BlackBerry Q5 now available from Carphone Warehouse

BlackBerry Q5 now available from Carphone Warehouse
By DJ Reyes on 28 Jun 2013 10:55 am EDT

The BlackBerry Q5 became available SIM-free recently but if you prefer to get it via a contract then you're in luck. Following a small press announcement, Carphone Warehouse now has the Q5 available on various U.K. networks. They also have it available SIM-free.

Tariffs start from £21 a month with no upfront cost. You don't get much in data at this price, though - about 100 MB. You'll be able to pick up the Q5 on EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and smaller network, Talk Mobile. Depending on which tariff you choose, you can get £50 cashback too.

If you do prefer SIM-free, Carphone Warehouse have it priced at £319.95. Cheaper than Unlocked-Mobiles, who has had the Q5 available already. If you go down the SIM-free route, Carphone Warehouse also have a variety of SIM-only plans available on the different networks too.

You can take a look at our quick U.K. retail unit unboxing of the Q5 too. Keep it locked to CrackBerry for a review soon.

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BlackBerry Q5 now available from Carphone Warehouse


They can put BB10 on a Q5 but not the playbook. Stupid! I was so gunho over BlackBerry up until they dropped my Playbook. Heins is wrong!

Posted via CB10

Q5 may well be the final straw to kill the BlackBerry brand. BB 10 occasionally shows lag on Z10 and Q10, but is ok and smoother than AD devices and on par with iPhone 5. With Q5's lower CPU, it may constantly lag after the first few days or weeks. Then, it will join BB 7 phones in killing the brand. Bad decision, bad execution. They should really only focus on the Z10, defer the Q10 for a month, then price down Z10 instead of cranking out another mode Q5. Poor knowledge of the industry; Poor judgement on market. conditions. Q10 and Q5 diverted attention and marketing fund away from Z10. Can't believe the seemingly smart CEO made this naive mistake.

Will q5 -like devices eventually replace bbo7 ones

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One possible advantage that this phone has over the Q10 is that it has larger bottom space to swipe up. Swipe up on the Q10 is not fun at all.

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This is very true. I was in CPWH this morning and the space at the bottom of the Q5 screen is clearly larger. Although both units were strapped in so securely I couldn't swipe anything in any direction!

Posted via CB10

That's true - I really don't like the way cpw strap these things down. But then the demo program itself is useless! Really, it doesn't do the devices any favours!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10