BlackBerry R-Series device caught on camera

By Adam Zeis on 5 Apr 2013 07:00 am EDT

While we've already seen the BlackBerry R-Series device one before (albeit a bit blurry) a new image have surfaced that gives us a much better look at the unreleased device. The R-Series is said to be a mid-range device (a BlackBerry 10 Curve) that is rumored to be released later this year.

As you can see, the device carriers over the spaced out Curve-style buttons and has a screen size similar to that of the BlackBerry Q10

Not too many details to go along with this one, but we expect to see more in the months ahead as other BlackBerry 10 devices go into production. 

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BlackBerry R-Series device caught on camera


Ha, I've been saying that the BlackBerry sign on the Q10 should be *below* instead of above the screen to allow for easier gestures for the past few months. At least they managed to get that right here. Admittedly, I have no idea how easy or difficult gestures will be on the Q10, so there might not have been a need to do it on that phone.

Good call there. Of course that assumes the only reason for the extra space at the top is to fit the BlackBerry log, which I doubt is the case. Perhaps there is some design/hardware limitation.

+1 I'd be surprised if that's what it's final look will however. But the prototype is definitely horrifically ugly :)

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That is one UGLY looking BlackBerry smartphone.. I think they can do a lot better with the low end devices.. This reminds me of the FaceBook phone from.. HTC?

yeah, sorry have to agree with mjgallaway. BB should keep with the times. phablet's are in (for some reason) but i'm happy with my Z10

Are phablets really in? What percentage of the market do they have? I know that Samsung has done well with their phablet, but not that well. I also have not seen one used in public. Perhaps you are just referring to larger screened phones like the Galaxy S3/S4?

I laugh at people with phablets... though, they do serve their purpose. my friend has a hand the size of my head... He appreciates his phablet.

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I love my Note II, superior in their own way but my main phone until the Q10 comes out is the Z10. You just cannot knock the super amoled screen and picture/video quality of the samsung device, sorry to say. Wished my Z10 had the same.

This device is an entry-level device for emerging markets, right? So we'll likely never see it in Canada, UK, US, etc. With that said, it is pretty ugly... hopefully it's just a prototype.

+1 Beyond ugly indeed. Even if looks are not any factor in your phone purchase decision, you would need a strong stomach and some big cahones to dare pull that thing out at a meeting!

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If this is a mid entry phone, we will see it in North America because there are lots of companies including government who deploy $0 phones to their workers.

Same spec's as the PlayBook? Well in that case that's great news because rumors were saying that bb10 wouldn't work on PlayBooks current specs. And that means the current PlayBook will most definitely get bb10.

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I was just about to post the exact same message. I agree - I hope the R10 is essentially like the PB in specs because that means BB10 on the PB is a real possibility.

I'm LOVING my Z10. Not perfect yet - but most of the issues I have are things that can be easily fixed with software. I still like my PB - but I find going back to PB OS from BB10 makes me a bit sad.

Didnt the dev alpha have the same as the pb and that was running bb10. Besides thor has already said that bb10 will be coming to existing playbooks.

The OP did not state it as a fact - just opined that it will "prob have the same specs". Really it's a pretty good guess - what else would a lower end BB10 device have? If it's LOWER than the PB - then that's good too - if BB10 can run on that. There's not a heck of a lot of room between the two however so I think it's a pretty good bet.

The R10 like devices will most likely hurt Blackberrys name like the most the curve devices did, where people bought the underpowered curve hated moved on to android or iOS and told all the friends how crappy blackberrys were, we don't need this all over again!

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This is simply can not be said that way. Here in Indonesia, Curve line up of BlackBerry handsets is dominating the market. Because of the cheaper option and the BIS cost is quite cheap too. Maybe it is not for certain country, but it has be available on such country like Indonesia.

I agree with you totally. BBRY needs to be very careful with the devices they bring to market. People buy devices in part according to how they look, and although this phone stays true to legacy BlackBerry devices, a lot of that legacy needs to be erased in the minds of consumers. Also people will do exactly what you said and disregard the fact that this is a mid range phone and put it up against flagship devices from the competition.

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As much as I wish the Curves we have were more powerful or fancier, because we are using the latest generation, everyone seems to be enjoying the device.

