First BlackBerry Q5 commercial goes live

By Adam Zeis on 18 Jun 2013 02:32 pm EDT

While we wait for announcement and availability dates for the BlackBerry Q5, the first official commercial has just gone live. It runs about two minutes long and packs in loads of BlackBerry 10 features through the entire spot. Unlike the short ads we've seen done up for the Z10 and Q10, this one packs all the features into one big ad. 

The commercial does a great job at showing off the Q5 hardware in various colors as well as the Hub, Time Shift, BBM Video, Story Maker and plenty more. It's definitely a good start to the Q5 ad campaign and there will certainly be plenty more like it in the next few months. 

I'm sure many of you are anxious to get your hands on a Q5 (in pink no doubt), but while you wait this should tide you over for a bit.



Awesome device, looking forward to buy one for my daughter

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Yep....exactly my plan


and that's how you make a good commercial


Two minutes seem a bit too long. They gotto condense this into 30 and 60 secs commercials to be able to keep people's attention.


I was so into it that I didn't even realize it was 2min long... great ad!


This ad will most likely be split into 4 separate ads. One for each speaker/feature in this long 2 minute one.


Lets hope so ! This is the commercial they should have released for the Z10 when it came out !

Elkin Gibson

It doesn't really matter, unless its boring


Most ads start out longer, then get cut up into small clips as posted above for TV.


This is the type of super bowl commercial they should of had. What a great ad.


It's June. You'd have waited months for a device. That would have to be some ad.


I agree they should have had this type of ad for the z10 to show off the new BB 10 OS and it's features

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You don't get 2 minutes for the Super Bowl.


Lol ya true but they could have done a better 30 second ad than that one that aired during the super bowl

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Marketing needs to appeal to people in many ways - some are the feel good commercials to catchy music.. The Super Bowl ad was an "intro" commercial to get people's attention by appealing to their emotions, saying BlackBerry is back. They then followed that up with these ads.

There is no question Frank Boulben and his team are taking the marketing in the right direction.

BlackBerry 10 - BBM Video

BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry Keyboard

BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Z10 Camera - Time Shift Mode

BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry Flow & Peek

BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry Calendar


The Super Bowl ad was good but it didn't educate the public on what bb10 could do and how you, as the consumer, did it. A lot of people didn't even know that it was a BlackBerry ad. Like I said this one is killer.


Super Bowl ads rarely tell you what a product can do - they appeal to the emotions of a person to try and get you to remember "that cool BlackBerry commercial". It's not a time to discuss product features.

If it wasn't a good commercial, why was it ranked 2nd best on


It was ranked 2nd best because a horde of Crackberry fans went on there to vote for it. They'd have done the same even if the ad featured goats chewing grass.


That's highly unlikely. And wasn't the BlackBerry commercial voted higher than the galaxy commercial? Android has way more cronies than BlackBerry so it must have appealed to more than Crackberry fans.

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Nah. BlackBerry fans were more desperate. There were threads here urging folks to go and vote for the ad. I can't recall seeing any such frantic exhortations to vote in Android Central.

Browsing through many other websites/tech blogs, the reaction to the BB ad was much more derisive.


Or... it was just a good commercial that people enjoyed. Why can't people just give credit to BlackBerry when credit is due?

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So it was a texazzhorde then?

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Jerale Hoard

If you were to visit youtube and watch it most people thought it was a movie trailer. That could have something to do with the votes.

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And another one of the usual cynics has been heard from.

While I don't doubt that some Crackberry users went there to boost the rating on that commercial, if you think that Blackberry can muster even a tiny fraction of the people that would do the same thing for an Android or Samsung commercial, you are deeply deluded.

It's not like the other platforms don't have their own share of rabid fans. One thing we know is they have a LOT more customers from which to pull that fanbase from. Even if the fanbase was only 50% as rabid as Blackberry's fanbase, that would mean they would still have 5 times more rabid fans open to doing such a thing.

In other words, "no".


My gut tells me that the Super Bowl ad was designed to say, "yeah - you know BlackBerry, the company you keep hearing is 'bankrupt'? We're back, financially sound and ballsy enough to spend $4 million on a Superbowl ad.


That's what I was thinking.



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These aren't "Ads" in the sense that their being seen by the masses. These are online promotional videos, and oddly, I have NEVER seen these before. Yes, they're great, but the thing that MOST people have seen is the one with the magic carpet guy... and they don't know what the ad was for. Get 30 second versions of these on TV and you'd really have something.


I've seen all of those commercials on TV.

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Where do you live? I'm in Los Angeles, and I've not seen ANY of those!


