BlackBerry Q5 to go on sale first in the UAE - today!

By James Richardson on 19 Jun 2013 04:02 am EDT

A new BlackBerry Concept Retail Store is opening today (June 20th) in Dubai, but now we have more news. The BlackBerry Q5 will also be available to purchase too, meaning the UAE is the first country to see the third BlackBerry 10 device roll out.

The Q5 will be unveiled at the new BlackBerry Store and will retail for AED 1,499 - approximately £261/€304/$408 which sounds reasonable to me.

The all new BlackBerry Q5 smartphone features a QWERTY keyboard in a stunning, youthful design that is confident and makes it easy for customers to have fun, create, share and stay connected. Available in red, white and black, the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone offers a powerful and unique mobile computing experience with its cutting-edge BlackBerry 10 functionality. Features and apps work seamlessly together, allowing your every move to flow into the next. With its classic QWERTY keyboard re-engineered for optimized communications and its 3.1” touchscreen, the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone gives you the best of both worlds.

People of Dubai - who's heading over to the Store to pick one up?

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BlackBerry Q5 to go on sale first in the UAE - today!


Eventually this beauty will come here, one very close friend of mine works in Waterloo HQ. Learned from him
. . Just watch

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I like it better then Q10. It's matter of personal choice, I like more room for swipe up bezzel.

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In which ways this thing is actually a typical phone for emerging markets? IMO it still is too expensive to fulfil this role. On the other hand side, it is the cheapest way to get a BB10 device as of now. I do not see a single reason why this wouldn't be good in western, "mature" markets as well:
It has LTE and all other modern bells and whistles. Screen size and resolution matches Q10. While the CPU is 20% slower, wwhich shouldn't be a real problem, the RAM is still the same with 2 GB - which is great. Although it only has 8 GB of internal storage, you are still able to put a 32 or 64 gig memory card in there.

Overall it performs only slighlty worse than the Q10, while just delivering a cheaper housing and a non-replaceable battery. IMO this phone, just like the older Curve devices, have their place in every market. I am pretty sure even in the US and Canada not everyone needs/wants a phone which costs 500+ bucks.

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We do need the Q5 in Canada and here's why.

BlackBerry needs a more entry level device to go head to head with the iPhone 4. They need a device that is $350-$400 off contract and that can be put on a 2 year contract for FREE.

Do you know how many iPhone 4's are sold to people every single week because it's free on a two year? A lot because even in Canada there are people that don't have $49-$199 to spend on a phone.

For you people that say get a Q10 realize this, not everyone has $199 to spend on a high end phone. And where do those customers go, well they go to iPhone and Android because they have phones that are free on a contract. The fact that you and BlackBerry seem to think that just having the Q10 is good enough baffles me.

Why would BlackBerry shoot themselves in the foot and not have something for different market segments within Canada. They can not afford to act all high and mighty, they need a device that is $0 and they need it now, not later.

Carrying the Q5 is not going butcher sales of the Q10, it's going to save sales for BlackBerry and stop those people from going to an iPhone 4 or an Android phone. BlackBerry needs it for those people that are upgrading from their 2-3 year old curve or bold and find it so slow, but are perfectly fine upgrading to a 3 year old iPhone 4. BlackBerry needs it for the teens out there that are flocking to iPhones. BlackBerry needs to be seen once again as the "cool" phone and I think the Q5 with its fun colors could do that, but the opportunity will be lost if not made available for the Canadian market.

And this is even more true for the American market where BlackBerry is struggling to get back market share. BlackBerry needs devices for all the different market segments and they can not afford to just go after the upper market.

Get the Q5 to all markets and get BlackBerry 10 sales moving.

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Yeah, because the curve runs BB10. Oh wait, it doesn't. iPhone 4 still runs latest iOS.

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Nice phone. Love the black one.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden. BlackBerry makes the best computers I've ever used!

Did test the device in BB Jam Americas and it has nothing to miss from the Q10... only superficial details. Amazing job from BB, at this price point this device will sale like crazy!

