BlackBerry Q5 get unboxed

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2013 09:37 am EDT

The BlackBerry Q5 hit the streets at the new BlackBerry retail store in Dubai. As part of the launch event, the Q5 was made available to anyone who wanted to wait out the long lines and get their hands on one. The Q5 went on sale for around $410USD and was available in white, black and red. 

While we're still waiting for the BlackBerry Fairy to bring us a Q5 or two, Abbas at Tbreak did get a review unit and had a chance to unbox it. Rest assured we'll have plenty more on the Q5 in the coming weeks as it's made available in more regions.

For now, we know how much you all love unboxing videos, so hit up the link below to check this one out. 

Watch the BlackBerry Q5 Unboxing at Tbreak

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BlackBerry Q5 get unboxed


Same thoughts.

For $400 USD? Thanks, but no thanks.

(Yes I know it's not available in the US/North America)

Hope it becomes available everywhere, the more BlackBerry 10 devices out there the more app developers will take it seriously

Posted via CB10

With the screen resolution of the Q5 & Q10, they don't both need to be in the same market. An app developer makes an app for the Q10 and it's instantly compatible with the Q5.

...But people in the Q10 market who can't afford that device might be able to afford the Q5. Putting as many BB10 devices in as many consumer's hands as possible will make developers think twice about avoiding the platform.
later, Brian

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I hope so to, my field staff does not need a Q10, nor do I need to be replacing the higher priced Q10 when they are broken. If they release the Q5 in the U.S. I will be buying 30+.

Important to note that from what I have heard from a phone technician, the BlackBerry 10 devices are very easy to repair (unlike my ex-device that required surgery just to replace the audio jack).

People need to factor this into their descision when choosing a smartphone, as many end up damaged in some way before the renewal period.

Posted via CB10

Not gonna happen. BlackBerry is treating North America as a high-end market so..... No Q5 coming to this area, unless you import, negri-electronics, etc etc

The pre-paid market in North America though usually isn't looking to spend more than $250 for a phone. The Q5 is coming in at roughly $400 USD and at that price it's not a smart purchase. Plus, if one could save that much money, might as well go all out and get the Q10.

410USD? Seriously? That sounds stupidly overpriced.

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I'm sure these devices will make their way over to north America sooner than later. Lots of teens here would love it

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

I'm a bit concerned about the lack of removable battery... I know it was to keep costs low, but this will be the first BlackBerry in my memory without a removable battery. Otherwise, looks like a great low-end device.

Does it have the same screen size as Q10? He said something about the screen, but I couldn't make out what he said about the types of the two displays.

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You can buy a brand new sealed z10 for less locally in Vancouver. Why would someone pay more for less in North america? And no teen wants it. No instagram they Will say.

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Buying a bbry with a non removable battery is like being trapped in a room filling with smoke and not a single door or window can open. Let's see how this works out

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For someone who's name is Z10Fido you seem awfully anti blackberry. There's no need to remove the battery with the new phones. I've had my Z10 since the launch in February and have yet to take it out

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I travel frequently & swap out my battery almost daily. I just returned from a conference where my BlackBerry is heavily used for 16 hours a day. The ability swap batteries, for me, is as important as having the ability to make a phone call. I cannot be stuck without power.

Keith. Posted by CB10.

Lol, this guy was swiping through looking for the Setup icon when all he had to do was swipe down from the top. Does he really know BB10?

BTW, you don't need to swipe. Just gently press on the top and the settings Window drops down.

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Not a bad piece of hardware at all. I'm liking how my initial aesthetic impressions continue to be proven wrong from the concept to the actual released device. BB knows how to make a nice looking handset.

Since the Q5 uses LCD technology and has the same resolution as the Q10 it would be great to see a screen comparison of those two !

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Lovely phone! Not sure $400 is the 'right price' for its intended market. Too high?

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

Not really when you consider the retail price on the Z10 and Q10. When I bought my first BlackBerry about three years ago (Curve 8530), I paid over $300 for it and it was considered an entry level device. $400 really does sound about right for the Q5. If someone wants a BlackBerry and cannot afford a BB10 device, there are OS7 devices still on the market for under $300.

The price of the Q10 is $650, is it not? I suppose the Q5 is more afford able, even if not cheap.

Keith. Posted by CB10.

also remember that its much easier to start high in pricing and then go lower. in a year... it might be the price of the current Curve

of course. they can't start at 200$. what are they gonna do in a year if they start at 200$? give them out for free?

Looks nice in black.

But is it just me or did the screen seem a little slow and unresponsive. A few times he had to swipe multiple times...

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It did look very slow and laggy. Hopefully, that's only because its new. The preorders here from grey importers have it at $499.99. Too much, sorry.

The design has definitely grown on me; initially I didn't like it. The more I see it, the more handsome it gets. I know everyone has mentioned this, but it is definitely overpriced at the moment. I expect to see it go down to $99 (apply conversion rate) with contract. I don't see how you can say something is priced for the emerging market and give it a premium price. If the phone had the ability to get all the 'popular' apps this could be a goldmine, even here in the states. If a kid doesn't have the money to buy his/her own cell phone, they aren't going to throw this away because they didn't pick it out; especially if it did everything their friends iphone4/droid did. The removable battery- who cares? The 1million ppl who buy an iphone every day don't care.

I hope they eventually offer that in the U.S. It would be tempting to hold off on the Q10 and get this instead for my casual use.

Its a mid-end device for those interested in the Q10 but cannot justify the premium price. Complements ipads well i believe.

Come on, Blackberry, take off the gloves oand offer this FREE (with contract) during the back-to-school season in North America...imagine the value that would be brought to Channels on BBM if you suddenly added a few million high school/college age(and their mothers) to BBM you haven't had in a long go back to school with a cool new phone that's offered for free and it's the new thing every kid has to have...and Mom can BBM video those kids that just went off to college any time...just saying...eliminate the cost hurdle...don't worry, they'll buy the high end phone next time around or when they get a real job!