BlackBerry Q5 Review

With its classic BlackBerry design, full physical keyboard, many color options and long battery life, the Q5 is a great device for those on a budget or just getting started with BlackBerry 10.

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jul 2013 01:53 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Q5 is the third BlackBerry 10 device to hit the market and the second to feature a physical keyboard (the first being the Q10). It was originally unveiled during BlackBerry Live 2013 and while it has been released in various markets already, it will ultimately be available in a variety of colors including black, white, red and pink.

The Q5 is a more affordable option to those not opting for the higher priced BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10 and arguably could have (or should have) been released along with the others - or even as the first BlackBerry 10 device. The price of the Q5 is currently around $500USD so even though it's the least expensive BB10 device currently available, you'll still be shelling out quite a bit to pick one up (though it will most likely be cheaper if/when it hits the US).

At first glance the Q5 could fit well into the Curve line thanks to the classic BlackBerry design and separated Curve-style keys, but once started up it's obvious this is a new device for a new set of BlackBerry users. 

The Q5 is running BlackBerry 10.1 and does it well thanks to the 1.2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. Believe it or not, the Q5 has the same 3.1" 720x720 display of the Q10, the only difference being the Q5 is an LCD compared to the SuperAMOLED screen of the Q10.

It's clear BlackBerry will be providing options for users who still want a physical keyboard, as well as full touchscreen devices - now with the Z10 and down the road with devices like the rumored BlackBerry A10

We took a quick look at the BlackBerry Q5 in our first impressions review, but lets dive a bit deeper into the latest device from BlackBerry.

One thing to note is that my Q5 came from the UAE so it's sporting an Arabic keyboard - so if you were wondering about it, now you know.

BlackBerry Q5 Unboxing

Of course we had to unbox the Q5 as it's a bit of a tradition at this point. The usual items are in the box with the Q5 - manuals, USB cord, power block and ear-buds. BlackBerry and carriers haven't opted to include any type of case with the BlackBerry 10 devices, but it doesn't seem to be causing too much of an uproar from most users.

Features and Specs

The Q5 has some good features overall, but falls short in places as well. What's good is that it has a 1.2GHz processor with 2GB of RAM - more than enough to power the BlackBerry 10 OS and keep it running smoothly. The 3.1" LCD touchscreen is bold and bright and the Q5 is sporting LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and NFC. The integrated 2180mAh battery is actually one of the biggest to date, but the fact that it's non-removable is a downer. 

Where is falls short are in things like the small 8GB of internal storage, a 5MP camera and lack of a micro HDMI port. The Curve-style keyboard feels like a bit of a step backwards as well. It's not a bad typing experience but still feels a bit out of date.


While the BlackBerry Q10 was the first full QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device to market, the BlackBerry Q5 is a more entry-level device for those in emerging markets or users looking for a more inexpensive way to start out with BlackBerry 10. The Q5 keeps the classic BlackBerry design while brining back the Curve-style keyboard we've seen on devices such as the Curve 8300 and Curve 8330. As opposed to the flush keyboard of devices in the Bold and Torch lines (and most recently the BlackBerry Q10) the Q5 takes on the separated keys style instead. 

The keyboard sits under the bright 720x720 LCD display (328ppi). Inside is a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The processor is more than enough to handle BlackBerry 10 running on the Q5 and we noticed no lag or slow downs when navigating around the OS.

On the right of the Q5 are the volume and mute buttons. The left has a MicroUSB charging/sync port as well as the covered MicroSD and SIM card slots. Notably absent is the Micro HDMI out port that we've seen on the Q10, Z10 and BlackBerry PlayBook. 

The power/standby button is on top of the device while the speaker rests on the bottom. You won't find any charging contacts here either which isn't a huge issue, however the non-removable 2180mAh battery is one of our big gripes on the Q5.

The whole packaged is wrapped from head to toe in gloss plastic. It makes the device feel solid all around and gives a cohesive look, but still leaves you feeling slighted a bit as there is no "flair" to show off the Q5. You won't find any added design features like keyboard frets or stainless steel bezels. What you see is what you get.

Appearance and Design

The BlackBerry Q5 is a good looking device. It's the classic BlackBerry design - screen on top, keyboard underneath. It's plain and simple. You can tell that it's not a "high end" device from looking at it head-on however. There is nothing shiny - no frets between the keys and no stainless feel bezel. It's not flashy at all but that's ok. It still does what it has to without compromising anything at the core. 

