Bargain alert - BlackBerry Q5 only £99.99 on Pay As You Go from O2 UK!

By James Richardson on 4 Jun 2014 07:50 am EDT

If you're looking to pick up a new BlackBerry 10 device in the UK you may well want to consider hitting up the O2 website. They have very generously reduced the price of the BlackBerry Q5 to just £99.99 on Pay As You Go - which is an absolute bargain!

Now clearly the Q5 is the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to BlackBerry 10 specs, but it still does an awesome job for you hardware keyboard lovers out there.

Running OS 10.2.1 you get just the same software experience as on the higher end devices and if you don't want to break the bank I'd highly recommend checking this one out.

Want to read our BlackBerry Q5 review first? You can catch it here. Thanks for the tip Shane.

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Bargain alert - BlackBerry Q5 only £99.99 on Pay As You Go from O2 UK!


WOw that is a HOT Price. I can see this selling very well. I purchased my Q5 from Koodo for $150, and still loving it quite a lot. Though my next upgrade will be a Z50 or similar device powered by BB10.

Mmmmm! Z50.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Agreed. If BlackBerry had devices priced like this from the start I doubt BB7 devices would still be out selling BB10.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

Agreed. Should have been 99 pounds on launch day. Pricing of first BB10 devices was lunatic.

At least it's happening now...hopefully it will tempt some people - still wish it weren't such an ugly phone the old curves look much better and are cheaper...anyway...hopefully our dear BlackBerry will get there...

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The Q5 is a truly hideous phone, whereas the Bolds and Curves were aesthetically pleasing, compact, and iconic.
Good price though - would love to see the Z3 making a budget-priced appearance in the UK.

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I guess its personal taste. Because I find the Q5 somewhat sexy looking. Especially the RED and PINK models. Unfortunately it was over priced from the start. This device should have sold for under $200 from the get go.

I agree, I don't find that the Q5 is ugly at all. It may look less appealing than the Q10 or Z10 but you get what you pay for. If anything, I find the iPhone to be quick ugly and boring.

Don't agree with the ugliness part, I think it is a solid phone that is great for a special market segment

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Ref see both the PlayBook and z10 also. Way, way over priced at release then sold for peanuts. I got my Z10 on 24 months £38 pm. Now less than 12 month later they were £150 outright sim free. And the playbook, let's not talk about the PlayBook.
BlackBerry want to stop convincing themselves they can sell devices at these prices have fairer pricing from the start. Best way to own a BlackBerry is wait 12 months.

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When the Z10 has been generally available for as low as 150 sterling, the pricing on the Q5 has been ludicrous. Seems too late.

I bought my Q5 for £170... in November 2013 on a special. The normal price was around £330 which was way to high for what it offered compared to other devices.

So glad I got it on special back then otherwise right now I would feel soo cheated.

BlackBerry products are way overpriced considering the market demand is very low

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

I presume BlackBerry was just trying to get as much money as possible with it. But with the price now at £99 it's a MASSIVE bargin. :) I hope they price the Classic and Q30 at decent prices

No QWERTZ version for other European countries?

e.g. German prices still around €200

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I finally saw someone in the wild with a red Q5, which looks really hot and awesome.

Q5 is not a bad phone, really wish my z10 didn't look so much like the iPhone, I am promoting it so much but people in the wild think it's an iPhone. for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

All the new BB10 phones have been heavily overpriced when launched.

The man with executive ability wins always in business.

Does not include charger though so if you don't have one you will have to buy it separately.

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Sorry about the negative comments - I'm a huge BlackBerry advocate, a devout Q10 user - I think the device is very good - and a huge fan of BlackBerry 10.
I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I really fail to see who the Q5 was trying to appeal to. It really is a thick ugly brick. It's not the thing to wean people off the aesthetically pleasing and iconic Curves and Bolds, or the reasonably priced Androids and Lumias.

Posted via CB10

Wow thanks for the heads up that's such a great price going to make sure I buy one well worth it at that price.

It is a god deal... but it makes me wonder if O2 is getting rid of old stock in readiness for dropping BlackBerry entirely.

A couple of months back, I got my Z30 on a 24-month O2 contract for free, with unlimited calls and text, and 8Gb (yes, EIGHT!) data for just £38/month! I fear they're in 'get rid of' mode... (though shouldn't grumble)

Posted via CB10... on my Z30 10.2.1

They should just make the price permanent. That's what this phone is worth for the market.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

Moved from a z10 to a q5 two months ago because I wanted to try my first physical keyboard phone (of any brand). Got it for $150 from Koodo. Overall I'm quite happy with it. Love the keyboard (more than I expected, don't think I can easily go back to glass). Performance is indistinguishable from z10, except for the somewhat lower quality camera.

The MAJOR issue I have is that I have dust under the screen. Likely infiltrated from the wobbly SIM card cover. It blows my mind that this has happened in less than 2 months and I feel this speaks to a generally poor build quality. If you have the screen on and open the SIM card door, you can see the back of the screen.

So, overall good phone, especially on a reduced price, but I can't help but think it could have been a dynamite phone with just a bit more attention to detail and quality.

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I put a Blackberry soft shell cover on my Q5, which took away the plasticy look, and I guess it acts as another barrier to the Sim/sd cover as I don't have the dust problem.

Great phone for $150. Battery life is awesome.

They were £99 sim free from Carphonewarehouse a while back, it's a lot of phone for the money, up against a Q5 it holds its own.

o2 versions are not unlocked in case international buyers are interested, your looking at around another £20 to unlock the handset to use on other networks.

Q10 SQN100-3/

do you have any instructions about unlocking?
O2 told me that i would be allowed to unlock after 12 months.

i want to buy this from my wife and we both on Three

Honestly, the Q5 is the best phone I've ever had. People have this view that it's some lower end phone when really there's little difference between the Q10 and the 5. It's basically the same phone with reduced power but enough to still run everything you need.

Posted via CB10 on Blackberry Q5

Just wonder if I can unlock it easily? I want it to work on Three.

O2 told me that you are allowed to unlock after 12 months LOL

Posted via Z10 running

Hi Guys,

Wanna understand ( since I'm not very into o2 rules and commercial terms ) if it's possible tobuy this Q5 in order to be used in Italy with a different provider: as you may know here the price is quite the double.
Of course I'm interested to buy the phone and NOT sign up for any kind of subscription!