BlackBerry Q5 YouTube spot highlights BlackBerry 10 features

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2013 05:21 pm EDT

Just in case you thought the new BlackBerry Q10 commercial wasn't compelling enough, BlackBerry has taken to YouTube to post a BlackBerry Q5 video along the same vein. No telling whether or not this will be made into a real ad spot for carriers who pick up the BlackBerry Q5 but it's a nice look at the device, the BlackBerry 10 feature set and how BlackBerry 10 improves the overall BlackBerry experience. 

I do however have one thing to say about the spot, don't be like the dude in the video and whip out your BlackBerry in the movie theater to take a BBM Video Call, you'll likely walk out of the place with popcorn stuck in your hair or some other confectionery goods. Would you like a jelly baby?

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BlackBerry Q5 YouTube spot highlights BlackBerry 10 features


It's too long and crams far too much information in 2 minutes. Maybe could be 1:30 instead?

But it's miles ahead compared to the manure BlackBerry has put out to date.

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You can get jelly bean if you download beta. It's around the forums.. If not then wait for a new leaked autoloader of 10.2 or the release that's in august.

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This one and the Q10 commercial are pretty good. Still need to be a bit better to beat the S4 commercial since BB10 can do all of that except for the air touch anyways.

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The kids(young adults?) in the video look normal, but sound like Stepford children. haha This video, like the commercials on TV for the past few months have one problem... when showing a feature, they have other video moving around the screen at the same time and it's quite distracting from the demo. Your eyes never know exactly where to look.

Good ad. The voice over is pretty bad though, they sound bored and disinterested like they're thinking about what they might want for dinner that night as they are reading it.

Also good catch on the BBM video in the movie theatre! Lol :)

They should have turned that into a joke with people in the theatre giving them "WTF?" looks :P

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Meh....once again, BlackBerry does an ad listing features...there is NO emotion....
People say "I LOVE this car" or house or pair of shoes or watch or whatever...they don't sit there and list off features to rationalize their purpose.
God, this company is so screwed...good job Frank!

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Again you are just pissed about playbook... this is their best ad so far... yet you find a way to nitpick. Good job yourself...

Wholeheartedly agree. BB10 has great features, and new ones! So BB seems to feel like they need to try to explain them in 30 seconds or less. Not true. Create interest and emotion. That will draw the consumers into the store where (hopefully) the sales staff can explain the features and make the sale.

As young person this ad really speaks to me and definitely gives off a good vibe. This is one of the first ads that really makes the new BlackBerry devices seem cool and young

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I disagree 100 percent.

Showing off the unique features of Bb10 is exactly what their ads have been MISSING up until now. With their lack of apps, they need to highlight the OS an baked in apps.

What are all these ads showing off bb10 features you're talking about??

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It seems to me like a nice mix of features showing, lifestyle, tribe belonging and expectations met. It might lack of a bit of rhythm, but I would say it is a pretty nice and catchy ad.

Saw this a week or so ago and liked it then.
Watching it again now, really really like it.

This ad is near perfect for promoting the Q5 to the youth market.

Well done BB

Very good. Looks like something fitting the market in the states. Only problem is when they say things about what you're friends are doing or using.

No body has friends using BlackBerry phones in the states.

Just saying.

I can't get my wife off bbos7 and her slide phone. She's not convinced BB10 can last.

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The Ad is really good, finally they are doing what they were supposed to do since the beginning.. SHOWING OFF the great features that BB10 has baked in!
They should show more.. what about core integration with cloud services like Evernote, Box, Dropbox???
What about the remote file access through Link???
What about file access and contact sharing via NFC???
What about the productivity apps such as Docs to Go and Print to Go???
What about the fluidity and the responsiveness of the interface
I do not get it.. it looks like they are doing all they can to actually hiding really cool stuff.. people do NOT know what BB10 is capable off.. when they hear BlackBerry they still think about the BBOS5 they were force to used in the old office... they need to push more commercial like this not only on you tube.. but everywhere!!!! end of rant..