Just outside of Toronto. You may not have seen them yet because it was released later in the US? Just a guess.

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See, THAT'S the problem. The USA is where they need to work the hardest to regain market share, and they're not showing ANY of this kind of stuff. You're in BlackBerry's back yard. (I used to live in Burlington)


Haha small world... I'm actually in Milton.

Initially I thought the same thing, but I think they are taking a much smarter approach. The brand has been damaged in the US for years. So...

1. Release the z10 outside the US. The diehards buy it.
2. Release the q10 outside the US. Those needing a keyboard buy it even though everything is moving touch screen.

These 2 help stop the bleeding. The brand image improves (as we are starting to see).

3. Release the q5 targeting the younger generation and emerging markets.
4. Later this year, after the brand image is much improved, and the company is financially healthy, release the a10 with a full on marketing campaign to compete with the best of iOS and Android.

I think this is the approach BlackBerry has taken. They absolutely could not afford another failure in the US, but the above approach allows US users to get an idea of the product without actually buying it or letting it sit on the shelves as it may have done with an earlier release.

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Let's not make assumptions that they aren't showing anything, anywhere in the USA.


I didn't. I said that they're not showing these.


This video should have been their superbowl commercial. It gives me chills everytime i watch this.


This would be a awesome commercial! I never once seen it before you just posted it. It would definitely get the masses to wanting a BB...


Yes, that is the best BlackBerry ad I've seen.

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Very smart commercial, focusing on teen-young adult segments! Awesome, good job team BB!!!

Lexx Spartan H

Wow where was this add at super bowl time, good work BlackBerry.

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Now for availability in North America....This is a more appropriate model for my family. One question remains though. Since when is the UK an emerging market?


UK isn't exactly an emerging market, however the Q5 is meant for UK because it is popular among teenagers who want to keep talking via apps like BBM. :)


Wow, I think Frank is getting the hang of it.
All he has to do now is release these types of ads for the Z10 and Q10...


Finally a decent ad that will appeal to people who want to know what this phone really does!!!!

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Nice ! :)

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Clearly targeted at the youth. Great work by BlackBerry, finally a good commercial !!


Seriously, why didn't the ads for the Z10 (and I haven't ever seen one for the Q10) show all these functions!!!???

Pilot Prop

i think this would be a great device for a first time smartphone user that isn't looking for the "premium device" experience. dope advertisement as well.


Exactly what "premium device" feature is missing besides downloading some 3rd party app? The OS is still getting tweaked but a "premium" feel it does not lack.


Strictly speaking in terms of the OS I meant.


See that's an excellent ad showcasing the best of BB10! Why the heck don't they do the same in the USA? Instead they have some idiot flying on a magic carpet! Jesus!


+1. Stupid keep moving commercials. Show less ppl and more features

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BB--particularly in the US--is in a brand rebuilding period. Advertising should be about the brand, because right now most users couldn't care less about BB features since they assume the company is doomed.

Current ads tease features and pull in a targeted audience.

From the awesome virtual keyboard of my Z10


I disagree. May people dismiss BB because they think its old and outdated. Showing people the modern and unique features of BB is a huge part of turining around the negative "old/out-of-date" stigma that the brand has.


I also disagree. The boring Keep Moving ads harm the brand by instilling the idea there is nothing worthwhile on a BlackBerry


I want a black one for by BlackBerry 10 collection.

Posted via CB10 from my Q10 or my Z10, either way it's golden. BlackBerry makes the best computers I've ever used!


Very good commercial wish they'd release it in North America.

Run a z10 myself, but there others that I know that don't want to shell out for the q10.

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kate omoha

Lovely is the word

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Think it will be a success here in Brazil! Hope it comes before holidays on December.

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Love it makes me want to get a Q5 hahha

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Gotta say : I like it!!



whoa!!! They should have had a super bowl commercial for the 10 and q10 ( if they could have released the q10 sooner). Next Super bowl they should most definitely have a commercial. bring back crackberry nation!
Also...can we do that photo fixing with the q10 too?? had no idea. I just jumped into the device and started knocking my brain around learning everything without the manual because im too lazy xD


If it's TimeShift you mean, yes it is possible! It's a feature built into the OS itself


Yeah you can, when you open the camera look to see which icon shows up. You will see the three choices in the upper right of time-shift, video, camera. That will disappear and the chosen mode will be in upper left. If not time shift, press camera in upper right to choose.
Lots more options available - check out the Crackberry user guides too

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Great phone, nice commercial

Go Sens Go!!!!!!


How about if we copy that add and Put Z10 and Q10 instead!! nice ad for a low tier device...


