The BlackBerry Q5 is set to hit the UK SIM free sooner than expected

By James Richardson on 19 Jun 2013 07:03 am EDT

It's all Q5 action today so far. UK retailer Clove have confirmed two bits of interesting news relating to the third BlackBerry 10 smartphone. First up is it's due date. Clove are expecting first stock on Monday July 1st which is a couple of weeks before we were expecting it SIM free in the UK.

Secondly, and maybe even more important is a Q5 price drop. Clove now have the latest 'budget' BlackBerry up for £275 excluding VAT which equates to £330 with VAT applied. Although I expect most consumers who pick up the BlackBerry Q5 will do so on contract there is always a group of hardcore SIM free buyers out there, including myself.

We've already heard that the BlackBerry Q5 will launch first in Dubai so could the UK be next on the list? As always these dates are often subject to change but at least it looks like the Q5 is just around the corner for us here in the UK.

And of course we will have a full review of the BlackBerry Q5 coming up in the near future so keep your eyes peeled.

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The BlackBerry Q5 is set to hit the UK SIM free sooner than expected


Lucky! I hope this things sells as well as they could be the device that pushes them over 5m per quarter. fingers crossed.

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Hopefully this phone sells because they need to keep their numbers up. Especially in emerging markets

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Hopefully get this phone for my wife... my only concern is that it doesn't appear to be a reasonable price considering it is meant for 'emerging markets '.. I was expecting to see it retail under £250.. Maybe even closer to £200??

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too right.

i like BBOS10, as an N9 user it is very familiar, but how BB think they can get away with charging £440 for some very midrange hardware (Z10), and £330 for what it low-end hardware (Q5), I do not know!

You aren't paying just for the hardware, you are also paying for the software. Compare the hardware to the iPhone 5 as it is the only comparable OS out there and then compare price.

I live in Argentina and BlackBerry Z10 is on preorder at 3999 pesos, subsidized with two year contracts, on fees starting on 299 pesos a month. That means around 400 U$D on the "pocket" exchange rate (the official one is a joke). Galaxy SIII is around the same price range and sells a lot.
"Emerging" markets are quite eager to expend money on technology. In my country, it is not easy to get a mortgage unless you don't need it, and because of government control you can't buy dollars or euros to save your money on a stable currency. So people buy brand new cars, smart TVs, fancy shoes and shiny devices :P

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I understand the need for a lower tier BlackBerry and I do hope it sells really well but the Q5 in my opinion is FUGLY!

Unless the Q5 is looking to be a $0 dollars handset on contract, I don't know why you wouldn't just go with a Z10 (price point on contract isn't that high).

BlackBerry needs a little bit more style on their phones, not to much as to get the deer in the headlights look but just enough to give it that it's a nice looking phone! Z10 is the best looking, Q10 unfortunately got the I'm a updated 9930 and now this cheap looking Q5.

End rant!

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Indeed. What they need to do is start paying people to use their phones. That's the only way they can be successful. Let's start with something conservative like $1000 a year. Makes solid financial sense.

It's been a very long time since we've heard about a BlackBerry launching sooner then expected

I really hope that the Q5 is the start of a trend in that regard.

Still got two or three phones to launch this year and it would be nice to see them launch sooner then expected as well

The q5 looks good - though a budget price of £250 including vat; that's what I was expecting...

I hope this bolsters the sales for BlackBerry. I'm waiting for that earnings call, end of the month, and am hopeful for good things. Realistically they'll never get to the sales volumes of apple or samsung, but solid figures will be a boon!

The missus has been lustung after my Q10, she prefers it to the Z10 she has - this might be a good middle ground for her (though she's adamant she wants a Q...)

Good times for BlackBerry - it has been so long since I remember any BlackBerry coming out earlier than expected - and great that we have a choice!!!

Now.. where's the slider lol :-)

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Coming from a Torch to a Q10, I thought I'd miss the slider. Now that I'm used to the Q, I don't think I'd jump at a slider anymore, at least not for a few years (by then BB12 or higher...).

If some want it and it can turn a profit for BlackBerry that's good, but I don't really need it anymore.