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Awesome ad! And yes I want a Jelly Baby.....the best British sweet! will be getting a boat load when I am in London in September

More ads like this BlackBerry!

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Ad is too long and the voice overs put me to sleep. Still better than what they actually have been airing. Someone noted it earlier.. they need to get some emotion going in their ads. An ounce of emotion is more powerful than a ton of facts.

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This is what I've been talking about for months! A commercial that shows the actual features of the OS. Now make one for the Z10 that shows the keyboard word predicion and swipe!

Break this commercial down to 30 seconds and you don't have much of the phone shown off. I feel like the voice acting is very forced and doesn't feel natural.. Not sure why, I'm just not a big fan of this commercial.. /:

So where are the national t v ads run by BlackBerry? Not by just the carriers which means Verizon.

The commercials are getting better for sure, now they need to pump them stupid until I get sick of them. That is successful advertising. I do feel like the voice dubs are a bit dull, it doesn't really go well with the bright and youth tone the Q5 commercial sets.

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Okay commercial but much better than the crap for the Z10. I still don’t get how the keep moving advertisements for the Z10 were chosen as the commercials to save the company. BlackBerry is the worst at advertising.

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This reminds me of an educational TV program from the 1980's or something. It just looks and sounds strange.

BB is listening a functionality Ad, forget the Flips and the Bass guitar its " SHOW and TELL "
Love the North American Commercial on the Q5

i like this commercial a lot better than the Q10 one thats been airing recently. either way, i like the fact that BB is getting better with this whole advertising thing. I feel like the ads now make stronger impressions than older ones.

this is a few weeks old. I had to chuckle when the girl at the end said she didnt have to wait for the "must have apps" because they are all available in bb world. Not quite....Shes going to have some sideloading to do.

This commercial is an americanized version of an original ad that came out a couple of weeks ago. Same pictures but different accents and what a difference. The British ad sounds and looks fantastic with the actors reading the line with verve and passion. The US version sounds like a bunch of 40 year olds reading their lines without looking at the images. Seriously, the US ad sounds really flat. What a difference an accent and a bit of passion can make.

Actually if that would have been the Super Bowl commercial things would be very different right now. A lot of people don't know that bb10 the new OS exists.

Marketing is everything

Good Commercial Finally this ad shows the power of BB10 and how simple things are. Till date no other ad showed the BB10 features showed as nicely as this one. Had these type of ads floated in the 1st place ie Z10 and Q10 launch it would have been far far better. Another suggestion I would have for BB is if the Z10 and Q10 are the same tier phone you can converge their marketing into one ad spot and show the world that BB offers both the options with the same power of their computing tool. Same for the newspaper ad.

I'm thinking of seriously doing the following. Creating a group on Facebook. And raffle a Z10+ $1,000.

To enter the drawing you have to watch the pre-superbowl BB10 ad(will be in a post which you have to like) then share it.

If I had the money, the contest would be 10 Z10 and you would have to share the post with 5 people. Automatic Viral Video.

Marketing is everything

They need to put the Z10, Q10 and Q5 commercials on a loop and prop up a screen in the window of every carrier store.

Hallelujah! Finally a black person in there commercial smh, there stepping up there advertising -_-. A Lot of black people use to have their phones I don't know if they forgot or ever realized that. such as the carribean islands and the U.S. thats One of the problems I have with blackberry and their marketing. There's other ethnic groups in the world besides Caucasians. Come on wake up, simple stuff like that.
For example maybe consider having Jay Z or russel Simmons featured in a BlackBerry commercial and watch sales pick up in the U.S. White celebrities also. My point is Mix it up! Pay a little extra for that might be worth it

Love my Z10

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I like it, we just need a steady dose of these types of commercials to really get the people wanting to experience BB10 for themselves!!

I really like the slogan "The speed of life". I find it emphasizes that Blackberry is both efficient and fast, and that it's equipped for everything your digital life entails.