BlackBerry Q5 arrives at the FCC

By Bla1ze on 7 Jun 2013 02:13 pm EDT

Although the BlackBerry Q5 hasn't really been slated for arrival in the US, in most cases devices that operate on US compatible networks still appear there from time-to-time because they need approval for roaming agreements and that looks to be what is happening here.

Appearing with support for AT&T's 3G network, the device labeled as L6ARFS120LW is sitting at the FCC alongside all the relevant confidentiality letters and such. Other than the obvious, not much else info can be pulled from the data except that it was tested using OS and OS Yes, you read that right. And no, it's not a typo. Someone at BlackBerry was being silly.

Read more at the FCC

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BlackBerry Q5 arrives at the FCC


Something tells me Bla1ze or forum members like Kris or lbfe will clue us in sooner rather than later.

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Interesting also the fact that this news was featured on engadget for a few hours (that's where I saw it first) and then they pulled it down (still shows up in a search, but the page is unreachable).

How exactly does selling a lower end model make the US a third world country? I dont see the need to get my kids a Z10 or a Q10 for simple basic things that they need. The Q5 would be a great fit for them.

Yes... They need to make it as easy and affordable as possible for anyone to adopt BB10. Even in the US, there are those that won't spend big $ on the best gadget... but they also don't want to spend whatever they do have on an EOLed BB7 device (unless they are specifically looking for a legacy BB). At least with a cheap BB10, they can still feel they are 'up to date'.

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Not bringing the Q5 to the North American Market at all will be a mistake. I hope they do bring a full lineup to North America and Europe in the near future.

The FCC is an organization which operates in the United States so it wouldn't make much sense for the FCC to be testing the device if it didn't operate in the US...

A10, R10, Q10, Z10, Q5
Picard "Plenty of letters left in the alphabet."

(Sorry.. I think those are the correct names... please correct me if I'm wrong.)

This is a good sign for the Q5 coming to North America!
I hope it does, it would be a great BB10 phone for all the old Curve lovers!

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They aren't able to until the shareholders meeting in December 2013 to vote on the company name change. In December, it will just be BlackBerry all the way around.

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Just got my proxy in the email today, the shareholders are currently voting on the name change and the meeting is in the first week of July (I think) in Waterloo.

I think I'm going , Didn't go last year ,and I regret it .I would love to see Waterloo and all it has to offer,after my visit I would probably load up the truck with BB shares and f*** all those anaylsts

Bb keyboard gets old....i say forget the keyboard and just build all screen luke z10, a10 and so on...

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Do you use a touch screen on your home computer? The Q10 is a mobile computing platform, it's not just a phone like say the Apple iPhone 5 which is simply an Angry Bird device thingy.

OS versions starting with 127 are internal blackberry builds. They are not meant for external consumption. We saw this with leaks leading up to the Z10.

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If I was in charge I would be selling these things for like 50 dollars, hook everyone on bb10, it's sales will force an app ecosystem to rival apple and then cash in on off services. it won't stop many people from buying a q10 or z10 or a10 that have the money to spend anyways and if all android phones were the price of the s3 they wouldn't be where they are now

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You wouldn't be in business long selling something that costs $225 for $50. Btw, how old are you? And how many times did you vote for Obama?

Even the q10 doesn't cost 225 to make. Google doesn't charge anything for android but in the big picture their making billions. I heard BlackBerry was making between 2 and 5 dollars a month off bis, the real money is in services not the actual phones. Now take a cut off media, apps, advertising and your making money again

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Google is hardly making anything off of Android. In fact Microsoft makes more off of Android then Google. How Google makes their $$$ is off of mobile add content ect. as they require all approved Androids use their services.

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I would love the red or pink. I dont know that it will happen here in the States since the Q5 was supposed to just be for developing markets-not major ones that already exist.

I would agree with others that the Q5 would be a great phone for young teens. My daughter had the Curve and I would see the Q5 as the equivalent.

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We need the Q5 or equivalent for the US market. You have to have low end priced products to help build brand loyalty. It is like the first car. The next whatever will most likely be the same brand as the first and at a higher price if the user exerience was positive that first time. Why do you think Apple gave so many free IIc & Macs free to schools. It wasn't just being good guys.

Q5 even though ugly will be a pretty fast lower end phone just what the kids need and lower income families to the ppl who just not care about high end devices.

It will have bb10 which out of the box all apps q10 has will work on the q5.

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In the patent system there are many names used to register something. For example, it may belong not to a company name but to a kind of "username" that the patent system gives you. The company may be different but the use of RIM is spread through different organizations not just as a company name, but as a entity name, changing it, requires not work from RIM but from the organizations.

All markets need a cheaper option I think... because in many ways you need to create a premium product. sometimes only way to do that is to create a 'lesser' model.

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FCC testing in the US as shared in the article could be for testing due to roaming where other people not in the US brings the device into US for use.
In any case, if the Q5 doesn't officially come to US, there is always possibility to get an unlocked version over the net.
Happy weekend, all...

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I will never understand whats the F... point releasing BB10 Models besides z10 and Q10 when the App Store sucks witn the lack of apps ??? and the OS still not mature and missing features what OS7 has!!!...I DONT GET IT. Dont u think BB need to step up with App store and what the OS still missing and people complaisn about should be fixed before making other phones ??? My opinion. (BlackBerry/CrackBerry sick fan addicts) dont even care about the missing stuff, thats why BB it is what it is in 2013.

I am 100% sure the upcoming Blackberry Z5 shall be excatly the same specs as the Q5 and even the size etc shall be the same. That is same dimensions and design as the Q5 except that the keyboard portion shall be replaced by the 4.2 inch full touch screen. Expect the same 5 color options in it. The Q5 and the Z5 shall be targeting the EMs and the youth non-business centric markets. We may also see the premium Qwerty devise which is even BIGGER and better than the Q10 but that shall be launched based upon the success of the Q10 and how well it does. That launch could happen next year first half.

GO Blackberry!! You shall soon be loaded with 6 amazing quality devices!!