The Q5 will be a familiar device for current BlackBerry users

The Q5 will be a familiar device for current BlackBerry users. Anyone that has used a Curve in the past will automatically know the Q5 keyboard and get a good feel for it right away. While it's not totally the same as what we've had in the past, it's pretty close. The keys are spaced well and just the right size. The Q5 weighs in at around 4.2oz so it's not a heavy device by any means and it definitely feels good in the hand. The flat plastic wraps around the sides and across the back of the device making it feel very solid overall - to the point that I really had no fear of dropping it. It's a very slick device in that at times I did find it hard to grip, but at the same time it fits in the hand very well.

It's worth noting that the casing on the Q5 is plastic all the way around. It's black from head to toe. It does remind me a bit of older devices like the Curve 8500 as there is no design separation from the front to back of the phone. It feels very solid overall but still leaves me wanting a bit more. Understandably it's a lower-tier BlackBerry 10 device, but it isn't necessarily "cheap" it still feels a bit plain in my opinion. 


The 3.1" 720x720 LCD touchscreen on the Q5 fits the device very well. It's not too big and not too small. As opposed to the SuperAMOLED screen of the Q10, the Q5 has an LCD screen which is what we've been accustomed to in the past. The screen is bold and bright and shows colors very well. The LCD screen goes back to what we have on older devices and the Z10. As the Q10 has a SuperAMOLED display we get the cool black theme designed to save battery. On the Q5 the theme is the same as the Z10 so the calendar and other blacked-out apps from the Q10 will be white here. I still wish the option was available to choose a white or black thee however.

What I do like is that there is a good amount of space between the bottom of the screen and the top of the keyboard, leaving room for gestures. On the Q10 there is very little space between the bottom of the screen and the top row of keys making some bottom gestures hard at times. On the Q5 however I found that I rarely had issues trying to perform any gestures from the bottom of the screen. There is a good amount of space left over the top row of keys but you still don't really loose too much of the design thanks to the BlackBerry logo being pushed down. Rather than it being on top of the screen, it helps to fill the space underneath so it's not just an awkward gap.

Keyboard and Typing

The Q5 keyboard is both a hit and a miss. While I've been able to type on it without a hitch, I have to say that in my opinion it is also a fairly loud keyboard and very plastic. It's safe to say that I was spoiled by the keyboard on the Bold 9900 as well as the Q10 so I'm used to a "softer" keyboard at this point. The keys on the Q5 are the tic-tac buttons we've seen on the Curve models for years and are a bit more "clicky" (yes, clicky) than most recent devices, making for a much louder hit when typing.

The Q5 keyboard is both a hit and a miss

That being said, it's not a bad keyboard. The keys are nice and big and well spaced making for a good typing experience overall. I do like having the spaced out keys in that I find I make less errors when typing as my fingers don't wander to keys I'm not trying to hit. I'll admit that on my Q10 when I'm pounding out a message I sometimes hit the wrong keys with my thumbs, but on the Q5 it seemed to be much less of an issues for me.

The top three rows of keys on the Q5 are all the same size (letters, ALT, delete and enter) so there is nothing abnormal about typing. The size of the bottom rows keys is nice as well though I do wish the space key was just a touch longer.

Just as with the Q10, the Q5 brings in plenty of keyboard shortcuts as well which helps get things done faster. Instant Action remains one of my favorite features and really makes me appreciate having a physical keyboard.


The camera on the BlackBerry Q5 is sadly only 5MP. While it's not the worst camera on a mobile device (we're looking at you Bold 9900!) it's certainly not the greatest. The good news is that I've was able to get some surprisingly good photos despite the low specs. I don't really use my BlackBerry camera for any crazy photo shoots and I'd expect that most Q5 users won't be looking to achieve greatness with the camera. For quick, on the spot photos or the occasional landscape or food shot (shame on you!) the Q5 will hold up just fine however. The front-facing camera rings in at just 2MP - just barely enough for decent Skype or BBM Video and maybe a selfie or two. The short of it - don't expect too much from the camera on the Q5. 

Here's a few shots to compare with the Q10. For the outdoor shot the Q10 did a much better job, but inside the Q5 did better and showed off much more color.



The battery is a mixed bag for me with the Q5. I suppose I'm spoiled by having so many devices with removable batteries over the years, so not being able to remove the battery in the Q5 is a downer for me. With my Q10 and Z10 I love that I can bring along my BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle when I go out and never have to worry about not having power. While I can obviously charge the Q5 if I need to (even with said battery bundle) I don't like that I can't swap out a dying battery for a new one.

That being said, the 2180mAh battery in the Q5 is one of the largest to date in a BlackBerry and it's big enough that most days I don't need to worry about swapping a battery anyway. I found that it kept me going even on my busiest days and there were only a few times where I actually had to stop and plug in to charge which was awesome. I'd say it's a fair tradeoff in the end. As far as battery life goes on the Q5 I don't really have any complaints. 


