BlackBerry R10 spotted in black, coupled with some rumored specs

By Bla1ze on 5 May 2013 02:56 am EDT

Right then, here we go again. After having saw the device leak out in white, then red we now have a more visually pleasing black version to look at. Yes, the BlackBerry R10 as its known, has popped up once again and this time it has some specs to go along with it. They're certainly not on the same level as the BlackBerry Q10 or the BlackBerry Z10 but that's been pretty much known for a while now and was expected. Here's what's been tossed around for specs:

  • 3.1-inch display, 720 x 720 resolution
  • 5MP rear camera, front camera
  • Support to shoot up to 2560 x 1920 resolution photos
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 8GB internal storage
  • 1800 mAh non-removable Battery
  • BlackBerry 10.1 OS

Many folks had questions about the red version because there were some obvious errors but as these images clearly show, the device is live and not just a dummy unit. You can jump below to see some more images in the gallery but do keep in mind we still don't know when this device will get an official unveiling, pricing or what markets it is even intended to be released to.

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BlackBerry R10 spotted in black, coupled with some rumored specs


I so desperately wish that this is Japanese, because when it comes to things like dates, they use Kanji which is Chinese characters x_x which means (as far as my Japanese knowledge goes) when you're looking at things like dates and time etc, you can't tell if its Japanese or written in Chinese scripture because Kanji IS Chinese scripture. *sigh* I love my Limited Edition Z10, but Japanese input would make me SO darn happy, that's the only thing my 9900 does better than the Z10.

QNX does _not_ require multi-core.
It does handle multi-core really really well though.

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Correct QNX does not require multi-core processors, there are many version of QNX operating on single core devices. But the BB10 OS and the "version" of QNX on the PlayBook do require multi-cores in order to function.

Most of QNX installations are single core. Clearly with the recent introduction of low-cost dual or quad core ARM CPU it is of course better to make use of this power especially if you require a multi-media device. QNX has a unique feature called Adaptive Partitioning which gives you a secure, guaranteed real-time with maximum performance and flexibility. You can decide for example that 10% of CPU must be guaranteed for touch screen input. If an application is using 100% of the CPU, as soon as the user touch the screen the OS will start to lower the application usage to 99%, 98%, 97%... to a maximum of 90% because 10% is required by the touch-screen driver. This feature is implemented inside the OS therefore even if that application is a malware it will go down from 100% to 90%. BB10 is in reality QNX 8.0.0 and this version is still not available in the market. What we call BB10 is in reality the UI and all the services required to run a phone. Boot code, drivers and libraries are all coming from a typical QNX installation.

Good for the poorer countries (emerging markets), I don't think this phone was really meant to be a big seller in the US. Very glad to see a cheaper curve equivalent model still to come with BB10 as the curve line is one of the most successful BB models. Happy with the decisions BlackBerry is making as a stockholder & supporter :)

What do you mean by saying that this unofficially leashed BlackBerry R10 is purportedly designed for poor countries? I can actually see such racist perspectives from u r comment, even it shows that the service is China Unicom(中国联通),it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a low end phone. N on top of that, u think u r rich that u bought a blackberry Z10/Q10? It's freaking hilarious!

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Sorry, had to read that 3 times to try and understand what you were trying to say. That phone is a leak from someone within BlackBerry, so the service provider has nothing to do with anything in the slightest. They made a cheap end phone which is mainly targeted towards emerging markets mainly - sure, in the US it will be nice to have a lower end line of phones, but they did it mainly for the rest of the world, as some of their largest markets are buying old curve models because they are cheap. No need for you to jump on me, how do I give off the impression that I think I'm rich because I own a Z10..? I think you need to reread my comment.. not quite sure what you thought you were reading...

From ur bossy attitude comments, I can draw a conclusion that ur originally from the US. N yes, I'm dang rite.

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I'm sorry, but you aren't making much sense.. so you're trying to tell me that there are indeed NO poor countries in this world, or to believe that, you are instantly racist? That is a very close minded way of thinking, because a fact is a fact, and there are countries out there which are not very economically stable as other. Did I say the US is the most economically stable? No.. no I did not. This has nothing to do with living in the US, there are simply countries out there that need cheaper phones more-so than expensive ones. I never once commented that whoever has that phone in the picture must be from a poor country or is poor.. that makes absolutely no sense and you are putting words into my mouth. I'm sorry that you feel this way, but I am not the least bit racist, nor was my comment in any way racist. I think you just need to reread it from more of an objective point of view and not act like you are out to get everyone.

