The BlackBerry Q5 gets priced in the UK for the SIM free version

By James Richardson on 10 Jun 2013 10:54 am EDT

If like me you prefer to go with a SIM only contract and have the freedom to switch carriers/phones whenever you feel the need arises you may want to consider the BlackBerry Q5 SIM free when it arrives this summer.

A buddy of mine at dropped me an email with pricing details for the Q5 SIM free. Here it comes, you ready? £349.98.

Like me, you're probably thinking that's a ton of money for a mid range BlackBerry 10 smartphone, but thinking about it, it's still £200 cheaper than picking up the Q10. So what do you get for your money?


  • System: GSM Quad Band 850/1800/1900/2100 4G & LTE
  • Dimensions: 120 x 66 x 10.8mm
  • Software Platform: Blackberry 10.1 Operating System
  • Display: 3.1 inch LCD Capacitive touchscreen with 16 million colours, QWERTY keyboard
  • Resolution: 720 x 720 pixels
  • Memory: 8GB, 2GB RAM
  • Camera: 5MP, LED flash, autofocus
  • Battery: Li-ion 2180 mAh battery - Non-removable

What’s in the box?

  • BlackBerry® Q5 Handset
  • BlackBerry® Battery
  • BlackBerry® Mains Charger
  • BlackBerry® Stereo Headset
  • BlackBerry® USB Data Cable
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Card

Stock is expected in the middle of July but like most new smartphones these dates are often open to change. Do you think the Q5 will sell well SIM free or will the majority of users pick one up on a 24 month contract? Sound off in the comments.

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The BlackBerry Q5 gets priced in the UK for the SIM free version


+1 It should be at least 70£ less.

I think this is the price for early adopters, I'd be surprised if the price wont drop quickly to 250/270£

£350 is $543 today. Interesting how Crackberry didn't convert the amount for us. Every one can pickup the Q10 for $30 more at Tmobile today. Bad pricing strategy.

Posted with my amazing Z10

"Every one can pickup the Q10 for $30 more at Tmobile today."

Not in the UK or elsewhere.

The Q10 is $880 without a contract in Canada. There are probably places you can get it cheaper, but I doubt by much.

And the UK traditionally pays more than a straight exchange rate calculation would indicate. All those extra fees.

Canadians can buy the Q10 off contract on eBay for $570 and get it shipped to them easily. Nobody will be paying $880 for the Q10 when eBay is packed with them at under $600.

I agree, just a mere 3 years ago i refused to buy cellphones from eBay, but once i started with reputable sellers and having the buyer protection and protection from my credit card, i no longer was worried. But i understand the hesitation.

Yeah, you can't really compare one region's pricing in a different currency to what's available in the US and local... The only case that matters in is if you are deciding to import or not.

that must be a joke... more than 400 Eur for this???? crazy..nobody will buy it.

Z10 : Black is back

A bit too expensive for a mid range device, not parting with my z10 anytime soon! Haha
Wait, i thought the q5 was only getting released in "emerging" markets!?

Posted via CB10

Was thinking about buying this one but will for sure not spend that much. By the time it launches in most markets, the price of the Q10 will already be down a bit so the difference is not even 200pounds..

Given that this likely includes a VAT tax of 20% (70 pounds, ugh how do Brits put up with this?), it is basically what I expected.

Won't sell in Indian markets. For the same price, people can buy the Iphone 4S, Galaxy S3 (cheaper) and Galaxy Note 2. I love my Z10 but come on Blackberry get your pricing right. They did not sell the curve range well in India till they reduced it to sub INR 10000 price bracket (110 GBP). If they launch it with a similar price in India its gonna flop big time. People who can shell out 350 GBP for a Q5 will always always go for a Q10.

There is no contract in India. All phone are bought outright buy the owners sim free.

They've already got BBM in their Curves and Bolds...and BBM rollout on Android will be here by September at the latest.

Well guess what, this high price will be kept until the roll-out of the cross platform BBM happens. And I am a bit skeptical about September. BB can't guarantee it, but I'm happy that you can.
And just because you have BBM on your curve doesn't mean you won't want to have a new phone, right?
And lastly, what alternative does Android have to offer to those that want a qwerty phone? Yup, I hear you, NONE.

