BlackBerry R10 caught once again, this time in red

By Bla1ze on 3 May 2013 04:45 am EDT

The funny thing about Instagram is that a lot of folks post things to it without giving it a second thought really. If you go looking, you'll find all sorts of things that people most likely should have kept to themselves instead of broadcasting. Such is the case with this unannounced BlackBerry 10 device more commonly known as the R10 or R-Series.

We've seen it before a few times now but it's always nice seeing unreleased devices pop up. Perhaps, the interesting thing here though isn't really the device, it's what was said about it when the poster was asked about its possible availability. "Scheduled Q3, but it's a mid tier... Plastic and all.. Nice though" Interesting. I like that red though. Also of note, there's a white one sitting in the back there and they both appear to be dummy units.

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BlackBerry R10 caught once again, this time in red


The first spots are fir the handicapped :)

I wish BlackBerry would not sell lower end phones in the US just think the curve was slower then the bold and people didn't get a good taste ALL my friends that are BlackBerry fans have always bought the better models.

I wish BlackBerry would not sell lower end phones in the US. Just think...the Curve was slower than the Bold and people didn't get a good taste at all. My friends who are BlackBerry fans have always bought the better models.

I could not agree more. People who have had curves think blackberry phones are cheap and slow. Apple only makes high end devices and they have done very well. I think they should stick to the Z10, Q10 and maybe add a slider. It's worth the extra money.

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I wish BlackBerry! would not sell lower end; phones in the US just think the curve was??!? slower then the bold and people didn't get a: good taste ALL, my friends that are BlackBerry fans have. always bought the better models.

Freaking hysterical. My coworkers are wondering wth I'm cracking up about... I need to dry my eyes because I'm laughing so much.

Captain Kirk OR Christopher Walken:

I wish, BlackBerry would, not sell lower end phones, in the US. Just think, the Curve was slower, than the Bold and people didn't get a, good taste, all my friends, that, are blackberry fans have always bought, the better models.

Looks ugly. Hope that's just how the dev device looks, and the actual one comes out to be better looking.

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The UI is wrong too (that bar at the bottom shouldn't be there on a small screened BB10 device). I'm guessing it's just a very crude dummy.

The phone is a dummy I believe. The Q10 or any keyboard BB doesn't need the search button because you get universal search from within the app drawer. Just start typing and you will be doing a search.

These are just manufacturing test units most likely. The final versions that get released in a few months will run the same OS or close to that of the Q10 and the home will appear visually identical to what we see on the Q10.

Wow! This is great!
I don't mind if it's Mid tier and Plastic. As long as it's running in BlackBerry 10.1
While Z10 and Q10 may not be that as expensive as other Flagship smartphones, they are more expensive than BlackBerry Curve and Bold.
The R10 can make BlackBerry users consider retire their old Curve 8520 and Bold 9700.

Anyway, I can't wait for the Q10 availability in Manila.

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very well said... Z10, Q10 and now R10. I like keypads. so the Q10 would b of choice but lets be real its not gona b cheap. so a mid tier BB10 device would get users to upgrade their devices. and I personally prefer the curve keypad shown on the R10 as opposed to the Q10 bold like keypad.

Then get a Q10.

This is a mid tier product that will appeal to price sensitive consumers and be a fantastic option for fleet deployments for enterprise customers.

The nice thing about BlackBerry not being Apple, is that BlackBerry customers will have a CHOICE of products in different price categories and form factors. BlackBerry doesn't do the one phone fits all business model.

Why does it look....terrible....colour....or layout of phone.....please explain so I can email T.H to change look before production begins.

It's mobile phone/computer. That's what it looks like. There nothing to dislike about how it looks.

It looks like a toy phone for kids. As much as I like the concept of a red phone this looks a bit too juvenile. Maybe it would look more stylish if the keys were black.

Lol not too appealing but I'm sure the price will make it so (cheap phone). I'd still get it, along with my z10 and Q10 haha fiend

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Agreed! This phones lacks the appeal that the Z10 and Q10 bring. I'm finding it hard to believe that many people will run to the stores. Even as a phone for kids it just doesn't make an impact. I say this with know disrespect intended, but maybe its for places like China or countries that govern data differently than North America.

It's the CB10 app and a non-standard sized image being used. It's on our bug list. :)

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I can't imagine it would be anything but fake with that kind of mistake, unless that's how you spell it in... some other language?

