BlackBerry Q5 possibly heading to AT&T

By Bla1ze on 29 Jul 2013 10:41 pm EDT

Previously noted to be arriving on Fido and Koodo in Canada, it seems as though the BlackBerry Q5 could also be making its way to AT&T as well according to some new information posted by @evleaks, who has a pretty solid track record for such things.

The information doesn't offer up any details on when exactly or any pricing but for some, just knowing it may arrive is enough considering the amount of folks who've been asking if they could import one from Canada for use on AT&T. We'll keep our ears and eyes open for more info should it pop up.

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BlackBerry Q5 possibly heading to AT&T


Get this in at the right price point and it could be a great phone for teens and first time users. Shoot I'd take one for the right price.

The only price that will make this phone sell like cold water bottles in hell is 250usd. Anything over that won't make it imo. I don't care if they only make 20 $ on each phones ! Or even zero. As long as they are not losing money on it, it would leave the shelves before it even hit it and soon you would have 10's of millions of bb10 users to encourage app developers to build for the platform and push up the value of the higher end models. If they do that, I swear I'll buy the 10 times the 8 000 shares I got rid of last month .

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Smh. I don't like it. What about the Q10? What about the A10? I understand choice, but they aren't even promoting that. This phone would have to be free on contract (like the old Curves) for the US to pick it up. My 2 cent.

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Questioning y BB changed their mind on what markets they were going to target with this phone but whatever sales/shipments are great no matter what.

BlackBerry doesn't seem to have any focus and they're unable to actually do what they say. This phone was strictly for "emerging markets" and, like the Curve 9320, is suddenly going to be available in the UK, Canada and the US. I'm fine with that, but the constant mixed messages just hurt their already broken credibility. IF YOU SAY SOMETHING, TRY AND ACTUALLY STICK TO IT...

The US feels like an emerging BB10 market to me. We don't exactly have a huge adoption of it at this time but, I'm sure it would be better if they'd pick up the advertising pace.

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Shhhhhh. You're giving away the ending and there are still other 'Porsche series' posts to plan.

The unboxing. The specs. The soon-to-be-announced apps. The 'why isn't it selling?' article. The surveys....

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They should bring it...but price it super cheap.
Even if their profit per unit is a tad lower, ar least they will keep their users and subscribers.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

They need to sell this thing at cost and crank up the marketing like crazy. This is the time to be aggressive and make up ground in the USA while Windows Phone struggles there. Nokia's numbers in the USA are dropping and BlackBerry needs to get in there and capture number 3 in the USA decisively even if it costs a couple hundred million of the cash in the bank

I would imagine carriers like metro pcs, virgin mobile, or boost mobile would get the q5, not att...


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I can't imagine any of the US carriers getting it. Not one of the kiosks of any of the carriers have any BlackBerry phones on display at all in San Diego. It's like they don't exist.

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good post, plus I just learned something new, dragging the picture to preview it

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < bbry stocks*C0004ABC9

With the different colours based on the new BB10 OS, these phones can very well bring back the COOL in BlackBerry with Teenagers and Back-To-School. They should also have the Z5 in difference colours to target the same audience. By giving students choice in a QWERTY and/or Full Touch with style, they will sell very well.
I cannot stress this out enough, BlackBerry needs to go full force and target the Back to School audience, with another advertising assault for the Christmas season. People need more BlackBerry choice, and I expect to see 6 devices with one being a 10" BB10 based Tablet, which I also plan on buying with my future A10. ;)

I was wondering why it took 12 hours for this news to hot cb. Saw it this morning on my stock news. Anyways looks like it's panic time at bbry. Emerging markets only. It's that bad now that the usa is an emerging market? If they are so buried it makes me wonder what other last minute decisions are being made. I wouldn't doubt for a second bbm cross platform might not even happen.

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Uhh you do realize they've always sold Curves here, right? On major and LOW COST (gasp! The US had those?!) carriers such as Boost Mobile

But... but... BBRY made an announcement and they have a firm track record of executing to plan / commitments of, well... it's been a whole week at least!!

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Looks like it would make a great backup phone. Prepaid carriers in the US need to carry this. would be perfect.

If i liked physical keyboard i'd get a Q10, but I don't. Hated BlackBerry until I got a storm when they first came out. Touch screen ever since.

Storm, Torch, Z10,

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The one from AT&T (or Koodo up in Canada, possibly Fido too) will work on TMO if unlocked! Plus I read yesterday that WIND will also carry this phone. There's only one North American LTE model for this one.

Would be nice to have it as a backup device. Don't want to pay for a Q10. Or may get the A10 and use my Z10 as a back up. Or maybe just get them all. Lol.

But I bet Tmobile will end up carrying all of them

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Blackberry should pay $50 to all buyers of the Q5 in USA. This should help them gain some market share there atleast for the Q5. Also this would be a decent gift for all BB loyalist who have waited endlessly to see the BB10 OS

Don't do this... they should drop the price of the Q10. The Q5 will simply fan the flames of BlackBerry perception of producing ugly, cheap, old fashioned phones.

Keep this phone as far away from North America as possible. The group of people who would actually gravitate to this phone so vanishingly small that they are not worth the additional damage to the BlackBerry brand.

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Yeah...I am sure there is a lot of demand in the states and wont be surprised if the Q5 sells as well or even better...I think this is a great move by BlackBerry as skipping the US would mean skipping an entire market segment all together...

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My cousin has a Q10 like me but wants this for the curve style buttons. He was always a curve only user.
I was always a bold user so the Q10 feels better for me. But I respect the Q5 and the Curve lovers. Great phone.

M using Q5 since a fifteen days, guys it's worth d price except that BB10 needs to have more free apps n also fully operative fb n Instagram. M sure, this sexy thing will be a super hit globally

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