The Q5 is sporting 2GB of RAM which is on part with both the Q10 and Z10. So as you can imagine, the BlackBerry 10 OS runs very smooth and there is no lag when navigating around at all. Everything zips along and the Q5 has more than enough RAM to keep things going.

I do have to knock the Q5 for only having 8GB of internal storage. While it's not a deal-breaker, you'd expect a device to have at least 16GB of storage at this point. Granted you can use a memory card up to 32GB for storing media so in the end most users should have huge issues when it comes to internal storage.

Q5 as a Phone

I actually really like the feel of the Q5 as a phone. It fits well in the hand and doesn't feel too large for me as the Z10 does at times. 

The phone screen offers up recent call history, a dial pad and phone contacts. Along the top are tabs for All, Missed and VVM (providing you have it set up). One issue I have is that not all contacts with phone numbers appear in the contacts list within the phone app. This has been an issue in the OS for some time now that will hopefully get resolved in later builds. 

Phone calls were good quality. I had no issues hearing the other party and I was told I sounded loud and clear as well. 


The Q5 has the usual bag of connections that you'd expect including Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, NFC, DLNA and mobile hotspot. The good thing is that even though this is a lower-tier device, everything OS-wise is still in there. So no missing out on any connection features here. Even if you opt to go with the Q5 over the Q10 or Z10 you'll still have all of the same features as the other devices. 


When it comes to the OS on the Q5 there really isn't anything new here. The Q5 is running BlackBerry 10.1 and is the same as what's now (mostly) available on the Q10 and Z10. OS 10.1 on the Q5 runs very smooth - I was actually impressed to see it run so well. Moving around the homescreen and going in and out of apps produced no lag and jumping into the Hub or using gestures was no different. 

We won't get into more of the OS here as we covered it before in both our Z10 and Q10 reviews as well as our BlackBerry 10 review, so be sure to check those out for more as the Q5 OS is the same. 

BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World is getting bigger by the day and already has a huge selection of apps, games, movies, music and TV shows available for the Q5. Thankfully BlackBerry is doing a great job of making nearly all Q10 content available on the Q5 as well. When the Q10 was first released there was a gap in content since developers hadn't made many of their apps available for the new device, so at first it was a struggle for new Q10 owners to find everything they were looking for. With the Q5 the issue is mostly diminished as most content is widely available. 

BlackBerry Q5 Accessories

Of course if you do pick up a Q5 you'll want to grab some accessories to go along with it. We've already got some great items in stock with plenty more on the way. You can check out the latest headsets, cables, external batteries, car mounts and much more at ShopCrackBerry.


BlackBerry Q5 Review Summary

The Q5 has great battery life, fits well in hand, is very sturdy and works like a champ

Ultimately the BlackBerry Q5 is a good device. It's not the top quality of the BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 but it will still find it's place in many markets. I actually really enjoyed using it for the past few weeks. I've always been a big fan of the smaller devices and the physical keyboard, so the Q5 is a good fit for me. I won't be making it my full-time device but I'll certainly revisit it from time to time. The Q5 has great battery life, fits well in hand, is very sturdy and works like a champ. I have to take points off for the lack of a removable battery, low resolution camera and lack of HDMI out though.

The Q5 obviously won't be competing with more modern devices, but for BlackBerry users on a budget or those looking to get started with BlackBerry 10, the Q5 is a good option. If you're going to spend the money though, I'd say take the jump and go with the Q10 though.

The Good
  • Great battery life
  • Sturdy, feels good in hand
  • Inexpensive by comparison
  • Keyboard is nice (for the most part)
The Bad
  • No removable battery
  • Low resolution camera
  • No HDMI out
  • Overall plastic design feels lacking
The Bottom Line

If you love a physical keyboard and are looking for an inexpensive alternative to the Q10, the Q5 is for you. Available in a variety of colors and at a more affordable price, the Q5 will find it's place among new users and emerging markets with no problem. It has a few downsides as we discussed but overall it's running the same BlackBerry 10 with nearly the same processing power as other devices, so you aren't really compromising too much in the long run by choosing the Q5. If price doesn't matter however, the Q10 (or Z10) are better phones for the money. 

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Q5 Review


If that is $500.00 USD, then I am afraid at what the A10 will be priced at!

Posted via Me on my Z

Not sure why the price point is this high for a lower end device. $250 - $300 is the sweet spot for this baby, off contract. But whatever, I don't run BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Yeah. Max it should be $300 off contract and free or about $50 on contract. (Q10 should also be about $500-$550 off contract). If it doesn't sell, BB only has themselves to blame.