Calendar is spelt wrong. Or is this indicative of a certain market? Where do they spell calendar "calender"?

Well, looking at the source it appears to be near Jordan I believe. But given it's a dummy unit of a non-announced, non-official device I doubt much time was spent on the mock up.

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Random...m but how come every time he save a pic from the crackberry 10 app it overwrites the last pic you saved? even with a different name?

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Thanks for your opinion but since most of us here would rather see BlackBerry take marketshare in the mid range and grow the Platform, I'd say most people would welcome a mid tier offering running BlackBerry 10. Teens, emerging markets, enterprise customers looking at large fleet deployments would all really appreciate the greatness of BB 10 on a more cost effective device.

That's what people said about the Q10 from the manufacturing dummy units as well. Give it time to make an appearance in finished form and you might like it a bit better. If not, well then buy a Q10. Isn't choice awesome?

Yeah definitely. Not sure if it's the colour or they did some design tweaks but it doesn't look as terrible as I first thought.

Did anyone noticed that Facebook has an active frame now? Maybe a new bigger update coming down soon? :D

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The most interesting thing is that Facebook actually has an active frame versus just a minimized version of the app.

Why is "Calendar" spelled wrong? Call me crazy but did not think there were two Es in it...

That aside, not the phone for me, but for people that won't spend $600-700 on a phone yet want new features, I think it will do well. It is a decent looking phone. My guess is that it will be the one at Christmas time that goes for dirt cheap, or is even released for $0 with a new 2 or 3 year contract etc.

If iPhone is making their newer models in multiple colours then possibly BB wants to price beat them with multiple colours of a lower end device.

Dude in the pic holding the phone should really wash his hands. :/

Really hope they get this out before Christmas. the source says it's targeted for Q3 and that's Back to School and this would be a great option for college students on a budget and parents buys a first smart phone for their kids. Hope it launches around August or early September.

Now that BlackBerry has got BB10 out the door for this form factor in the Q10, they should be able to start accelerating their hardware release schedule a little as this would only require a few minor tweaks from the version that's running on the Q10.

No student would be caught dead with that monstrosity. They would be bullied and/or ridiculed every time they took it out of their pocket.

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I don't know about you, but I've always found girls with curves attractive. Oh, and some of the hottest girls I hooked up with in College had BlackBerry Curves too.

So I could definitely see some R-Rated fun with a 21 year old college girl rocking a pink R10.

Would you bully a cute girl with an R10?

Choice is good. This may not be the phone for you, but there is demographics that will appreciate this product.

*** How do you spell "Calendar" ....

'NUFF Said!

(Look at the photo - Calender ... Since when??? I'm calling this out as FAKE)

Oh.. And look at the white version on the table in the background, exact same screen!!!

If it is not photoshopped but actually real physically, then likely a "dummy" display model where the people who printed the fake paper display got the spelling wrong for Calendar.

They are mockups aka "dummy phones" as you stated. At this stage the spelling isn't important; the placement and size of the things are though.

From a hardware perspective yes, but anything on the screen should be ignored as it is likely a very bad photoshop mock up just thrown in there as a place holder. This kind of mock up is to test the manufacturing processes for the hardware and to test the design to see if there are any changes that need to be made to improve usability and/or fit and finish before the unit is mass produced. So, much like all the Q10 leaks of early hardware builds, things may change.

I'm guessing the reason the body looks kind of "plasticky" is because this particular design allows easy availability of various COLORS. The Q10 has silver lines and other styling features which may not easily be manufacturable in different colors.

However, imagine an assortment of affordable R10 devices in a bunch of various COLORS and you may pick up a youth market that will love this phone.

I sincerely hope it has a glass (preferably Gorilla Glass) screen and not a plastic one like the old Curve, it's spiritual ancestor.

This is what I shall say. When I first saw images if the Z10 I thought it was bland and ugly compared to my Torch 9860. Then I saw it in person and was like "wow". So I don't want to pass judgement on the R10 just yet. A picture may be worth a thousand words but when it comes to shopping, a touch is worth a million.

At least it has a design improvement over the Q10...there's much more space for the swiping gestures above the physical keys

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You've got to be kidding. I haven't seen anything this ugly since I drove by a midget hooker wearing a beard riding a unicycle with a pet monkey playing the cymbals.