Looks good, nice add, hopefully it will flood our friends in the UK..they could even show it over here in North America, we would like a change and hear people with different accents. They should do the same thing with the Z10 and Q10...

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I must be the only one who didn't like this ad, I'm in the US tho so I guess it doesn't matter lol


nope...not the only one...I thought it was "meh" but I REALLY want this phone for my 12 and 13 year old....guess I'll have to buy it unlocked


They need to create a Z10 and Q10 version of this commercial for the USA. I like the way they covered all the various features. This is much more likely to get people's attention than the "Keep Moving" ads. With this, they'll think "Hey, Blackberry can do that!". My wife was really impressed when we stopped by Best Buy Mobile and the sales guy took our picture and tweaked each of us separately. It's part of what convinced her to take the plunge - the phones arrive tomorrow.


I hope they run the Exactly the same commercial in the US! I even learned a new thing or two - very informative!

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Great commercial!

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...but if you've got the Z10, you can fly on a magic carpet and slide on muddy grass...

Honestly, why would they make this ad for the lesser of the three BB10 phones and make such crappy ads for the FIRST device?

Also, this is clearly a U.K. ad... this will NOT be shown in the USA. I would bet anything that the North American version of this will be much, much worse.

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I doubt if the long version will be shown anywhere as a TV ad.


About time!!! Now that s the type of ad BlackBerry needs to be showing to get ppl wowed and interested in their new phones

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The hell? BlackBerry made an ad that made sense!

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It looks like they solved the too narrow lower bezel problem with the Q5 which should result in less up gesture misfires.


Great, now I want the Q5 too..

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I doubt those are real world load times. It looks a bit exaggerated though of course I could be wrong.


The first guy's voice reminds me of the Geico gecko haha. I like the music and the theme. This device definitely seems aimed at younger, COOL people.

I kind of want to know what people they'd use in a Q10 commercial now..


Commercials like this should be out instead of the current ones in the USA....

Current ones??? I haven't seen a BlackBerry commercial in a while. Hopefully they start marketing better in the USA, and bring in some commercials like this one for he Z10 and Q10.


Very cool ad for its target market!

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This commercial is great. You can see they are appealing to the younger generation with the Q5.


My favourite part was when she said, "I don't have to wait around for the latest must-'ave apps, games, music or videos eitha'. They're all waitin' for me in BlackBerry World".... uhhmmm yah.

Yes, I'm being facetious. I'm a huge BB fan, but this is just flat out bulls 'hit. Unless, "the latest" apps are Facebook, Skype and Angry Birds Star Wars. :S


Nice to see the commercial.

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Great ad! Shows the device off perfectly.

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Very informative ad.

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A BlackBerry ad that actually shows off the device's features? Didn't think that was possible...


I agree with all the comments. As nice as the current commercials are, they don't really show the BB10 features properly. They talk about Hub, Time Shift, and the Keyboard but they barely show how they work. All they do is show people sliding around from one frame to another. Great to finally see features displayed in greater detail.



Play it here in Canada!!

1st Chap sounded coolest. ;)

Mike Schoor

Sold, red or pink one for my wife - get it to South Africa asap!

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Kind of a boring ad with music that's too repetitive. The apple ads are much better.

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Research shows people are getting tired of Apple ads

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Great quality commercial.

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Peter Lee4

Great commercial with cool accents.


Brilliant commercial. Relevant and in the UK. Quality!

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I like the ad but it's misleading. Where is: instagram, netflix, candycush, wechat, etc.!


Never heard of it until crackberry forums, usless to me as I watch Japanese Anime(non dubs), what the neck is candy crush, and what is we chat?

doesnt seem misleading to somelike me.

maybe it's just misleading if your from Android and they have literally EVERY app and 1200 others like it up for grabs.


Simply awesome!

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Renaudo Waite

good quality app looks like blackberry's catching up nicely


This ad should have been pushed out since day one. I hope I see this on TV soon.

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Peter Lee4

They should make sure some of the girls have better teeth in their ads though.



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This advert hit the spot! And nicely highlighted what BlackBerry 10 can do. It's especially good to educate those who are not so clued up on the new BlackBerry.

Great stuff! Keep them coming. Keep moving...

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All ads must stimulate the senses. That is the golden rule of advertising.

Very good info commercial. I still think that the Z10 is being treated as an understudy to the Q10 even though the Z10 started the ball rolling.

We need more commercials like this. Don't just tell BlackBerry is back SHOW THEM !!!

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hmm 3rd view indifferent about it.Cant release this as a full ad will put people to sleep.Got to do this in 30 second pieces.Still not a fan of these type of ads I much prefer more realism.Average ad not good ,not bad.Theres better bb10 ads online.

