BlackBerry Quick Tip: How To Share Videos From Your BlackBerry On Social Media Sites!

By Bla1ze on 15 Aug 2009 01:25 pm EDT
BlackBerry Quick Tip: How To Share Videos From Your BlackBerry On Social Media Sites!

Recently, UberTwitter launched their latest Beta which included the capability to upload videos taken on your BlackBerry Smartphone to a video hosting service called TwitVid. Now while I was rather glad to see the inclusion of such a service, the service is not really ready for full on BlackBerry usage in the fact the videos you upload and tweet to your Twitter account--are not even viewable on your BlackBerry. I'm sure you can see the problem here.

So in my venture to find a service which would indeed be compatible for both uploading--and viewing said uploaded videos on your BlackBerry, I was lead to MobyPicture. MobyPicture is a video, audio, image hosting service which is ever growing in popularity due to the fact it meshes with so many social networks and micro blogging systems it will make your head spin. Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, Flickr, Youtube--really, I could go on but you get the point.

I signed up for the service mainly for it's video services, you can even log in using your Twitter credentials, upon doing so you are issued a email address for which you can send files too. Files delivered to the address will then be posted to your Twitter stream. Since my testing was for videos, I captured a video of my son and emailed it off to MobyPicture using my personalized email address--video was uploaded and posted to my Twitter account within minutes. The key thing here is not the sharing part of the video--it's the compatability of it. Videos uploaded to the service are viewable on your BlackBerry, where as when using TwitVid, it tells you that you need to install flash. Which of course, just is not possible on BlackBerry.

This is not too say it is the only solution out there, but it is an option. After doing some testing I did run into 1 out of the 5 files I uploaded that would not play on my BlackBerry but that is not a bad ratio to have. So there you have it folks, a great way to share videos across platforms that is compatible and most importantly--viewable on your BlackBerry without too much hassle. I hope you find this as useful information as I did.

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BlackBerry Quick Tip: How To Share Videos From Your BlackBerry On Social Media Sites!


all video sharing through email is pointless on the blackberry, unless your in the habit of making 20-30 second videos...the size cap on emails is ridiculously low... only about 3.5 mb!

Well, were ya planning on uploading a feature film from your BlackBerry? I don't disagree on the size limit being insane, but's not that bad for quick clips and sharing what's up with people.

I just recently became a tweeter so this is cool. I always thought Twitter was stupid but it'd kind of addicting.

Been using MobyPicture for a while now. The fact that you can link everything is huge! Nevermind being able to upload videos. Definitely a must have.

am i the only one who kept getting angrier every time he said storm 2 was better than storm ! Makes you feel like you got jiped ! Also nice to see RIM moving in the right direction, oh well that's what you get for owning a first generation anything !

I've been using Posterous to share my multimedia over social networks, but it doesn't play video on my BB, so Moby looked interesting here. I uploaded a video from my pearl 8130 to test this out. Plays fine on my pc, but I get the "unsupported format" error when I try to view on my BB.

Until this is fixed, Moby has no edge here. At the very least, Posterous replaces TwitPic and TwitVid. It also has much better control too, like choosing the networks with which to autopost on a per-email basis.

Awesome, thanks! I was having a terrible time trying to upload vids to facebook, this made it SUPER easy!

I'd love to see something like this for Facebook, we have the ability to upload photos to Facebook straight from our Blackberrys so why should videos be any different?!

Awesome post though, very insightful, thank you!

Go to your apps in Facebook and find Zannel. Install it, follow the directions, and your video will be on Facebook pronto.