BlackBerry Q5 heading to Fido in Canada?

By Bla1ze on 8 Jul 2013 03:47 pm EDT

When the BlackBerry Q5 was initially announced, it was noted to only be arriving in certain markets such as Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East though it's now looking as though Canada will be one of those markets as well. An internal document obtained by the folks at Mobile Syrup has the LTE equipped model heading to Fido at some point in August or September, just in time for back-to-school promotions. There's no pricing information to go on at this point but Mobile Syrup took a guess at it coming in at around $400, which would be the same pricing we'd expect as well from Fido.

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BlackBerry Q5 heading to Fido in Canada?


You sound like you've never looked at Fido's pricing. Their Z10 pricing off contract is still sitting at $600.

I only paid $150 for a 2 year contract on fido for Z10 with a month free, and three months half off the bill.

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I've seen the Z10 sell for as low as $275 on eBay used but in good condition. $400 is just way too high, Fido or not.

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What channel does Fido utilize on LTE? Is it one of the channels utilized by AT&T as well? Just curious.

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Same as Rogers, so off the top it should work on AT&T as well. But, kinda need to wait and see if they stick that 2600mHz in there too.

The European model (SQR100-1) does. The other one (SQR100-2) does not. But it's possible that Fido could be getting the European model because Rogers does own LTE 2600, and all their HSPA+ bands are in there.

Also, AT&T and Rogers/Fido don't use the same LTE bands. Maybe when Canada auctions off its lower frequency spectrum they might, but not right now. Rogers: 1700 and 2600, AT&T: 700.

How can you say too much money when it's just a guess? lol. $400 off contract would be $200 less than the Z10 or Q10.

Based on today's prices. Wait 3 months till this drops and it will be overpriced.

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i agreed whats ppl say how bad the phone is. There to cheap to buy the Q10 and hope and expect the Q5 to be up to par.

I won't sell good. Ppl will just go with the Q10 instead..

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definitely, why pay a price when you can get a better one with only 200$ more. I know I will get that 200$ more.

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That's the point... you came into the store to buy the cheap one, and then the better one caught your eye and end up giving them an extra $200. Basic retail strategy.

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Let's be honest, the Q5 is a great phone for kids and technicians.

As a business owner that has multiple tech's running around using their phone for work orders and parts ordering the Q5 fits the bill.

Technicians break phones. Why not get a phone that has all the basic functionality of BB10 without a major capital outlay? I have 3 spare phones on hand at any one time to deal with broken phones.

Just my 2 cents.

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If the price is correct, with a carrier like Wind, the Q5 will be $200 plus tax on a Tab. The Q10 is $500 all in on Tab. I wouldn't be surprised to see it for $149 very soon, even $99 in a few months.

To some people $300 is a lot of money, especially for a phone. Part of me would rather have waited for the Q5 even though I'm happy with my Q10.

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Bb10 runs android apps. Ecosystem is small only by comparison to MS Windows computer os.

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I own a Q10. I know you can run / sideload android apps. The average user doesn't want to do that. Put an iPhone and a BB10 device infront of a teen. I guarantee you they won't pick BlackBerry.

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This is Canada so it maybe skewed per province. But for the most part I'd have to agree with you.

Teens in N. America get their devices as part of the status quo or popularity contest. Being the "IN" crowd, just like it was 25 yrs ago if you where wearing Beneton, Roots, or Beaver Canoe clothing lines.

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Side loading apps is NOT a consumer friendly strategy... this group of users who frequents crackberry? Sure.

Not for my friends.
Not for my spouse.
Not for my work colleagues.
Not for my volunteer peeps.
Not anyone else.

Too many engineers who have been moved from BB10 PlayBook development to product strategy. Every time ... EVERY TIME ... a poster suggests that a BB10 user can close an app gap with sideloaded apps ... all I can think is how narrowly defined the consumer strategy app is for BBRY. It has been written and diluted by/for engineers, for other audiences of engineers. Not the consumer.

It's a big reason why BBRY is failing y'know... they are incapable of focusing on a customer segment and executing for that segment. . Their current and proposed product road map is indicative of this failure.

I have BBRY stock, 2 32G wifi PlayBooks and a z10 for sale. DM me...

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I disagree, I see a lot of teenagers roaming around with legacy blackberries still, and have run into quite a few with bb10 devices as well. They all seem addicted to bbm. I also know quite a few who moved to other platforms and miss their bb devices. Bringing in a cheaper bb10 device to Canada is perfect for this crowd now that there are some decent games and timewasters on the platform for those who desire that.

I believe I count as the young crowd and I actually have three contacts on BBM and more people i know have BlackBerrys. One friend has BB10, one is waiting on Sprint, and one I'm not sure but they ate all coming to BB10.

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Young crowd will buy it with BBM voice & video plus the fastest growing eco system with over 130,000 apps in 5 months.

Can get an iphone 4s that can do it all since kids want apps why would they get a q5? Same price and not handicapped with a half arse phone.