The off contract price is not a big deal as far as the UK, the real question is what tariffs this device will be free on and what it costs on payg as that is where the real volumes will be for it.

Monster fail!!!!!!!
Absolutely ridiculous pricing. What the hell is Blackberry thinking. there apps are so limited on the platform as it is. There is no reason at all for anyone to buy this phone. Give the boat to android Blackberry because at this price your drowning in stupidity and dreams of former glory Get it together #)) or less. You just screwed over India with the pricing of the Q10 and now you will insult them with an overpriced under spec Q5. Who is telling Blackberry they are mainstream ( your rebuilding a brand act that way) UK pricing laughable.

You do realize it's the price without a contact, right? Z10 costs how much, £599? This one is almost twice as cheaper.

>>>Who is telling Blackberry they are mainstream ( your rebuilding a brand act that way) UK pricing laughable.

And btw, you must've missed news that BlackBerry Q10 is over-selling iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 in UK. So BlackBerry IS mainstream in UK, like it or not.

The Z10 costs 430GBP actually and this price is ridiculous; blackberry said that everybody will be able to afford one, even low-income families and also the phone is pointed towards young blackberry users what 'young blackberry user' has 350GBP to just spend like that. I was really looking forward to getting one of these but with this price I might aswell just stick with my Curve 9320

Price is good out of the gate. Like everything, you try to sell for max value and then drop the price a month or 2 after release.

This initial price is for early adopters. By the time most people know this device exists, the price will have dropped.

These are loyal BB people. They supported BB when many abondened them. So, screw and rip off people who have been loyal to Blackberry? Nice way of rewarding loyalty. Balckberry is making mistake by having stupid pricing policies, especially in countries like India where there is no subsidy.

That's too much. 349 pounds is about 410 euros...
Set the Q5 at 299 euros and it has a chance to be a winner.

I'm a lot concerned about this price point, needs to be £50 pounds cheaper!
I can just imagine picking a Q5 up for about $350-$375 after taxes not £350 pounds! But we have to remember this price is NOT set by blackberry and pricing don't work out the same way across the pond. Question is: what is blackberry going to do to influence a £300 -£325 pounds price point?

I don't know it sounds like a high risk gamble ... I still can't get over the none removable battery

Posted via CB10

I have a question: how these two go together: "BlackBerry battery in the box" and "Non-removable battery"?

Way too much. For a young operating system and no apps it'll never sell at that price. Android will smoke them. When people get android they know they're getting reliable phone. Ask most people who they think of BlackBerry as I do and they tell u they're unreliable they freeze and the browser stinks. Which the old one did. They need to make this q5 CHEAP and get it onto people's hands so they'll give BlackBerry another try. At this price android will bury them for good.

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"No apps"? LOL. And how you think Android will "smoke" the people that want a qwerty phone? Does Android has an alternative for them? NO.

This price is way too high, should be looking to be around £150 - £200 to pick up Curve upgrades. Mind you, my opinion only but it looks like a hideous throwback anyway.

Lol@550 Canadian plus tax. For a base model phone. Welcome back bbry, we knew you still had it in you!

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That's not how you convert pricing from UK to Canada. It does not follow the exchange rate. You think they're going to sell it at the same price as the Z10?

It will most likely sell in the $349.99-$399.99 CAD range off contract and free on a 2 year contract.

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Seriously? That's far too much! BlackBerry : let's regain market share by flooding the market with cheap Q5's! That's how they got such big exposure with the curve! Because it was a cheap phone! It should be around the £150 - £120! Maybe when the pay-as-you-go versions hit UK (still subsidised by the networks but without cobtract) they will be in a better price range! Otherwise I cannot see these sell in any numbers!

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Who buys expensive phones sim free anyway? This'll be a good catch at £27 per month with 1Gb data + unlimited calls and texts. My guess is that will be the price on O2 with the handset free.

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I think the price is too high. Should have been @ max 300 euros for Europe, sim free . I hope this is just a preorder price and the regular operator prices will be lower.

Its not that far off specs of Iphone 5.So yeah wait this one out after a month or two maybe xmas I'll pick it my pink one up at £200.I got a Z so no hurry for me.

