BlackBerry Q5 available in the Dominican Republic August 26th; Caribbean September 12th

By Adam Zeis on 20 Aug 2013 12:39 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Q5 is hot off its Canadian release and will soon be arriving in the Dominican Republic and eastern Caribbean.

In just under a week the Q5 will be available in black and Pure White as well exclusively in Pure Red from LIME in the Dominican and will follow with a September 12th launch across the eastern Caribbean. 

Press Release

WATERLOO, ON, Canada -- BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) announced its newest BlackBerry® 10 smartphone, the BlackBerry® Q5 smartphone, which is expected to be available in the Dominican Republic on August 26, and in countries across the eastern Caribbean on September 12th.
The new BlackBerry Q5 smartphone features a QWERTY keyboard in a stunning, youthful design that is confident and makes it easy for customers to have fun, create, share and stay connected.

Available in Black and Pure White, in all regions and from all partners, as well as in Pure Red from LIME, the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone offers a powerful and unique mobile computing experience with its cutting-edge BlackBerry 10 functionality. Features and apps work seamlessly together, allowing your every move to flow onto the next. With its classic QWERTY keyboard, re-engineered for optimized typing, and its 3.1” touchscreen, the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone allows you to experience the best of both worlds.

The BlackBerry Q5 smartphone comes with the BlackBerry 10 version 10.1 software. As part of the BlackBerry 10 experience, users are able to access BlackBerry® Hub which allows you to stay close to what’s important, without interrupting any other tasks. In addition, users can create perfect photos with the Time Shift camera, and tell their story using BlackBerry® Story Maker and share them with friends on Facebook. The BlackBerry 10 version also allows users to stay connected with BBM™ Video with Screen Share, and grants access to more than 120,000 apps available on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront.

The new BlackBerry Q5 smartphone is expected to be available from authorized carriers and retailers in the Dominican Republic on August 26 and in countries across the eastern Caribbean on September 12th. For information on pricing and availability please check with your carrier or retailer.

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BlackBerry Q5 available in the Dominican Republic August 26th; Caribbean September 12th


honestly, who planes this out? September in the carribean? where early this year they did event for the z10. come on!!!!!!!!

i love my Z10. and have been waiting for my honduran carrier to have the Q5 for my mom. but nooooooooooooo.

BlackBerry needs to slow down the launches... they are going way to fast... frickn stupid. I know I'm a armrest ceo but damn that is pathetic.

Posted via CB10

Definitely there is a lot of BlackBerry phones in D.R. I have a cousin that is getting me tired already asking for the 9360.

Posted via CB10

Another thing that makes BlackBerry unique. A company that definitely appreciates the support it gets from DR. Keep moving forward...

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When will it come out for the states???? I want to buy it to replace my mom's 9900. She has no need for the Q5 since she only needs it for texts, calls and talking with family back in my country

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They'll receive the device before I get mine in the mail, delivered to me from within the same city. It's been 1 full week since I placed the order. I guess the process has to be handled by at least 7 different union member jobs between two unionised companies, therefore, it takes longer. LMAO.

The warehouse where the Q5's apparently are located, is by the cemetery in my city. The post office is about five city blocks from that warehouse. I'm about twelve city blocks away from the entire situation.

I ordered it this way because I wanted to give the credit for the sale to the call centre representative who I arranged everything through, instead of going and physically picking it up at a retail outlet. Since I ordered the device, I have been checking the locations randomly, just to see if they have them on display. They don't. When I ask them, "do you have Q5's in stock?" they reply, "no we don't". Wow.

Weird to me, since nobody working at my provider seems to care that the Q5 is available and it's taking more than a full week for it to be delivered via mail in the same small city. LOL. Oh well, whatever I guess.

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Yesssss the Q10 in DR!
My wife is going to be all hyped up lol
She misses the qwerty board from BlackBerry phones
Hopefully is affordable because I'm getting her one

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Good news for us un DR!

Even though BlackBerrys are very popular, people are leaving them in hoards for cheap android options (e.g., Alcatel Idol, which is pretty good for the cost).

Hope this wasn't too late....

My wife wanted the Q10, but didn't want to pay the $425 (with a plan!) for the upgrade.

Hopefully Q5 will be a lot cheaper.

Posted via CB10, from my DarthBerry

I think the press release has a huge typo. There is no such carrier in the Dominican Republic called LIME, but in Dominica (similar named country also in the Caribbean).

LIME is a carrier in Dominica.

Orange, Claro and Viva are GSM carriers in The Dominican Republic.

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Never one to complain, but whats with BlackBerry not launching all the colors of the Q5?. Does any one have a logical answer?

I love the look of the Q5 and i like there is more bezel and i like the look of the keyboard would love to play with this device. Still love my Q10 but the Q5 looks cool.

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Buena suerte!!! The Q5 and Q10 are both lookers!!! Bot I´m rocking my Z10 and I love it!!!! Viva la República Dominicana! Viva BlackBerry!