BlackBerry Q5 photo gallery

Let's take a good long look at this new BB10 device...

By Simon Sage on 14 May 2013 02:19 pm EDT

We've had the quick video tour of the Q5 at BlackBerry Live 2013, but let's take a closer look in this photo gallery. We've got shots of the white, black, and red version, but unfortunately the pink one was locked away under glass for the time being.

Like I said in my original hands-on, the Q5 has a very glossy finish, but that's perfect to show off the eye-popping paint jobs. The keyboard sits very low on the device, and it's very easy to handle between the gently curved rear and slim profile. 

How do you think this Q5 looks? Are the colors a big attraction, or do you put function over form?

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BlackBerry Q5 photo gallery


You would be surprised. I felt the same way. But in person, it is an attractive, very well built device.

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I agree, the white one doesn't look too too bad, but the rest of them...EEK. But then again, I'm not the demographic they are aiming for so I guess I will just have to keep my Q10 :)

They could have added some sort of contour to the front bottom but hey, I guess they really went for low end on the looks too.

I can see this as an entry-level or cost-effective phone. My first BlackBerry was a Curve and I grew to love the bloody thing heh.

Can you tell me why it is "cool" for developing markets? it is "affordable" (assuming it is cheap) but where is the "cool" factor, especially when it is compared to other BB models of the higher end?

This design seems to be controversial but I think it looks nice, especially with the wide choice of colours.

Good look for a lower priced phone. Definitely staying true to the BlackBerry roots of the qwerty keyboard. Great design for the emerging markets overseas!

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The black and red aren't too bad, I think this could be big with pre-teens. Pink for girls anyway.

Most of the people are saying that the Q5 phone is ugly are men. I never trust men's aesthetic opinion unless they are artists. They usually are completely useless. LOL.

Not beauty enough for me but I'm not the only one who have to like it. Hope it is cheaper than the Q10 so a lot of people will buy it.

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I usually want black everything but if I were to choose a color, it would have to be red. The black looks too glossy, don't like white phones because they get dirty easily, so that leaves red.

I hear women all the time say, " color matters to a lot of people especially women, I don't want a black phone, that's been the color for every phone for 20years". I don't know why or what is so hard for companies to understand that people want different colors on any kind of model of a phone. If any person ever paid attention to sales they would notice when e.g the Nokia Lumia 920 came out in in 4 colors 2 of the colors were sold out for month's and guess what it wasn't white or black. BlackBerry dev phone is another example, people were willing to spend an absurd amount to get the Red Z 10 on ebay. I wish for the love of god companies would just make a new standard and make more than just white and black, can you be any more boring. I don't want my phone to look like everyone elses.

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I agree 100%! My wife had the purple-ish colored Curve until last summer when I picked up a black Bold 9900 for her. She loved the phone, but really wanted it in white. AT&T didn't carry the white one, so she has a white case.

It's the same with digital cameras. The one that she now owns is white. The one before that was hot pink. Specs don't matter. They're all decent to her! In the end, she doesn't want any electronic that's black or silver. Go figure! :-)

i agree 100% every blackberry ive owned ive changed the housing myself to either purple, pink or red. im completely surprised its not the norm to have a smaller stock of coloured phones for each devce.

the amount of iphones that have custom front screens in every colour for $100 a pop would have gone straight into apples pocket if they just made them that way in the first place, same with every other major phone manufacturer. i know it costs more and theres a risk your stock of a certain colour wont sell many but stick to like 3 or 4 of the most popular colours (like red, silver, purple, pink) or run online polls on major fan websites to see which cutomers want most and theyll be fine, they could always start out with less of the coloured stock so they arent stuck with left overs

Keyboard looks too short. And not a fan of those style keys. However its for the low end market so as long as it works who cares

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Don't know if these "developing markets " appreciate us calling them developing markets, just saying lol

But this phone is so ugly that I actually find it good looking if that even make sense. Picture 50 cent, he's so ugly that he makes ugly cool

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Its not a bad thing to be in a developing market. Should be proud that your country or region is showing considerable economic growth that gives large tech companies incentive to develop a product specifically for you. Gives those markets access to new technologies and therefore the tools to grow further.

I also agree! For the emerging markets and even for younger people this phone makes a lot of sense. Get ppl hooked to your brand when they are most impressionable!

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I completely agree with the young people. But, I think we need to see the price point on these phones. They would be up against cheap android phones with large touch screens and plenty of games. Might be an easier choice for moms buying a phone for their kid.

Looks cheap to me... it will have to be very low in price to consider it as now i can get a z10 for 0 bucks on a contract...