That's the UK price which includes VAT at 20% (it sells for £320 at the moment which is the equivalent of $390). To put that into perspective, a Q10 is the equivalent of $770 here in the UK at the moment. It was even more when it was released (around $880).

You guys don't understand blackberry would probably make no money pricing it at $250. Google makes no money off there cheap nexus devices. Samsung is a components and parts manufacturer they make everything in there phones and can sell them that cheap.

Its business.

Better $250 or $300 than $0. For $500 I can get a Nexus 4, Lumia 920, or S3. Or I can just pay maybe $100 more to get a Z10 or Q10.

Posted via CB10

It's not the resolution of the camera which matters, but the lens! 5MP with a good lens is great, as the average laptop has a 2MP screen. But with 5MP and a bad lens, there's no use in asking for more pixels. So what does the 'only 5MP' in the article mean? Is the lens good enough that you would have wished, for example, 8MP?

Nope CAD/USD400.00 is too pricey for this so-called budget smartphone. Thorsten needs a kick in the balls and then snip them off before stuffing them into his mouth. This clown gives Germans a bad name. At least Mike L. was a likable character.

Just look at a blackberry specification and Samsung galaxy s4 and you will laugh at how much Samsung is better, I love blackberry but in a month or so I'll get a samsung s4 and move on.

Um, yah, the specs wars... You realize that since Android is open-source and any one of a thousand manufacturers can make hardware for it, an Android device will ALWAYS win the spec wars. It's pointless for Apple or BB to try to enter that race. So if that's all you care about, then switch to the S4 and never use anything other than Android until the next open-source OS is released...

To me, my Q10 has no lag, everything I want to do with my phone, it does it. I don't think it being 1000 times faster would make any noticeable difference on my end, it'll just be untapped power... Until I start doing video encoding on my phone, I don't think I'll notice the difference...

Didn't you get the BBM from Heins? It said, "BlackBerry. RIP." Quickly, in typical RIM-time, followed-up by another BBM saying, "Oh, I meant RIM has been buried. BlackBerry lives. Now sell like Hell so I can buy the yacht I've been eying on Georgian Bay. Suckers."

I must have ruffled the feathers of the Thorsten sympathisers and been banned from the forums. Oh well...I'll continue using my BlackBerry but won't be participating in the forums.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10


If the Q10 were truly a premium device, and this was truly an entry level device... It would make sense.

But the Z10 and Q10 are upper middle grade and the Q5 is lower middle grade... they are too close in quality and pricing. Price has already dropped on the Q10 down to $149 on a 2-Year Contract... won't be long before it follows the Z10. Where will that leave room for the Q5?

The difference in price is bigger than you think. This here is the UK price which includes VAT. In the US you will get the Q5 for $350 or even less if it ever gets released. Just so you understand what I'm talking about, the Q10 is £500 (was £580) and the Q5 is £320. The difference is £180 ($270) and it will get even bigger in 3 months after retailers lower the price a bit.

Who in the right mind will buy the Q10 at those prices? I do not get BB pricing structure unless they just want to go out of business sooner than expected.

And then they went ahead and built a ridiculous, ugly and unnecessary BB7 device... Foolish decisions are indicative of foolish management.

The price is for the UK only (we pay VAT here!). It's £320 here, compared to a Q10 which is £500 (was £580 at launch). If it ever reaches the US, it will be a lot cheaper, maybe $350 or less.

Value Added Tax is a tax we pay on every product we buy. It is 20% in the UK and even more in other countries.

"Hub isn't enough to save this company. "

BlackBerry Hub was too much to save the BlackBerry PlayBook though. < /sarcasm >

A10 is destined to come in at the $7-800 mark. Probably looking at £8-900 over in the UK. Not good.
As for the Q5: I hate it. It's not for me and I would never buy one, but if anyone who doesn't already have a BlackBerry asked me, I'd tell them it's the 3rd greatest device ever made ;)

Posted via CB10

$500 for a ugly and unnecessary BB7 device type running BB10?
So this is the budget BB10, for young, students, emerging markets and so on ???
Yap many young people will not burn $500 on a old school RIM device, when they have iPhone and Galaxy's at $99.
Young people prefer touch screens not keyboards.
The new budget iPhone will slash down this piece of crap.

This definitely cannot be for emerging markets because if it is then someone in waterloo is pulling strategy out of his ass. Emerging markets are about value purchases, 500 USD is premium whichever way u look at it. BlackBerry has really misjudged the capability of the emerging market to take in this device. Of course maybe they still got their head in the sand but the recent Nokia figures are just the beginning and while the cheerleaders cheer on BlackBerry this is just sad they are leading a great brand to ruin. BlackBerry needs to realize that they r not apple to charge a premium and get to the finish line. So either they need to realize this soon and change this course else it will be the epitaph of this great company - "And they began the smartphone trend".