I'm sorry. Contrary to what you said, I'm not a racist, not even a bit. I reread ur previous comments, and I firmly think I got it right. I didn't even mean to put my words into your mouth and thought it my way. It's just your way of uttering. Lexically, when u said that this unofficially leaked R10 is good for poorer countries, then ur biased way of thinking just came out instantly. U know why, in comparison with others' comments including the words like high-end, low end, mid-range, or emerging countries, etc. U way of making comments shows in some ways ur bossy unbiased perspectives. It's normal that ur proud of being a citizen of the most powerful country no matter the used to be economy, the military or the education. But try to figure out some giant developing/ emerging économies, like China Which is supposed to be the biggest adversary in the Asia pacific areas, Russia, Brasil, etc. And on top of that, every society has its high mid and low crust. Like from what I've heard from some coverages that There still tons of Americans to whom the social securities like medicare are not currently available. It's just like what BlackBerry has come up with, this marketing tactic ta getting different markets, different needs, different classes. Okay, so much for this argument.

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I wish these ninja photographers could take some angle, side and backing shots. The last rumour bit on the R10 I heard was that it had a built-in battery and there was external entry for both SIM and microSD.

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Price point remains to be seen but with 8GB of internal storage, this is not for any app hungry users at all. Unless, does BB10 allow apps to be installed to the SD card??

If you have an SD card for all of your media, 8GB is more than enough for apps.. Most apps are 3-5MB, while the bigger games aren't much more than 400-500MB. Also, if you are buying a physical QWERTY device, chances are that you aren't buying the phone mainly to play games, due to all of the screen real estate you are giving up to have a better typing experience. They had to kick back any non-necessities for making a cheap-line "Curve" BB10 model, and the internal storage is a good place to do that. 8GB is more than enough for what the target market will be using the phone for.

Here we go again with the 'its good enough' comments. This is exactly why BlackBerry got into the trouble they did, by cheating out devices and having countless people say it's good enough. Who is the intended audience for this device, and how do the we specs match their needs? I just feel that they are doing the same thing over again and they will get but in the buttons if this is released.

Sorry, but 8gb is nowhere near enough. And while price may be a determining factor for emerging markets, ability to install apps certainly isn't.

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8GB is "nowhere near enough" for what? This is a low-midrange phone, with SD expansion available. One MIGHT argue that 16GB isn't good enough for a high end phone, though I'm a total app junkie and I'm still hard pressed to fill my Z10.

Lower-end devices need to be differentiated, or users wonder why to bother with higher-end stuff. Compare these specs to the mid-range Windows Phone models and you'll see this is very competitive.

+1111 ... If BB were to price the device at $99 on contract and hypothetically would sell it in the US/UK/Canada/EU etc. with the same screen as the Q10, same RAM, same form factor, same battery as their other high end device, AND the same internal storage as the high ends... would people really pony up the extra 100-150 bucks for a better processor, classic bold-style keypad and a slightly better camera? Not talking the average Crackberry citizen.. but the average consumer? Got to draw the line somewhere.

I totally second what u said. Since u bought a phone without visual keyboard, then u chose to give up the full screen play experiences. And, personally, I'm not a fan of video games, so 8GB is not gonna bother me then.

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BlackBerry built its user base to near 80 million by selling phones just like this. There are a hell of a lot of people outside of north America and western Europe who need and want a device like this. Not everyone needs a top end phone, or can afford one. BlackBerry know what they're doing.

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The 8gb itoy was good enough for ever. I am sure the mid size 5s is only going to be 8gb!!!!!!!!

For someone who does more email than fart apps and useless talking cats this will be perfect. Kudos to blackBerry for thinking of everyone and not having to mortgage your house to have the latest and greatest paper weight one year later like the itoy. That's thinking of the people right there. Freedom of choice.

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This phone is targeting the same audience Apple targets with the iPhone 4 8GB for free on contract.

This phone has better specs then an iPhone 4 and will probably be free to $50 on contract.

Apple still sells millions of the iPhone 4 even without any expandable memory and Apple is the platform for App hungry folks isn't it?

There is a huge market for this phone. It will outsell both the Q10 and Z10 worldwide with ease. Plus, if those specs prove true, then BlackBerry is still going to make a pretty decent margin on it even if they sell it outright at around $350. Which is half the price of a Q10.

Why wouldn't they have kept the keyboard butted up against the screen like on the Q10?... Isn't the gap on these R10s gonna make swiping up or selecting word suggestions more difficult?

Looks cool otherwise.

Q10 style please ..... make it more futuristic.
This one is so 2010, so old ..... no wonder other fan boys will bullying this .....