BlackBerry needs to be VERY clear in the marketing that the "R10" is a low end phone and does not have the power and looks of a high end device. I really wonder how many people know what "entry level" is? There is a demand for it in every market, just people can't exspect a Galexy 4 from a $0 phone.

+1 Yup. Though I can't believe BlackBerry would release a monstrosity like that (knock on wood!), the damage it could do would be huge.

BGR and Gizmodo would have a gd field day of bad press for it!

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Totally agree. We need quality phones. Just because the market is emerging does not mean we not progressing

With all of the money spent on R&D, design, etc. this is what makes it out? Thank god for my Z10. The older curves were much more beautiful (8900) too.

I wonder what typing on that will be like. I'm sure it will be priced well for the low end markets, and with BB10 running on it, it could be a steal :)

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Problem is this is not a low end phone. It's a mid tier phone that looks very low end. Good grief they really need to get a grip.

I'm waiting for a small BB10 device with numeric keypad. Typing with one hand
and closed eyes on a BB10 device would be GREAT!

My son's instigram account got hacked and I have yet to meet someone ask can them via Skype. I highly doubt you can label my phone outdated due to these apps. I'm finding apps that I never seen before that are about productivity and se cool games as well. I don't see why these and Netflix are sought after. We were all about the Kindle app and when I downloaded a free book I was already disappointed. I rather wait for kobo.

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Perhaps this is a throw out design and they are just looking for comments. They should get the picture now. Even their mid range phones should have a wow factor.

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That's a phone only a mother berry could love. Please send that back to the prototype vault.

Black Tie Z10

I'm with you on that, I like the look of the Z and Q10 but this R is gross. If BB wants any marketshare back, they should redesign ASAP!

Sometimes ugly is ok once you peal away the layers to unveil the true beauty and performance of the phone. Not everyone wants all the bells and whistles they just want a phone with some goodies like BB10. BB just needs to put out great phones that make others want to look touch and try and then buy!

Why even make a curve? What's the point? Keep to the Z10 and Q10. Use the money for R&D, or better yet, invest it in the Aristo. #fail.

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Sounds like you should be in the phone making business since you obviously know better...

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I think it's not ugly, it's just 'low end'. BlackBerry has to keep enough distance between this device and Q10 so it won't cannibalize Q10, considering the screen size is about the same and the probably also same standard BB10 qwerty resolution, 720x720.

Wonder when will they announce this device. Along with Q10 maybe? The design leak came out about the same time last year isn't?

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Does anyone else think like me I believe one of the reason BlackBerry has such a bad name is because of the curve it used to freeze way more then a bold did because of cheaper processor and less memory why does BlackBerry feel a need to make a cheaper device? Apple doesn't have one just a lower memory for music neither does the galaxy!

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That said Apple sells hundreds of millions of products like it's nothing. Again the above is not low end it's mid tier but looks very low end. This is worse than the style fugly. They can do better.

But Apple certainly won't release one on such a fugly device, with Ive at the controls of industrial design nothing goes to market with his signature clean and minimalistic approach.

Low end doesn't mean it needs to be fugly. I agree that sticking to the q10 and z10. I understand on why they will release such a device though right now they're throwing the kitchen to win back and maybe get new customers.

Hello, I'm in love so far with the Z10 and bb10, jw so the Z10 and q10 are the high end models or will blackberry be releasing a new high end or just the medium and low end models now and yea that curve looks old and would make people go back to older models or another os

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K.I.S.S. theory

Is there really a middle ground between the Z10/Q10 or PlayBook? I think not. Please BlackBerry, don't waste valuable R&D time or warehouse space trying to woo consumers to a half price and also half a** device.

Plus, it's ugly as hayell..

No, I think BlackBerry MUST make a low end device. Tag it with affordable price, sell like hell, many people adopt BB10, developer getting more interested to develop apps for this platform, BB10 ecosystem grows rapidly... BAM! One step closer to Droids and I troops :)

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Totally agree. A good margin of BlackBerry customers are in countries where people can't afford a contract or a full price phone. They can't be left without any BlackBerry choice as time goes, and will have to upgrade to BB10 y because BB7 will gradually phase out. This BB10 Curve will absolutely do the job.