My lil sis is getting one red im going pink,But not of the bat after a month or 2 before school.The release phone is for businesses that want security but q10 to much.I'll come after that wave.


That was an extremely well done ad. BlackBerry is getting it done now, woo hoo!

Jimmy Choo1

Q5 should come north America so my broke roommate can buy it. True story.

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Cool ad! I think they really need to push the new mobile computing OS, new BlackBerry angle...especially in the US to try and get back some mindshare.

Edge of Night

Did I hear that right..."at the speed of Life"? I hope BlackBerry copyrights that one. Goes great with "Keep Moving"

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Finally, some BlackBerry ads that spend a significant amount of time explaining an demonstrating the features of the device.

Need more of these in North America. It's clear that the whole "abstract / verging on bizarre" ad approach isn't effective.

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This is a great commercial!

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Fantastic...First Awesome Commercial from BlackBerry ..This should launched worldwide...enough with that boring keep moving random transition commercial.

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Good to hear the geico lizard pushing other products.

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BTW it attacks Apple at its guts..coolness. Competition is great.

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Brilliant absolutely brilliant just what I wanted to see all the best blackberry 10 features nicely presented



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Am in Sydney,a great add ..modern,cool and will buy one for my son and daughter.I am still waiting for the Q10.

Sergio Gambini

This phone need great facebook app!! The young people used it every day

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I think Blackberry is the new Cool phone...currently have iphone 3gs but switching...


Best BB10 commercial yet.

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I actually really like that ad! Good work

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Q5 is going to be their best selling product and this is the commercial for BlackBerry...This is it...

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Best one so far, caught my attention and kept it ! Even for a Z10 owner, this make the Q5 look like a great phone.

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I really like the ending when colors slide up and down to change the color of the Q5. Very creative and visually appealing to keep the focus on the device. Great commercial.


Excellent ad, that's what BlackBerry needs to be noticed.

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i think blackberry needs both a functional add like this one, and an emotional ad too. Something that can let users really connect with the devices and with bb10 on an "emotional level" Function is not always king. But this is a great start.


People ... this is not a tv ad so don't get your hopes up.

Chicago777Guy is too good to be true...min the end they might just still that crappy commercial and bore people to death

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Solar 77

Excellent ad! This should be adapted quickly. I have a good feeling the Q5 can help leverage Bb10

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For the love of God, why didn't they do a commercial like this in North America? So frustrating!

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Great Ad. It is over 2 minutes long. I bet it does not get run often. Two minutes is very expensive.


For A10 I really hope they do a Back in Black music ad. Come on BlackBerry kick some ass.

PS note to BlackBerry please don't auto correct bad words like ass and duck...dough! you know what I mean.

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jojo beaconsfield

More,I want more!! the sound track could have been much better,but it is about moving, in a fast pace world,I give it a seven out of ten!!


Blackberry's first good commercial

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Actually, this was Blackberry's first good commercial:


It could be split in two for on the air commercial...

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Sweet commercial.. i love BlackBerry

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Bacon Munchers

Tastefully done... Please trim and send to TV!

These Q5's are destined to out sell all previous launches, and probably the next couple devices, as it is targeted towards teens and the massive populations of other countries.

I will be getting one to compliment my Z10, just hope that the price is ~$300 CDN....

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That was a great ad. Now we just more like that here in the US.

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Finally a real commercial !! Should of had this for z10 instead of the non sense they had!! Really happy with the direction of the company !! :)

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Looks really good, they could've used the Z10 & Q10 in it as well.

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Q5 is actually much prettier tuan q10 and it seems that having the Blackberry logo there will give more space to swipe!

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Winston Loh

Awesome - can't wait and the add was pretty cool - it gave the sense that everything was moving all the time...


Great device, fantastic add. Getting one for my lil sis.

Kramberry z10


Don't like the ad tbh...

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Nice, keep moving, feel good informative add. Looks great on BlackBerry. C'MON!

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Wow...Better than the Z10 ad...!!!


just good to see another physical qwerty phone hitting the market


How annoying, can't see the video on my 9900 :(


Except for the the body!? What is the difference inside the hardware?
A Lot of companies market same products to different markets with lower pricing for a certain buying target.

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I have to say this is one very good commercial, they managed to show the product and all its features!

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I am starting like this phone more than the Q10 and mostly because the screen has a touch of space above the top row of accidental swiping.


What a great advert.
Best I've seen from BlackBerry, this should really appeal to the youth market in the UK so hats off to the team who worked on this project.
Only thing missing is that £249.00 including VAT Sim Free price tag, to make this an unbeatable deal.