z10 she's begging me to switch or buy her a Z10. Needless to say, in our family "we" hate the Q10.

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I have both, and they are great. No need for "hate", either way.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


This is backward looking information based 2013 fiscal year revenue. Blackberry's 2014 fiscal year ended on March 1. Its 2014 revenues are ~$6.8 billion, which will probably put it out of the top 5 for 2014.


BlackBerry was hoping that its new BB10 devices would help bring back some stability, however 2013 proved to be an even more difficult year for the company. Following a 7% decrease in 2012, 2013 showed no mercy, serving up BlackBerry with a 40% decrease in annual revenue. Peering into its latest financials for FY2014, BlackBerry continues to slide with significant losses.

Read more: http://www.branham300.com/index.php#ixzz2zdDSTsRB


The quality of tech companies in Canada must be really high.

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Sarcasm? Negativity?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


This is good for BlackBerry but kind of sad for the Canadian Technology sector, imho.

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Who won 6 years ago?

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my guess would be either ATI or Nortel. Both gone the way of the doodoo

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The dodo has made a comeback and is now one of the successful MVNOs here in Australia. dodo.com.au

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Observation Junkie

Well done BlackBerry

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"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


If you think blackberry is the only tech company in Canada you should: 1) read the report sourced in the article 2) stop being ignorant 3) refrain from posting your ignorance

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Hmmm.. exactly what I was thinking. This is positive news no matter how you twist or turn it.

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Go blackberry. Never stop.

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Good one BlackBerry should emphasize that in their marketing

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I'm really liking what I hear from/about BlackBerry. To be honest, let's say BlackBerry did cease to exist, I would use a non-smart phone. That, I feel, is the next best to what BlackBerry offers from a security stand point.

But what do u know, I'm not a lawyer or politician. @_@

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Errrr....it should read, But what do I know....

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World class best developers from blackberry don't no how to develop a basic app for Facebook....how strange? after updating any post a small company mobile shows updated from mobile but BlackBerry..... ? As a big fan of BlackBerry from India small app disappointed.....

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Please develop basic apps...without any bugs... then every body proud to be a BlackBerry user....

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I like to think I contribute to BlackBerry's ongoing success :)

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This is amazing! It makes me very happy that BlackBerry is coming up. (slowly, but Rome wasn't built in a day right?)

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Well done blackberry, good news.

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Kudos to my favourite brand and the manufacturer of the best phone I've had so far. But I would have thought CGI or OpenText would have been very compelling candidates for the title.


Not much to celebrate here! Its like being the top turd in a shit sandwich...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!


Guys I don't understand why you can't do more advertising for the BlackBerry 10 power, people don't even know about your new device, I have a friend in Puerto Rico and she was amazed by the function of my BlackBerry z10 device she didn't know it was that good and she got an iPhone 5 when I showed her snap and I was able to run android app she was like woww so you need to advertise more the compatibility with android apps we have in my opinion the most wonderful system and multitasking let's do it and focus on snap google client

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Gladys Mauroza


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