I think the Q5 will have a great market in Canada. It's for those who love BlackBerry but don't want to spend huge on a Q10 or a Z10. It like the "Curve" of BB10 and I think it will market very well.

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Great news! I have a friend who's been wanting to upgrade to BB10, but she can't afford to go to a Z10 or Q10 on an early upgrade. So, any kind of savings (e.g., $200) would be awesome! xD

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Brand new z10s sell for well under 400 sealed online. I'd rather a 350 dollar z over a 400+ tax q

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Great, but without some apps teens won't bother. I kow, I have one that doesn't want her 9900 because she can't do this or that.

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All you honestly do is download ONE file and drag it into a chrome extension. If you can't do that you really don't deserve to have any technology

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9900 and bb10 are so far apart. That's like comparing a hammer from the caveman days, to those of today.

I had an iPhone 5 and have all the social apps I need on bb10 including Instagram

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I here ya, but all her friends have odd apps that are android and iPhone. I've tried and talk her into a q10 as she is a qwerty queen, but finding those same apps ( and updates) for the 10'r is 0 to one or two. Not to make excuses a teens don't want what it if know one else has it. It was only a few yeas ago she was queen with a 9900, cus all her friends had bb's and she had 62 contacts. Now, not so much.

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This. "Why would I buy an Android player phone while I can get a true Android phone for less price and better spec."

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Because you're getting a better phone with a better keyboard and a better and more efficient OS. Android ports are only a quick way to get apps on the platform. As the eco system grows, more native apps will follow.

Anythings more than $300 is not the right price. Z10 will hit at least $500 off contract at that time.

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400$ off contract = 0$ on a 2 year contract = $99 on a 1 year

How could that possibly go wrong? That's a perfect price point

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I'm not personally a fan of the Q5, but anything that will get BB10 into the hands of more people is good by me. The user base going up is good for everybody. App makers aren't looking at the number of the specific phones, they ate interested in the over all user base of the OS. The more the better.

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It would sell well in Montreal, BBOS is very popular among the younger crowd. Not sure about the price point, but if Fido offers it for free on a two year contract, that brings it in line with a $300 phone.

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$400 good luck being a budget phone. People will skip right on buy this overpriced junk! Blackberry still refuses to learn or get it!

Deserve to sink the ship at those stupid price points!

Great news, hopefully it brings more users to the BB10 platform. That being said my two teenage boys have already decided that the Z10 is there phone of choice, like a majority of teenagers they own ipods and to go to a smaller screen doesn't make sense for them but the larger screen on Z10 is eye candy.

I am young, and i live in canada, so i am basicly the public this phone is aimed at... The BB Curve 9320, the phone that every one thought useless acctually sold REALLY well in my region. And it was like one of BB most basic phones. So a BB10 touch phone would be good to replace the 9320... Go for it BB!!!

Q5 just might be positioned well for the young teenager crowd, I see a TON of curves and older bold's in the hands of that age group.

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I know a few teenagers with the BlackBerry of mom and dad who would love to switch to Q5, free or 50 bucks on a 3 year contract here in Canada

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That's the thing, it will have to sell at that price point or they'll just grab an entry level Android device. I am in Canada too, Southern Ontario to be exact.

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I doubt I will ever consider the Q5. However I hope it sells millions of units. (Quickly. It better!)

I am very happy with Z!

So I guess Canada has fallen back into 'emerging market' status. Sorry to hear things are going so poorly for you folks up there. Should we arrange a benefit concert or something?

With this and the 9780 (that is if it releases in the America's) I wonder which would be more appealing to the younger market???

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Get the q5 and get BBM on all platforms....people would at least buy q5 for trying out BlackBerry rather than spending 600$+ on z10/q10

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All I can say here is that BlackBerry don't get its pricing right. Z10 was initially sold for 120,000 Naira when it was introduced into the Nigeria market. But today it's going for less 80,000 Naira Nigeria currency. Why sell so high when you can sell at a lower price, and scaring people away from the product. Nokia sells Lunia brands of 520, 700 for less than 40,000 Naira, which is less than $300 US currency. I'm very sure Q5 will going for not less than 60,000 Naira. This is not good.

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The Lumia 520 is a very basic phone running WP8. How can you compare that to a Q5? The Q5 smokes the 520 in every spec, and it runs a much better OS in BB10.

This seems to me like BBRY throwing more devices that no one wants into a market that doesn't need them, trying to off set their dreadful Q1 sales.

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This is great for her teens and employees of business.......i think blackberry did a great move bring it here.............lets try to push this to our friends and family......and make the Q5 a hit and become a mass brand again.

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It seems to be the first time Fido gets newest model before Rogers and Bell. Rogers is a mother of Fido so they always carry newer phones than Fido in the past. Luckily, Fido was not much behind other carriers to get Z10 so I am lucky to get my Z10 from Fido.Q5 should be appealing to a lot of people who want budget phones. I think pricing should be kept as low as $300 outright to gain market share because right now there are too many phones that cost people $0 with agreement.

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I personally like the look of q5 better than q10, better bezel over top of keyboard and like the lcd. Screen better that amoled, just my opinion

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