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

The price is for the UK only (we pay VAT here!). It's £320 here, compared to a Q10 which is £500 (was £580 at launch). If it ever reaches the US, it will be a lot cheaper, maybe $350 or less.

Just give up. They get more attention throwing around bigger numbers. Nobody is listening to you... It's like the weather news anchors making a big deal about some showers and light wind... It's sensationalism... I think that's a word, lol.

With the Q5 I feel that BlackBerry have repeated their old bad habit of making a phone without identifying a clear target market for it first.

Who is the Q5 really aimed at? What is the target market for a phone with a cheap looking keyboard that makes it look like an entry level device but with a price tag of a mid to high end phone?

Its price makes it uncompetitive against mid-tier Android and Windows phones so that only leaves the Q10 as it's rival. I hope the profit margin of the Q5 is bigger than the Q10's because all it can do at a mid-tier price point is take away sales from the Q10 and to achieve that we're talking about a customer who can't live without a physical keyboard, has a decent wedge of money but not quite enough for the better looking Q10 and who doesn't want to install many games (that 8GB of RAM will disappear fast). That is one heck of a niche target market. I fear for Q5 sales figures, I really do.

"Developing Markets" are not going to be able to afford this phone. BBM obsessed teenagers in the UK with working class parents can't afford this phone. Is this supposed to be for the teenage kids of middle class families in the UK? Forget it they all have iPhones or Androids. At least BBM is coming to the smartphones they are using later this year, but let's wait and see how BlackBerry mess that up, they're guaranteed to aren't they in past form.

Posted via CB10

The price is for the UK only (we pay VAT here!). It's £320 here, compared to a Q10 which is £500 (was £580 at launch). If it ever reaches the US, it will be a lot cheaper, maybe $350 or less.

Jesus really?

You'd reach more people wearing this copy/paste on a sandwich board and walking around London.

Are you a BBRY engineer trying to argue that the price is correct? Like most fanbois/apologists?

It won't matter... the market will determine this phones success.

Posted via CB10

It's not about BB, it's about Americans not understanding how pricing works in the rest of the world. And when every other comment is about the price, I felt it was my duty to explain how it works. That being said, I think £320 is actually a competitive price for the UK.

You're right. That truly is one crazy niche they are targeting. Let's hope it actually exists.

Posted via CB10

I REALLY wanted this phone for my kids....but the fact that it will not run on verizon cdma network and the fact that I can get Z10s on contract for less than $50 bucks...well..byebye Q5....alas our love was not meant to be

Posted via CB10

Comprehensive review Adam, tx. My company has around 200 employees and it will be the perfect device for us. Definitely looks sturdy enough to handle life's onslaughts in a corporate environment.

The BlackBerry Q5 would be the perfect complement to my BlackBerry PlayBook if and only if BlackBerry Bridge functionality is restored. I miss the physical keyboard when composing longer emails. The sore spot for me with the BlackBerry Q5 is the price - it is stupid to price this low-budget smartphone in the stratosphere; CAD250.00 off-contract should be the retail price.

I don't understand why the price point is high, regardless of the fact it is meant to be a more affordable option. BlackBerry is slashing the prices of the Z10, and I'm sure the Q10 is to follow. This price point makes very little sense.

I think they start high to have more room for later price cuts. The early adopter will buy at nearly any price and then after a while they cut the price and the people who are more cost sensitive will follow. If you see a price cut you get the impression "Oh, yeah, that's a better bargain than before, now I will buy!"

Second thought: If they started with a lower price they probably could not meet the demand and people had to wait to get their orders and would be unhappy because humans are impatient.

So, I don't know why everybody is whining here. It's business as usual. And street prices are already lower than the recommended retail price.

The Q5 only costs RM1299 in Malaysia retail, which is equiv to around USD400. Some retailers even sell at just RM1200 or slightly less. Quite cheap.

Posted via CB10

Great review as always. Too bad the device is so expensive.... I thought it could have been a great device to attract younger audience to BlackBerry and get them addicted to BBM and therefore widen the base of users... At 500 US$ it makes the phone less accessible for teenagers.

Posted via CB10

Too expensive for their specs or OS, all the BB10 range, and the A10 do not seem to sort this out... If they can not manufacture competitive devices they'd better do something else.
An "aspirational" device needs to be something more than an expensive one. I do not see why anyone would choose this instead of a S3, not even the keyboard is worth it. And I do not think that their strategy of despising the consumer market is going to work... anybody knows what they are aiming at?