9220 was one of the last BB7 phones to come out, with less specs than any other BlackBerry phone, but still had customers because it's only priced at 150$, and can last almost a week with the same battery charge. That's what my mother and sister desired anyway, and I'm in Canada.

That said, BlackBerry image will depend on advertising, that's obviously where they should push Q10 and Z10, but still sell R10 in stores.

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Wow that is one fugly bland looking phone...hope its just a dev alpha of some sort. Needs something, contour, shape, SOMETHING to sexy it up a bit.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

Even just square off the bezel corners like the z10 and it would look sleeker and sexier.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

First World users commenting on third world device. Yes, I get it. You can afford or rather go in debt to acquire a high end phone. Many emerging developing countries need an affordable phone that works efficiently for their population. No one is asking you guys to turn in your Z10 or Q10 for this model.

The point is that it hurts the brand. If they keep this to only emerging markets, then it should be fine. But release this elsewhere, and the brand is tarnished.

This again is NOT a low end device. Think 9350 -60-70 not 9220. There is a big difference. It's says that it's mid tier so it's not so much for the emerging markets. It's for people that don't quite want to spend $600 for a phone but will spend 350-400. Only no one will spend anything on the phone because it's hideous and looks more like a $149 phone than a mid tier phone as the article suggest it is.

BB must be looking to improve the typing experience on their low end devices. Notice the bold-like sculptured keys vs the flat ones used on the current curves

Ok, the phone is not attractive in white, maybe black would look better, but I have a few observations.

1. Blackberry MUST make cheaper phones, because when the traitors in the USA left them for dead, it was the emerging markets that stuck with them through the storm. You can't just abandon the ones who refused to abandon you and the Curve is popular in those markets.

2. Some compromises must be made. If they're keeping the same screen size and resolution of the Z10 and Q10 across the board, they'll need other ways to differentiate the different classes of phones, so that a "Curve" doesn't steal the thunder of a "Bold". Based on the Dev Alpha devices, you can expect that anything running BB10 has to pack a Dual Core CPU, so you can't cut corners on the CPU or the screen. You MIGHT be able to lower the RAM a little, but outside of that, the only other thing you can do to lower the cost of the phone is package in a cheap housing.

So you can expect the same treatment of the U10. A Z10 sized screen wrapped in a cheap plastic housing.

If Samsung can do it, so can BB! The plethora of phones available by Samsung and LG in these emerging markets is astounding and all with different sizes and price points. A BB device must stand on it's own but must address the market needs from a high end as well as the mid to low ends, but BB must be very careful they don't turn folks off with their offering.

Either I'm out of touch or people aren't seeing the same thing... i love this device, especially in white.
I've seen this in the captive confines of campus Waterloo and the device is wonderful... very comfortable to hold and use... and with bb10, à little less power have no noticeable impact on the performance.

This is a sweet mid-entry BlackBerry!

To hide the device PIN that usually displays on these pre-release devices. People posting images of pre-release Z10s had to do the same thing.

Very ugly and old looking phone. I hope this is not real, every other brand are going to be laughing at us!!!!
This is a joke!!!!

I don't see people laughing at Samsung about the Galaxy Ace Q, which is quite ugly. Know why? No advertising is done about it, but they still have it in store. Even more, I think conservative (read: older) customers would prefer a real keyboard with moderate specs than a touch screen with moderate specs, because a keyboard is more intuitive and the tactile feedback is there. R10 will sell, Galaxy Ace Q does not.

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Sorry guys but truthfully this is not a good looking device. I love and own a Z10 the Q10 looks great and I can't wait to see it but for me this device is not pretty.

They absolutely need lower end phones. But this is very ugly. Black version would probably look better though.

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What people don't understand is that this is going to be an entry level device aimed at emerging countries. It needs to be cheap and not look as sexy as the Z10 or Q10. Those are high end models. This is not meant to replace them at all.

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What you don't understand is that this is going to be priced as a mid tier phone not low end for emerging markets. Every article suggest that the device is a mid tier device even the article above that says "mid tier".

There is a difference between mid and low end and if the above is mid tier and not low end they will have a problem selling it. The 9360 is a mid tier curve with nfc mobile hotspot and a better resolution than the low end curve 9320 -10 etc.