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I've heard many comments suggesting that the up-swipe is harder on the Q10 than on the Z (I'll admit, I haven't had the chance to try myself). It could be that this bigger space is there to help with this.

I can assure you it is not harder at all. It's just as good as on the Z. I would argue that it feels smoother than the Z10!

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I too can vouch for this having used a Z10 as my daily drive for 3 months and a Dev Alpha C for close to a month now.

I'm glad I went with the Q10. One of the best decisions I made. It has plenty of power despite the lacking apps. The R10 could do well globally and with different demographics so I do hope that the low-end market isn't a first consideration only. There are frugal and price conscious shoppers here in Canada and in the US that the R10 will certainly satisfy.

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+1 Parents buying for tweens/teens as well... and with all those fun colors... 199 for an Iphone that they will drop and shatter orrrr 99 for the new BlackBerry..

I totally agree with what you said. The unleashed BlackBerry R10 may not be only targeting the downscale market which is completely different from what (the user: Flip4bytes) said the poor countries, but also those price conscious shoppers. Those who don't use app a lot, nor video games a lot, why purchase a phone which is as approximately twice expensive as Z10/Q10.

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I think this will do well in the UK. Lots of people get the Curve line because they are cheap and usually come on good contract packages. Or people like myself buy them as second devices for going on holiday and such. Also businesses tend to buy them due to their cheap price and robust nature.

I will probably buy one to replace my Curve for holidays. It's hit the deck more times than I care to remember. Got sun cream over it and is probably full of sand. Also it has been at the receiving end of one too many all inclusive pints.

To the guy who asked about sd cards. Cheap BB phones have had SD support for a while. I can't see them taking it out to be honest.

Posted with CB10 on a Z10

With a sealed battery will this R10 be even thinner than Z10/Q10?
Also what screen is this running - doesn't look like the Q10 AMOLED beast...

Posted on white Z10 via CB10.

I believe this could be targeted for younger people, maybe the tweens. They love to text, so want a keyboard. I remember when everyone was going for the iphone, I kept seeing younger kids with BlackBerry because they liked the keyboard.

Plus, I would think a z10/q10 parents would want to buy their kids a BlackBerry so they can bbm voice/video/message for free with each other. *shrug*

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8GB sounds just enough for a low end phone at first until you realise that 3 to 4GB of that will be filled with BB10 and it's updates. So that's around 4GB usable space, 4 graphics heavy HD games and it's all gone.

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Who buys a low end phone with a keyboard if they are heavy gamers. Come on man, use your head. 8 gigs is perfect for the market this phone is going after

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I love the z10. I think the R10 will be excellent if one wants a second phone wid a physical keyboard.

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I'll take the Q10 when it FINALLY lands in the day. This will probably be popular in emerging markets, and satisfy current curve owners, but it just looks too much like a graphing calculator.

I like the look of the device - will pick one up for the sister! Is it me or does this phone seem "longer" than the Q10? That gap underneath the screen adds some length.

It's going to be really really popular here - the guys at CPW told me the curve is one of the most popular phones here...

I'm kinda reminded of the HTC cha cha phone too ;-)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

If bb is releasing this device for the sake of having a low end bb10 device, bb is going to be dead by end of this year. Yes, the device will be targetted towards poor countries but at least design forward. Just because poor countries can't afford high end device doesn't mean they deserve a phone with design from 2008

Design wise, its complete shit. Seems like even with ceo swap, bb haven't fully left its painful and embarrassing past.

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Please don't be disrespectful.

I think that having a device like this will be excellent for BlackBerry. I feel that this device looks like a cheaper cousin of the Q10, and that is EXACTLY its purpose.

Blackberry Faithful

Just because you don't personally like it doesn't mean everyone else will feel the same. They have to market to people's budgets. There are lots of people that want physical keyboards but don't want to pay Q10 prices.

Its being built for parents who have the Z10 or Q10 and their kids want a new BBRY 10 too, but want bright's cheap and cheerful entry level phone......brilliant BBRY clever marketing to the masses.

Wow I can't even begin to cover all the ignorance in your comment.

I'll just say that BlackBerry will be in a much better financial position by the end of this year then they are now, but I bet they would do much better with you in charge. As others have said, at least try to be respectful with your comments please.

