BlackBerry Q5 Unboxing - UK retail version

The entry-level BlackBerry 10 device has arrived in the UK, and we get up close and personal.

By James Richardson on 27 Jun 2013 03:17 pm EDT

We can't get our hands on a new BlackBerry without bringing you a quick unboxing video. This version of the BlackBerry Q5 is the UK retail one and as you will see, like all UK BlackBerry smartphones these days and unlike those in North America, the device is unbranded.

The above video is certainly not a full review of the BlackBerry Q5 and I'm not even sharing my personal opinions at this stage, apart from saying it's real nice. What we are focusing on is the hardware and what you get within the box.

The Q5 is really all about providing the consumer with a lower cost BlackBerry 10 device. Even in that instance, the build quality on this thing feels pretty solid. It's all about the keyboard for potential buyers, though. For current BlackBerry Curve users the Q5 is the perfect upgrade. The keyboard is much more Curve-like than Bold and feels a little more clicky than the BlackBerry Q10. That's not a bad thing since we now have three fantastic BlackBerry 10 device options.

The BlackBerry Q5 is due to go on sale here in the UK next week with high street retailers, although the date is yet to be confirmed and will be carrier-dependent. Also, we're not sure which networks will offer the Q5 in all of its color variants.

Full specifications of the BlackBerry Q5 are below.

  • Size (L x W x D) 120 mm x 66 mm x 10.8 mm (10.5 mm for non-NFC model)
  • Weight 120 g
  • Display 3.1-inch, IPS LCD display, 720 x 720 resolution at 329 PPI
  • Keyboard 35-key physical QWERTY keyboard with discrete keys and backlight
  • (language specific keyboards such AZERTY and QWERTZ also available in local markets)
  • Software BlackBerry 10.1 OS
  • Memory 2 GB RAM, 8 GB Flash
  • Hot-swappable microSD slot (up to 32 GB)
  • Processor Dual Core 1.2 GHz
  • Camera 5 MP rear facing camera, Auto Focus, 5x digital zoom, 1080p HD video recording, LED flash, 2 MP front facing camera, 3x digital zoom
  • 720p HD video recording
  • GPS Assisted, Autonomous, and Simultaneous GPS
  • Bluetooth Bluetooth4.0 Low Energy
  • NFC1 - NFC-enabled to support mobile payments and file exchange
  • Advanced Sensors Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Proximity, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Mobile Hotspot
  • Network Connectivity 4G LTE or HSPA+, support for global roaming
  • Battery - Embedded 2180 mAh
  • Talk Time: up to 12.5 hrs. on 3G
  • Standby Time: up to 14 days on 3G
  • Audio Playback: up to 62 hours
  • Video Playback: up to 9 hours

Hands up - who wants one?


Reader comments

BlackBerry Q5 Unboxing - UK retail version


I'm waiting for the price of the q10 to drop a bit and I'll pick it up along with my z10.

Posted with my amazing Z10

Looks like a great device. I get the feeling it won't do so bell until there's a price drop. I expect it won't stay vat it's current price for long though, as with the Z10.

Posted via CB10

When you review this nice piece, can you try if it is possible to change the SIM during operation without a reboot? That would be cool! Thx

Posted via CB10

I have a z10 but I wouldn't mind getting a Q5 for those days when I want a keyboard but I'm in the US :(

Posted via CB10

U.S., please, in red. Although, Verizon seems to have a terrible aversion to colorful smartphones. I would hold off and wait for this instead of buying the Q10 if there was a whisper of it coming to the U.S. I don't know why it wouldn't if BB wants to offer something more mid-range for all those Curve owners that don't need all the bells and whistles of the Q10.

"A UK retail version with about 62 different language leaflets!"

62 language versions sounds about right for today's UK. My grandson's school has probably around 30 nationalities. We've never been as homogeneous as a country as some like to think.

Posted via CB10

Can't wait to get it here in Indonesia. Basicly it's a stripped down from Q10. Hopefully it has single model which supports multiple networks & multi band across all operators world wide.

I'm just a man of few words & lots of works

Interesting comments about the keyboard, might trade in my Q10 for this. (bonkers as that sounds, not a fan of the Bold keys)

Would (will?) be the perfect device for my girlfriend, not interested in technical affairs so much, but so I do! ;-) ... And the Q5 is the perfect next Blacky after her current Curve 9360.

Beside of that: Q10 + Q5 together - that's a nice dreamteam! :-)

Looking forward to seeing this new one here in Germany soon ...


Posted via CB10 on Q10

There's also much more room between the screen and keyboard of the Q5 compared to the Q10 which is a big plus for the swiping imo!

Entry-level and £330 don't mix.

It's THE device to get to get things done unless you need to show off.

Thats exactly what I thought until I tried one yesterday. This phone doesn't feel entry level, I have had Pearls/Curves in the past and the Q5 feels closer to a Bold than a Curve in the build quality. I wonder if there is another device in the wings to supersede the 9320 at the entry level.

I was referring to the article which mentioned this is an entry-level device, but I agree with you. Feels more like the 9790 vs the 9900.
We've yet to see a Curve and since people are buying Androids with a 480x320 screen res, BB should be able to get away with it as well. The main problem might come from BB10's minimum requirements.

I went in to a Carphone Warehouse yesterday and they said they sold the first one on Friday. They gave me one to look at (not on display yesterday but they did have a demo model in the stock room). I was really impressed, I wanted to look at the build quality and it seems really good. I definitely want one! The keyboard is nice too, definitely a step up from my Pearl and a different feel from my 9900 (not better or inferior - just different but still good).

I suspect they will be put out on the stands for demo this week. Just waiting to see if Virgin stock them, if not I will switch to EE as they seem to have some good deals.