The BlackBerry Q5 gets a London launch event

By James Richardson on 27 Jun 2013 07:40 am EDT

In true CrackBerry fashion we're not one to miss a launch event so today I popped into Central London to a fairly low key event where BlackBerry officially presented the Q5 to members of the press. As you'll see from the photos above the location was decked out in a beautiful array of colors and there was Q5 branding all over the place.

Clearly the launch of the Q5 was not on the same scale as the Z10, but as a mid range BlackBerry smartphone I suspect it will do extremely well, particularly here in the UK. As well as getting a demonstration on stage of the Q5's key features there were devices on hand for the members of the press to get familiar with as well as a Q&A session which didn't enlighten me personally, but I'm sure that's just because I was the only one there from a dedicated BlackBerry website.

Although we have already told you that you can pick up the Q5 SIM free - it is yet to go on sale with any of the UK carriers. You won't have long to wait good folk of Great Britain as the Q5 will be hitting the shops next week - an exact date is yet to be confirmed and I expect this will be carrier dependent.

The highlight of the session for me was getting a Q5 to take away. You want my first impressions? Well, you will have to wait for that but fear not - we will have plenty of Q5 goodness on the site very soon.

Good job once again BlackBerry UK.

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The BlackBerry Q5 gets a London launch event


Everyone needs this device, the faster the better. Before iPhone launches their cheaper version and Samsung drops prices on the s4

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This will be my next device until I got the BlackBerry PlayBook with BB 10 os. I have a tight budget so I will just wait a couple of months until the price drop. PlayBook and Q10 in the future....

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Launched in low key a new phone at a country where BlackBerry is still very relevant? BlackBerry should do better.

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Vodacom will have it in July, there will be give aways of the Phone during the Durban - July

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What is surprising to me is that the Pink color seems to be missing. Even here in Dubai where the Q5 launched 1st, there was no mention of the pink color and the sales rep at the 'BlackBerry Store' here seemed totally lost when I enquired about it. It seems like they dint even know it exists.

If you are on Rogers, this European Q5 model will work for you. It's identical to the Rogers Q10, radio bands-wise, so it's entirely possible that Rogers could carry the same model (SQR100-2.) There's also a "North American" model (SQR100-1) that T-Mobile, AT&T, Telus, and I guess Bell and maybe Rogers will be carrying, but typically the N.A. model doesn't physically exist until really close to N.A. launch.

I am to cleanse myself of itunes.In a month or 2 when its priced at £200 Im getting one my the colour i wanted was'nt advertised not likeing that.

Just read price in Russia is 420€ of contract, that's 546 $ I would purchase for 390 €. Built quality and materials matter imo.