Probably because the chaos they had on 9790 lauching event.
they wont make indonesia the first in the world anymore lol

I live in dubai. Have to say UAE is a BBM mania. Everyone almost has a BB. It was also the 1st nation to get 9900 bold 2 years ago. Can't wait to get my hands on the q5 to compare to my super z10

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The Q5 will be a phenomenal phone.... cmon blackberry, here's your chance to get it right, don't mess it up... your time is now...!!

from an australian Z10...

Wen I tipped off crack berry about this opening 24hours ago, I was surprised as well. Why not advertise the store opening big time. Usually Blackberry does advertise a lot in Dubai and the whole UAE?

And I agree, the Z10 dropped in price a lot at least on deal websites, not officially I think. Anyhow, used Z10 go for 1200-1400 sometimes even lower, so lets see how the Q5 sells I believe it will sell great, even if it is just for the colors.

Waow, Thats Great i really like this phone not too expensive as Q10 and u get same Software just different Style Buttons which is not bad

i own Z10 but would love to have Q5

Yo now eagerly waiting for the Z5 to be launched soon. I guess that should be between now and the launch of A10 (or the premium end one replacing the Z10) Go BB!!

I think they should release it every where but market it properly ie
Z10 top end all touch
Q10 top end keyboard
Q5 cheaper option for all
If it is sold correctly will sell in droves
If not peeps will buy and say bb10 is okay but what's all the fuss aboot
Everyone on here knows all of what I've written
Normal potential new buyers don't know the difference

I want to say that I'm not a big fan of the retail stores concept for smartphones. It seems a bit too much. Partnerships with the carriers are more important right now.

But I do like the Q5. Hopefully it does well!

2 cents.

Thanks. I was curious since people were saying that the no-contract UK price wasn't good. So maybe they're targeting the contract market there. Anyways, thanks again.

Wow, this is surprising!!! I wonder why Blackberry is launching mid-end Q5 on UAE first? It should be launched in India & Indonesian market, since the majority of BlackBerry users here are mid-end users.

Let's just hope that India/Indonesia be getting this device faster than expected.

I'm just a man of few words & lots of works

I am a BlackBerry App developer, too. I am just eager to see first app purchase from a Q5!

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The 400 usd price may seem reasonable but the wave of cheap powerful androids make it a tough sale

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To those people who whine that "people can't afford $199 to purchase a phone" and therefore BBRY cn't compete with the iPhone4: Blackberry is a mobile computing platform, the most secure out there. And do some research on QNX, it runs all the MRI machines in hospitals and runs in high sped trains in Germany and France. I think I read that it is now available in 1/4 of all new cars being sold, and Edmunds lists 49 different brands of cars to choose from. And speaking of cars, you can either buy a Yugo or a Bentley, and every price option in between. So, someone can't afford $199 for a phone? Well, that's only one night out at a restaurant per month, or less than the typical cable bill, or the price of a pair of sneakers. Get over it.

Why get a q5 when you can get a z10 for that same amount? BlackBerry should have lowered the price to 1300 or less.

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ok, i know this is unrelated. but im looking for a way to get to the crackberry team especially kevin. i made a video and this is the most complete blackberry 10 review you will ever least till when i do another *wink* anyway this is the link pls watch and share.
here is the link

Ohh there might be some drama. I have a feeling RIM's going to release the non-LTE Q5 (RFT81UW) for the UAE, since they chose to release the non-LTE Z10.

400 bucks? This would sell much better at 300 bucks or less. Expect another lukewarm reception forum posts for Q5.

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In India many users are in mid range smartphones. (Approx $400)
Although the device is not premium, people will surely go for the BlackBerry name because the brand here gets a lot of attention.
And people here want something new I got myself a z10 too ( I am a first time BlackBerry user) ...and people are going to love the q5 because of the good price. :)

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The price is no way entry level or fit for emerging markets.
It would probably sell well because of Z10 and Q10 prices are ridiculously high.

This so called budget phone will probably be purchased by the high end people of the emerging markets.

The pricing should be revised if BlackBerry wants to make a comeback.

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