No need to lie. You know you stopped and asked if the monkey was extra and took them both for a ride you sicko.

That said, much like the early prototypes of the Q10, things are likely to change with this device before launch of the final hardware and we know there is no software on these devices and the images on screen are merely poorly done mock ups.

I was actually wondering how the Q10 handles the bottom-up swipe with so little space above the keyboard

The image on the screen has been photoshopped, not sure what else may have been. Both units are showing exactly the same home screen, down to the info in the active frames. This may have been done on purpose but seems unlikely...

Also, the screen must be smaller than the Q10,s (though probably more pixel dense to have the same resolution). The fonts/text are proportionately larger which suggests the smaller screen.

It doesn't fit the design style of previous BlackBerry devices. Even the Curve series was like a watered-down Bold that stilled exuded a classy look. I expected the R10 to look like a watered down Q10 that maintains the classic BlackBerry look. This is definitely not it. In my opinion, this isn't a very good looking device, nearly not as nice as the Curve (which is what this line of devices is meant to replace).

On another note, I know this is a dummy unit but is this going to be running a newer version of BlackBerry 10? App icons are back on the bottom of the Active Frames, which is something I've wanted to see come back.

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Looks good, that's BB's cash cow, not the Q10, if they can price it properly, not like the Q10. People won't mind as much about all the problems with email/hub on a cheap device used mainly to instant chat.

I'm assuming when this comes out it will not have a search icon on the bottom just like the q10. Which will make for a tad bit more of room and not make everything look so smooshed. It is a good looking mid level device. I like the fact that the bottom bezel is much bigger than the q's.

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This is "mid" tier? It definitely looks "low" tier to me.

If this is closing in on the final design I hope it never sees North America shelves...BB haters will have a flipping field day.

Wow I didn't realise anyone cared about BlackBerry haters. "Haters are gonna hate.". Keep Moving, bro.

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Would like to have as an "Affordable" backup device, that being said if it is cheap enough when it releases.

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I like it. But probably just because it's red and would look nice in my red Jeep and sitting beside my red computer.

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I am all for this coming to the US. For the 30+ phones I have in the field, that get beat to he**, I am wanting something more mid-tier.


People are bashing this phone based purely on their personal tastes for their personal device not even giving the slightest thought to where a device like this might be the perfect fit in the market.

Customers who buy fleets of phones for deployment will view this device as a Godsend and so will people on a budget and people who don't care about high end stuff but really want a reliable messaging device. This phone is every bit as critical to the success of BB10 as the halo phones.

If many companies buying this phone for their employees to use, it will obliterate what's left of the blackberry brand. It will perpetuate the idea that blackberries are horrifically ugly devices. Because, in all honesty, this may be the ugliest phone I have ever seen in my life.

This will be a disaster for BlackBerry. :(

They simply can't be allowed to release this in North America!

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Really? I bet you make up your mind about which car to buy based on rental cars too right?

My job gives me an underpowered old Lenovo laptop to use. It gets the job done but I'd never want it as my personal machine. That does not mean I think all Lenovo laptops are junk.

People who don't have corner offices don't usually assume their employer is going to hook them up with top of the line gear. Most people realize that what work gives them is going to be sufficient for the job but not much more.

Plus, you don't see anyone passing on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 just because they also make 50 other models that are cheap trash do you? Exactly.

I'd put an R10 up against a mid-range Samsung any day of the week and I guarantee that the R10 will be a better made product and have better performance as well.

I like it. I think entry level us too important to ignore. It reminds me a little bit of the new Nokia Asha 205. And for those that did not like the curve, they were really solid phones. The curve 8310 is still one of my favorite Blackberry's.

The horror!!!! Why the hell BB would want to do something so ugly after getting it so right with the Q10???

Kill it!!! Kill it with fire!!!!

Thanks for sharing.

The nice thing about BlackBerry is that consumers have a choice of products unlike some other fruity companies.

So this one's not for you. That's nice. Buy the Q10.

for customers like the poster above who deploys BlackBerry to his workforce, this is going to be a reliable well made product that will be much kinder on his budget then deploying all Q10s and Z10s.

BB needs to stay away from this crap plastic models and only produce top stuff like the q10 and the z10 and possible a lower end BB 9000 like device and that's all.

The also need to make a NEW tablet and also update the existing ones to BB10 ASAP this month.