Gyubok, I'm not sure what u are basing that statement on, but you clearly fairly ignorant. Please refrain from speaking and let the adults discuss. Children are to be seen not heard

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From ur complete bossy biased comment, I can draw a conclusion that ur originally from the US. Lol I wanna throw u a question. Do u think all américain citizens are capable of purchasing the high-end BlackBerry brand new Z1010/ Q10, ignoring which phone market they're gonna turn to. I guess not. Lol

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You might be making a 'joke' since you used "lol" immediately after; however, I'm begging you. Please refrain from lumping 300m+ US citizens into 1 group because of the ignorant/condescending comments of a few memebers on Crackberry. There are pompous people who think the world revolves around them & their circle in All Countries.

My wife loves her curve keyboard so this is her next phone without a doubt. Hope I don't have to import it here in the states because it isn't a flagship.

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You won't.

It's only ignorant folks who can't see past the end of their own nose that are saying this device is only good enough for emerging markets.

Apple is currently selling boatloads of nearly 3 year old iPhone 4 in 8GB capacity on new contracts in North America as we speak.

The BlackBerry R10 is a device that NA carriers will line up to carry.

The spec should include on board radio on the hardware side. Full touch screen will look nicer with a square edges. Lol

V can say tht r series is like curve series as they r small in size n q n z10 r bold series as they r much more advance n superior..

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*facepalm* why do they keep shooting at their own feet. I got a Z10 and love it, thinking of getting a Q10 as well they both have a sweet design. But this? 20 designers in a company came up woth this? Seriously. And facepalm again.

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Please, continue to hit yourself in the head and also, hit harder. It might knock a little sense into you.

So you shelled out for a Z10 and are going to shell out a couple months later for a Q10. So you have a pretty good amount of disposable income. This phone wasn't designed for you. You aren't the target market. So does it matter if you like it? No.

You do not represent the entire market. So thanks for sharing your opinion that this isn't the phone for you, but please don't lose any sleep worrying about the state of BlackBerry.

Why make another keyboard model? I hope BB would make a slider keyboard phone for the BB10 line instead. A big display with a keyboard which is not physical button but a touch screen that could switch to trackpad. We need big screen.

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They've already said there will be three ranges, each with one full-touch model and one keyboard model. Presumably, there will be a full-touch model in this category too.

I hope they make a qwerty without touch like bolds and things. I will keep my Z10 but still i think thats what a lot of people want.

I just want to know when the non-camera versions of ANY BB10 phone are coming. My 9650 is really showing its age and right the only upgrade I can take to work is the 99xx.

Looks a lot better in black but still doesnt look that good. I know BB is very expensive, i fortunately got my z10 le, but dont make cheaper phones look bad or they wont sell

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Nice entry level model.....great qwerty BBRY 10 phone for the masses......but I want a Z10 with a 5" Full HD Super Amoled screen for this bad boy!

so basically its liek a Q10 with a smaller battery and lower grade camera. but i guess that it needs the 2GB of RAM, they could probably get away putting int 1.25 or 1.5GB to lower the cost and still have enough RAM to run things smoothly

BlackBerry used to be notorious for skimping on the RAM in older BBOS models. They seem to have finally learned that RAM is the single most important thing NOT to cheap out on.

Doesn't look that bad. One thing I don't get though is why BB doesn't use the keyboards from say the 9700, 9800, and 9790 for the R10. They look and feel so much better. The only reason I can think of is cost?

From everything that I know it is the cost, as these plastic keys cost a lot less to make, then the Bold style keyboards. As well many people do like the curve style keys better than the bold style.

Love my Q10!!! It is fantastic. My buddy was at a leading cell phone shop in Toronto and they were selling many 10's of Q10s per day, while on launch day, they only sold a couple S4s. Weird... would have expected a better reception from the Samsung. The Q10 sure is popular here in Canada.

It's nice to start seeing more and more BlackBerry Z10s and Q10s out in the wild in Canada. Was at the movies yesterday with the girl friend in Niagara Falls and counted 4 Z10s and one Q10 being used by people before the previews. Love seeing Canadians supporting our own tech industry.

This phone will do well on th booming rich economies of Asia like middle east, Far East where majority of the people carry 2 smart phones for quiet some time now. Kudos Blackberry you know now were to tap.

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Not sure why everyone is complaining about the design of the R10? I recall that when "Mr Blurry Cam" posted initial leaked images of the Q10 and BB10 OS, everyone was up in arms how ugly the Q10 was and how they preferred TK Justice! Now I can't even recall a post where I last saw "TK Justice" mentioned recently (except this one) because everyone loves the Q10 design! Just because something doesn't look applesque doesn't mean the design is poor.

For someone living in the UK, IMHO if they get the pricing of the R10 right (and it looks half decent), I think it will be a big seller amongst the Tweens as there are still a lot of young people using curves and can't afford the Bold and/or don't like the touchscreen of the iPhone.

