BlackBerry Quick Tip: What are these notification icons?

BlackBerry Quick Tip: What are these icons?
By Bla1ze on 14 Jul 2010 01:33 pm EDT

What is this icon? It's a question that gets asked a lot around the CrackBerry forums. Be it from new BlackBerry users or users that just simply have never run into a circumstance where they would see certain icons.  Out of the list above, I personally have never seen a service book waiting or browser push message icon. To make it easier, many folks in the forums have been helping spread the word by posting the above picture for everyone. So, we figured we'd post it on the frontpage you all as well just in case anyone who may not be reading the forums has a chance to see it. Now we're not positive who first started passing the pic around, other then to say that it's clearly an image from RIM from ifononline over at BBF. That said, thanks to all our awesome forum members for helping out and sharing with everyone!

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BlackBerry Quick Tip: What are these notification icons?


Visual VM is not supported on BB. Visual VM is iPhone. Please check your voicemail retrieval number. Add this number to your voicemail settings and if there are any password...also

Really thanks but I also want to know about the icons in BBM groups, some of my group members are having some strange icons in front of their names. Is there any link available?

When you set up a group, you can assign images for the group. The image that you assign, shows up as in the home screen for any messages in the group.

It is funny that the notifications were postedc today. Earlier today one of my teammates that uses a blackberry came to me and asked what a specific icon means, and I told her...Then two hours later you post then on crackberry. This was awesome!!
Thanks guys!!

add the twitter icons for the bb twitter app

perhaps some of the others like ubertwitter etc, any that appear on the main screen

I don't really think of Twitter for BlackBerry by RIM as a 3rd party app. Also, the eBay app by RIM alert icon is missing.

I have a crosshairs with a circle around them and three lines coming out of the right side. What is that icon? How do I get rid of it on my Bold 9650?

on the front page. I've posted it a few times in the various forums I participate in. It's come in handy for more than one member!!!!

The SMS/MMS icon displayed in the list is different than what shows up on the newer builds of OS 5.0. This list must be a little old...?? ---Still a useful list though. Just wanted to point out the change.

"Out of the list above, I personally have never seen a service book waiting or browser push message icon."

I've seen the browser push message notification before :) I was trying to browse a web page but the signal was poor so the phone asked if I want to save the request for later and I was curious what that'd do so I said yes. As soon as there was reception again the notification came up to let me know that the phone could access the page now.

I first discovered it when I saw Forum Mod, Chrisy520 post it in answer to a question from a member, asking what an a particular icon meant. I liked it so much I moved the whole thread to the Tips, How To and FAQ Sub Forum. I noticed that the image itself is hosted on Fatboy97's photobucket site so THAT is who I usually credit. :)

Thanks. I saved the image and now have it for reference in case I get a notification icon I don't recognize. I once received a browser push notification and I searched all over trying to figure out what it was for. Only by chance did I work it out. Now I can just refer to the image.

Now I know the push browser icon. I had it once and never figured out what it was until now. Thanks.

Your BB should connect to BIS automatically when you are connected to a wifi network. If it doesn't or drops frequently, try updating your OS. The newest version of OS 5 is much better in this regard (I have noticed).

I coppied this image, and stored it on my card. Now any time i see a new icon, I can just go check out my handy cheat card! Thanks Bla1ze!

I've recently seen a new icon in my messages folder. It showed up twice on my hotmail messages. It showed the regular yellow envelope but it had a small blue arrow ponting down located to the left of the yellow envelope. I have never seen that particular icon before.

the sms/mms icon is the old one before OS5, it should be a chat bubble thing since most people that didnt know these have new OS5 phones

So is this icon meaning list somewhere to be found in the phone or is the best option to do the picture thing of it? If you can find it in the phone where? Also - where are other icon meanings (like symbol for airplane mode etc.).

Hello all!

I'm new here, but hoping that someone can help me with my question. I have the browser push notification on my home screen and I cannot get rid of it. I have tried taking the battery out (both after turning off the phone and without turning off the phone first).

Greatly appreciate any tips anyone may have!



I never noticed that an email & sms envelope is slightly different... good to know :) As well as the difference between connected & not connected Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. Nice, thanks for this.

There's another for UMA connection - I can't work out how to post a screen shot but it's like a lighthouse with brackets round it (3 sets for strong signal) with the letters UMA under it.

how do I open a push message? i tried to go into the web to read it but nothing happens. what is a push message anyway and I also have an icon I cant open. A round circle with an arrow in it and next to it a one

Can anyone help me with the internet media player - when i try and open a video i get the message that my phone does not support the format of the file. However when I am on you tube for expamle the videos play.... Havent had any luck in finding a solution for this....??

Can someone help me with this, on my screen to the right underneath the Wi-Fi symbol there is an icon that I can't identify and i haven't been able to find out what it is anywhere on the internet. It is a little circle with a cross inside of it and also to the right of this little circle there are little signal bars (not too sure how to describe those). Does anyone know what this symbol / icon is?

JJCH thanks the voicemail Icon was driving me nuts. never knew what it was or what i was doing to remove it. was able to figure out most of the other ones.
Just joined the site based on this info.
Look forward to learning more from the forums.

I have an icon that looks like the new app icon but without the red button. Not sure whats going on with it. Its been there for a couple days and it doesn't tell me anything.

Can someone please explain to me what this icon means? I dropped my phone and the battery came out, I replaced it and once it had booted up, I now have a gold/orange star on my screen. What is this icon for??????

i have a strange icon on the top right corner of my phone. its a black berry curve. the icon looks something like the wiffi icon but ut only comes out when i am either messaging or going through my pictures. it is half white and half black on the white side the is V1 or a Vi and on the black side there istwo little triangles facing down going into a little rectangle. what is it?