BlackBerry Q5 in white only £100 from Carphone Warehouse

BlackBerry Q5 in white only £100 from Carphone Warehouse
By DJ Reyes on 28 Feb 2014 07:26 am EST

More great bargains for the people of the U.K. We've already seen Vodafone offer the BlackBerry Curve 9320 for a low price, now, Carphone Warehouse is getting in on bargain deals with the BlackBerry Q5. Right now you can get white Q5 for as little as £99.95, SIM free. Not bad at all. Carphone Warehouse also stock the red version but that is still priced at £239.95.

Even so, I quite like the look of the white Q5, I'd prefer the red but I've got a black one, which gets used as a secondary device every now and then. I've often said that I think the Q5 is underrated. It's a BlackBerry 10 device and you get the complete BlackBerry 10 experience, plus battery life is actually pretty good on it, compared to the Z10 at least.

If you're looking for a BlackBerry 10 smartphone or know anybody who is, the Q5 is a great place to start for those who want a physical keyboard. Send them over to Carphone Warehouse today to grab a bargain.

Purchase a BlackBerry Q5 from Carphone Warehouse

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BlackBerry Q5 in white only £100 from Carphone Warehouse


Forget the z10 price dropping, I want the z30 price to drop to £150.

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Nooooo! After paying good money I will be very envious of people getting good quality on the cheap. Selfish, I know ;)

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It's a good price, but the Q5 is still the ugliest phone in the world. If only they hadn't used such cheap looking, hideous plastic it wouldn't be so bad. I've only seen the black one, though. I'd be tempted to pick the white one up for my mum perhaps...

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The back of Q5 only looks ugly, cant anyone make a back cover with a different design?

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I think the q5 looks quite elegant in black. In any case, This is only for people of the UK.

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Agreed. For anyone complaining about the plastic material used for the BlackBerry Q5 you can resolve the situation by buying the BlackBerry OEM Soft Shell Case available through the CrackBerry Store. It adds zero bulk and almost no weight; I can't notice the weight difference between the case on and case off of the BlackBerry Q5.

Great price. Bought my lad the black Q5 about 3 months ago for 229 and I thought that was cheap. Waiting for Blackberry to send me a Z10 for 149, believe it or not, they have ran out of stock !!!

So the "billions of phones" of surplus stock are finally gone, eh?

Looks like there is room now for the next gen of BB10 devices....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

A friend picked up a red one here in Canada. These Q5's are great BB10 devices. If they drop in price via North America, I'll be picking one up also for a backup device.

This is exactly what I'm waiting for. Unfortunately they are still around the $300-350 price range

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Wow, so BlackBerry gonna get THEIR money.....let the retailers take the hit to move the units. But if you look at it, retailers can't be losing that much money because they constantly re-up from BlackBerry. So it's basic business 101, introduce a product, hype it, market it promote it. Charge a rate where everyone gets a fat piece while consumers pay for the hype. Once the hype is gone, sell the device for a little more than what you bought it for and still get a profit!!! Whenever you're willing to wait to acquire new technology you'll save money

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DJ Reyes, hello - I'm I have a passion for CB10 and I'm your fan too. I would like you to broker me a deal. I'm single 30 Nigerian but no job yet, I just have a NIIT cert in JEE and would like to make cool personal finance apps or something else. Need your support.

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If only this deal available in my country... I'll soon buy it for my secondary device, my Z10 drain so much battery

Posted from my lovely Z10

Why would somebody need a secondary phone? It seems like it would be such a hassle switching back and forth

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If you keep them configured the same way in terms of the BlackBerry Hub and applications and the in-use smartphone has the microSIM while the other smartphone has WiFi enabled all you face for a "hassle" is swapping the microSIM once in a while. Disclaimer: I own and use the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q5.

How will it function if I use Nordic letters (æøå)? always curious about a keyboard since I never had such a phone

Just hold down the "a" and you'll get all the fancy derivatives with dots and whistles on them. Works on Z and Q.


Even the German "ß" (like double-s) and other stuff

(I can get ® and ™ with the r and t keys, why no BB logo on the b !?)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Amazing deal no doubt the Z30 will come down considerably soon, although only Carphone Warehouse (CWP) seem to be the only store within the UK that stock them. I had to order mine from Mobile Phones Direct unless I wanted to pay the extortionate price CPW charge for both the handset and contact plan I wanted with T-Mobile.............

Posted from my Z30 via CB10

Now this is a great deal, forget that crappy curve for £80, pay another £20 and have a waaaay better OS, better specs, and it's essentially the same 'level' the Q5 is the developed world's new 'Curve'

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Could anyone tell me if this UK Q5 would be usable in Spain with a phone card? We travel there every year from Canada to see family.

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If it's standard GSM frequencies, should.