Yes I missed that Mesomish!! Where are they outselling s4 and iphone .
Carphone warehouse has them at 10th in bestsellers. And really I don't consider the UK an emerging market, so I'm more concerned how this price point translates to place's like India.

I think that in richer markets, BB kept the price high as to not eat into Q10 sales. I expect they'll be a lot more aggressive in emerging markets.

The second hand shops in my town are flooded with £300 Z10 phones. At £350 the Q5 will flop. I get a 2nd hand Z10 for my gf instead.

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Given that BlackBerry's main competitor right now is Windows Phone, is launching the cheapest phone in your line up at £350 a wise move. Sure, compared to the Nokia Lumia 520, it's got an HD display, LED flash, more RAM and a QWERTY keyboard, but is anyone seriously going to pay £250 more for the Q5? (520 costs £129.95 Sim free)

The 520 isn't even close to the Q5 in specs. The 520 is a throw away phone so of course it will be cheap. BBRY said that they aren't going to sell cheap phones.

The point that I'm trying to make is that the average consumer, who looks directly at the 520 and the Q5, is going to see that the Q5 is better hardware, but think is it worth £250 more?

It's like comparing the £400 laptops and the £650 laptops, everyone can see that the more expensive ones are better, but it's questionable whether they're worth all the extra money compared to the cheaper ones.

So you are saying that Apple and Samsung aren't going to sell anymore of their high end phones once the 520 comes out. Wow, who knew that phone was such a killer.
Yes, it is questionable if something is worth more. But lots of high and mid end phones sell lots of units. And expensive Mac laptops outsell any other model made by the cheap guys.

I think it will be popular in the corporate environment. Hopefully contract price will be free at a reasonable monthly tariff.

if it comes to india at that price nobody expt the diehard bb fans would go for it and btw, now that bbm is open not sure if even THEY would go for it :/
Ps: I'm getting it for sure though !!

My only conclusion is that Blackberry is trading profits for volume. It thinks it can do better overall by selling fewer units at a higher price.

Either that or these things will be highly discounted out of the box.

Way to high what are blackberry doing my opinion was in order for this phone to sell well it would have to be priced around 150 to 250 max I can't see it selling well now priced at that price for a mid standard range phone.

Posted via CB10

Agree with most of the readers , too expensive as usual. Those guys never learn.
I think the price for Q5 should be below 300.00 and it will come down very fast as always for all BB phones, and they will lose time again.
I see pricing in Canada: started with 130-150, it gone down to 100 in 3 weeks when I bought and now it for 50 with contract. Meantime everybody been buying S3 for 50 while Z10 been 130, then for 0 when Z10 been 100

People are comparing Samsung S3 and iPhone 4 or 4S. Of course those are cheaper , it's yesterday's technology. Why do think people are pushing iPhone to produce a cheaper phone for emerging markets. If iPhone comes to market with a cheaper but yet newer phone, how much do think it will sell for.?

Posted via CB10

It may be yesterday's technology but it is still more desirable to the masses then BlackBerry.
BlackBerry failed to make a impact with BlackBerry 10 thanks to pricing too high.
Same old BlackBerry. Same old mistakes.

Posted via CB10

Nobody is interested in yesterday's premium phone unless they are massively discounted by the builder so that Teleco's receive proper margins. Apple is heavily dependent on this sort of strategy as it is the only way that they can maintain market share again the Samsung tidal wave.

Is the memory expandable? My teenagers are both on Curves (and hooked on BBM) but I can't see them taking to the Q5 unless it can handle 16Gb+ of memory and come in at sub £20 on a 24m contract with a free device.
With BBM going cross-platform BlackBerry need to price the mass market device much lower (£200-£250) to keep any of the kids on board.

The price is steep for target audience.My lil sis was looking forward to buying 1 out the gate but she part time worker and still in high school she wont have cash for this.I will have to tell her to wait it out another month unless she just goes and buys a cheap similar spec or maybe better android device.They are dropping the ball here I expected it to be a bit more than a lumia but this is too much.Especially at the target audience which is my lil sis.This phone to me in the west is the ''student line'' needs to be targeted at the high schoo,l student range.If ps4 gets announced as a £400 device why would a kid spend near that for a phone??.BB or networks need to check themselves.I don't think networks they understand that next gen consoles will be the cause of mobile sales to drop next few years as peoepl will be upgrading there tvs and home entertainment devices.