Yeah, and BlackBerry would be broke by Q4 this year if you were in charge.

Did you know that the next Billion Smart Phone users are going to be low end devices? The biggest growth opportunity is in the low end. The customer on a budget that may have a smart phone as their only internet connection.

So from a business perspective, getting the mid range and low end covered as ASAP is allot more important to the future of the company then you getting BB10 on your Playbook.

maybe this is low-end phone that will offer removable cases with all different colors. That may be great for teens and those whole like to switch it up every know and then

Not an attractive phone at all, and in my humble opinion will hurt their image and the goodwill they have with their present users. They need to be very careful here as one miss-step can make this whole world come crashing down around them. I can't image that a good industrial designer would come up with something like this.

Social media has brought to light some of the inane mindlessness of post-modern culture. Instagram is sadly infected with it as well.

If it's ugly and cheap Sprint will probably get it. I hope they don't get this phone, I am hoping they get an A series phone. Crossing fingers but probably not realistic

I think this device will do very well. All of you saving that its ugly are nuts. Maybe you dont like the color, say that. But a line of Reds, Blues, Whites, Pinks and more will appeal to a good amount of people. It may never really see its way to the states however, but PRICE CORRECTLY, which is something BlackBerry never seems to be able to do properly, this device will do well as an entry level, "affordable" BlackBerry.

Youth will like this phone. Also, there are consumers out there who want lower priced phones with fun colour and not so business and professional look. I have no problem getting one for my daughter.

I heartily disagree youth will like this phone. In my opinion, they will have the exact opposite opinion if it.

A lot of kids like a qwerty keyboard for messaging their friends, but that keyboard has to be attached to something that looks cool.

And this phone is definitely definitely not cool.

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Quite ugly. It looks like those 1980s computer monitors with the tiny screen surrounded by a very thick frame. It's mid-tier, but it looks more like low-tier to me.

Please don't tell me the employees at BlackBerry thinks this device looks good?!!

Although the Curve was cheap and plastic it appeals to the masses of kids who can't afford the expensive models. In the UK it's been a big seller. In addition a lot of corporate customers, especially local government get these devices for free when they sign to 24month contracts so they out sell the more expensive devices 10 - 1.

If BlackBerry are going to survive and continue to appeal to these markets then a Curve like device must be developed and released before the end of 2013 to give corporate customers a chance to migrate their BES estate for free to BES 10

Obviously to the conissours of the BlackBerry World then these devices are pants!!

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If this is going to be the replacement for the Curve then I would be happy buying one. I do have a Z10 but I always kept a cheap device for when I went on holiday abroad. Much like when I had a Bold I kept a Curve because it wouldn't bother me if I got sun block, sand or even dropped it abroad. Plus I like the look.

I just hope they give it enough RAM. My biggest single complaint with the curves was that the browser would crash due to a lack of RAM.

Posted with CB10 on a Z10

Nothing bad about a lower priced option. If I had not owned a Curve years ago, I wouldn't have bought a Z10.

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Samsung makes about 50 or so low end models that are hideously ugly, poorly made, and perform dreadfully. Hasn't stopped anyone from buying a Galaxy S or a note has it?

Question is the pricing, if they can somehow make it fully subsidized, it would be really awesome...

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Sooooooooooooo ugly :(

I realize this targets a lower price range than the z and q 10, but I wish they could make something that isn't vomit-inducing. :/ That's all I ask... just something better looking than vomit-inducing.

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I agree that BlackBerry should stay away from these cheaper looking lower bend devices. They've been down that road already. They're better off investing that research, development and production money into the Z10 and Q10's successors. People will buy premium devices. Even in third world countries. I know this first hand because I'm from a third world country. The Z10 is selling for $700 USD with exchange rate and people are still buying it there. I also see people with S3's and I phones. Don't do it bbry.

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This phone will be a big seller in the emerging markets and will be a great device for people on a budget. To survive BlackBerry needs a lower end device.... smart move IMHO.

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Same mistake as Q10 - Screen is square and small, which makes a bad browsing experience and also make developers life more difficult. It could be easily one inch longer and have a high pixel density.

RIM now needs to quickly roll out big screen keyboard devices. Otherwise, trouble.


Always carried Curves, it's what started my CrackBerry addiction. If it weren't for the Q10 in the US coming out so late, and this as a result coming even later I'd probably take this over the Q10.