The above device looks very low end cheap and I really hope that it doesn't come to market looking like that with a mid range price tag.

That looks pretty hideous, truth be told.

Here is what I don't get though, why make it with such an ugly keyboard. They have a good looking and from what I've read a great to type on keyboard which they are putting on the Q. Why not use the same one. Why can't they use the same keyboard but just change the insides of the phone, and maybe slightly change the rest of the design of the phone. I would be baffled to hear that the keyboard on the R (as pictured) would be far far cheaper to mass produce compared to the Q keyboard, especially as they would already be churning the Q keyboard out by the millions. When you make a phone that ugly, it damages the overall blackberry brand, and that costs more in lost sales than a couple of cents per unit cost to upgrade the keyboard and make it not ugly.

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I'm wondering whether the "made in Mexico" is hindering their ability to produce a more reasonably priced device with style. Gosh they have to be so careful what they do here with no mistakes. This style does not make the muster, hope it's not reality.

It looks fine. People said the same thing about the z10 and q10 when they were shown off in bad pictures.

Blackberry definitely needs a lower tier device for many markets.

People, let's look beyond the initial reaction and let's look at the business model. I think that the lower end devices need to look different from the high end devices so that people don't expect them to perform like high-end devices. Blackberry needs to have a lower-end device to fulfill the price-point need lower down from the Z10/Q10 range. And the expectation has to be that the lower end model will NOT have all the features of the higher-priced model. For example, Honda makes the Civic and Accord two good quality vehicles, but designed differently. There is a market for each and people know that when they buy a Civic, it will not have all the bells and whistles of an Accord. Likewise they know they are not paying the price of an Accord. Instead of having a gazillion models a la GM, Honda keeps the line-up trim which keeps the logistics chain lean. I think that Blackberry is going for a product line similar to that (not saying they are copying, but certainly many similarities). Have a couple models that fit the market well, ensure that they are well defined in what they will offer for the price point they are at, and ensure the product quality is there. If the market that this device will serve (ie: lower price point) LIKES the design, then who cares what the high end market thinks - they're not going to buy it anyway. Personally, while it's no Q10, I don't think it's that bad of a design.

I am not sure that it wouldn't sell in North America BUT it seems that it would definitely sell in the UK. Apparently the 9320 sold well over Christmas in the UK and that phone has really low specs. BB says that they do not intend to sell here Their margins would be quite small and its sales would only take away from Q10 sales. As far as looks go ... it is what it is . You buy it for the keyboard.

It doesn't look great. I think BlackBerry should just have 2 high end and one lower end. Like Z10, Q and then R. I remember the seven platform, there were too many phones, I couldn't tell the difference and it was hard to develop for them because of the segmentation.
The Q and Z look great though.

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I think this may be a os7/8 device. Reason i say this is, if you look at the screen below the saving and verifying your settings, you will see a checkbox for show password. I know this checkbox exists in os7 devises, however in BB10 to see your password, you need to click on the little eyeball symbol to the right in the password box itself. Not a checkbox below the password field. Thoughts about this anyone?

Give the R some colour since this is a mid range device. That should appeal to the demographics that are interested in a device like this. Maybe purple like the pearl, or tones of red and blue. Spice it up!

Looks like a fake (photoshopped) look closely at the edges of the screen and the message .

I'm happy with my Z10 :)

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Yeah that 9320 is a low end phone but how did the mid tier 9360 do in emerging markets? The above is not low end it's a mid tier phone and it don't stand a chance in hell selling at mid tier price in North America. BlackBerry you need to do better.

I got to imagine that there will also be a black version. White may not be the best choice for the R series

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Holy bejeezus that thing is ugly. I don't understand why they would make this, just make the Z10 and Q10 cheaper in a year or so. Last year's model should be your cheaper model. It reduces R&D costs and has already been carrier approved.

I guess I am in the minority when I say I like it. Looks like the HTC Status had a love child with a Nokia E5.

i think my 8900 looks way better than this tbh.

an all-black device would probably look much better than 2-tone color scheme

I might buy one if they come avail in Canada. I miss my qwerty keyboard, and since I have the z10 buying a q10 is going to stretch my budget.

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The Curve tended to be pretty poor and gave BB a really bad reputation, at least with a handful of friends of mine. Hopefully they do the "next" Curve properly.