I will buy in support that it is sim free. No at&t. That is a move in the right direction to be free of carrier updates. I'm use to paying $600-700 for an unlocked phone since palm treo. It may come with 10.2 also. They can have my $350. Just hurry with PB update BlackBerry.

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I'm not sure about this price. The current curves in the UK are selling for about £150 sim free, which means they are very cheap on contract, which is one of the main reasons they are so popular. Now i know that the Q5 is a far better phone than the current curves, but if the contract price of the Q5 reflects how much more expensive it is than a curve then apart from the physical keyboard i'm not sure why people would choose it over similarly priced android phones. One reason a lot of people don't mind having big name apps on older Curves is because they can get the phones pretty cheaply, but once the price increases people may be a lot less willing to give up the apps they want etc. I know BlackBerry won't be able to sell the Q5 for £150, i just think the price in the article is a bit too high.

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LOL Blackberry still trying to price themselves out of the market...£350 for a Q5??. Oh well hopefully it sells well when its released but i cant see many people buying one outright.

Stupidly expensive for a mid range phone.

That WAY TOO MUCH for a sim free Blackberry Q5. I did some currency conversion today. If 349.98 (Pound) in the UK it would be around 553.49 Canadian Dollars. That is not mid range price. I think it would be better if it was in the range of 200-250 (Pound)= 315-395 Canadian Dollars which I consider mid-range price. That just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Most carriers in Canada sell the Q10 for around 650-699 Canadian Dollars without contract but you can get a Q10 from Koodo with no contract for 625 Canadian Dollars.

"I'm not trying to make friends, I'm trying to make money." - Kevin O'Leary

:(:(:( so......... it seems i will stick to my playbook and my 8520 :(:(:(

[300 euros is a mid range phone price! NOT 410 and don't forget that: "Battery: Li-ion 2180 mAh battery - Non-removable"!!!!
Me (not happy)*2)].

Hey James Richardson,

Any word on what BlackBerry recommends as a selling price in the UK?

This may just be a fishing attempt by all mentioned to get a feel for where the price should be in reference to other countries.

If my hopes are met, the Q5 should outsell both the Z&Q10's due to the market reach, so the pricing is CRITICAL.
BlackBerry has done their homework so far on everything launched, and this is apparent, so let's all cool down for, at least the moment....

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Seems high but it's hard to gauge without price comparisons to its competitors in the UK.

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I wanted one of these for development untill I saw that outrageous price tag, I'll say I agree with everyone else saying it should be 250/270£ max

These are the same comments that were spouted when the Z10 and Q10 were released. "It is too expensive". "What is BB thinking?". "They are pricing themselves out of the market." If you haven't noticed, Z10's and Q10's are selling quite well. Let me ask this? What component(s) do you want to be downgraded to get into the prices that you people are demanding? No HD screen? No LTE/4G? What? When you look at the other phones in the price you people want, they don't have anything close to the specs that the Q5 does. And these are the same people posting that if the specs were downgraded, would say that specs count. You can't have both.

WTF about the pricing? Think the price point should be less than USD400
It's totally wasting my time, and I have been wait for too damn long, think I will jump to iPhone after my 9790 is broken (or contract ends)

I think the UK market will snap these up no problem. You'll end up seeing a lot of these about.

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I seriously hope the emerging markets will get a much lower price point for Q5. Otherwise, the existing subscribers waiting to upgrade and potential new customers currently on feature phones will simply go for the cheaper Android en masse (esp. when BBM is available outside BB phones).

Maybe BBRY wants to focus Q10 and Q5 sales to business customers (and priced them higher accordingly) thinking consumers prefer all touch instead of QWERTY phones. However, without a Z5 announcement now, they will lose the Curve users and the emerging markets to Android, and won't have to worry about BB10 phones cannibalizing BBOS service revenue anymore.

Way too much. My son and all his friends went for curve because it was free on a £10 per month contract. Most parents were happy to pay that for their kids. That's the main reason the curve did so well here in the UK - along with BBM of course.

