The BlackBerry Q5 goes up for pre-order with three of the UK's networks

By James Richardson on 15 Jun 2013 10:25 am EDT

We recently told you that the forthcoming BlackBerry Q5 was available to pre-order SIM free, but now Orange, T-Mobile and EE have followed suit.

Orange are offering the Q5 from free on contracts of £26 per month. T-Mobile are offering the same price with 300 minutes, 500 texts and 1GB of data. If you want to take advantage of the Q5's 4G capability then EE are starting pricing at £31 per month which will get you unlimited calls and texts, but only 500MB of data.

Clearly all the networks that will offer the Q5 will have a selection of price plans. We are still to hear how O2, Vodafone and Three are going to price up the newest BlackBerry 10 device so it should make for an interesting price war once we get nearer to a release date.

Are you thinking of picking up the Q5 as a lower cost option to the Q10 or Z10? Sound off in the comments.

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The BlackBerry Q5 goes up for pre-order with three of the UK's networks


I believe that the Z10 will be the device for the teenagers in the US since it's slowing up fast. After the A10 (or whatever the name will be), the Z10 will have to be close to being free with a contract or at least $50 with a contract. The Q10 will be different as it should hold value since it has its own market and is KING of the Qwerty Keyboard.

Typed via my touch screen White BlackBerry Z10. Can your phone type like that? Didn't think so.

I want one but I was hoping it would be nearer £20 a month. I'm on Virgin so I'm hoping they might have some deals to tempt existing customers if they stock the Q5.

So they are coming to the major US Carriers correct? I thought I heard something about them not.

Posted via Q10

It's not only that. BlackBerry has a much bigger user following in the UK than the US. We're a lot more loyal lol

Posted via Vader10

but what about canada? we are especially most loyal in every way since its one of canada's largest tech corp.

Posted via CB10

Of course it's coming to Canada and US. Did BlackBerry sell the curve in Canada and US? Of course they did. Idk why everyone thinks people in north America are rich, there are tons of poor people over here that want a free phone on contract.

Posted via CB10

Boy would I love this phone to be avail in Canada. Perfect replacement for my girlfriends Curve.

This will be a hit with Cab drivers, i know cab drivers in Canada want Q5 for their drivers, why not the Q10 ? Probably the cost !

Posted via CB10

The specs are pretty good on the phone for the price, might get one for a back up with my z10.

Posted via CB10

This is going to be one killer phone, can't wait to check one out...

from an australian Z10...

For mid entry level phone this is priced at high end for very basic phone, this is way too pricey. Considering this is for young people.

Posted via CB10

I think BlackBerry needs to be very careful with cheap phones. It's part of the reason they lost so much market in the first place, it diluted their own product offering which resulted in a subpar user experience. I do get the logic of having a cheaper phone, but in the end I fear it's going to create a similar problem - the masses will get a q5 because of price, and not be happy with the product performance. But I haven't used or seen one in the flesh, so hopefully this won't be the cae...

Hopefully with bb10 it still 'performs', and the only sacrifice tangible to consumers comes in the form of the screen size and the feel of sub-premium casing materials. Both things they knew at the outset when they made the decision to purchase one.

What really killed pre BB10 devices was the inevitable deterioration in performance as time went on due to the limited app memory etc. They started out great, but everyone 'knew' they would soon start to slow down.. "just like my previous Blackberry")

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And every new model just pushed the bar further out, without actually solving the fundamental problems...

What's weird, though, is it seems like the "clock to sluggishness" starts ticking when the phone is new, or even at product launch, and doesn't really get reset by OS upgrades/reloads. At least for any avid user.
After switching to BB10, and I switched at the first available opportunity, I don't want to ever look back. Even the thought of seriously using BBOS again is painful.

Just got a new job so soon I will be able to pick up a pink Q5 as a back up phone, it wasn't my original plan but I just can't resist it! It will be a great little companion for my black Z10 and 64gb PlayBook :)

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I wrote a thread about this yesterday, the price is to high, The Samsung mini is being released at the same time and has the specs of the Z10. Same tariff price as the Q5, this phone is Samsung's answer to the Z10. And there pricing it to beat both the Q5 and Z10, I would bye a Blackberry but the masses won't.
If this phone was priced at lets say a $18bp tariff bammmmm!!!! Hit phone BB for the masses.
I just checked Carphone warehouse, you can get a Z10 from $25bp tariff no upfront cost, and at Q10 starting at $29bp no upfront cost. For 3 bucks more you can get twice the phone Q5 is way over priced.

Will be ordering the Q5 for staff on business contract as soon as T mobile agree it.

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Couldn't get used to the angled keys on the Q10, does the Q5 have angled keys?

The Q5 even looks better than the Q10, I don't like round phone designs.

I think the price is to high for those tariffs,Blackberry users will buy one ,but if a newcomer goes in to a shop say Phones4U he can get a Samsung S4 for £40 +the same price tarriff grant you not so many minutes but 2gb of wi-fi etc or same tarriff as above free for £29 with 2gb of wi-fi unlimited text.
I am thinking of getting a new BB but my Torch 9800 has been solid as a rock no problems what soever for the past 30 months so now im only paying for a £15 sim card if the new q5 was £20 a month it is worth me paying the extra £5 a month for it.but not £10 extra,
Im going to hang on a see what the new slider will be like then most of the new BB10 phones would have dropped in price by then so better choice,The 9800 was a flagship phone maybe this new phone A10 will be a slider :-) and that will be the flagship a Q10 size with full screen and slide out keyboard,Yummy

This is just a price for early adopters. In some weeks there will be some great offers for very little money. Just have a look at Z10, Q10...

From the UX - users will hardly feel any difference. Sure, hardware won't feel the same, but I don't think there will be any on the software side.

And I'm very sure in a few month this device will sell all around the globe - even US.

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Come on guys let's make this phone a hit. Let's spread the word out that the Q5 is a great COOL phone for teens and everyone for that matter.

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby