The BlackBerry Q5 goes on sale in Saudi Arabia

The BlackBerry Q5 goes on sale in Saudi Arabia
By James Richardson on 2 Jul 2013 08:32 am EDT

The good folk of Saudi Arabia can now pick up the BlackBerry Q5 from Axiom Telecom, which will please many locals. It would appear that it's just the black and white variants that are up for grabs at the moment with the red version to follow.

On a personal note I would like to see the Q5 global roll out a bit quicker. I know BlackBerry will release the device in key markets first where they believe the it will sell, but we still see so many people wanting the Q5 that can't get hold of it yet.

Price wise the BlackBerry Q5 will set you back AED 14,99.00 which doesn't mean a lot to me but we would love to hear your pricing thoughts in the comments if you are from Saudi Arabia?

Will this be a hit in the region? Please let us know?


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The BlackBerry Q5 goes on sale in Saudi Arabia


Available in South Africa through Vodacom, black and white only at the moment.

Outright purchase : R 4,999.00

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I agree that they may need a cheaper device (I guess that's why they are coming out with another OS7 device) but remember that even with the Q5, you're still getting a very powerful device. BlackBerry didn't really skimp on the quality.

Any difference in a BlackBerry data plan if you aren't on BES, that might make the Q5 attractive from a monthly standpoint like most pre BB10 devices?

I know there are now LOTS of cheap yet still power devices that the Q5 is not going to be able to compete with if the data plans are now the same for BB as they are for any other smartpone.

With BB10, you don't need any special data plan. Any data plan should work fine. Regarding competing with other phones, I think it comes down to keyboard. For typing, nothing beats the keyboard. I've had my Z10 for four months now and if I can swap it out with a keyboard device, I would. Some people say "after a few months, you will get used to it." Complete BS, I want my keyboard.

Is this a joke? So like Z10 costs $100 with a two year contract, and Q5 is $400? For quality, I can get a Lenovo phone with a quad core CPU and 2GB ram and a bunch of Apps from Google Play for $100 without contract. For quality people will get S4 waterproof, for low price people will go with Asian brands. They're not gonna spend big money on a medium level device with no apps and dealing with "waiting for 10.1" craps.

Wow that's way to expensive, I spend my time between SA and Canada and that's the same price I can get the Z10 for in Canada. Needs to be about 2000 Rand I reckon to do well, I thought this was supposed to be the cheap model.

R5000 is ridiculous! No one's gonna pay that price for an entry level device. I think it should sell for a least R2999 or R3500. The Z10 is only R2000 more I think, so the price range isn't that far apart.

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Lucky it isn't supposed to be an 'Entry Level' device.

Saudi has many many wealthy people anyway.

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

The price for Germany is 520$ (unofficially)
This pricing politic by BlackBerry is just f*ing crazy! In my opinion the Q5 should cost around 300$ world wide to be a success!

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The Q5 is meant to be a mid tier device and is priced competitively for that market. It has pretty good hardware for that price point and the same BB10 OS that runs on the Z10s and Q10s so it is priced right in my opinion. I was lucky enough to get to try the Q5 before it was launched and it works very well.

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The article said its for 1500 uae roght? That's like 3200-3500 rands (south africa). The z10 in some places in South Africa can be bought for r6000, so for Vodacon to charge 5k for q5 is insane

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The only thing I don't like is the screen's rounded corners on the bottom near the keyboard. I think had it been square, it would have looked much better.

To convert from AED to SAR its almost the same

I didnt hear anything here is saudi arabia about Q5 but if its from axiom its difinitly gonna be with the price of 1499 SAR


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It needed to be at a entry level price point to help get the phone in as many people's hands as possible especially now since the lower sales numbers reports. I love BlackBerry but we need user numbers to go up or at the very least stay the same,

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To expansive way to expansive the q10 is dropping in price it will drop soon in price also

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it lost a sale when they decided on not making the battery removable.

the pricing is fine because its a mid-tier device. I don't understand people who want it at $300. this isn't a low end device (it is when it comes to bb10 but its not a cheap android device)

It's already on sale in Saudi Arabia, especially in carrefour Ghornata, riyadh
It's 1,499 SAR.

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BlackBerry needs to sell the phones cheaper so more people will switch and more apps will come to the new OS... why would I buy a 500 Q5 when I can just add few hundred dollars more for a Q10 or Z10.. I'm a die hard BlackBerry fan but not sure why BlackBerry insists on putting high prices when the competition is lowering their price for their new devices like S4 and IP5 s... people who uses iphone are already brainwashed that IOS is better because they don't wanna try BlackBerry 10 cuz the price is higher or similar to the new phones that are out with apps that they need... it is sad that lots of people buy phones cuz they want a lot of apps.. not a lot of people knows how to side load and won't bother with it.. they want something out of the box.. it's the reality.. I love my Z10 but I can see why BlackBerry will have a hard time getting new customers... why wud they even release a OS7 phone? that to me is going backwards...that's just my two cents...