Email seller for model number and supported bands, then check on Telefonica's website.

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So is this deal sim free unlocked? Does anyone know if there's some kind of service that would allow me to get this shipped to the U.S?

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You have to purchase it with a £10 credit so it's really £110....... but the phone iis unlocked anyway. only from carphone warehouse tho!

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It will work fine on GSM providers in the US (ATT, T-Mobile) . Yes, for LTE need to check model and required bands.

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I phoned them and ordered one today - should come in the post next week. I phoned my local store and they said that in their shops the price is still £239 and that I would need to phone the order through or do it online to get the £99 price. Seems like a brilliant price for a nicely specced phone. I have a question if anyone can help me though. When I got the 9900 it came with a case in the box. I wonder if the Q5 also has one included? If not I will go on Amazon tonight and order one.

Amazing phone! Agree it's underrated wish the price would make its way over to Canada!

I think the back of these phones look awesome!

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You cannot beat the CAD150.00 off-contract price offered by Koodo Mobile in Canada via their website. If you are not a Kooddo subscriber simply click on Checkout after selecting the BlackBerry Q5 and then click on the 'gift' link instead of registering as a new customer.The smartphone includes a microSIM but no data plan for the CAD150.00 plus taxes.

This is a good phone - I wonder what profit margin there is at £99? Interestingly the 9720 is far more expensive despite being less powerful. I would have thought that £69 or even £59 for the 9720 sim free would have been more suitable.

What an amazing deal! Finally, it's priced how it should be!

My ONLY criticism of the Q5, is the back is so shiny it's difficult to grip at some times.

I will be buying one to use as an alternative or so I can cancel my insurance...

Would love a cheap Z30 though.

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Buy a BlackBerry OEM Soft Shell Case and the slippery backside is banished forever. I almost dropped or dropped by BlackBerry Q5 at least three times between the day I bought it and the day the case arrived. Fortunately, the smartphone was no worse for wear despite landing on a hardwood floor twice in rapid succession. The soft shell case does not cover the screen and adds zero weight and bulk to the BlackBerry Q5. Yes, I am a satisfied customer.

Brits: this is a good phone. I'm a 500 email a day (received) guy and bought this as a novelty but now is the everyday grinder. It feels solid, durable and light in the pocket. Maybe the q10 has better specs but this is more of a "throw on the desk with the keys"... no case needed. Anyway...

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Hi 3Dee, I went to Carphone warehouse today and argued with the clerk. Asked to speak with manager, told them the phone should be £99 in white, sim free and that in the website doesnt state is a web only offer.

Long story short, the lazy bastards didnt check. When they did, the Q5 was showing the price as £99 Sim free. So I'm now returning home with a shiny white q5!

Thanks a lot DJ for the heads up!!! ;)

Thanks for the tip, am currently in a shopping mall, might give that a try!

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I had one set up to buy for the wife when this product is no longer available. What a bummer!!!!!

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try to check in a local store, thats how I've got mine. The website shown out of stock since friday night.

Just picked one up at CW in Cribb's Causeway (Bristol). I'd wanted a backup phone anyway so I decided to treat myself :)

The sales staff had not heard of the offer and we're surprised when the computer confirmed it, but it seems like they were selling well as they only had 10 or so left in stock across West of England stores.

Whilst I was there a couple were looking at the 9720. I went over and told them about the deal. I'm not sure they were interested though, I think bb10 was alien to them. They probably went with the 9720 ad that was the one they were holding as I left the store.

I've never had a physical keyboard phone before other than the old numeric pad Nokia, and I have big hands, but it's quite comfortable to use I must say. Not as nice as my Z10's virtual keyboard IMO but certainly usable.

Anyway, it's busy updating to 10.2.1.

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All you people not in UK don't worry we can't get it in UK either car phone warehouse Don't have any! Web site and stores all saying unavailable probably had a few so used them to try and lure people in and give them the hard sell so they can get them to buy phones they don't want and which run up monthly bills of hundreds and hundreds if you use them. That's what car phone warehouse are known for in uk.

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

This is rubbish is was in the UK last week and they were promoting the Q5 and the guys at the Carphone warehouse did not have it. They were almost dismissive of BlackBerry altogether! They could not find the Q5 in there stock and was promised it two days later from another store to the Horsham one! Then the other thing was, my Q10 that I bought next year developed an LCD problem that is a design defect and they could not avail me a replacement to take my phone in for checking! It was incredible!

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Back in stock, I bought one this morning for my wife as did my friend for his wife, both phones are on their way to Belfast.!!!! Some staff at certain shops are still rattling on about Blackberry folding etc and stay away from their phones. I gave one member an earfull of good old Belfast speak as we would say and he told me that was what his boss told him. Just as well his boss wasnt available.