BlackBerry Q5 in white exclusively available from EE

BlackBerry Q5 in white exclusively available from EE
By DJ Reyes on 15 Jul 2013 07:35 am EDT

The BlackBerry Q5 has been out for a while already in the U.K. So far we'd only seen the black Q5 available, then in early July the red became available exclusive to Carphone Warehouse. Another color is now available in white,  this time exclusive to EE. 

Since Orange and T-Mobile are part of the EE merger, you'll also find the white Q5 on those networks too. Pricing starts at £26 ($39) a month with no upfront fee. On EE, your £26 a month will get you unlimited calls and texts with 500MB of data. For the same price on Orange and T-Mobile what you get varies depending on the length of the contract but you are looking at between 200 - 600 minutes for calls, unlimited text and between 250MB - 1GB of data.

Look out for our full review coming soon. In the meantime, you can check out the U.K. retail unboxing and our first impressions.

The only color left to become available is the pink version. I'm personally not a fan of pink gadgets but I know there are many of your out there. Hands up those who are waiting for the pink version.

For more information / Purchase Q5 from EE
For more information / Purchase Q5 from T-Mobile UK
For more information / Purchase Q5 from Orange

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BlackBerry Q5 in white exclusively available from EE


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Looks fugly... sorry BlackBerry. I love you and everything but please put low end devices that look good. It may just become The One Reason why people will buy your phones!

Looks lush in white but I might be a little biased as my Z10 is white too...

Pink will look nuts but I'm waiting for the A10...

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I think the Z10 represents much bettervalue in terms of software and features. It has a removable battery and you can add a 3000 mAh battery. Q5 has 2180 mAh battery and much smaller screen

Yeah, if you don't mind doubling the thickness of your phone and have a protruding connector on the left side!

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Was watching MSNBC this morning and they reported on the price drop by some retailers on BlackBerry phones from $200 to $50. They laughed and one said, "Sure. I'll pick up one of those and a case of New Coke."

Sad to say but BlackBerry is basically regarded as a joke in the US. Meanwhile, I'm writing this post on my Verizon Z10 that is still on 10.0.

That about sums up the common techish blogger commentator view, with many notable exceptions of course from people who know better, but the prevailing commonly held view is what you mentioned. How do you UNDO that?? Need something with punch and substance to highlight what BlackBerry does better than everybody else that people want. Or you can run a series of ads like Motorola ran when DROID first came out that made it SEEM so powerful..."DROID is because DROID Does". BlackBerry Power. Something that highlights the open ended power of BB10. It drives the global Internet that you depend on every day.....simething like that...

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Puz, it's not just tech bloggers. It's the general public. A young, hip friend of mine was looking to get a new phone. I suggested a BlackBerry and she literally laughed out loud at the notion.

Yeah they do have a big hill to climb perception wise in the US. If people give it a try they may realize they are very competitive and have more than they realized to offer, and in many cases, the experience will exceed that on other devices. But right now that general perception is a huge wall for BlackBerry in the States.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

This is awesome. I'd like to see different color options such as pink, navy blue, gray/silver but more of a matte gray/silver and not overly shiny.

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Q5 in red, available from CWH, seems to be more interesting. I prefer BBs in black. Only 9320 in white looks better than black version.

[...] new mobile hero:

I think BlackBerry made the right choice offering different color combos. Variety is the spice of life. If you don't like red pink or white, you don't have to get it but at least it's an option. Moreover this will be the new trend in design as Iphone's next devices will be multicolored like the old ipods. Good to see Blackberry thinking ahead!

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Really agree with some of the comments here.
BlackBerry have such an uphill struggle convincing people to come back to the platform and not treat it with such apathy.
For me, bad marketing is mainly to blame. Adverts for the new devices have been so poor and shown hardly anything of what this great software is capable of.

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Pink! I want to buy a second BlackBerry, I was going to get the Q5 but tbh i'll probably get a legacy device so I can use bridge!!

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Looks nice to see a working display model in EE. I went into my local EE. Their Q5 was a dummy model. The Q & Z 10s were unseable. But what I did notice that the staff knew nothing of these Devices and didn't care if they couldn't work. But all other mobile Devices were working and they knew an awful lot about these phones.

BlackBerry Elites UK

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