The launch prices of a wide variety of consumer electronics devices, including mobile phones, are next to irrelevant. Almost without fail they drop within a few months. Here in Britain the retail price of a SIM free Q10 had dropped by 20% three months after launch. In another three months it will likely have fallen again. I'll put next months wages on the same happening to the Q5.

I too am curious as to what the true place of the Q5 is in the product line because although there are differences between it and the Q10, they are not substantial.

And then competitors will drop their prices as well, and you will still be paying more than what it is worth for.

Adam, the review is well-written and covers both the positive and negative features of the latest BlackBerry 10 smartphone. But the smartphone is not inexpensive by any rational criteria; USD500.00 off-contract is outrageous.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Indeed, they need to get it right, besides, you need to acquire a fairly large userbase to get app developers jumping in. Can not see the strategy, I was always taught that it is better to launch a product a bit overpriced rather than the other way around, but this is a bit too much. At least they could be more aggressive with their promotion, trade up programs(to help keep loyal users in...), one-time-offers to preserve their "image", advertising, etc. Seriously, I do not get it, their pricing strategy is ridiculous.

I would seriously buy a BlackBerry Q5 if the price was enticing. I already have a BlackBerry Z10 but there are times I miss the physical keyboard. The screen size and keyboard size of the BlackBerry Q5 would make the smartphone highly useful to me when I am editing *nix shell scripts and related text files. Now where is the ESCape key? ;-)

Sure you would, and a lot of people like you. I have been a BB fan for a few years and own some shares (not many thanks god for that), but I am not going to buy an overpriced phone just for the sake of it. I am loosing enough money with my investment.

This talk about pricing is really detracting from the review. People just don't seem to grasp the concept of price differences across countries/continents. There's a reason people ask their American friends/colleagues/family to bring back phones, tablets, electronics to Europe. It's just that much more expensive here. So it's completely useless to convert to USD and expect that to be the price in the US.

That being said, don't really like the look of the Q5. Don't dig the separated keys at all.

Posted via CB10

I actually don't mind the separated keys for the same reasons in the review. I am on the fence about the looks. All I know is your company is in a dire situation and you need an awesome product in the market and you release the q5. Budget or not it is ho hum. Someone said calculator they are correct.

I don't see this costing about $300 to $350 MAX. Thanks for the review, I like the phone and may attract Students and Teens due to its different colours and BB10 unique OS feel.

Yup forget the talk about the price. Won't matter. Doesn't have a good keyboard and doesn't look like a blackberry.

Honestly, not to take Away from the Q5, but if it did not have the BlackBerry label on it, I wouldn't think of it as a phone, let alone as a BB10 device. It reminds me of one of those Texas Instruments calculators I used in high school for math class...and the$500 is pretty steep! If this is a de vídeo meant for emerging markets the price is to high, $500 dollars us a lot of money for someone let's say in Brazil. The Q5 should be $300-$350 dollars at most. It was the same thing when I saw that the Q10 was more expensive than the Z10...not a very well thought out pricing scheme...

Posted via CB10

What I meant to say was that if this is a device meant for the emerging markets then it is too expensive. It is also a mistake not to have released the device on the North American market at the same time. BlackBerry assumes that Americans and Canadians will necessarily have the disposable income to buy the Z10 and the Q10, and eventually the A10...they couldn't be more wrong...people are hurting here also! I had to work and save up to purchase the Z10. Even then it left a sizeable hole in my pocket, especially since I bought it at full price...

Posted via CB10

They could sell a ton of these if it is around $350. I like the look of this phone more and more. I think the bottom bezel of the Q10 is a bit cramped.

Post via CB Z10

I hate to say this but this phone sucks. I admit that I have not held it but if the keyboard is " good for the most part " from a crackberry review that is an epic fail. The keyboard and bb10 are the only 2 selling points. The keyboard must be perfect. Can you imagine bb7 on this hardware I would be screaming bloody murder. I mean the build is not as nice looking as bb7 curves and the non- removeable battery is not the end of the world but not great. I really want to like this phone I even didn't think it was that ugly.

Still didn't get it on how Q5 have larger battery than z10 that should be a premium device..

Posted via CB10

Q5 is a contender for 1st phone purchasers, it has full QWERTY, not too feature rich, fully enclosed... drop price to 299 off contract and BlackBerry is in there like swimwear

The keyboard on the Q5 doesn't look too bad to me and seems less cramped than the Q10. However the inflated pricing for outright purchase will not go down well for those looking to get a BB10 device on the cheap.

BB can't afford to price themselves out of the market by pretending to be a premium brand. They lost the "premium" moniker years ago when they got lazy and complacent.

Very utilitarian and looks robust. This, and mobile hotspot with an ipad wifi, total value for money do everything super package.

