BlackBerry Q5 stops by the Global Certification Forum

By Bla1ze on 31 May 2013 12:59 pm EDT

The next device from the BlackBerry 10 portfolio is the already announced BlackBerry Q5 but before it ends up in the hands of consumers in select markets consisting of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, there are a number of certification tests it must go through.

One of those certifications comes from the Global Certification Forum to ensure global interoperability between mobile devices and networks and newly listed today in their database, you will find the SQR100-2 variation supporting LTE (3, 7, 20), HSPA+ (1, 2, 5/6, 8) and Quad band GSM.

There's nothing really shocking to be found here but if nothing else, maybe we'll see the BlackBerry Q5 turn up before July. Normally, devices get uncovered by the GCF just right before they're ready to launch but where BlackBerry already announced this, maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part due to me personally wanting to see yet another BlackBerry 10 device on store shelves, even if it's not in my region.

Check out our hands-on with the BlackBerry Q5

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BlackBerry Q5 stops by the Global Certification Forum


I hope they would launch this in as many countries as they can, not just in select regions. And hopefully it will be priced competitively to attract more buyers. More users on BB10 means that developers might stop thinking about coming on board BB10, and actually come on board.

The BlackBerry Q5 should be marketed as a budget smartphone with features similar to BlackBerry Z10 and Q10.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

This strategy will blow every other phone in the water.

Any idea how much and how many they will be produced this year???

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I want a q5 very much. I never take my battery out.... I never use the hdmi out.... miss the qwerty as I am running the Z... can't afford q10.... This seams perfect fit for me.

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I can't imagine blackberry is making phones faster than Samsung but I'm sure the Q5 will give a boost to the Sub numbers. It will be good news for blackberry investors if the subscriber loss is stopped and reversed.

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BlackBerry not longer has subscribers outside of organizations deploying BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. The days of monthly revenue stream from the general public is finished. We have yet to hear whether BlackBerry Messenger will be a subscription service.

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I can't wait for this, I have already been in to places here (UK) asking about it. They seem to know about it but don't have a firm release date.

I dropped my beautiful Pearl 9105 last week and it is in a sorry state. I have ordered a new LCD for it in the hope that I can keep it going until the gorgeous Q5 comes through

I would like to see contrast keyboard for each version of the Q5, for example black with a white keyboard or the reverse,etc.

Colourware your time is now.

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There is something very sexy about this phone, it must be that silvery colour.

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It's crazy that BlackBerry has released two hero devices in less than two months. What's crazier, is I think this is the one that matters the most.
I'm impressed with all of the new BlackBerry. Devices, OS, and team. BlackBerry, you've changed man.
I'd really l' to get to play with this phone. Might make a great travel phone.


That device really looks a hot mess. Not sure if it's the lighting or what. The pics from bblive were much better.

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Woah, too soon, don't have enough money yet XD
*goes to rob some banks*
*or go to kick starter and asked money to buy q5*

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Looking at the model number scheme and it raises a question.

The Z10 is an L-series device. Hence the scheme STL100-X where my guess is that the "T" is for touch.

The Q10 is an N-series device with the scheme SQN100-X where the Q is for qwerty.

The Q5 is an R-series device. Scheme is SQR100-X. Q still for qwerty.

We have gotten clarification from BlackBerry that the "Q" in Q10 is for qwerty and the "Z" in Z10 represents gestures. But we never got clarification on the significance of the model scheme.

I'm not so much interested in what the "S" stands for, but hasn't anyone wondered about the significance of the "L", "N" and "R"?

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The L and N covered multiple names rather than just one each, so presumably give each variant in a range a codename as it would be a lot easier for them to remember which is which that way.

I don't think the codename for the r-series ever actually leaked, at least there has been no mention of rome for it.

I look at it this way. STL100 is for Z10. T is for touch, L is for L-series, it's internal name. SQN100 is for Q10. Q for Qwerty, N for N-series, it's internal name. SQR is for the Q5. Q for Qwerty, R for R-series it's internal name.

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I get that, I was just wondering if the series letters had significance. But I'm going to investigate FirstBerry101's suggestion.

Thanks for writing..."up in the hands of consumers in select markets...".I hope Chris U. reads this too :-)
Lucky me I can purchase one soon. Can't wait....

Always a risk to cannibalize Q10 devices but the Bold still sold with Curves available. Many still need a lower cost phone and will be pushed to the Android platform if this is not available. In fact having multiple price options can have they effect of selling more high end phones. Please make available in Canada.

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If the price is $250-300, I am picking one up to accompany my lonely Z10!
BlackBerry: PLEASE don't wait too long to launch in North America.

I am quite certain that this will outsell the Z10 AND the Q10. Probably in the 10M per Qt. because my business owners will want this one.

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This phone should help getting the businesses back. Where I work only the big bosses got the bolds everyone else got the curves.

(now everyone is getting iphones)

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I have a z10. When I saw the q5 I though. It looks great. Then someone commented on how ugly it is. But I'm certain it will sell well. There's just something about it that's appealing to me.

Jamaican style.

I'm tempted by one of these...come Xmas when I can escape my contract I am intrigued by this device. bb10 but cheaper.

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hope they do release a non-camera version of this. there is a market out there as good 3g non-cam phones are few and far between. they are either not reliable (ino), poor battery life (huawei), or unauthorized camera removal (samsung)*. i have used bb 9000 and 9930 and they are reliable and good to use.

*only done in singapore