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What are the outright prices for the S4 and IP5 in your area? As they have stated before, there are going to continue to release OS7 phones as long as there is a viable business case for them. From the looks of the last quarter results, even though the number is dropping there are still millions of OS7 phones being sold and not every region has the same economics and infrastructure to support next generation phones.

Not doing a global rollout is a great way to tease out earnings disappointment by saying the device wasn’t available in all regions. Give us more time, more time please.

Sorry to say but another stupidity by Blackberry. When you announced during launch that Q5 shall be available in 4 colors why the hell are you just launching 2? Why can't you roll out the red and the pink as well. As such Q5 is by no means a mid-tier device which BB calls so but for me its a device which is between low and mid-tier. Though cheap plastic but the red and pink would have attracted a lot of users. Pink especially for women for which BB has spent so many marketing dollars via Keys and the scholarship program. Also why can't Q5 be launched quicker in rest of the world. BB has a lot to learn in terms of hardware and launch efficiency from Koreans and Taiwanese and now the Chinese and Indians.

overpriced , and their hardware specs are not that good if you compare with others android or WP8 phone, with 400usd you can get :
* Nexus4 : quad core processor, 8mp camera 720p screen
* Lumia 820 : 8mp camera, dual core 1.5ghz
* Sony ericsson SP : dual core 1.7ghz, 720p screen, 8mp camera
* Samsung galaxy grand : 5 inch screen, dual sim card, 8mp camera

and it is interesting tp see BB user from emerging countries react when BBM cross platform, will they still using their BB, upgrade to BB 10 or jump ship to android and ios ..i'm guessing the last one (BB user jump ship)

One more point why are the management of BB not launching Q5 in USA? Again a stupid move. You can give a Q5 free with a 2 years contract. Whats wrong with that? Also it could do well for budget conscious users in USA who use Pre-Paid phones. Again a very dumb move by not launching Q5 in USA. Though the Q5 is by no means great it could have surely been a favorite for the university school students who are loaded with tuition fee loans. THINK OUT OF THE BOX MR. BB!!

That is way to expensive. I hope it goes down to SAR 1,200 to 1,300 as I can buy a SGS3 here at the same price and an SGS4 at SAR 1,950 to 2,100 with free protective case.

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I'm from saudi Arabia. And i gotta tell you. Advertising for the Q5 is nonexistent. I didn't know it was on sale until i read the crackberry post. Same goes for Z10 and Q10. In comparison ads in dubai were all over the place. Saudi Arabia Pop. 30 mm. UAE pop....5mm?? what are blackberry doing exactly?

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This is a nice device I just held it in my hand when I went to axiom. The quality is excellent. It's a great deal for BlackBerry and non-bb users. I'd buy one for my cousin for sure.

Z10 love...

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I think the people who says it's expensive, haven't really felt the real experience BlackBerry offers to customers. If you look at BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry legacy phones, they are very durable. And now, that bb10 is out, Durability and mutli-tasking capabilities (qwerty/virtual keyboard, hub) are the main key aspects they should be priced as they are now.

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Also the HTML 5 Internet browser is fast and reliable. You can open your favorite social media apps quickly and with no sweat.

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The more I see the BlackBerry Q5 the more I like it. But will DumbBerry sell it in Canada and off contract for a reasonable price?

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If the pricing for the BlackBerry Q10 is as reflected in this thread then BlackBerry is doomed. The BlackBerry Q5

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Sorry CB10 sent my comment to soon. I meant to say if the pricing for the BlackBerry Q5 is as reflected in this thread then BlackBerry is doomed. The BlackBerry Q5 is an entry-level smartphone and should be priced accordingly @ CAD250.00 off contract. Stop the bleed Thorsten before the shareholders cut you to ribbons.

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for a LTE version i think it's reasonable i didn't expected less coming from BB, I'm just pissed of because a Z10 is 1.250 USD here in brazil... if q5 comes at 400 USD it's just cheap IMO.

That price is used in retail stores
Later this month the price will drop to 350$ around small shops

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I do think it'll be a hit (of sort). Since its a lot cheaper if you compare it with the 10s! Personally, I'm not going to buy it since I already have a Z10, but it provides a cheaper option for those who wants to "upgrade" their BlackBerry experience.

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