The price tag is a double-edged sword. Yes, compared to the Q10 it is indeed a budget phone. But that phone is priced quite high!

This is a ridiculous price for a budget phone!

I think it's great BlackBerry brought back multicolor to the keyboard. Plain white was sooo boring!

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Overpriced for a cheap phone with no cachet from a company that has a serious brand image problem. I thought this was supposed to be an affordable model for developing markets. Lower the price, even if it means a hit to revenues, get them in people's hands so that the subscriber base swells and developers have a reason to support the platform.

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I think is still expensive price for curve type BlackBerry 10 / but it's great Review

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God knows what were the designers of this and the Q10 phone thinking when they designed for the screen size. This should have had atleast 3.5 inch screen and the Q10 a nice sleek 4 inch display. These days displays below 3.5 don't work in minds of the consumer so all the more reason these phones Q5 and Q10 being decent are not going to fly off the shelves and sell well. Also dumb fellows what would have been the incremental cost of upgrading this stupid 5 MP camera to an 8 MP camera. I guess not more than $15 to MAX $20 when ordered in bulk. Then why the hell compromise on it and give it to be one negative feedback. You tried to keep this as an affordable BB10 phone so you already cut corners in the built and the keyboard then why be so cheap on the camera just for a few bucks? Totally fail to understand BB management. Also despite not being the market leader and not even having anywhere close to a double digit market share OS and phone you are charging a premium and pissing off your loyal fans and potential new customers. DO they know that now the Z10 is available for like $400 on amazon and ebay? People from Crackberry please talk to the management of BB and get some answers :(

$500 (probably €500).. That's an aweful lot of money for a cheap looking device with calculator buttons.. Dafuq they doing?

Its selling for about $418 USD in India i.e. Rs 25,000/- competing with Nexus 4, S3 and others. It won't sell for that amount of money....

The phone is still expensive for an "entry level" ... obviously this review is a bit biased, based on what I've seen/read I don't think that this is a good product... blackberry needs to step it up! I really want them to make a comeback but apart from maybe the Q10 they haven't released anything majorly appealing that would actually make the average customer consider coming back to a blackberry, not with phones like the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 around, and if a "Entry Level" iPhone is indeed in the works it will kill any other entry level phones out there, we all know apple will not release cheap quality products.

" The Q5 keeps the classic BlackBerry design while brining back the Curve-style keyboard we've seen on devices such as the Curve 8300 and Curve 8330. " BRINING!!!!

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Curve Fans Rejoice your CURVE is back!

My cousin has a Q10 and he's gonna sell and get the Q5. All his life he only bought curves. So he's happy!!!

Some people love the curve keys! I've always been a Bold user sooo I'm not interested.

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sweet phone, worth every penny

Meh, sans hdmi isn't a big deal to me. Sure, that's cool to have, but for the amount I haven't actually used it, who cares in my opinion.

I wouldn't buy a phone based on camera specs. So, having less of a camera doesn't matter to me, so long as there is at least a half decent camers - and this one is, at least that.

Another thing is - sure it's price is where it's at now, but it will soon become an attractive option as likely free on a contract, making it a very wise choice for those ona budget.

I want one for my collection of BlackBerry 10 phones, but I think I will try to get the Z30 first. Keep the collection "higher end" for now. Not that there's anything at all wrong with the Q5, brilliant phone in my opinion.

I personally believe many females will really like this one, for a few reasons. That's not a bad thing at all!

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I have a Q5, bought it on ebay new for £225 and love it. I find the keyboard very accurate. I guess the non-removable battery is the most annoying thing about it's design. Also that the volume buttons are not very stiff so the option to change music tracks using them by a long press isn't great due to a tendency to change the track while it's in my pocket but only a small design floor :)

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Been using Q5 almost a month now..
And I m hoping that..
Instagram will soon be in BB
BB App world to be specific.
And especially that it's alread 10 OS


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I really like the Q5. The racy red one is almost worth giving up my Q10 for. I could probably type a lot faster on the Q5 too.

And the price? What other reputable phone has a touchscreen AND a physical keyboard? NOBODY. Hence the 500 sticker price.

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Initially I had nfc when I bought BlackBerry Q5 around a month and half back. After updating OS it vanished. How to fix it. Everytime when I'm updating OSN I'm facing some problems. Hope you will fix the issues asap.

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I agree. If you're going to dish money out, might as well dish out a few more for the Q10. Having said that, it is a good upgrade from an OS 7 device.

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Hello all,

There are unlockd 4G Q5's out there and I was wondering if I purchased one, would the 4G work on ATT in the US and would the wifi hotspot (or some other form of tethering) feature also work? Thank you.

