BlackBerry Q5 coming soon to Koodo

By Bla1ze on 29 Jul 2013 05:43 pm EDT

With rumors of the BlackBerry Q5 coming to Fido already out there, another Canadian carrier has joined the mix as well in a more confirmed manner. Koodo has now listed the device on their website as coming soon. Listing only the Black version, folks looking to pick up a BlackBerry Q5 on Koodo will have the option of getting the device for a low $50 with the Koodo tab or $350 outright. Sure you could get a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 for cheaper with contracts and all that but $350 straight up isn't all that bad for a BlackBerry 10 device. Check out our BlackBerry Q5 review, if you haven't already.

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BlackBerry Q5 coming soon to Koodo


Great! Can't wait will be the next phone i get for my mom and younger siblings when they need upgrades

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Does the phone have LTE? If so what channel? Will it work in USA on AT&T LTE band?

Posted via my AT&T Z10

This phone does have LTE, yes. It has bands for AT&T and TMO's LTE networks. It also has HSPA+ bands for both networks.

AT&T's band is band 17 (700 MHz) though, not 2100 MHz.

$50 with the tab!?
I thought they only subsidized $150...
Anywho go koodo!
Great rates, they have.

With Koodo now you have a ''Big Balance'' that allow you to cut the price by 300$ dollars, so 350 - 300 = 50$

The only problem is that you have to reimburse 10$ per month if you use this balance so this is increasing your monthly payment by 10$.

Tab medium is 300 and you contribute 5 month. Tab large is up to 500 and you contribute 10 a month plus you have to have a "special" (extra ripoff) plan for that. Due to the reimbursements, the tab medium really ends up being 180 that you get and 260 for the large, assuming it takes the full 24 months that you still have a tab amount to pay off.

Not bad pricing. Still same price as brand new z10s sell for across Canada on craigslist. Why would someone choose the Q outright?

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$350 is actually not bad. I would expect Koodo to get some colour versions as well, seems like they're not available anywhere in the world yet though.

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Your not the only one in the US that's interested. Just need to verify the AT&T LTE band frequencies.

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So BB says only select markets especially not NA and now goes back on their word. I wonder what happened since supposedly the Q5 was not selling that well anyway.

I guess a phone designed for emerging markets I perfect for Canada? This ticks me off. BB's image is hurting so putting a really really low end phone not as good as an old curve in the market for people to remind them of old the old BlackBerry is a horrible idea.

If they needed a low end phone for the non emerging markets they should have made one or tried harder on the Q5

How do you figure any phone with 4G, BB10, Dual core processor, touch screen and two cameras in any way is not as good as a curve? Because it doesn't have a FM radio? Give your head a shake.

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The Curve was BlackBerry's best selling phone. The Q5 is the Curve of BlackBerry 10 so it just makes sense to sell it in whatever market they can. On the other hand, the new 9870 or whatever number it is would definitely not be suitable for North America.

$350 makes sense, $299.99 would have sounded more appealing to the average customer, but $350 is definitely very reasonable. Especially with so much focus on contracts, you're looking at $50 for any company's mid-tier plans which is reasonable. Especially if in store credits come out to make this phone free on a mid-tier 2 year term, that will attract a lot of people.

To the people saying it's worse than the N4 or the specs are worse than android phones at the same price level, they're completely delusional. They need to continue to remember that the iphone 5 at dualcore 1.3GHz and 1gb of ram is comparable if not faster than the quadcore 2gb ram Samsung galaxy S4. This phone from what I've seen performs up to par somewhat with the Q10, it's LTE compatible which does make a difference, the battery is huge, might last longer than the Q10. I just wish a lot more people would open their eyes to the BB10 OS and it's capabilities

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$350 is a good price, IMO. Not great ($300,) but pretty good. The Nexus 4 was subsidized to $300, and it did not have a microSD slot nor LTE radios.

NO WAY! I was planning on getting my first smartphone for the new school year, ( i am 14) and this Blackberry will be PERFECT! And, its wright in my price point! :D

Now market it!!! Ads, bus shelters, kiosks in colleges and universities, commercials, guerrilla style campaigns. Just move units.

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I'm not sure this phone is needed. I wish it was sub $300 though, would better compete with the Nexus phones of the world.

I bet Virgin Mobile Canada gets the red version soon... VM corporate colours are red and black, so I wager they're going to launch with Red... it makes sense that the 3 low-priced brands of the big three carriers would get the Q5: Black for Koodo, White for Fido, and Red for Virgin Mobile.

If any carrier dared to offer it for $150 on a 1 year contract I bet it would FLY off the shelves.

Q5 should have been released in North America period. Glad to see the suits actually use their heads for a change..

I wonder if it will be priced the cheapest at Koodo. When the Z10 launched it was 550 about 100 cheaper than anybody else. Funny thing now it is priced at 625. I wonder if they made a mistake at launch with the pricing. You would think it would get cheaper like with everybody else.....

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