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Happy BlackBerry is bringing this Q5 out in the UK & Dubai so soon...but not feeling the look or the price...a bit more style on the handset wouldn't hurt, and like others have mentioned...ouch! Over 300?...let's hope people want this badly on contract...or better still these so called emerging markets lap this up...cause there's a whole heap of competition out there with better looking and cheaper phones...bb10 is quality but that price tag, on a coloured block...mmm suspect...definitely should be cheaper so it can sell sell sell!

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Still too expensive... the Z10 is only a few tenners away and an Optimus G is cheaper.
It needs to sell at below £300

Note to BB: Dark theme and OLED screen combo = disaster outside

250 with VAT would be a lot better. I expect to get there fast. Would sell good and create good traction for BlackBerry.

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Get this out to indonesia,south africa places where BB is liked ASAP!!!! The price is steep for now but i assume many business will be ordering plenty black Q5 as its lower priced than teh Q and Z .Which is why i will wait for this phone a month or 2 later near the back to school weeks.At £200 in the uk and quality advertising this will do good numbers.

I'd certainly be looking at this one....except I would never touch a phone that has a none removable battery. If anything let's it down it will be that. which is a shame cos it looks a really nice phone.

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Can't help looking at the Q5 and thinking it just looks like someone's afterthought. I'm interested to see just who buys this device.

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This should be sold as cheaply as possible, to get BB10 out there and in people's hands. If they are trying to target young people with this device, then it has to be affordable for young uns!
£199 tops (maybe people like me would buy one as a second device too!)

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Also, it's way overpriced. I just don't see this device selling. If BlackBerry believe this is a Curve replacement then I think they have a nasty shock coming. People I tend to see with Curves in the UK are young school children or young adults on a smaller budget. I personally know of 5 people from this demographic who are all switching to iPhones once BBM drops next month (maybe)
They don't even care about having the latest iPhone. 4 of them are getting iPhone 4's simply because they can pick them up cheapish and have BBM at their fingertips whilst still having a "high end" phone
I wish BlackBerry nothing but success but I don't see the gap in the market that they seem to see.

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Honestly, no matter how enthusiastic I am about the quality and potential of the BlackBerry 10 platform, how could I ever advise a friend to go with a Q5 as the BB10 *entry* (read: budget, low-tier) device at 400 EUR if he/she can get a decent Android device for 1/3 to 1/4 of the price (e.g. a Huawei - nothing to get excited about but does the job)?

Don't forget: Even if he/she loved BBM, nobody is tied to BB10 solely for his/her BBM needs a couple of weeks down the road. ;)

Price is pretty close to the 9900. Tough choice. I've got a 9300 at the moment so I'd be happy with either phone

A friend of mine who works at BlackBerry let me try a Q10 a few months ago. It works amazing, much like my Z10. The phone does look cheaper but it is better built than the Curve and look how many people loved that phone. I think it will do very well with the younger demographic.

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I hope prices drops really quick on this phone, I still think this is a very basic phone, way too high regarding price.

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Yeah the price is steep for ''entry phone''but specs are very,very close to Iphone 5 only difference is camera and ram.I take ram over 3 extra mp anyday.The Q5 has 1gb extra ram which will give the phone extra year life.So the price is fair.On that front your not happy with initial price do not buy straight away. The pricing seems to favour businesses who will bulk order Q10,Z10 are expensive this will cost less for a business.Wait a month or two in august or near the back to school times it will be around £200 full outright I dont know what that is in foreign currency.But you know wait it out.

Blackberry should pay devs to make more popular apps for BB rather than making new phones to attract more buyer.

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Huawei Ascend P6 will appeal more to the incrowd crew with 8mp primary camera and 5 mp front snapper.

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The initial price is for people who want it before everybody else.
Businesses will get a discount for bulk orders.
Everybody else will see the price drop in one month when supply catches up with the high demand.
Basic economics.

Thank you. Everyone always complains about any price that gets set. It will come down. New tech shouldn't be very cheap unless the company giving it out is desperate.

I'm hoping to see one of these shortly in Canada, I want one to test my apps on Q devices and cannot quite afford a Q10 sadly.

Would be great to get launch dates for expected countries...instead of visiting shops every weekend and reading forums several times a day... :-)