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You guys are forgetting. This isn't just a mid range device. It is a 4g ready device. Priced slightly higher then the Sony xperia Sp. So either you guys are stupid or not looking at the competition. As you can't compare other mid range devices with this one, as the others aren't 4g.

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4G Isn't really that big a deal in the countries this is aimed at. Even in the UK there are only a few major cities that have 4G.

Posted via CB10

This is the same overreaction to the initial pre-release pricing that the Q10 was said to come out with when it was first mentioned. The price sensitive customers will know to wait a month before purchasing the phone if that is what they want. What are the initial prices of the other mid-range non-BB QWERTY devices out there?

Don't do a Playbook Blackberry.
This could be a serious loss maker in the end.
The time to lead the market in (bang for your buck) is now, not after Nokia, ZTE and Huawei have major low cost hits on their hands .

Omg...price is absolutely okay for early adopters. Existing q and z are getting cheaper and cheaper. Who cares about the price on arrival? I am sure I get one for 300 € in Germany August /September. I am sure it will start at 360 €. Q10 is 548 today, Z10 490 € without contract. Why aren't we talking about specs?
I am glad it's coming. Downside is BB 10.1. Really hoped for 10.2.

349 British pounds is 5 500 South African rand. Mind you, the Z10 brand new at a chain electronic store is 7 000 and brand new on our local version of eBay 5 000. I'm not quite sure what the strategy is here...but hey it's Blackberry and they haven't had a strategy since 2009? Just kidding #teamblackberry #z10owner

That amount is too high. Converting to Nigeria currency, that will be about 62,000 Naira. So what is midrange here. I'm so disappointed. Thought should be about 40,000 naira or $200. Aha.......

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I paid £350 for Blackberry Q10 and not a chance to pay same for Q5, after two months it will drops and something £200 will be OK.

You also forgot:
10.2 with:
Mirror Cast Support
Proper MultiTasking (iOS7 still can't hold a candle to this)
Incredible Battery Life
Proper 802.11n Dual-Band support (not like horrible iOS6).

That is the RETAIL price which fits better pricing than the last 2 generations of Curve models.

Ummm, I thought this was a Midrange device; so why is everyone expecting it to be priced dirt cheap? Also, the specs are not that different from the Q10. You lose some camera resolution, a removable battery, and some styling/finish, but you still get the same resolution screen, the same OS, and the same RAM. Only question is the processor.

I suspect this would be about $350 CAD/USD if released here. Not a great price, but not many new releases come at that price without contract. Besides, you rather that BlackBerry releases a cheap, embarrassing product that freezes and crashes all the time? They have to sell quality at every level, whether economy or top line.

I was hooked until I saw the device has a non removable battery.

Fail of the highest order, just like the iPhone.

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Preposterous... not the price though! both the q10 and 5 sport better batteries! While it's the Z that really needs it!

Can't wait to upgrade to a new BlackBerry already although I love my Z and not giving it up for the Q10 although it tickels me a lot every time I see it!!


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£350 for this!?!? No thanks!!! Can't see many so called emerging markets jumping at the chance to own it either. Why the he'll don't BlackBerry just kill off their old bb7 handsets and release a whole new BlackBerry 10 product line instead of just baiting us with nice phones at mediocre prices is beyond me!

If blackberry really want to get new users with BlackBerry 10 on board then there going to have to try a lot harder than this.

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IF this Q5 comes to Canada / US I estimate it will be $399 (US market) to $429 (CDN market) off contract.

The UK price includes VAT so please - some people, and you will know who you are - stop being ignorant by doing a straight calculation based on exchange rate!

I had planned to get one for my daughter. That was when i was expecting a sub £200 price tag.
I think this pricing will kill sales. I agree that this is early adopter pricing, but it indicates we are a good 12 - 18 months away from a sub £100 BB10 device.
I bet the Android manufacturers smiled when they saw that.

Posted via CB10

another bad move by BB,,, the hole just keeps gettin' deeper,,, i wonder what they'll try to get for the Aristo,,, 1000??? ha!!!

That price is laughable, but carriers are going to sell them for cheap. Win/win.

It also shows that BlackBerry is not interested in gaining market shares atm. They have a long term strategy and are betting that Windows Phone won't take off before they do.
Canalys strongly disagrees, but what do they know...

