The BlackBerry Q5 going on sale in Malaysia on July 15th

By James Richardson on 4 Jul 2013 11:47 am EDT

Good news for the folk of Malaysia who are eagerly waiting for the BlackBerry Q5. The third BlackBerry 10 handset has officially been announced as hitting retail stores on July 15th. The black, red and white variants will be available - still no sign of that pink one! Local carriers Celcom, Maxis and U Mobile will have the Q5 available.

In terms of pricing the device will cost RM 1,299.00, (which works out to about $US 408). If you're wondering if it's worth it, check out our unboxing video of the UK version

How is the BlackBerry 10 excitement in Malaysia? Are many of you already rocking the Z10 or Q10? People of Malaysia - sound off in the comments.


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The BlackBerry Q5 going on sale in Malaysia on July 15th


Wooh wooh, Malaysian pride right here. Loving my white Z10, been rocking it for a good 3-4 months now :D I bought mine as an unlocked imported set from the UK though, as I wanted the STL100-2 for the LTE hehe. Really considering getting the Q5 as a secondary back up/travel phone. What say the Crackberry nation?

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Would like to know why this didn't this roll out to Malaysia,Indonesia and that side of the world after UAE.I wonder if the Z5 would of had more impact over there and gave of a better ''wow his is new from BB'' and cause more intrigued.Also need to drop a 50-100 off this device.

Indonesia and Nigeria are the biggest markets. I see very few Blackberries here in Malaysia. Mostly businessmen and a few youths here and there. Blackberry can't compete with Android in Malaysia because the market prices of Android devices are constantly dropping. RM 1399 can now get you a Samsung Galaxy S3 or LG Nexus 4.

Hopefully, it will be available in Indonesian very soon. Can't wait to get it.

I'm just a man of few words & lots of works

I'll be in Singapore soon. Any BlackBerry parties out there (complete with BlackBerry models)?

Hope the Q5 drops there before too long.

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Love my Z10 down here in Malaysia, don't think I ll be getting the Q5 anytime soon.

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I used my Z10 for 2 month...feel great and hope OS10 become greatest and app world become rich apps.rockkkk..

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The black Q5 looks good.

FYI, the source of this article is not an official BlackBerry page. It's a fan page.

I feel sorry for those who returned back their newly bought Z10 to the shop just because the BB10 apps are not so popular when all of the apps can just be sideloaded.

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My auntie almost bought a Bold 4 with the same price of Q5 2 weeks ago. Thank god she asked me first bout is it worth to buy the Bold 4, then i told her to wait coz the Q5 is coming so soon to Malaysia, wallaaa, now i must told her bout this.

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haha lol sorry bro,it's just that too many bitches sold their Z10 without even trying the sideloading thing.

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Team Blackberry Malaysia here! Rocking a Z10 AND a Q10. Was at the preview with Blackberry Elites just now - and DAMN the Q5 is value for money. I seriously thought a budget version of the phone would be very Curve-like, but I honestly have to say, it's worth every Ringgit.
It measures in slightly less than the Q10 in terms of specs, but for the price, Blackberry didn't skimp on the features that make it worth it. Feels good. Find the red sexy as hell as it reminds me of the limited red developer Z10.
Only wondering why the pink wasn't brought in considering I think ladies (and pink lovin' dudes) would go for it.

I'm an idiot..
I've had relatives in KL all my life and I've never visited.
That's gotta change.
They use BB10. Says so at the bottom of eac email.

Wow this is cheaper than a new Bold 9900. I was gonna get my gf one, gonna have to scrap that plan and get her this Q5 on Maxis. Power.

Blackberry please enrich native apps on app world.
Im tired sideloading everything to just find which ones work and which ones dont.
And please dont let android or ios users could use bbm :(

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Q10 is my favorite all time phone ever. Then the Z10 is a close second because it is amazing. The Q5 comes in third and I wish to acquire one in black.

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You mean over legacy bbos7? Of course some things aren't the same. I was from bold9000 and last was at bold 9780, and believe me bb10 is just way ahead in terms of making the phone work for you. To me that is what matters.

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RIM needs to focus on big screen phone now or go out of business!!!

I don't see any sign that shows Q10 has sold more than Z10 in the first month after launch in the same markets.

Can anyone, or CB tell me any evidence? How many CB downloads are from Q?????

Can't you CB answer this question to your fans honeatly.

Hi folks there, we should stop using CB if it doesn't give the number.


Z10 make problem with heating issue, I wan trade with Q10!!! But I love Z10, but missed keyboard Q10. Who have problem like me? Heating issue and drain the battery......... somebody do get this???? let me know 24E7BF0C for share problem solution and action. Please drop your experience

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Bought the Z10 (RM1800 w/o contract) when launched by Maxis and gave that to the missus when Q10 (hardcore keyboard :) ) came out (RM1468 - 1 year contract).
Going to get this as a spare but am eagerly waiting for the 5"++ phablet!

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Q5 looks like good value. It's got all the bells and whistles of the q10, except it makes do with only a 5mp rear camera and it uses cheaper materials. Even battery size beats the q10 and z10. But I love my z10 too much. After the update 2 weeks ago, no more random reboot.

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Sadly I gotta say, ever since I've gotten my Z10 since it's launch in Malaysia I've yet to see another BB10 user. I've been a BlackBerry user for a long time now, just don't understand why others don't see the wonders of BB10.

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great... and knowing that this Q5 is the same price as a bold4, i'd recommend more friends to up grade to Q5 if they find Q10 is slightly expensive,
but my point of view, Z or Q from Blackberry just worth the price.

Team BlackBerry Malaysia.

No thanks as I already got Z10 the first week it's been launched here. But Q10 sounds tasty

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My Z10 heats up too once in a while but I switched it back to 2G for a while then it's ok.

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BB 10 series right now still too expensive in my country Indonesia. They're still stuck with old OS7 below. Hmm...

Posted via CB10's available in Spain since Tuesday and nobody said anything.. at 389€, btw

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Just FYI, Z10 in Malaysia recently has revised the RRP to RM 1,799 (3G) / RM 1,899 (LTE)

Q5 will be the cheapest LTE phone in Malaysia market and we're proudly to announced Q10 and Q5 first launched in South East Asia in Malaysia ahead of any other countries.

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how do I renew the debug token that lasts only a month?because the debug token is near to its expiry date.someone please!

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Hey i was under the impression that Q5 was meant for emerging markets but we havent seen it in nigeria *got me thinking whether germany is more of a goldmine than africa where almost everyone owns a bb*

Been rocking the z10 for quite a while now.. cant wait for 10.2 update to rollout!

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I bought myself the Q10 within a week after launch. Celcom had exclusive rights for a week or 2. I also have an iphone 5 purchased a couple of months before the Q10 cause my torch was out of order. Fancy apps aside Q10 rules! I don't have to carry a stupid power bank wherever I go like most iphone and android users. Multi tasking, security and hub communication features are awesome. Most of all I love how fast NATIVE apps developed by Malaysian companies are rolling out! Airasia, the star, cimb clicks, maybank2u, finder, smart shopper to name a few. BBM is gonna kick ass once it's multi platform, whatsapp sucks.

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