BlackBerry Q5 now available to purchase in the UK SIM free

By James Richardson on 24 Jun 2013 11:14 am EDT

We've mentioned the SIM free version of the BlackBerry Q5 a few times recently. The last we knew was that the device was expected in stock with the UK SIM free retailers on July 1st. It seems that Christmas has come early for many as the black variant is in stock today at

The Q5 will set you back £334.98 including VAT which has been a subject of discussion in our forums. Many say it's over priced - but compare the price to the Q10 and you are still getting a load of smartphone for your money.

The SIM free route won't be for everyone, however with all the UK carriers offering both 12 month and 30 day SIM-only contracts it's a much better option if you ask me - plus it gives you the freedom to change phones whenever you feel the need.

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BlackBerry Q5 now available to purchase in the UK SIM free


Looks great, but it is overpriced. And comparing it to the Q10 isn't a good example because that's definitely overpriced (great phone, but priced too high).

IMHO should have similar to Lumia520 price start. I like new BBs much, but why BB10 devices continue old RIM sales policy?

[...] and new hero's coming:

The Lumia 520 has a much lower spec. And it is not LTE. BB have to make a profit, you know. The idea that you can just knock something out that is better than the competition at the same price, especially when you aren't being bankrolled by Microsoft, is a bit naive.

I didn't say Q5 ought to have the same price... I said start should be similar to the start of Lumia520. Q5 is rather low-end these days. Better hardware than that Nokia, but it's nothing unusual on the market. Making profit by means of me or You - who love BB and would pay almost every penny for new BBs, is a short-haul sales policy for 'RIM'. I'm affraid such prices, in case of BB, are not for new Customers to attract them to the brand ASAP and making profit while widespreading brand wings.

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No point buying at that price just to get it a few weeks earlier than everyone else, best to wait a bit and get it for under £300.

The Q5 is a RED WHITE BLACK PINK Social Messenger Budget Machine !!! actually I want to have one !!

Once the early adopter pricing drops, this will become the phone of choice in BlackBerry friendly markets. Still sticking with the Q10 for myself, but these are great for young people and the value market.

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Looking forward to the £50 discount coming in 2 weeks ;)

Note to BB: Dark theme and OLED screen combo = disaster outside

The Q5 is definitely better outside. Went back to the Z10 because that was one of the reasons.
Q5 looks better than the Q10 for me as well, love the Squareness and would love to try the keys as I couldn't get used to the Q10s angled keys.

I too agree that the price a bit on the high side but I guess it will drop in time like everything else electronical..

Hi, I'm a Lumia 920 user from WPCentral, here are my thoughts.

The Q5 is a true mid-range phone, especially for today. The 'true' mid-range WP would be the 720 (costs around $300-350), but the Q5 has an HD screen and much (MUCH) more RAM. A Q5 user can be rest assured that they'll have no spec-level problems, as is the case with WPs on 512MB RAM being unable to play certain games (that require 1GB of RAM).

By the time Q5 rolls around to North America, I'd wager a guess that it'll come in at $350, and then next year a refresh of Q5 could land at under $300.

In any case, Q5 has quite a bit of promise, but I'd still hope for an even lower-end BB10 device to really curb that insane Android growth in the low/ultra-low end.