Wait till the phone comes out guys before you draw definitive conclusions how ugly or otherwise the R10 is. I agree it's fun to speculate and discuss though :) since we are all Fan Boys/Girls at heart.


Posted Via CB10 from my Q10.

National Rail Times App for BB10 (Q10 and Z10) -

Actually, aside from the curved keyboard the Q10 came out looking pretty darn close to the TK Justice renders.

I also like the Rs as we've seen them so far. One thing I picked up on the pictures of the red one (and even more apparent in these shots of the black one) is the sculpting on the keys. That's a new thing for a lower-range BB, and looks really sharp. Should also improve the typing experience.

Trust me, we go through this same song and dance every time. When the Z10 first leaked, everyone complained about how ugly it was. Then we got high res pictures and suddenly it was "gorgeous". Same thing with the Q10. And here we go again. I think it looks cool, and way better in black or red than it did in white.

So glad I upped my stake of total rim stock to 3%. I can see my net worth doubling in the near future.

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imo the R10 though cheaper spec is much better looking than the Q10. The Q10 has nothing extraordinarily new and refreshing in terms of design. It reminds me exactly of my old 9900 which I used for the past 2 years. Thank god Blackberry came up with the z10 first. Smart launch

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Can someone tell me why is R 10 in mainland China? The Z 10 hasn't been released in there yet? And if they do, I sure hope BB 10 never gets "fixed" as did Apple and Android. In case you don't know, Chinese users can't get access to Google Play and most of the App and book stores due to censorships.

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Have to admit I wasn't much impressed with R10 at first. But more leaked pics of the R10 coming I must say I was wrong. The design (certain colours) is not bad at all for low/mid- end device.

If the price and marketing is right, R10 may have great potential. Not only in emerging markets but also in developed countries. Target consumers shouldn't be only youngsters who can't afford Q10 but also adults who are not yet familiar with touchscreens and mobile internet. R10 can bring them BB10 experience.

As I said the potential for R10 is HUGE.

Whats interesting here is that there is a clear gap between the screen and the keyboard. I personally dont feel that it is necessary, I've had no trouble swiping strait up from the keyboard with the Q10 during my limited time with it.

A little marketing, a little engineering. If the screen looks small, it's a subtle hint to the user that this isn't the "best" device in the range. And it may also be to allow for a larger screen in an updated follow-on model later on.

This looks great in black and the strong colour options will be a big hit with the youngsters in the UK.
The leaked specs sound spot on as long as a 1Ghz + Dual Core processor is included in the final specs.
I would suggest a price point which matches the Nokia Lumia 620( Between £150 - £199 )to be sensible price point sim free.
Budget R10, Consumer Z10 and Business Q10 markets, all catered for.
Great work Blackberry, my full support is with you.

I agree, speaking of Nokia, the colors that have been leaked are similar to Nokia's styling of bright colors. I hope that they do launch a blue and possibly a yellow one, as well.

Good move by blackberry a lower end device makes sense I would imagine it will still need somewhat high minimum requirements to run the os. I would hope they could make it better looking though, shouldn't really cost more to look nice.

I'm hoping for a new BlackBerry that goes complete opposite I would happily pay more for 64 or 128 gb internal maybe even 2 micro sd ports (don't care much for cloud services) and definitely the biggest battery you can find lol

my z10 pretty much replaced my PlayBook and laptop at home so I hate to say this and never thought I would but a little bit bigger screen (phablet) might be nice

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I don't know what future you traveled back from but we just got 4G this year in the area I live in in Southern Ontario. 8G is probably still 15 years away.

Or are you referring to the 8GB of internal memory on the R10? Well, keep in mind the specs aren't official, though I'd bet 8GB is correct. We don't know about MicroSD expansion yet. But what we do know is that Apple, that app rich ecosystem that it is, sells millions upon millions of 8GB iPhone 4 without any possibility of memory expansion and people seem pretty okay with that.

So there is a market for such a device.

Z10 is a complete business n consumer phone. R10 will be a super hit for physical keyboard lovers n youngsters. Come on blackberry bring in the phablet now n let's take one Note II.

Posted via CB10

Yeah not too bad. Difference is that all of these low end devices will be touch screen - the curves weren't so it is a big change. One wonders what BB10 full touch low end devices will make it onto the market.

Ehhh 8 gb is enough for a mid range phone, just get a new sd card. I also doubt there will be any "Graphically Intense games on this lol so that's out of the question.