I purchased the Q5 this July for dirt cheap (160 CAD).

Here are is my feed back for the Q5

* Battery: I've yet to see a device (android/apple) running the whole day. I have this baby with the following on : LTE + data, WI-FI (on the whole time), brightness set to about 30% and two (or three) apps running in the app tray. I've yet to see the same on a Samsung Galaxy SIII (even when it's been rooted and set up with a Cyanogen mod 11, it still won't last as long as the Q5. I have three friends that got that phone and all three can't pull a half a day without charging their phones).
* GUI: Amazingly smooth, although the hardware within this device is generations behind, the guys at BlackBerry have done an amazing job of proving that hardware isn't all that counts and that well optimized code can run smoothly on old hardware as on new hardware. The fact that so many Android devices need so high end hardware, goes to show that Google's OS still needs great optimization (yes, even with the new Lollipop OS out the door, it's still un optimized enough to run on older hardware).
* 3D Games: I was shocked to see how well this device can handle 3D games so (the device does not heat as much, as when running the same title on an Android device).
* The HUB: As much as anyone would argue, the simplicity of managing your emails, text messages, social networking and the rest, was the best thing about this OS. I used all the major Phone OS's and the only company that did something to make it easier to go through the masses of notifications is HTC (at least that's the closes that I GOT to play with).
* Sound volume: The volume can be set to as loud as an iPhone 4/4S. BlackBerry has an option to boost the volume even further than the default max volume, which comes with a fair warning from BlackBerry when enabling the boost of potential hearing loose over extended periods of use. On my Android devices I had to install third party media players to be able to boost the volume to such extents.
* Physical keyboard: For folks living in warm countries, this maybe a let down. But for someone living in Quebec (Canada), the weather can get pretty cold here which makes the touch keyboard a painful experience. I can type on my BlackBerry with gloves on (as mentioned in the review, the keys are well spaced. Hence why you can still type a message when it's freezing outside, with a minimal impact on your fingers).

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* Build quality: I've dropped my phone on the first day got it and it worked, I dropped it a few more times and it still ran great (I'm typing this comment from that same phone).

The BAD:
* Camera: if only BlackBerry would of worked out a camera module that could handle better low light conditions (say almost on par as the Nokia Lumia 9xx/1020), I would fork out the extra money for that. (I've yet to see any smartphone on the market beat these models, when it comes to both picture and video quality. The video recording on the 1020 is phenomenal for a smart phone). Hence why I keep my Lumia 920 with me as a recording device when going out. BlackBerry, if you guys are reading this, I beg thee to bring a Q7 to the market with high quality stereo recording and an OIS (optical image stabilizer as the one on Nokia Lumia with a good low light camera sensor) if you have to buy the royalties (if that's what it takes to have a good camera in the almost perfect device) so be it. I'll gladly fork 450 for a future Q7 with a slightly more silent keyboard and a high quality camera module with OIS!!!).

* Keyboard: it happened a few times that the keys on the Q5 would get stuck and would need a blow in between the key cracks to to have it solved (a good carrying case solved the problem) but from time to time it would still occur. It's worth mentioning that everyone around me at work, knows when I'm typing and easily get pissed off, because of that clicky sound.

* Gesture based features: it happened to many times that when leaving the "slide to open" feature turned on this device, the phone would unlock itself if kept in the pockets of your clothing (that moves a lot, pants, coats and etc). I ended up disabling this feature (and still did not have a major impact on my OS experience), although it's a bummer to have to go through your hub/camera to delete all the content that was created while you had the screen on in your pocket. (other then that swipe to wake up hiccup, the rest of the gestures work flawlessly!).

* (OS related) Out of storage space: This has been one of the few bugs that, somehow still plagues the BlackBerry OS. It's not major, but can be an annoyance if you have the LED notification light on. I still have no clue as to how I should solve this one. But (again), it's a minor bug that goes away with time (and comes back later to hunt you again :D) .

* BlackBerry Maps: It's as basic as it gets, I had to side load Google maps on to my phone and another app for transit schedules to get around my city. I would love it if BlackBerry could implement into they're future map app the option of storing maps (for offline usage, when out of cellular range, as well as for transit schedules and routs) for easy access when roaming and in need of public transportation. If future BlackBerry maps app gets that, I'll be very, very, very happy.

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To anyone crying about the price tag, show me another phone that would have so many features built in at a price of 390$.

When this device was released to the market it had 2 GB of live RAM, only few devices at the time offered so much DDR RAM and most of them were more expensive. It includes, NFC, bluetooth 4.0, wifi (with all the possible wifi features, including DLNA), GPS and many sensors (Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Proximity sensor).

People, compare and see for yourselves.

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