Note to BB: Dark theme and OLED screen combo = disaster outside

UK contract deals are too good for most people to buy the handset outright. It seems steep but may be deliberate to lure people to new contracts.

Puff, in as much as I want BlackBerry to succed (and heck, Apple copying quite a bunch of things from BB, Meego and mostly WP shows that they had a better platform before) they are just pricing themselves out of market. Most people with deep pockets will go S4 or iPhone just for fashion reason. You would be surprised -or maybe not- at how many people decide just for that. And at the low end the Lumia 520/620 combined with the midend HTC 8x cost significantly less and will cannibalize that chunk of market. I have heard that in Mexico and Poland WP are already has more than 20% of the market just because of their unexpensive phones. BB really, really, needs to do something on the 200-300 dlls range or it will just watch WP taking a very comfortable third place.

It may be priced high, but this is statement of confidence from Blackberry. They can always drop the price after a month or two to correct sell through if necessary.

That price point should be in USD... even then it's kinda high. Mayb released at $349.99 then drop to $299 would be better. (The specs are great but the dealbreaker for me is the look of the phone maybe priced right might make some overlook that.)

BlackBerry probably does not want to play at the sub 200 $ level range with BB10.. Maybe they will partner with Lenevo for that.
They offer a differentiated experience and hence they believe they can sell.

If you sell too cheap not only don't you make any money but diminish the brand too...Nokia is a perfect example selling smart phones at 50 $...Lumina series around 200 $..

Posted via CB10

Anyone else thinks this is an ugly device... I mean I get that it's entry level and all but I mean, they didn't even try. Look at the Curve 9350/60/70 those devices were entry level and still had a little sexy. This one... none.

The problem for BlackBerry will be explaining why the price is justified. The Nexus 4 is cheaper but lacks 4G, the new Nokias are cheaper but have compromises. I suspect this is going to sell to corporations where the CIO will digest the cost to benefit.
I think the Q10 is worth it, but I am unsure whether end users would buy a Q5.

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seriously BlackBerry? Seriously?
This is damn overpriced, AS IS THE Q10 when you have to buy it without a subscription!!


"Here it comes, you ready? £349.98."


Now, as an N9 user i like BBOS10, it's a great platform.

However, it's a great platform on massively mediocre hardware.

The Z10 should be selling for £349, roughly the same as the better specced Sony SP (4.7" and Adreno 300 GPU), the Q5 should be no more than £200.

What are BB thinking?

is this the entry level blackberry that discussed here?

The price is a joke!
what I like is the sense of humor from RIM....that this model will be exclusively for the "emerging markets" !!!!!

In my opinion the q5 (which is set to conquer younger generation and the emerging markets) should sell below a 250€ price tag. The younger generation is looking for "cool" devices, sadly most of them find the Apple device cool. But with this in mind, the iPhone 4 is selling for 239€ , even if I think BlackBerry always better, the younger generation will be more attracted to the iPhone therefore BlackBerry should come up with the Q5 as a viable alternative (colors, best os, etc.) Also for emerging markets I think this high price tag (if applied in the emerging markets who knows) would be too high ! A 250€ price tag is in my opinion good because it's not to high, for the young most of them, their parents provide the money and they are much more likely spending 250€ rather than 350€ or 599€ (iPhone 4s).

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We had this phone since friday and I tested it and the keyboard is great and must say love my Z10 but never had a qwerty keyboard and tested the Q10 a few month ago, but the Q5 feels good but it's still differt to use then the virtueel keyboard and also i get confused using swipe and gesture but that was because i act like a new bee on this phone. Like a a think it works differt then my Z10 Duh. The Q5 is GOOD QUALITY mobile and the camera is also very good and much beter then my old samsung i9000 5 MP camera. So there you have it a good price and the Specs are similair to the Q10 instead of camera, processor speed and hdmi connection but overal a very good deal for this phone and the price of 349 pounds seems OK but you can trade in your old curve 9320 or bold 9700 and get back 45 pounds from blackberrry so that is fine 299 almost for BB users. Still I like to see 32 free micro sd card with to compensate the price. It cost BB a few pounds but the new users very happy.

In The Netherlands this phone will cost at start 399 euro's and prob free with every subscribe with internet