Z10? Why yes it is.

Yup the 8G is not enough ! A good mid-priced QWERTY communicating phone makes sense, add a few good colors like white red and black is a BONUS. What you do not want is this phone in the hands of somebody saying crap I can't do that and bashes the brand. So 16G will be a must. Lets spoil these poor brats they will reward the BBRY brand. Sure more apps means a more active user which will drain the battery but these users will be frugal either way and monitor the amount of apps and usage of their phone. The battery cannot be replaced like the Z10 or Q10, but this will force them move onto the more battery efficient Z10 or Q10 phones when they are financially ready !. BBRY go with a 16G it will help the brand !!

You really think that the hit on margins by doubling the memory will be offset by sales because the target audience is so sensitive to the amount of memory built into their phone that they won't buy this phone with only 8GB of internal memory?

Man, you should be CEO, you obviously know the market better and could really get BlackBerry back in the Black. Oh, wait, Thorsten and his team already returned BlackBerry to profitability. Let's leave this one in their hands then shall we?

Superion I will take profits/margins any day, but my comment was on the brand. Lack of apps did hurt BB big time, and just when we are recovering in the APP game I do not want the lack of apps to be come an issue to hurt the Blackberry brand. If the 8G won't affect the APP question then fine ! I am no hardware geek , but we can agree APPs are important today on all platforms and they do drive profits $$

For a curve replacement this is exactly right. Excellent stuff. The non replaceable battery surprises me a but tho. Still let's see what the future holds

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I think we really need to wait and see what this device is really for what they actually intended it to be for. Wait until we get official Specs and then we could argue if this is a good idea or not. For now let's stay quiet and patient.

P.S This Device is ugly as ----
C'mon BlackBerry let's make slim and smoother Sleek lookin BlackBerrys!

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Ok. I'm sorry this has nothing to do with the device. Please Leaker, cut your nails. That is so gross. If you're a male and your nails look like that women the world over are turned off. LOL.

Agree 100% !!!
Guy's nails... nice black color... That's bullshit!!!

Non-removable battery - that is important and, i guess, crucial! I do not remember any BB device with non-removable battery (correct me if i'm wrong). What's next? Non-expandable internal memory? That's Apple's policy! I hate restrictions.

And that glossy surface...

Pretty sure every BlackBerry phone has had a removable battery, but as for devices in general, the PlayBook does not have a removable batter.

Those are some solid specs for a mid-level BB10 phone. Would be nice to know the processor specs.

I think if this phone is sold for less than $300 in North America on a prepaid plan (or effectively outright) it will be a very attractive proposition for parents to acquire for their kids especially with the parental control settings in BB10. The parental control settings allow me to limit a child's access to basic phone settings such as calling /messaging contacts only and gradually expanding access to other features (facebook,twitter) as the kids get older and more responsible.

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Looks so much better in black. Will likely be upgrading. Y daughters curve 9320 with this when it comes out. If it comes out in Canada.

8gb is good enough for lower end model, I have a 8gb iphone 4 and never filled it up.

I just wondering why BlackBerry did or does not make a 8gb z10 for lower end market, same design just lower specs or same specs but lower gb model kinda like apple does?

I think apple does not have a 8gb iphone anymore, but they did for a few years and it sold in the millions cause it was 100.00 cheaper then the 16gb model.

This is what BlackBerry needs to do is sell on the design of the Z10 and or the q10.

Not make all the ugly cheaper spec devices.

A new curve in bb10 would be nice, but this R10 is brutal looking in my opinion.

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I can't appreciate the look of the phone because of the guys' disgusting nails in the picture. They look like something out of a horror film.

Posted via CB10

That's not bad for a Curve replacement. If they bring it out at around a £200 price point I can see it selling well.

I'd pick one up to take to desert parties, etc. Instead of the Z10. Cheap and not as much of a loss if damaged. If they fix the bridge sometime this year it would be good as a pb remote control I guess.

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Honestly the z10 is an amazing phone to just look at and hold. It's the first phone I've had that looks better without the case. The q10 is also an amazing phone to hold and obviously perfect for typing. The problem with the r10 is that it's got a really bad design. Remember the failed storm series? Or the semi successful torch series? Well, thats what led blackberry into big trouble. I think that they really need to make phones like this ONLY for poorer countries and bring some new design. I would never pick up a phone like this. It just looks horrific. Also, it's about time blackberry came out with one high end model that competed on the quad core or octa core level, with the gs4 and all, and completely destroy the I toy base. I think that would really boost them up in the market. Screen size can be a little bigger too but obviously not as big as the s4. They should put the same dedication in the aristo series (what i believe the rumors call the high end BlackBerry phone) like they did in developing the keyboard for q10. Come on blackberry, surprise us again like you did with z10!!