Lot's of people are using the Curve for a reason. I believe this phone will be a great upgrade to BB10 for the people who prefer the Curve design over the Bold.

They need these type of phones. The curve was and has always been a great entry BlackBerry device. This is a great extension of that legacy.

I don't like it. Devices that look like this should be phased out. It's going to be a near-2014 release too, shouldn't the world be over this look of a phone. Focus on Z10 and Q10 software and apps availability.

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I'm calling fake on this one. They wouldn't waste valuable space on the screen putting the logo where the flick typing would be. Just look at the Q10.

@curea: Would you really use the flick typing with a physical keyboard? That seems awkward.

on the right track BB! need this device out soon. there are a lot users who dont need fancy ( or pretty) ceelfones, just functional, robust communication devices.

That looks terrible. Each letter having its own space is terrible. They should never leave the style of the Bold and Q10 keyboards. Ever.

I am from the UK and the curve series from what I have seen over here is the best selling series of the BlackBerry by far so this over here would do well.

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It is hideous! I'm a blackberry loyalist but the design team needs to step it up! Have we not learned anything from Digital Homeboy's concepts??? "The Blade" and the Tk victory and Tk Justice!!!!! Anything less is garbage!

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I actually like the look of the device. If that's what the "Budget" line will look like then I think it will please people. I loved my old curve and it's nice to see a continuation of the devices.

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Can't judge it till you really see it and hold it, I remember everyone saying how much they hated the a10 in the first leaks till we seen good pictures of it.

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BlackBerry wake up, the device is a hideous disgusting abomination! I have the beautiful Z10, the Q10 also looks great.

What are you thinking adding this to the line up. I had real high hopes for this phone. Both my kids have curves, they will get laughed out of town if they bring this device to school.

I'd like to believe it's a prototype but the Z10 was trailed for a year before release and it didn't change a bit. I've seen this exact shape months ago, so as much as I'd like to believe it's going to change I'm afraid this is it folks.

Damaged brand just as we got our mojo back.

Very disappointed.

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I disagree with the abomination part but I agree about what you are saying. The blackberry portfolio should be more focused and less diluted.
Blackberry phones were so confusing back in the day. There were so many freaken phones before. The common consumer had no clue what the difference between a 8520 and a 8510... etc. Having like 20 variants for the same phone was a disaster marketing wise. Compared that to the popular phones on the market these days like the iphone 5 or the samsung s3. Albeit there are multiple versions of the iphone 5 and z10 for different bands but it is way easier to market for the average consumer in north america. In my opinion they should release 3 phones tops! Z10, Q10, some curve equivilent to the Q10. Keep it stupid simple

No!!! Don't say that! :) you'll jinx BlackBerry and they will actually release it looking as-is!

What a nightmare that would be :)

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Nothing wrong about low end BB10 phones. The 9320 didn't take away from the 9900.

I'm actually happy if they work on low end phones. This means that they will figure out how to scale the OS to run well with minimal specs, which will make things better for Z10 and Q10 owners, and it gives more hope that my PlayBook will receive an upgrade to BB10. As it stands, there are some nice improvements from PB OS 2.1 to BB10, such as:
1. Contacts automatically link. Yeah, I don't need to spend an hour manually linking hundreds of my contacts.
2. Native support for multiple gmail calendars in the same account. I can discontinue my workarounds (not quite since I still have my PB).
3. Keyboard. Autocorrect without having to pick the word at the top of the keyboard saves time.

I don't know why people are still crying and complaining lots for not having Skype and instagram on there bbry 10.. u need to get a grip peeps as there are dev who have made great and better if not good as apps like face flow and pic story and so on that are much much better...

Anyway as I say Skype and instagram loss is another dev gain... as face flow is now on other os platforms...

Btw the phone in the photo looks as if it's made for peeps with chubby fingers as the keys are spaced apart rather than together... way to go bbry for far thinking with peeps with big hands... I bet u peeps never thought that far ahead other than look at it and judge its practicality...

Ha hah ha he he hah ha...

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Why do people think this is the r series? I don't believe it is. If you look at the blackberry road map the next phones look larger than z10 and q10. Thor also talked about a exciting device for holiday season, so I would say the u10 and r10 should be similar to what the image is on the road map as I don't believe an exciting device will be the same size as the z10 or q10.