Simon, could you answer these questions:
Backlight keys?
Soundquality, Loudspeakers?
Is the back different depending on the colour? looks like the black one has a different surface (back)?
like the white one...strange that it offers LTE IMO

nice Curve replacement, esp the RED one! and if it runs as smooth as Simon says, it should be the best Curve to date

It looks great in Black. Glad they made this one for entry level, emerging markets, and feature phone migrations to smartphones. It isn't for everybody, that's why BlackBerry makes multiple variations of handset designs. This will also be a great option for young kids who's parents are inundated with requests for a smartphone of some kind, this makes a great choice and affordable too.

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This blackberry product manager needs to learn how to sell this device, that video made me cringe.
He starts out with all the reasons it sucks compared to the Q10. Seriously? The selling message that should be said over and over should be "Entire Blackberry 10 experience, peak, flow, etc, but in a much cheaper package! Buy it!" not "uhhh it has a worse display, uhhh worse camera, uhhh and less memory. Buy it. Oh it has peak and flow too." Engineers are brilliant people but learn how to market your fn device for christsakes or get someone else to do it. Wow.

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I started with a curve. IMO this is a great little device. Looks aren't everything to everyone. If they are to you, then shell out the $$ for a Q10 and enjoy the added benefits. If you can't then don't complain. There is more on the horizon. There will be more choices. Personally, I would like to see the pricing of this device. They can make an impact in developed markets as well if the price is really good.

They need to use this phone as an upgrade option and let their target market actually experience BB10 instead of waiting and listing to all these blogs bashing blackberry. Or have a small fee to upgrade to the new Z or Q10 and discontinue legacy devices completely. However I think the slider needs bb10. Loved my torch and I got the best of both worlds.

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BlackBerry is thinking family. This is a device that parents would probably hand over to their kids.

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This phones beats the q10 in design for sure, q10 should of had the same blackberry bezel at the bottom of the screen, not the top.

Must be annoying as he'll for some q10 users. SOME.

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Lol, all these dislike comments just reminds me of how majority in here found the Q10 to be unappealing when first leaked, and now everyone finds the Q10 to be gorgeous.

i can see that phone without a keyboard to be a full touchscreen low en device !

I don't mind the look of the device. I will be getting the Q10 if anything else, I never thought I would say this but I love the Z10 keyboard and am considering staying with the full touch.

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I'm almost embarrass to say this coming from a hard core loyalist keyboard fan that I am, but after 3 months of using z10 I can type ALMOST as fast as a physical keyboard. With auto correction of course lol

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I will dare to say I can actually type faster now that what I could with my torch and my 9000Bold. I mean, once you can incorporate flicking words to your two hands typing, the z gets on fire... I never thought i would say that either, but now... I am sticking with the Z10 (plus the screen realestate really grew on me and hard to "sacrifice" for the keyboard)

Getting my kids the Q5... My daughter can't wait to get one now, I should have kept my mouth shut for now...

looks great in black and red, still looks like a retro calculator in white (kinda like it like that lol). that bb10 curve series leak was spot on the money. everyone thought it was a budget bb10 or dev alpha c before they were issued out

Reminds me of my pink 8330 Curve...I think it's the style of keys that remind me of it. I think it's ok...but I'm happy with my Q10!

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The q5 looks alright for a low cost phone. Everyone complains about how the phone looks but that's expected for a device that is low cost and is aimed for the emerging markets who can't afford the high end phones like the z and q10 devices.

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This is a great low end device! As Simon said with his experience with it, that he didn't see really any lag with it so you still get the great BB10 experience just with lower end materials and hardware. And that's what was frustrating before with previous BB Devices where the low end devices would end up being unusable because not enough processing speed and things like that into it.. The future of BlackBerry is bright!

And also the Q5 makes up for it by bringing in some variety with colors and different feel and look so all users will be satisfied no matter what device they have!

I don't think that device looks terrible at all! I would gladly rock that thing.

But, it's not coming to the US, so I'll have to hope that the trust fund holds out for the next month or two until Sprint gets the Q10 (Sarcasm).

Maybe Best Buy or Amazon or someone will have a sale on the Q10 for Sprint for $100.

This Q5 looks neat. I have a Z10 and it makes sense to get this one just to try out BlackBerry 10 with a keyboard. But I can't wait to see the rest of other BlackBerry 10 devices this year!

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Not a fan of it, they could have made it more attractive. Biggest mistake IMO though is the naming of it. Blackberry makes the same mistake it made previously by naming different devices under the same model names creating confusion and problems once model numbers catches up to each other. Example

High end qwerty - Q10
Mid end qwerty - R10
High end full touch - Z10
Mid end full touch - Y10
Slider - S10

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I definitely recommend Q5 to all Curve users out there, especially to 8520 and 9220 users. Too bad it's not 4G LTE Ready. But at least it's 3G.

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I like it. Even my partner loves the pink and she is not a Blackberry fan. This maybe my 2nd phone instead of the Q10. I don't need to high end phones but I would just like 2 blackberry phones.

One thing about BlackBerry, no matter what model, version etc they are producing, it is always CLASSY! I like the Black Q5 most. :)