-proud Z10 owner

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LOL. I have become a fan of these forums because of wisecracks like these. And the affection that comes with these device nicknames. And this is what I love about the blackberry community.

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Another square and small screen. Fail. Make the screen longer. Support orientation change. Make keys useful in landscape mode as well.


Why would you ever need portrait support on a square screen!?? Maybe the physical keys should rotate as well to facilitate landscape use!?? LOL

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Cons: Smaller screen, glossy fingerprint magnet, non-removable battery, plastic keys, looks cheap (and fat - not the PHAT kind either). A competitors site has rear shots so you can see what I mean on the chunkiness.

Pros: Cost - it's cheaper than the Q10 but looks the part.

I personally would save on the aggravation and collect a few more bottles to be able to afford the Q10. I'd throw the R10 through the window in no time.

In all aspects, if you're comparing it to the Z10 Or the Q10, this is pretty much a "Curve" model. It's not as powerful but still does what you want. The curves have tended to die out quicker in the past, so hopefully with this being a downgraded model they have fixed whatever issues they have with that. I'm sure it will do just fine for people who want a basic phone that does what they need. Not everyone needs apps. Also, people need to stop saying the "Lack of Apps" on BB10.. the devices have been out for 3 months and there's way more apps now then I have ever used on any BlackBerry I've owned before. I'm loving my Z10 and am very interested to seeing what apps and updates are going to keep coming. Blackberry knew what they had to do to reinstate their name in the mobile world, and so far in my opinion they're doing great! Kudos BlackBerry! I love my device.

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Why would you go with a non removable battery? That is 1 of the differentiators that gives BlackBerry a competitive advantage...1 less thing to set blackberry apart from the hundreds of choices.

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I think this is a device thought for younger audiences, that don't use their phone as a business tool so they don't need the added peace of mind of a removable battery.A fixed battery will help to keep cost down,making the device also suitable for developing markets...

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I wish the Q10 had similar space between the keyboard and the screen.

...and im glad for the 2GB of RAM even though its just rumoured, this is a very important spec.

Non removable battery probably means thinner profile, so I think it's going to look great... I'm sure they'll sell tons specially if it offers the same smooth experience you get with the Q10

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Why couldn't blackberry just use the Q10 body and downgrade it some sort of like Honda uses its Acura's for expample and just brand it differently. I love my Z10 and the Q10 looks bad ass but it looks like no thought went into the concept design for this phone. I think blackberry should head back to the drawing board with this thing. And no removable battery?? What is the business development team thinking???

Bottom line, the phone looks like we're going back in time, not forward. And the keys are not appealing either. What's with the spacing in the keys?

C'mon blackberry, asthethically and visually I would avoid this phone. First impressions are everything. This is a mediocre looking phone and people don't want to be associated with a mediocre looking product. Sorry, me no likee. Just one bird's opinion.

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My Z10 is full. Batman alone is a 900mb game. I wish I had more space I had to search for things to delete just to fit batman on

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If this doesn't crash or freeze it will be fine for the curve buying masses. Most BlackBerry owners I know don't own the flagship phones, they own the Curves. They would likely buy the cheapest iPhone, Android or Windows Phone if they switched. As long as this phone is stable, it will sell to that audience. The chicklet colors won't hurt either. It doesn't have to be as good as a flagship berry, just as good or better than the competitors low end. It also must be clearly marketed as a slightly less featured affordable smartphone. Half the problem seems to be, people think all BlackBerrys are created equal, regardless of cost.

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I'm not an app junkie at all but still have 8.5 G used on my Z10. With memory so cheap and getting cheaper all the time, 8G is pretty small. 16G on the Z is small too , unless apps are able to be put on the removable card. Memory is one of the few specs most people understand so why not impress them with something so cheap to include? 32G is the smallest I'd go for built in memory. With unlimited size of card. The customer buys the card so why put a limit on it on the high end phones? Imagine the look on an ifans face hearing that the BB is expandable to 256G. ;)-

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This is an old blackberry tactic. Poor all your heart and soul into flagship devices. Z10 and Q10 are going for be awesome phones no reason to keep creating this old curve type attitude.