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Has BB (ex RIM) learned nothing? releasing bog-standard, boring, low-spec, aesthetically brain-dead rubbish like this is exactly why RIM fell behind in the great mobile phone debacle in the first place.

Jeeeeeeeezus - my patience with BB is nearing it's end.

+1 we don't know if that is what it will look like, but if they DO release that monstrosity in North America, I'm throwing in the towel!

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I ugly and old... :S wtf... Q10 and Z10 are enough for a start i think. Spend in developers not in ugly phones.!

Kind of reminds me of the HTC Status from ATT years ago. It was had a dedicated
"Facebook" button on it. Wasnt too crazy about the design, but id still rock the BB QWERTY

thats one ugly device did i say ugly come one blackberry this is 2013 at least make a good device its really ugly

I sure hope this is a very early prototype-unit, because, like a lot of people here, I think the design is terribly ugly. Before I got my Z10, I had two Curves (an 8900 and 9360). They weren't as fancy as the Bold-series, but still had a very distinguished look. This one looks like some cheap Chinese phone, and seems a clone of the HTC ChaCha (

When I look at my very elegant Z10, I know that BlackBerry can do a lot better than this!

I doubt the phone will look like this BUT if a Curve is released I swear on everything I'm throwing away this phone and moving to other pastures. We have all rallied around BB10, hoped RIM wouldn't go bust and waited patiently for a new chapter. If BlackBerry releases a Curve it will be the biggest slap in the face for all we have done. Has BlackBerry not learned anything these past years? Mediocre devices is why we are here in the first place - fighting for 3rd place in the market! I can't even fathom what goes on at their board meetings. I mean from the Super Bowl commercial that showcased nothing to choosing Alicia Keys (NOBODY LISTENS TO HER ANYMORE proof: album sales) to their nonexistent social media strategy it's like they want to fail. Anyway we CrackBerry fans won't let them fail but can they start helping by not releasing a Curve lookalike?

Emerging markets will appreciate it, after all, the curve line was selling like hot cakes. If you cannot appreciate anything blackberry manufacturers, then move on, sell your current blackberry and move the hell on with your life.

1) Who said I can't appreciate anything BlackBerry manufactures? Did you even read the first bit of my diatribe? I'm a proud BB10 owner but the Curve (plus Storm) is exactly why we are here in the first place.
2) The hilarious part is I am in these so called emerging markets. I'll give you a hint - tech experts in New York know nothing about the phone market in my country, which is South Africa. BlackBerry itself doesn't seem to know which is sad. I would write more but ya know TL;DR..

So many quick to judge. Can you all relax and think about the emerging markets for once in your lives? Like really? It's likely we will never damn see it anyways. The emerging markets WILL LOVE THIS ONE wherease N/A will bash it for it's "looks" rather than appreciate it for itks FUNCTIONALITY. Dammit people. *epic facepalm* *shakes head slowly* I actually love it.

@BBM_A D D ict

Please change your name and get off CrackBerry at once. LOL. How do you expect RIM to get back any dominance by abandoning the markets that kept them afloat in the first place. We don't need fair-weather friends, we need to look out for the people that kept RIM from totally going under. I live in Barbados and the Curve is really popular down here. I would never buy one (again.... I started with a Javlin which was pretty good) I have a Z10 and before this a Torch and a Bold, but I never dissed RIM for bringing the experience to people who would otherwise not be able to afford it. If not for markets like this, there would be no Z10 todday. Think of it like Toyota and Lexus. Toyota makes both, the Lexus is obviously better, but things like the Corolla keep Toyota on the map cuzz people won't buy a Lexus as fast as a Corolla.

Emerging markets will appreciate this???Let me clue you in on something, in emerging markets you will find a lot of people with high end phones i think you really need to visit an emerging market before saying an emerging market will appreciate something that uglyyyy its really one ugly phone the present curve is sexier than that crap i say do better blackberry

so nobody likes it? great, i buy one for half the price of the Q10 if it runs bb10 without compromise and if the battery lasts two days. sure Q10 the better alternative, but to be honest i dont "need" hdmi port, oled display etc.