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Am I the only one who thinks this phone is actually pretty sexy? I don't know, something about it just seems attractive to me. 8GB is PERFECT. Eff the haters. I havent come CLOSE to filling up the 8GB on my 9900. People buying this won't have gaming in mind as primary use. 8GB is PLENTY for music and videos and a small smattering of games. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I laugh at these arm chair CEOs proclaiming BBRY is shooting themselves in the foot LOL. Typical western arrogance. The rest of the world will EAT this up. This is PERFECT for converting the tens of millions of curve users out there. If this phone is priced right, it would be a massive cash cow for BBRY and it would allow them to take more risks later and better R&D for future phones. I don't get why people fail to see that a success with this phone would be a giant win! Not everyone has the ability to spend top dollars for the new Z/Q10. Like others have mentioned before, Apple is covering many segments of the consumer base by offering older iphones at cheaper prices. I don't think the importance of this device should be underestimated.

Again this all IMO. Anywho, I'm gonna buy this regardless, would look good having Z10,Q10 and this bad boy! The only thing they need to do is announce the mid tier touch device and the rumoured phablet. Man I'm gonna go broke buying all these devices, but goddamnit I gotta have em all!!!! Go BBRY!

I don't know if this has been pointed out but it would make more sense for the blackberry logo to be on top like the Q10 so the distance to reach the word picker is shorter.

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I thought this would be the size of z10 with a smaller screen & keyboard. Shouldn't the display be a bit bigger than 3.1" ?

Lol, those nails are hot!!!
This would make a great first BB10 for my wife, she's on my old 9650 currently, and isn't keen on change.

Blackberry, I like where your head's at.....
if you pay attention closely you see that blackberry is addressing every type of consumer possible, first with the Z10 for people that say " hey I'm tried of the physical qwerty keyboard, i need a regular sized all touch screen phone" and it all so for people from other platform waiting for an all touch blackberry smartphone. Second, the Q10 for people that say " blackberry just take my money and give me a phone the bb10 OS that has a physical keyboard" ,and the R10 for that are like " I like the q10 but the price is way too much". I have not doubt that blackberry will launch a blackberry phablet(p10) addressing the people who love the big screen phone.

My question is; with the Z10 and Q10 as the high-end phone and the R10 as the mid-range phone will there be an all touch mid-range phone?.

That's not a good look. Making poor devices is what brought blackberry down. Touch on superior products only. That's what your competitors are doing.

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So old the r10 with even the q10...wondering how would look in front of the SGS4. BB doesnt need that.

I'd have love to see the BB logo being placed like this on the Q10 as it's placed here on the 'R10'. I think it would make for a thicker bottom bezel and a lil more differentiation from the 99xx! Think this is a decent mid-range BB...

where is a low or mid range full touch device..
as low end phones are mostly about consumers and not enterprise, and cheap android phones have shown that full touch is what consumers prefer, will it not make sense to launch mid-range devices in full touch than qwerty. Not sure what kind of market research data Blackberry is using

This device may be aimed towards the "New Contract you get a Free Phone" demographic but still, it looks pretty low quality too me. Nothing has been confirmed I know, but still in my opinion, the concept art TK Victory looks like the better route to go.

From some users' complete bossy biased comments, I can probably draw a conclusion that they are originally from the US. I just wanna ask are all Americans citizens capable of purchasing a brand new Z10/Q10, despite which market they're gonna turn to. I guess not...

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Because it is a pic from china? dude, the world is shifting away from north america - slowly but constant - to asia...

It seems that some people forget that BlackBerry has a Marketing department. Part of any marketing departments job is to determine what products people want through surveys, focus groups and such. I'm sure BlackBerry has determined there is a good market for this type of phone. Does anyone really think a parent is going to give a Z10 or Q10 to their preteen or teen so they can loose it or break it? There has to be a "Starter" phone in the mix to get people to try BlackBerry with idea they will progress to higher end phones in the future.

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The good news is that if they do end up making this phone, the whole licensing BB10 to oems thing will be forgotten.

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Did I read above that there will be a finger nail cutter app? How cool is that and can I get for my Z10? But back on focus - I have never owned a non-removable battery Blackberry. Need to think about that.

Good job BlackBerry!
Not everyone needs a Q10 and I believe this device will sell even here in N America. The nice keyboard is worth the price of admission and long battery life just sweeten the deal
Not sure why the battery is not removable, |I believe that is a wrong move on BB's part

These device resembles the palm pixie pre. I think this device will do well in other markets. I will stick with my z10 and q10. It is always good to see BlackBerry targeting all types of smart phone users. I can see my dad, mom, or aunts using this device.

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It doesn't look like it has an super amoled display, more like IPS LCD, but I could be wrong. :D

I'll stick with the Q10 once december comes around.